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Putting Health and Purrsonality First by Going to the Source!

The first UK Burmese breeder in decades to use imported Thai-born foundation Burmese (Thong Daeng) along with UK and head defect free US Burmese cats, for the future health of the Burmese breed.


* Breeder and exhibitor of Burmese cats since 2000
* Breeder of Lazzyruss, the IAMS TV Cat, a chocolate Burmese.
* Cattery name registered with both TICA and GCCF
* Member of The International Cat Association (TICA)
* Member of the Maew Boran breed committee
UK Founder of Khao Manee breed
* Founder of the Khao Manee Cat Club
* Member of TICA Khao Manee Breed Committee

* Registered TICA Online Breeder

 Chrissy with Mook Dta of Ayshazen, a Thai import Thong Daeng, now registered as a foundation Burmese

My name is Chrissy. I am small scale breeder and exhibitor of Burmese Cats, since 2000.

In June 2012 I attended a seminar and heard world famous feline geneticists and vets warn that the Burmese breed is facing extinction due to excessive inbreeding. They have toured the world appealing for Burmese breeders to outcross their cats. I took this on board and began to import cats from the source of the breed, Thailand, where they are known as Thong Daeng (one of the Maew Boran ("Ancient Cat") breeds). I have also imported the daughter of a Thong Daeng from the USA.

In January 2014, I made the decision to only breed Burmese that are outcrossed to cats from Thailand or their close descendents (within 4 generations). At present I am the first and only breeder in the UK to have made this decision. Hopefully soon there will be more. For more information please see my Burmese Crisis page. The future of the Burmese breed depends on it.

I have bred Burmese cats since 2000, and am very proud to have bred Ayshazen Lazzyruss, who is famous as the IAMS TV commercial cat. "I am not just a cat..." I will leave you to fill in the rest!

This is my hobby/passion and although I pride myself on raising my cats in a responsible and professional manner, I am not a commercial breeder. I have one litter a year from my cats, who are all raised in the home. Many of my kittens are given or swapped with other breeders. Occasionally kittens are available to pet homes.

My Burmese cats are my beloved pets before anything else, and they rule the home as an integral part of my life.


In January 2015, my daughter is treating me to a trip to Thailand. Before going I would like to raise funds towards the care of the street cats there. I have just opened a fundraising page and would be very grateful if you would consider donating towards a voluntary group in Bangkok, named Temple Cat. The kitten in the photo below is my very own Suay Valentina, when she was first found in a Bangkok temple. There is more information on my fundraising page. Please click the link below.

Ayshazen Lazzyruss, the IAMS TV cat
Above: Me with Ayshazen Lazzyruss, the IAMS TV cat, whom I bred, and who now belongs to my daughter. Lazzy is a chocolate Burmese.

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