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  • Title: Sacrifice
  • Author: Andrew Vachss
  • ISBN: 9780804109192
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Sacrifice By Andrew Vachss What or who could turn a gifted little boy into a murderous thing that calls itself Satan s Child In search of an answer, Burke travels from a festering welfare hotel to a neat frame house where a voodoo priestess presides over a congregation of assassins.From the Trade Paperback edition.
    Andrew Vachss
    Andrew Vachss has been a federal investigator in sexually transmitted diseases, a social services caseworker, a labor organizer, and has directed a maximum security prison for aggressive violent youth Now a lawyer in private practice, he represents children and youths exclusively He is the author of numerous novels, including the Burke series, two collections of short stories, and a wide variety of other material including song lyrics, graphic novels, essays, and a children s book for adults His books have been translated into twenty languages, and his work has appeared in Parade, Antaeus, Esquire, Playboy, the New York Times, and many other forums A native New Yorker, he now divides his time between the city of his birth and the Pacific Northwest.The dedicated Web site for Vachss and his work isvachss That site and this page are managed by volunteers To contact Mr Vachss directly, use the email us function of vachss.

    Sacrifice By Andrew Vachss


    Dan Schwent
    A gifted nine year old boy is a murderer that calls himself Satan s Child and it s up to Burke to find out how he got that way Burke s also been tasked with finding a father and a missing baby Can Burke find who he s looking for and set things right Right off the bat, Andrew Vachss is so bleak he makes James Ellroy look like Richard Simmons The New York Burke lives in is a cesspool of pimps and pedophiles Burke s a miserable loner but the men he goes up against make him look like a saint.Sacrifi [...]

    John Culuris
    There have been quite a few ups and downs over the novels leading to Burke s sixth outing, Sacrifice Some of the downs include an overwhelming sense of loss inundating his second novel that the reader did not experience as the character lived the actual events in his debut And then in the third novel there s the same unending emotional clash between lovers without any significant variation, repeated again and again and again Also there s Andrew Vachss preceding effort where he left behind a supp [...]

    Another black as night Burke tale This one really delved into the psychology of abused children with seriously chilling results These books usually end with a severe kick to the balls but this one was like unceremonious castration with a cold knife.

    Tim Niland
    Unlicensed private investigator and con artist Burke is back in New York City for his latest case An abused child is accused of two brutal murders, but claims he remembers nothing The DA wants to prosecute him, while child advocates are trying to keep him out of the clutches of the justice system Burke must locate the adults who abused this child and drove him to kill Burke is also employed by a Voodoo Queen to track down a child killer, who has escaped into the New York underground So, it is an [...]

    The people are emotionally dark and the issues are always ugly, but there is a kind of bounce to the characters somehow kind of reads like rap lyrics.

    Larry Bassett
    I have not had much experience reading series so this is a relatively new experience for me I started with book one and expect to read through in order to book eighteen I have all the books at ninety nine cents each from Alibris This is book six and I am now familiar with and fond of the regular supporting characters including Pansy, the dog This is the first book of the Burke series where the title is not the name of a woman.Liking Burke was not a sure thing for me since violence has been prett [...]

    James Kidd
    I re read Flood a few months back Read some other stuff and then started on a Vachss Burke fest I have whipped through the next 5 books in this series in a few weeks A real trip down memory lane for me I first read Sacrifice int he early nineties My abiding memory is of reading it whilst on a short holiday with a good mate We were camping and had some kit, but not enough I remember sitting in a chair near the tent, Snoddy was cooking and I was reading I found Sacrifice compelling then and it has [...]

    Sometimes, I pick an Andrew Vachss book out of boredom I really liked the first one but now, I can t help but be disappointed whenever I read another one in the series.What Burke and Andrew Vachss though him try to do is laudable Fighting for endangered children, revealing how sordid and cruel adults can be toward the vulnerable is crucial However, I have a problem with the writing style, a problem that detracts me somewhat from appreciating the book I don t know if it s because I am not a nativ [...]

    What did I think This guy s the king of Noir , is what I think Andrew Vachss, a lawyer and author with a penchant for the welfare of kids and women especially the kids has created Burke to let some steam escape.Burke s world is not the world you and I live in Burke exists in NYC but he is not seen in it When society mentions the name Burke it is in the fashion of a legend a myth, someone who is not real Burke likes it that way.With unforgettable characters fully developed over a long series of b [...]

    Craig Werner
    Excellent Burke novel This is the first in the series, which I m re reading slowly, that doesn t overdo Burke s sexual encounters Other than that, it s a familiar mix Burke s family Mama, the Mole and Terry, Max and Mac, the Prof, Wolfe, even Michelle, who doesn t physically show up but is present the focus on the sexual abuse of children the presence of a New York City with its true face showing This one centers on what may or may not be an actual Satanist cult for Burke the trappings are a sid [...]

    John Grazide
    I really like Burke and the way in which they are written, but with this one I felt like there really wasn t that much of a story Or the story wasn t the driving factor There was still a little peeled away of Burke s past and development so it wasn t all bad, but I wish that there was a little to the title I do love the way past characters are brought up, not in a way that you have to have read the previous books but enough to make you glad that you did And I have to say, this being the sixth [...]

    What or who could turn a gifted little boy into a murderous thing that calls itself Satan s Child In search of an answer, a man named Burke travels from a festering welfare hotel to a neat frame house where a voodoo priestess presides over a congregation of assassins For this vigilante and unlicensed private eye has made it his business to defend the small victims whom the law has failed even a child who has been made into a killer Just discovered this author and now reading my way through all h [...]

    Burke the anti hero doing his best to save abused kids, while living off the grid I really liked this I flicked on the all news radio station A human beat his baby to death, cut the kid up, fed the parts to his German Shepard The authorities took charge Killed the dog.They say when a dog tastes human flesh, it ll always seek A dog like that, you have to put down, When humans get the same way, we give them therapy like how Burke thinksHard boiled, lean prose and the gritty streets of New York, I [...]

    Raegan Butcher
    Burke takes on voodoo, satanists and child pornographers in this revenge thriller As the central character, Burke, says, his religion is revenge.

    Spencer Abbott
    Still heads and tails above the first three novels, but nowhere near as tight as either Hard Candy or Blossom In many ways this entry felt like a transitional story, perhaps better fit if it had been the 4th in the series Interesting themes running through that unfold like a horror film not that the subject matter in any of the previous books is any less horrific, here it s a little out there in regards to dealing with satanic cults and voodoo Interesting sexual tension is developed between Bu [...]

    Another good installment in the Burke series This time Burke is on the trail of the abusive parents of a ten year old killing machine named Luke He s helped along the way by the standard characters from his inner circle Max, Mama, Prof, Mole and meets a variety of interesting new additions Clarence, Doc, Elroy, The Queen Burke develops a father son relationship with Clarence and an almost romantic relationship with Wolfe, the tireless prosecutor whose help he must enlist throughout the story The [...]

    Pat Burns
    other great Burke book This series is tough to read though, due to the dark subject matter One can only read so many stories about sex crimes involving children I ve just read 2 of the series in a row and it s time to take another break The writing is great and the characters are original and colorful, but the serious, disgusting nature of the crimes is too much to bear at times.

    Burke hits the bottom and from where he falls it doesn t seem like it would be all that bad But when you choose to delve into the world where children are the victims of the freaks, things are not going to be pretty and someone always gets hurt This book brought home the sadness of Burke s world than any of the others One of the best book series that I have ever read.

    First book by Vachss I ve read, and have to say it took some time before I got used to his writing style, but now I m loving it and reading another one of his books Burke is very likable but complex character, and so are all the others, you just want to learn The book was really dark and so is the world it depicts, so not to everyone s liking I suspect.

    Tim Warner
    Very unique writer.Extremely economic but that s taste I have I would also describe his style as raw, gritty, real, down and dirty I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sacrifice and am now interested in exploring his other works This is not great literature, but a unique style which gets Mr Vachss point s across.

    Bill S.
    Most of Vachss books are tough to read because of the gritty subject matter usually child abuse and this one is no different But Vachss cast of characters Burke, Max, the Prof, Clarence, et al are easy to root for when things get rough And you know they will Vachss makes sure of that.If the subject matter doesn t bother you, this is another fine addition to the Burke series.

    Once again another amazing read from Vachss.Burke is such a gripping character who is written so well that he s almost timeless And yes although other characters from other books are mentioned this can still be read on it s own merit and still be intensely satisfying.I really just can t get enough.

    This is Andrew Vachss sixth of the Burke series and I fear he is starting to write the same book over and over Sacrifice tries hard to be even vile and lurid than its predecessors but really it s the same people doing the same thing once again.

    David Ward
    Sacrifice Burke 6 by Andrew Vachss Vintage Crime Black Lizard 1991 Fiction Mystery was a pretty good read When a sweet child is hypnotized, he calls himself Satan s Child and acts accordingly My rating 5 10, finished 6 25 11.

    I have read most of Vachss books This was one of my less favorite He is equally as gritty, on the edge as ever, bu the story of protecting a gifted little boy who is a multiple personality killer is a tad far fetched.

    Good Burke, Max, Mole, Mama, Prof story, centering on a young killer with a troubled past.

    Erika Van
    Just love these books, and going back to the beginning, reading as the author finds his voice, as he grows so awesome

    Stuart Mcgrigor
    Definitely the King of Noir slightly creepy and 13 to go

    Another great Burke caper Vachss is always top notch.

    William Thomas
    Brilliant No other Burke book lives up to this one So glad this was voted in the top 40 horror novels of all time by the Horror Writers Association.

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