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  • Title: Lie
  • Author: Caroline Bock
  • ISBN: 9780312668327
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback

  • Lie By Caroline Bock Everybody knows, nobody s talking Seventeen year old Skylar Thompson is being questioned by the police Her boyfriend, Jimmy, stands accused of brutally assaulting two young El Salvadoran immigrants from a neighboring town, and she s the prime witness Skylar is keeping quiet about what she s seen, but how long can she keep it up But Jimmy was herEverybody knows, nobody s talking Seventeen year old Skylar Thompson is being questioned by the police Her boyfriend, Jimmy, stands accused of brutally assaulting two young El Salvadoran immigrants from a neighboring town, and she s the prime witness Skylar is keeping quiet about what she s seen, but how long can she keep it up But Jimmy was her savior When her mother died, he was the only person who made her feel safe, protected from the world But when she begins to appreciate the enormity of what has happened, especially when Carlos Cortez, one of the victims, steps up to demand justice, she starts to have second thoughts about protecting Jimmy Jimmy s accomplice, Sean, is facing his own moral quandary He s out on bail and has been offered a plea in exchange for testifying against Jimmy The truth must be told Sean must decide whether or not to turn on his friend in order to save himself But most important, both he and Skylar need to figure out why they would follow someone like Jimmy in the first place.
    Caroline Bock
    Caroline Bock is the author of the critically acclaimed young adult novels LIE and BEFORE MY EYES from St Martin s Press Her short stories and poetry have been published or are forthcoming with Akashic Press, Fiction Southeast, Gargoyle,100 Word Story, F r iction, Ploughshares, Vestal Review, and Zero Dark Thirty She is the 2016 winner of The Writer Magazine short story competition judged by Colum McCann Bock has a MFA in fiction from The City College of New York Prior to focusing on her writing, she led the marketing and public relations departments at Bravo cable network, IFC, and IFC Films She is at work on a novel for adults More at carolinebock.

    Lie By Caroline Bock


    This is not a book to enjoy or get excited about it It s one of those seemingly rare books whose sole purpose is to make you think I m not sure even how to rate this book I guess I ll see to that once I finish getting my thoughts in order.Skylar Thompson presumably the girl on the cover is Jimmy Seeger s girlfriend Yup that is her label because Jimmy is a person that everyone falls in love with He is confident and a natural born leader People feel this pull to listen to him Skylar has just lost [...]

    Caroline Anna Bock
    LIEBy Caroline BockTHE DEBUT YOUNG NOVEL THAT EVERYONE WILL BE TALKING ABOUT Starred Review Kirkus Reviews Author Bock, Caroline Review Date July 1, 2011 Publisher St Martin s Griffin Pages 224 Price Paperback 9.99 Publication Date August 11, 2011 ISBN Paperback 978 0 312 66832 7 Category Fiction This effective, character driven, episodic story examines the consequences of a hate crime on the teens involved in it.Bock focuses mainly on Skylar, a shy girl, and on her loyalty to her boyfriend Jimm [...]

    Elizabeth B
    The reviews are mixed on this book and after finishing my ARC copy, I now know why Even my own view is divided The story itself is grippingly realistic and drawn straight from currents news topics It s exceptionally well done in that regard and the author has done a great job at balancing the character s reactions to the event Now and this is where most people, including myself, struggled with the title the characters are just horrible people It is impossible to feel any type of empathy for them [...]

    LieAuthor Caroline BockReviewed by Fran LewisTeens often have a code that they follow even if wrong Loyalty, faithfulness and even fear will keep some from speaking out against those that they feel either keep them safe from harm or threatened if the dare to go against them It you witnessed a murder and knew the outcome was fatal for one and injuries for the other would you tell Do you think hate crimes and racial attacks should go unpunished even if you think they are wrong Listen to the voices [...]

    Review also posted on my blog The Book BarbiesHow do you decide to read a book What makes you add a book to your to be read pile I ll tell you what genre, summary and cover We want to read something we will enjoy, we want something we will end up liking and it s not a secret that everyone judges books by their covers So to me the answer to those categories have to fall under YA or adult romance, pretty cover, interesting summary Lie fit into all these categories so it was a go but let me tell yo [...]

    Review originally posted at Nose in a Book.Let me start this off by saying that for almost this entire book, I loathed Skylar I loathed her even than her dumb friend, Lisa Marie Skylar is the epitome of the clueless, obtuse, casually racist mentality spreading across our nation I understand that Jimmy was there for her when her mother died, but she is ruled and controlled by her love for him Everything is, Jimmy said or Jimmy thinks I DON T CARE ABOUT JIMMY I already know he killed a man, and s [...]

    Wow that was intense This is the story about a lie and how one lie can go downhill and destroys people What I found most remarkable about this story was the way it s been told First person narration In alternating POV s, and not only the main character we also get the POV of nearly every person involved in this drama It was amazing how Mrs Bock was able to get you in one minute in the mind frame of a fragile 18 year old girl and in the next into an police officers mind It all starts with a very [...]

    Lie is a hard hitting novel about being true to yourself no matter what I haven t seen very many reviews for this one and I have to say that I m surprised This is a book that deserves recognition and one that I highly recommend.Lie is the story of a girl whose life is torn apart by a hate crime but not in the way you would expect You see, she s not the victim She s a witness and her boyfriend is the accused Lie is all about what happened that night and why no one is talking about it.Skylar is ne [...]

    4.5 StarsThis is the story of the aftermath of a hate crime The setting is Long Island, New York Those involved in the incident are Jimmy a wanna be military leader, high school senior Sean, Jimmy s best friend, high school senior with a tendency to follow rather than lead Skylar, Jimmy s girlfriend, recently lost her Mother to ovarian cancer, and is lost Jimmy is her life preserver And Lisa Marie, Skylar s best friend, secretly in love with Jimmy, and tends to be an athletics groupie The victim [...]

    Brittany Rehage
    This was an intense book Bock took on a hard subject and handled it in such an impressive way that this book will be sticking with me for a while This is a book that will get people talking.This book was extremely realistic and that makes it all the shocking To think that this book, while a work of fiction, is true in many ways was extremely powerful I felt so much for Skylar, the shy girl who doesn t want to lose another person in her life She knows if she goes along with the lie, she will be [...]

    So sad What a beautifully written story All the characters read like real flesh and bone.

    Lie is an utterly heart breaking book about the decisions a group of people make in the aftermath of a hate crime As someone who had a family member victimized by one, this novel was a very personal and emotional read for me The novel is told through multiple POV and I don t mean just 2 or 3, but 10 While this allows the reader to see how various town s people are affected by the event, its also about 6 perspectives to many I felt that some of the impact was lost because your constantly jumping [...]

    The book wasn t what I was expecting I knew going in that the book was basically about hate crimes I thought that a lot of the book would be about the incident The built up to that Saturday night, the brutality, the mentality of the beaner hoppers and the victims, etc I was wrong The book is about the aftermath of that night The consequences of doing committing a heinous act The anomie and solitude that s coupled with guilt and how the teenagers cope with what s happened.I love how the book is l [...]

    Hannah (The Irish Banana Review)
    Whatever preconceived ideas I had about this novels were consummately shattered upon reading five chapters in I went into this thinking it would be an angst ridden, emotional tale of one girl s struggle to balance right and wrong Perhaps the most valuable lesson Caroline Bock taught me is that there is no simple answer, and one story can have many sides Lie is, in fact, told by ten different people Each person gives their own take on what happened the night Jimmy and Sean attacked two El Salvado [...]

    Before I read this book, i had never heard the term beaner hopping , which basically a hate crime against mexican immigrants Yes, I d be completly nieve if I didn t know that this kind of predjudice exsisted, but haven t ever read a novel regarding hate crimes of this nature, so it immediately intruged me.This book took a while for me to get into but about fifty pages in the pace really picked up for me and a few twists and turns really grabbed me This story is unique in the fact that it had mul [...]

    De titel Lieg voor mij van Caroline Bock de Nederlandse vertaling van Lie is al in het voorjaar verschenen Deze recensie is dus wat laat, maar ook niet geheel onpartijdig, aangezien ik het boek zelf heb vertaald.Het thema van dit boek is heel erg belangrijk pesten Maar niet zo maar onschuldig een beetje pesten Nee, in dit verhaal gaat een stel tieners met hun onderliggende vreemdelingenhaat zelfs zo ver dat er slachtoffers vallen Waarvan eentje dodelijkCaroline Bock schrijft een redelijk realist [...]

    Lie was a story told by a lot of different points of view The main character was a girl named Skylar Thompson Each chapter is another persons view on things, but Skylar seemed to have the most to say The whole book revolvs around this crime that has been comitted In their town, it was popular to go beaner hopping That is when a group of kids usally the popular ones would go jump Mexican kids Sean and Jimmy decide to do this one night Usaly you just ruff them up a bit, not doing much damage, but [...]

    This was very confronting All 10 of the viewpoints expressed in the book added another side to what was seemingly was a straightforward crime I did not know what to feel about Jimmy he confused me to no end and I couldn t wrap my head around his characteristics and demeanor This book i could not put down I was trying to analyse every aspect of the situation and still could not decide my feelings After finishing, i found that the characters stuck with me and still kept me wondering I actually hav [...]

    I really enjoyed this book and disagree with some of the reviews posted here about the characters I understand why people didn t like the characters they were unlikeable, but honestly, that is what made this story so realistic There ARE people out there who feel the way Jimmy didere ARE kids who will follow people like Jimmy without asking questionss it is frustrating and you want to scream to Skylar to WAKE UP this guy is no good, but that is what makes the story so powerful I loved how the aut [...]

    When I first heard about Lie I was instantly intrigued, because not only did the premise sounded relatistic and unique but it was also backed by one of my favorite YA authors Jennifer Brown, author of Hate List However, I didn t end up enjoying Lie as much as I hoped I would For one, while the premise was interesting, I felt the execution was a bit too choppy for my taste Plus I felt that it was bogged down with way too many messages, and due to the constant switching of narrators, I never reall [...]

    Jonathan Karmel
    I liked that the book was written in the first person but from the perspective of many different characters Overall, I enjoyed the book, but I didn t find all of the voices of the characters completely believable It seemed like at times the characters were thinking from the author s perspective, not from the perspective of an insular, working class person from Suffolk County While I could imagine a group of families perpetuating this lie on Long Island in 2011, I think there would also be very p [...]

    This was good book with a very deep subject matter Hate crimesThis book was well written and I enjoyed the storyline The end of the story actually brought tears to my eyes and choked me up.The story was told from the different characters eyes each chapter was from someone different.There were no twists and turns in this story, you knew from the beginning what happened but even so the story held my attention.I wish that you were able to see deeper into who Jimmy really was and the relationship be [...]

    Well, turns out I like the book after all The beginning was rather slow and boring, and just plain confusing But as the story progressed it was much better I liked Skylar and her dad s development of character Also eventually doing the right thing, and ready to face the consequences for it So Skylar was a rather admirable character I can t explain the book Like about the message lesson it s trying to tell I think you d have to read it to really understand it and get the full message of it An ins [...]

    Overall, I enjoyed the book, and I think YA readers will, too As other reviewers have said, it is a novel to make one think about right and wrong, life and death, love, and prejudice It was well written and I enjoyed the varying points of view I also found it interesting that we did not hear from Jimmy directly Maybe the author didn t want us to feel sympathy or understanding for his character ideals As an adult, I would have liked to hear from Jimmy and maybe a bit from Mr Thompson, but I thin [...]

    ava z
    This was not an average book I was thoroughly surprised when reading it It s one of those hard to find books because it was so brutally realistic and it intertwined multiple aspects of real life and perspectives and made such a character emotional rollercoaster type masterpiece I don t usually give books four stars so this is one of the lucky contestants on my list of super interesting books, I guess Skylar Thompson is a seventeen year old girl who d lost her mother to a hard battle of cancer Sh [...]

    Dusti Hargis
    I got this book expecting it to be suspenseful and on the edge at all times Let s just say, it was definitely not what I thought I had to push myself to finish it, BUT I m glad I did.If you don t like sad stories, don t read this book It was a very sorrowful tale that just really made you think and question what you believe.

    Heather Zeppone
    I really liked this book I felt I knew the main character on a personal level and throughout the story, I was rooting for her to do the right thing However, I was disappointed in the ending I think it ended too abruptly and I would love to know what went on in the courtroom and the fate of Jimmy.All in all, it was a quick read that I really enjoyed.

    The story is very relevant right now.Caroline did a great job with the characters,some of whom I didn t like at all I really felt for the main character, Skylar.The story line was very well paced Loved this book

    I really liked the way this book was written The story is told by all the different characters and unfolds all throughout the book You really get involved with the emotions of the characters Gook little read.

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