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  • Title: The Jefferson Key
  • Author: Steve Berry
  • ISBN: 9780345505514
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Jefferson Key By Steve Berry Four United States presidents have been assassinated in 1865, 1881, 1901, and 1963 each murder seemingly unrelated and separated by time.But what if those presidents were all killed for the same reason a clause in the United States Constitution contained within Article 1, Section 8 that would shock Americans This question is what faces former Justice DepartmenFour United States presidents have been assassinated in 1865, 1881, 1901, and 1963 each murder seemingly unrelated and separated by time.But what if those presidents were all killed for the same reason a clause in the United States Constitution contained within Article 1, Section 8 that would shock Americans This question is what faces former Justice Department operative Cotton Malone in his latest adventure When a bold assassination attempt is made against President Danny Daniels in the heart of Manhattan, Malone risks his life to foil the killing only to find himself at dangerous odds with the Commonwealth, a secret society of pirates first assembled during the American Revolution In their most perilous exploit yet, Malone and Cassiopeia Vitt race across the nation and take to the high seas Along the way they break a secret cipher originally possessed by Thomas Jefferson, unravel a mystery concocted by Andrew Jackson, and unearth a centuries old document forged by the Founding Fathers themselves, one powerful enough thanks to that clause in the Constitution to make the Commonwealth unstoppable.
    Steve Berry
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name Steve Berry is the New York Times and 1 internationally bestselling author of The Lost Order, The 14th Colony, The Patriot Threat, The Lincoln Myth, The King s Deception, The Columbus Affair, The Jefferson Key, The Emperor s Tomb, The Paris Vendetta, The Charlemagne Pursuit, The Venetian Betrayal, The Alexandria Link, The Templar Legacy, The Third Secret, The Romanov Prophecy, and The Amber Room His books have been translated into 40 languages with over 22,000,000 copies in 51 countries They consistently appear in the top echelon of The New York Times, USA Today, and Indie bestseller lists.History lies at the heart of every Steve Berry novel It s his passion, one he shares with his wife, Elizabeth, which led them to create History Matters, a foundation dedicated to historic preservation Since 2009 Steve and Elizabeth have crossed the country to save endangered historic treasures, raising money via lectures, receptions, galas, luncheons, dinners and their popular writers workshops To date, over 3,000 students have attended those workshops and nearly a million dollars raised Steve s devotion to historic preservation was recognized by the American Library Association, which named Steve it s spokesperson for National Preservation Week Among his other honors are the Royden B Davis Distinguished Author Award the Barnes Noble Writers for Writers Award given by Poets Writers the Anne Frank Human Writes Award and the Silver Bullet, bestowed by International Thriller Writers for his philanthropic work He has also been chosen both the Florida and Georgia Writer of the Year He also currently serves on the Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board In 2010, a NPR survey named The Templar Legacy one of the top 100 thrillers ever written Steve was born and raised in Georgia, graduating from the Walter F George School of Law at Mercer University He was a trial lawyer for 30 years and held elective office for 14 of those years He is a founding member of International Thriller Writers a group of nearly 4,000 thriller writers from around the world and served three years as its co president.Cick here for detailed bio information.Click here for information about History Matters.

    The Jefferson Key By Steve Berry


    Hang on to your Seat It s a Roller Coaster Steve Berry is a favourite author and his recent book does not disappoint After reading just a few electrifying paragraphs suddenly it would leap effortlessly to yet another scene creating an exhilarating roller coaster of a ride throughout the entire book Quite remarkable as other books can confuse the reader by jumping back and forth But not so with the Jefferson Key It flowed along smoothly, and was a very exciting, suspenseful read Highly recommende [...]

    Jeanette"Astute Crabbist"
    Steve Berry is a bright guy who writes thrillers that are great for people with attention deficit You get to change location and subject every couple of paragraphs Wild global ping pong kinda stuff When you get to the end, you think well, that was sure a nice ride, but I have no idea what I just read Speaking of rides, best damn scene in the whole book is the motorcycle ride down the stairway of a fancy hotel

    This book started out good I was really enjoying it and planned to read the rest of the series, thenThe action middle of the book has too many characters doing too many things at once The text skips around so fast you can t follow what is going on with any one character for very long Even in the center of the character s story, there are single sentences that don t fit with the narrative just popped in.Then seems like there is some challenge out there for writers to write the most demented scene [...]

    Bob Corrigan
    Ugh I sometimes often wonder how my opinion of a particular book differs so radically from the mainstream view Different tastes, I guess Anyway, no I really didn t like this book at all It irritated me no end This is one of those DaVinci genre books, complete with all the trimmings a dark historical secret, a secret group of men that exists to this day, a coded message that no one can break, droppings of historical interest here and there in this case, the history of piracy which doesn t interes [...]

    Not as entertaining a book as I am used to from Berry, but still a great effort The book examines the presidential assassinations and how they all tie together, through an underground group, The Commonwealth.Berry also examines the world of pirates and privateers in this latest edition of the Cotton Malone series Malone stays on this side of the Atlantic and pits him against this underground group and his nemesis from the short story The Devil s Gold.The storyline did drag a little at times, but [...]

    As always, Steve Berry spins one hell of a yarn For this book, Berry has set his story inside the U.S and involves the earliest years of the country, when there was no military Instead the founding fathers offered letters of mark to four individuals either privateers or pirates, depending who you talk to who could bedevil the young America s enemies on behalf of the government In return, they are promised immunity from any prosecution, and the right to keep most of the spoils they acquire, inper [...]

    Steve Berry s The Jefferson Key, mixes history and fiction to produce a story that is interesting and intriguing.Cotton Malone, former Justice Dept operative, is summoned to New York only to be caught up in an attempt on the President s life He manages to stop the assassination and realizes that he had been set up to take the blame if it succeeded.The story begins with an attempt on Andrew Jackson s life after he informed a group of pirates or privateers, that their services were no longer desir [...]

    Excellent read, but it was a bit difficult keeping all the players straight The POV kept changing, sometimes as often as every paragraph Really enjoyed the storyline and all the backstabbing I hadn t visited with Cotton Malone since THE ALEXANDRIA LINK, and really shouldn t stay away so long.

    I was excited to receive and review this book The cover was a hook and I was interested as I have read another book by Mr Berry and it was great 1 My advanced edition had three blurbs from authors David Baldacci, Vince Flynn and Brad Meltzer I have read everything they have written and they raved about this book so I was ready to start.2 The opening was interesting and hooked me It had everything you would need Two assassination attempts on President s, letters of Marque, and a cipher The first [...]

    Susan Johnson
    Cotton Malone has taken me on some exciting adventures from the secrets of the Alexandria Library, to a lost fortune of Napoleon s and to an undiscovered tomb of terra cotta warriors in China This time there are no visits to his bookstore in Denmark because the action takes place in America The plots involves American pirates, the link between the four presidents assassinated while in office and missing pages from the Congressional Reacord There are a lot of people involved in this book There ar [...]

    Mr Berry was recommended to me I like conspiracy books, I enjoyed reading The DaVinci Code and so I assumed I d enjoy this one as well.Not at all.The first 30 pages were intense But then the book turned into a mish mosh of jumbled scenesPositives The only positive of this book, in my opinion, was I liked the premise of the book Definitely interesting But the premise was the only good thing.Negatives 1 Too many and I mean WAY too many main characters There was not really one protagonist but rathe [...]

    The latest in the Cotton Malone series, in this one Steve Berry has taken a slight departure from the norm and, to me, not for the better.For the first time in the series the book is set wholly in the USA I don t have an issue with this as, being an Australian, the US is as foreign as Europe or Asia The locations were well researched although it would have been nice to have interesting ones Monticello was good as was Pamlico Sound and the treasure resting place which I won t give away Other tha [...]

    As with previous Cotton Malone outings by Berry, this one does a nice job of blending fact and fiction in an interesting thriller Also like previous outings and many thrillers in general , the reader has to accept certain unrealistic rules and stereotypes, including good guys who are expert marksmen while the bad guys can t hit the side of a barn, bad guys who have a chance to simply shoot and kill good guys but don t for whatever reason , and government good guy types who don t seem to be const [...]

    This is one of those political thrillers with chases and clues and spies and secrets However, I was annoyed throughout by the narration changing so quickly from location and character several story lines all playing at the same time that eventually coalesce but not until the end Was it supposed to heighten suspense Every time a climax or key turning point was reached, the story changed settings And I mean like every five pages You get used to it, but I didn t like it I found the history of Lette [...]

    The premise of Cotton Malone investigating a possible conspiracy in our American history had me wanting to read this book as soon as it was released Previous novels in the Cotton series were fantastic and I was going into this without any care in the world only to find myself disappointed in the long run I was definitely drawn into the book at the beginning but then was thrown in as many different directions as possible From dealing with the President one moment to quickly being shifted to contr [...]

    Didn t end up finishing this one, just skimmed the last half since it was so boring So many gun fights that have no purpose, so many flashbacks when there are way better ways to get info out, far too many narrators who were all written as if they were the same person so I couldn t tell them apart, and one of the coolest topics pirates turned into a really boring book about politics When I first read the description of this, I thought it sounded like it might be the best book in the series yet, b [...]

    This book was definitely different than previous Cotton Malone books, in that it takes place in the United States I like it just as much if not than the previous books I think that Steve Berry has taken Cotton in a different direction in this book and it works Stephanie Nelle is not as evident and while I miss Henrik Thorvaldsen, his absence is not noticeable.This book is a quick, quick summer read perfect for traveling or the beach The action is fast paced and is happening simultaneously in at [...]

    This is the first Steve Berry book I have read and I am definitely hooked This book is so fast paced and often has action happening in two or locations at once I love Casseopeia and Cotton they make a great couple and one thing I love about Steve Berry is no gratuitous sex That would definitely spoil it for me.Put this on your to read list for summer and add some Steve Berry books You will love them.

    Lisa Johnson
    Title The Jefferson KeyAuthor Steve BerryPages 480Year 2011Publisher Ballantine BooksMy rating 5 out of 5 stars.Each book I read of Steve Berry s is for me a lesson in the nuance of historical events and people While the book is a work of fiction, at the end he kindly separates the facts from the fiction of his work I am constantly amazed at the number of events that have escaped my notice or memory that make the novels all the captivating to me from start to finish.Cotton Malone reappears here [...]

    Steve Berry, un nome una garanzia Almeno per me.Il sigillo dei traditori stata un ottima prima lettura per il 2017 una trama accattivante, un set di personaggi e uno stile di scrittura veloce e dinamico anche se a volte pure troppo lo ammetto hanno contribuito a renderlo tale TramaCotton Malone, ex agente operativo del Ministero di Giustizia americano, viene convocato a NY dal suo ex capo Stephanie Nelle e si ritrova invischiato in un complotto di proporzioni nazionali Fra assassinii presidenzia [...]

    This is Book 7 of the Cotton Malone series It was an enjoyable read but my only complaint is the constant shifting from one perspective of the story to another It did not allow for the story to flow properly I enjoyed learning about the privateers, the Jefferson Wheel and the privateers part in the different presidential assassinations which is fiction but made for an interesting plot line I look forward to reading the next book in the Cotton Malone series as I do enjoy the historical aspect of [...]

    3.5 sterEinde was een tikkeltje ongeloofwaardig.Voor de rest gewoon een fijne thriller.

    Tim Vessels
    If I read a 500 book in one week, it s got to be good Near the beginning there were several characters that which got a bit confusing but it all came together masterfully Gripping story

    This book was rough going I loved the ideas pirates, presidents, politics, assassinations, and a cipher The guts of the book were solid but the story really failed to deliver It was really in need of some better editing as the middle 90% of the book wandered endlessly and seemingly without purpose It jumped between characters, plot, and locations so much that many of the characters just became interchangeable to me I stopped caring about any of the political plot once I could no longer comprehen [...]

    When it comes to the Cotton Malone books, I m somewhat of a glutton for punishment One of the earlier ones was actually rather enjoyable I think it was The Romanov Prophecy but I guess I read them because I like to see what sort of crazy has been cooked up this time At least it seems that as time goes one, Berry gets better editors I ll never forget him referring to the Palais des Popes in Avignon Because popes is totally how you say pope in French.The Jefferson Key starts off interestingly enou [...]

    Zohar - ManOfLaBook.com
    The Jef fer son Key by Steve Berry is the sev enth book in the fic tional series fea tur ing Cot ton Mal one The story takes place in the United States, which I under stand is a depar ture from pre vi ous books in the series.Cot ton Mal one gets an email from his boss to show up in NYC at a cer tain time in a cer tain hotel room What Mal one doesn t know is that he is being setup to take the fall in a bold assas si na tion attempt against sit ting US pres i dent Danny Daniels.Mal one and his gir [...]

    Candace Salima
    The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry is another must read I m sure I ll review a book soon that I don t care for, but it s not this book, and it s not this day Cotton Malone is known for his overseas exploits A former Justice Department operative, who can t stay out of trouble, he s found adventures in all parts of Europe The Templar Legacy, The Paris Vendetta , Central Asia The Venetian Betrayal , Antarctica The Charlemagne Pursuit , the Middle East The Alexandria Link , and China The Emperor s Tom [...]

    I love Steve Berry s books Have read them all, with great pleasure I love his character Cotton Malone But I have to be honest say this was not my favorite Usually he has me hook, line sinker no later than chapter 2, but with The Jefferson Key it took a lot longer than that I was a little into it around Chapter 8 and was finally engaged around Chapter 14 That took too much time Mr Berry The pacing is fast enough all the usual suspects are here Stephanie Nelle, still head of The Magellan Billet, [...]

    The Jefferson Key by Steve Barry pp 480 Steve Barry apparently read the feedback of his last novel and righted the course This time ex Magillen Billet operative, Cotton Malone is on US soil for the duration of the book An assassination attempt against President Daniels turns into a treasure hunt involving a cipher message left by Andrew Jackson using an encoding scheme created by Thomas Jefferson to locate documents signed by George Washington that have the ability to takedown some very powerful [...]

    Cotton Malone finds himself in the deadly cross hairs of a political game of cat and mouse, where the stakes are high When Cotton receives an invitation to meet his old boss, Stephanie Nelle, Cotton accepts Cotton enters the hotel room where he is to meet Stephanie but she is not there When Cotton realizes that he has walked into a trap it is too late Cotton is than captured and charged temporary for the attempted assassination of President Danny Daniels Once President Daniels learns that Cotton [...]

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