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  • Title: Battle Circle
  • Author: Piers Anthony
  • ISBN: 9780552990851
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback

  • Battle Circle By Piers Anthony Including Sos the Rope Var the Stick Neq the SwordIn this highly imaginative trilogy, master science fiction writer Piers Anthony creates a world of savage power, of primitive and brutal laws where all disputes are settled in the battle circle, and where men must seize and realise their vision of an empire by the might of their primitive weapons.Anthony s story of men Including Sos the Rope Var the Stick Neq the SwordIn this highly imaginative trilogy, master science fiction writer Piers Anthony creates a world of savage power, of primitive and brutal laws where all disputes are settled in the battle circle, and where men must seize and realise their vision of an empire by the might of their primitive weapons.Anthony s story of men fighting for mastery of wandering tribes, with sword, club and rope in the ceremonial Great Circle, has its own internal conviction its own grandeur, evena rigorous masculine power, rare in any kind of novel nowadays The Observer
    Piers Anthony
    Though he spent the first four years of his life in England, Piers never returned to live in his country of birth after moving to Spain and immigrated to America at age six After graduating with a B.A from Goddard College, he married one of his fellow students and and spent fifteen years in an assortment of professions before he began writing fiction full time.Piers is a self proclaimed environmentalist and lives on a tree farm in Florida with his wife They have two grown daughterscmillan author piersa

    Battle Circle By Piers Anthony


    Andrew Neal
    I got this book by trading a stick or a honey bun wrapper or something on swaptree.I then left it in the bathroom and read it there over the course of several weeks It s important that you now check out the cover of this book by clicking on it There are several editions, but the one I have pinned this review to is the one that was sitting on the toilet Go ahead, click on the cover Two wonderful things happened because of this 1 Anyone who visited our house and used the bathroom inevitably came o [...]

    I am not sure what I learned from this book except that I can like a book enough to read it twice cover to cover.Post apocalyptic Earth where tribes of survivors meet in the circle to determine anything from who gets what woman to who gets the top bunk They only use six different kinds of weapons Sword, staff, sticks, daggers, club, or morning star and never fight outside the circle.Until along comes a warrior that no one can beat He builds an empire and everything changes.I read it once in high [...]

    A friend of mine told me that this was the worst book he had ever read I decided to read it myself, because I was certain that no book could be as bad as what he had described to me I was wrong This book is absolutely terrible Every Piers Anthony cliche is here, from the puerile sexuality to the flaccid attempts at social commentary And the finale of the book involves the sword swinging hero replacing his hand with a glockenspiel Seriously Simply a wretched book by any measure.

    Specifically, I didn t read the entire book, since I d already finished Sos the Rope I just picked this up with Var the Stick and trundled on through the rest of the series Well I guess trundled is a bit of a loaded word, and one that really belies how much I sped through the last two books I finished them in three days, and actually felt some eagerness to finish them Var the Stick actually developed a bit than I would have expected from Mr Anthony, based on the sexism of the first book and the [...]

    Stuart Parr
    Another example of things you remember from your youth which are, in reality, a bit crap and you only realise this when you come back to them when older and perhaps wiser This book is fantasy sci fi pulp from the late 1960s replete with slightly dull characters, unbelievable plot twists and not in a good way and uncomfortable sex references again, not in a good way Anthony s post nuclear holocaust world of wandering warriors bound by honour to settle everything in the battle circle, a society pe [...]

    When I began reading the Battle Circle series, I knew not to start off with preconceived notions of a Piers Anthony novel My introduction to Piers Anthony was through his Xanth series as a pre teen, but since then I had read bits of his Adept series, Firefly, and even the lesser known Pornucopia That said, I wasn t expecting the style or tone of his post apocalyptic Battle Circle books.The series centers around a formal weaponized ritual duel, whether for honor, for women, or for practice Anthon [...]

    Xanth fans, be warned This is not a book full of colorful magic, bosoms, and puns.If all you ve read of Piers Anthony is the Xanth series, you may not know this, but Piers hates his protagonists He enjoys hurting them, and then hurting them some , and then hurting the people they love just for good measure Sometimes it s hard on the reader Or at least it was on me.That said, this trilogy is excellent The titular Battle Circle is the foundation of a postapocalyptic society where victory in the Ci [...]

    Levi Muller
    I really loved the concept of a barbaric culture being supported by a group of intellectuals hiding in a mountain I ve been told by Piers himself that this book is nothing like his other work This book lead me to the Conan stories by Robert Howard because I loved the fighting and reading about the barbarian culture.

    When I was in my teens I read a lot of science fiction It never occurred to me that there could be a science fiction author I wouldn t enjoy Then I read Rings of Ice by Piers Anthony and I disliked it intensely I read it all the way through, because I didn t realize that abandoning a book halfway was an option, but I remained wary of Anthony s work from that momentMuch later I was tempted by the look of his BATTLE CIRCLE trilogy, so I began to read the first few pages, assuming they would be eno [...]

    I fun quick read or reread.I reread this book recently than thirty years after I read it originally I occasionally experiment to see which books create a completely different impression today than they did when I was a teenager in the fairly early days of fantasy and SciFi Many books I really enjoyed back then, don t hold up too well Somewhat surprisingly, this one did It s no master work by today s standards and there are some significant problems with the believability of the setting which wo [...]

    James Beach
    Thoroughly enjoyed this post apocalyptic trilogy Make no mistake, this is straight up pulp late 1960s early 1970s science fiction fantasy in all it s greasy glory It s focused on hand to hand action, speckled with alternately insightful and heavy handed exploration of human nature and ethics vs survival It also brings to life an entire and rather creative background world for why such a culture of fighting would even exist in an apocalyptic aftermath.I thought the trilogy reads well as one pulp [...]

    Battle Circle is a trilogy of science fiction novels by Piers Anthony Originally published separately, the trilogy was later combined into a single volume 1 The three novels are 1 Sos the Rope 1968 2 Var the Stick 1972 3 Neq the Sword 1975 The novels take place on a post apocalyptic Earth The history is not given in detail, but the landscape is filled with the ruins of the previous civilization, and large areas referred to as the badlands are still deadly because of radiation, presumably from nu [...]

    Tom Liotta
    Strange book Others have said guilty pleasure and I can t think of a better description.I started reading it one evening and didn t put it down until finishing the first book of the trilogy The next evening I read the second book, and the evening after I read the third I had three straight days of work in a slightly foggy state of mind.It s been fifteen years since then I still can t explain why I let myself get so absorbed in it.How do you rate a book from an experience like that I guess by cal [...]

    See the individual books for slightly better reviews This is one of the few omnibuses where I read both If you get this, just rip the 3d book, Neq the Sword off the back of the book immediately Do NOT read it The other two are excellent, 4 star books as I recall, though.

    Very different from the stuff Anthony normally produces, these tales are pretty dark and violent, focusing on a small number of barbaric survivors in a post apocalyptic wasteland This is actually a trilogy of short stories that comprise one full length book It starts very strong, but the last story is the weakest of them, which diminishes its lasting impact Entertaining pulp.

    I actually really liked this book It s an interesting post nuclear holocaust nomadic society epic Three books in one that starts out strong, gets really weird in the middle, then recovers nicely A fairly strong departure from the usual pun ny xanth crap Represents good character development and interesting storyline.

    This was Anthony at his schlockiest and most sexist Well, no, he actually gets sexist than this, believe it or not And yet this is another book that could qualify as a guilty pleasure completely ridiculous, swords and sandals macho silliness, yet fun in its own perverse way.

    Really hard to find in libraries, but a great story A post apocalyptic world is now a world of nomads, with only the battle circle for social rule An interesting 3 novels in one Very entertaining, I would recommend the book to anyone.

    Great action sci fi book about a post nuclear world where battle circle fights decide the social classes I first read this in junior high and it was a good introduction into the sci fi fantasy world.

    An Odd1
    As fast and funny as I remember Stephen s review of SOS reminded me I read all three of the series Could even have been just after first published I thought I re read, but can t find review Out of print hard to find.

    Gary Greysonet
    A crazy idea implemented with crazy results Battle Circle is the story of a post apoc society split into nomadic tribes and technologist overseers It is told with Anthony s usual wit and innovation.

    Marc Strozyk
    I read this when I was in highschool and really liked it at the time I m sure it probably didn t age well but we were talking about Piers Anthony last night and I remembered reading this book many years ago.

    A guilty pleasure It s tripe, and never pretends to be otherwise, but it s also hard to put down I ve come back to this book at different times on my life, and while I haven t exactly been educated or bettered by reading it, I was always entertained.

    Good book Very unlike a lot of Piers Anthony s other books read Xanth A little gratuitously violent and sexual at time And rather unnecessarily sad Be prepared everyone dies This is not a spoiler Everyone dies Ok, almost everyone.

    The greatest shame is that there is no picture for the cover of this these book s The rugged depictions of Var the Stick and Sol the Rope are worth any purchase price If that doesn t entice you see the aforementioned character names can you resist such a literary onslaught

    Dave Peticolas
    Everyone likes barbarians.

    To me, this is the best fantasy Piers Anthony ever did, and far better than the Xanth books.

    Young adult 10 15

    I don t read much science fiction, but this book is a great read I first read it when I was in high school I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good adventure story.

    Battle Circle displays a surprisingly cruel Post Apocalyptic world by the usually light hearted Anthony I loved it

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