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  • Title: Isobel's Wedding
  • Author: Sheila O'Flanagan
  • ISBN: 9780747265665
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback

  • Isobel's Wedding By Sheila O'Flanagan Four hundred and twenty pearls hand sewn onto the wedding dress The Mediterranean honeymoon booked for months A pile of presents bigger than Everest And her lovely Tim, the most perfect bridegroom a girl could wish for Except, two weeks before the wedding, he changes his mind Isobel s wedding is off.Her world in tatters, Isobel turns to Spain, a new job, a new lifeFour hundred and twenty pearls hand sewn onto the wedding dress The Mediterranean honeymoon booked for months A pile of presents bigger than Everest And her lovely Tim, the most perfect bridegroom a girl could wish for Except, two weeks before the wedding, he changes his mind Isobel s wedding is off.Her world in tatters, Isobel turns to Spain, a new job, a new life and as many men as she can decently manage Including the very appealing Nico with whom, she feels, there could be a long term future But part of Isobel knows that she will have to go back home some day And that, despite all that s happened since she left, she still has unfinished business
    Sheila O'Flanagan
    As you can see, a Dubliner all my life My parents owned a grocery shop in the Iveagh Markets, in the Liberties area of the city and I guess city blood runs through my veins.As a child I enjoyed reading and telling stories and everyone thought that I end up in a job which had something to do with books and literature But though I applied for a job in the library all of the job offers I got were in commerce.I turned down lots of them before my mother accepted one for me I was on holiday at the time It was in the Central Bank of Ireland and that s how my career in financial services began.I started out in administration and then moved jobs until finally I was working as a dealer in a commercial bank Eventually I was promoted to Chief Dealer the first female CD in the country I traded lots of different things foreign exchange, swaps, options, bonds all of the kind of things you read about in the papers and that sound very technical and difficult Of course once you re doing it, it s not half as technical as it sounds.But I still loved reading and writing which I did in my spare time and I desperately wanted to write my own book I guess I never quite got over the fact that I was never offered the library job In my thirties I decided that it was now or never and I sat down, stuck Chapter 1 on a page, and started I wrote the whole thing before sending it off.I was offered a publishing deal with no advance by an Irish company but only if I wrote a different book So back to the drawing board, I started again It was another two years before it was published It wasn t until I d written a few books and was offered a contract this time with an advance from another publisher that I felt able to give up my trading job and write full time So, even though it took a long time, I eventually realised my dream of being a full time writer.And now I also write a business column for the Irish Times.When I m writing a book I want to do three things Tell a good story Make the reader feel like they know the characters Make each book better than the lastI don t write for any particular audience but I suppose I must have people like me in mind people who have busy lives and who like to escape into someone else s for a while.I love writing books I hope you enjoy reading them.

    Isobel's Wedding By Sheila O'Flanagan


    Ciinderella Charlotte
    ii found thiis book lying around at home and i read the blurb on the back of it and i liked the sound of it D so i started to read it and as soon as i had started reading the first page i knew i liked it i took me about 2 weeks to read it its quite a thick book ii couldnt stop readiing it its about a woman called Isobel whos supposed to be gettiing marriied but her fiiance wants time to thiink she moves to spaiin and creates a new liife there and when its time to come back to ireland she doesnt [...]

    This is the 4th Sheila s book I have read so far All her books tend to be very long like 600 pages, it can get to a bit of dead landing in the middle, but if you keep going, you will be rewarded with a fulfilled and well elaborated story Just like this story, it is about one s feeling about certainty in relationship and courage to face one s feeling in life It can never be a black and white question, that is why it takes Isobel 600 pages to work that one out Same to Isobel, it is also a question [...]

    Finally finished A good idea and good plot, but Isobel was so wimpy at the beginning and it was soooo drawn out that i almost gave up before i got half way I persevered because I don t like to leave books partly read, and i m glad i did as it was quite good in the end, but i m also relieved to have finished it

    Liked it but was disappointed with the ending Felt it was rather drawn out in places too but overall an ok summer chick lit

    I ll start of by saying, I am really surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did I m not usually a Sheila O Flanagan type of girl and there was something very 90 s about this probably the fact it was written in the 90 s but shhh anyway I couldn t put it down It starts off with Isobel enthusing over her upcoming wedding Her fiance Tim asks to meet her two weeks before and calls the entire thing off He tells her he isn t ready amongst other things and Isobel basically loses her marbles She jets off [...]

    This is the first book that I have read by this author I am not a huge fan of chic lit , but found this entertaining enough It is about Isobel, who 2 weeks before her wedding, is told by her fiance, Tim, that he feels trapped and doesn t want to go through with it, although he still loves her and wants them to be a couple She goes along with it for a bit, but slowly realises that she has done the wrong thing So she does what anyone would do moves to Spain and starts a string of meaningless relat [...]

    Picked this up on a long lazy afternoon, thinking that it would be interesting to take a break from a thrillers.Boy, was I wrong I could not get past the first twenty pages without wanting to give my self a good bonk on the head for picking this book up Isobel s character is quite bland, as is the jerk McJerk of a ex boyfriend fiance Isobel spends THREE years pining after Oh Tim Oh Tim The story line was very cliche hollywood rom com Girl gets dumped by guy,girl turns life around while still mop [...]

    Liz Young
    I liked the style, story and characters, but i was really annoyed about the ending what kind of closure is that Good chick lit, with a little depth than some of your other stuff out there, but I wanted and was left feeling disappointed.

    Bev Taylor
    isobel is happily engaged to tim then just 2 weeks prior to the wedding he says he cannot go thru with it h e he does not want to split up but just postpone it she accepts this initially but then decides a split is for the best she is offered a job in madrid which she grabs and there tries to reinvent herself, helped by alcohol, sex and her job but is she really happy then tim reappears in her life she finds she has unfinished business can she trust him and really make a go of it she knows she s [...]

    Pauline Chamberlain
    A good chick lit book about a woman whos fianc tells her he cant get married yet and she disappears to Spain to try to come to terms and has a couple of flings A brilliant ending, lovely characters

    Very enjoyable read.

    Franny Adams
    All I can say is WOW I stayed up till 2 am to finish it I felt I could related to Isobel at being dumped by the love of one s life and trying to do all sorts of things to forget Which I am sure a lot of us ladies have done at one time or other Sheila is a wonderful story teller the way she describes the settings between Ireland and Spain I felt as if I was there I loved Isobel s friends but I wanted to scream when her ex Tim wiggles back into her life while there is a relationship between her an [...]

    So many emotions and opinions whilst reading this book and were do I begin.I think the book went on a bit too long in the middle,it dragged on and it was a good plot that had many twists and turns and kept you wondering as to what would happen.Isobel did my head in though,from the start taking Tim back I thought she was a glutton for punishment and it just went on and on,8 months later and we were still reading about how hung up on Tim she was.Her new life in Madrid was good and finally she was [...]

    This is the second time I have read this book and I must admit I didn t enjoy it was much as I did the first time However, that could be something to do with how long ago I last read it, I m estimating about 10 years ago The basic plot of the story is that 2 weeks before her wedding Isobel s fianc gets cold feet stating he feels trapped and can t go through with the wedding So the wedding is cancelled and Isobel and Tim try to keep their relationship going I found Isobel to be a bit of a doormat [...]

    Het is jammer dat je geen 3,5 ster kan geven, want dan had ik dat gedaan Vier vind ik net even te veel Isobel s wedding is leuk om te lezen En ondanks de dikte had ik het toch nog redelijk snel uit Het blijft echter een chicklit en die moeten wel heel geweldig zijn, wil ik daar vier sterren voor geven Het boek draait om Isobel, die vlak voor haar bruiloft in de steek wordt gelaten door haar verloofde Tim Om hem te vergeten, gaat ze in Madrid werken Uit veel recensies blijkt dat niet iedereen Iso [...]

    Yang Shu-yuan
    Isobels Hochzeitskleid ist der absolute Traum Auch Tim, Isobels Liebster, ist ein wahres Prachtexemplar von einem Mann Alles scheint perfekt f r den gro en Tag doch dann bekommt der Br utigam pl tzlich kalte F e Isobel versteht die Welt nicht mehr Um ihrem Kummer zu entfliehen, fl chtet sie nach Spanien und st rzt sich dort Hals ber Kopf in das n chste Abenteuer Gleichzeitig setzt Tim alles daran, seine Isobel zur ckzuerobern Es ist nie zu sp t oder doch

    One unforgettable book that I can relate with so maybe that would make my review biased I loved the reality and the flow of the book, I didn t feel it was too long even though it s than 600 pages because I kept turning every page I also loved the uncertain ending although I can t help hoping she goes back to fun Nico

    Enjoyed this book It was originally on the pile of books to get rid of, but it might get to stay Even though it was a long book, it left you wanting just a little bit Where does Isobel end up who does she end up with Apparently there is a short story based on some of the characters here Will have to go and find it and see if it ties off any lose ends

    It focus on a woman who had to postonse her wedding because her fiancee got cold feet She has to deal with those details and didn t get happy broke up with that guy got a job at Spain then she changed in a different person and that guy came in her life again What she will do Get back together and marry him or run away from him Hmmmmm

    I thought the book dragged on but I made myself finish it I thought Isobel was a pain, I didn t like her and thought she was pathetic and bitchy Then I was very disappointed with the fact you had to purchase another book to get the short ending It s put me off reading anything else from this author

    I absolutely loved every single thing about this book except the ending With such a long book and the author doing an amazing job of explaining things through out, I felt the ending was a cliff hanger without having a proper finish.

    i didnt enjoy it as much as her other novels the protoganist isobel was so undecisive until the end, so the end seemed abrupt which didnt seem like an ending at all it was good until she gets engaged again, from there, novel was a drag leading directionlesst of a let down

    Evelyn Mathershaw
    I enjoyed the book, but couldn t held but think it would have been better if it had been shorter Initially drawn into the story, but it lost it s way a bit in the middle.

    Julie Robertson
    Love the way she writes

    Nice book with suspense all along.

    Perfect read when you are in an MSF mission and you want to read something light The main character kind of annoyed me with her stupidity though at times

    Angela Gentile
    Fun book Great read if you re looking for some light reading This young lady and all her relationships will keep you entertained.

    Louise Ludbrook
    OK to read when you want to chill out.

    so far so good super divertido me encanta

    Good story too long drawn out way way too long

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      290 Sheila O'Flanagan
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