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  • Title: Deliciously Sinful
  • Author: Lilli Feisty
  • ISBN: 9780446571555
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback

  • Deliciously Sinful By Lilli Feisty Things are cooking in the kitchend the bedroom.Restaurant owner Phoebe Mayle thought she had it all under control Sure, her new chef has a bad boy reputation and a chiseled body to match but she s positive she can whip him into shape.But from the moment Nick Avalon roars into town in his Hummer, he makes her whole world sizzle Now Phoebe has lost control of herThings are cooking in the kitchend the bedroom.Restaurant owner Phoebe Mayle thought she had it all under control Sure, her new chef has a bad boy reputation and a chiseled body to match but she s positive she can whip him into shape.But from the moment Nick Avalon roars into town in his Hummer, he makes her whole world sizzle Now Phoebe has lost control of her kitchen, and Nick has taken over her mind and her body His insatiable appetite for pleasure leaves her breathless with carnal cravings only he can satisfy Yet can their hunger for each other be a recipe for a love that lasts
    Lilli Feisty
    Pseudonym See Lillian Feisty and Lilli Ford.

    Deliciously Sinful By Lilli Feisty


    ARC provided by Forever and Netgalley Deliciously Sinful is my second read by Lilli Feisty, the first being Bound to Please I enjoyed Bound to Please but wasn t in love with it like so many of my friends were When I came across this ARC at Netgalley, I was hoping that DS would be the book to wow me Unfortunately, it fell short.I m going to get straight to the nitty gritty my biggest and only problem with this book were the hero and heroine, Phoebe and Nick On the surface, Phoebe is an intelligen [...]

    Out of all the days in her life,the one day she wished she could take back was the day Nick Avalon drove into her town.Phoebe Mayle has just inherited her late aunt and uncle s gourmet, organic cafe Phoebe is no stranger to the skill and effort it takes to run such a unique business she owns an organic produce farm herself However, her skills are seriously lacking in the culinary arts area and she s desperate to find an excellent chef who cannot only handle the delicate ingredients to run such a [...]

    Crystal ♥ RBtWBC
    What happens when a bad boy chief and a good girl restaurant owner come together A whole lot of delicious naughtiness heating up the kitchen After the passing of her aunt and uncle, Phoebe Mayle takes of the family business an organic caf , which has received the best reviews and even won first place ribbons for their brownies at the local festival ten years running Determined to carry on the tradition while running her own organic farming business at the same time, Phoebe hires a talented chef [...]

    I never think of strawberries without thinking of Lilli Feisty s sexy musician, Mark St Crow and now I will never be able to eat an orange or drink tequila without thinking of her exasperating sexy Brit, Nick Avalon I was disappointed that we did not learn of Nick s past but Deliciously Sinful definitely succeeded in satisfying me with an overdue Feisty fix

    I LOVE this story I actually gave my husband a 2 hour massage yesterday so I could keep reading this story instead of cleaning HA This book was smoking Phoebe was now the owner of 2 companies, her organic veggie farm and now her aunt and uncles restaurant When they passed away, they left it to her The only problem was, she couldn t cook She tried in fact, she tried over and over and over again to make the brownies her aunt always entered in the town s cook off, and won every year for 10 years bu [...]

    One star It s hard for me to give an author I have loved one star, but really I did not like this book It was a total chore to finish it, but I did It may be a perfectly good book for someone else, but it was so wholly disappointing to me, I practically had to make myself continue reading Every time I looked at my Kindle, I nearly found something else to do instead of read So sad.This book has reasonably good characters and it is a reasonably good story But I just found it to be way too vanilla [...]

    Mary Gramlich
    How complicated can simple be Phoebe has taken on the family restaurant knowing it was going to push her over the limit of her capabilities She makes a great decision to sign on Nick even though he is a hotshot chef from Los Angeles He may not fit in but he is a great chef so maybe he can blend in and no one will notice After Phoebe meets him, she knows that his British accent is the least of her problems.These two argue over menus, conduct screaming matches over the proper use of butter, and th [...]

    Rebecca (everyday reader)
    Nick is a conceited chef from L.A who has come to northern California, reluctantly, for a hiatus from his fast life after losing a job Phoebe is a control freak and wants to run her late aunt and uncle s cafe well and prove herself Their personalities clash, he has an attitude problem, but there is also a sexual tension that sizzles between the two of them He gets slowly used to this new life, things around Phoebe change but for the best, love blossoms, and oranges get a new use Great read

    original review posted at Romancing Rakes Fill your tub up with ice cubes, sit in it and read this book Good gracious, holy 9 1 2 Weeks spoon feeding scene Batman Wow, wow, wow Jamie from For the Love of Romance was not kidding about Lilli Feisty being a must read author.Where can I get my own Nick Avalon Heck, I d settle for any gorgeous yellow Hummer driving, the Le Cordon Bleu graduate, chocolate pudding making, banana flambeing, oyster gathering, orange peeling, dark haired, blue eyed chef w [...]

    JoLee (Wickedly Delicious Book Blog)
    Whisk, chocolate pudding and oranges oh my This book was just that Deliciously Sinful.I enjoyed the Heroine and Hero and reading if they were ever going to have their HEA Nick the hero lives the life of fine restaurants, fancy parties and beautiful woman in LA He does not plan on staying in this small town he moved to, only took this job as a chef because he only has a visa to work in CA If he worked in a diner as a chef in LA or San Francisco people would know him and look down on him for worki [...]

    Review originally posted here thebookpushers 2011 12 16 Publisher Grand CentralPublish Date Out NowHow I got this book NetGalleyI was really looking forward to this, especially since I ve enjoy Fiesty s work in the past, however this book did not work for me At all Phoebe has inherited her aunt and uncle s small local cafe, and while she is the best organic farmer around, she can t cook well enough to keep the cafe successful She goes out on a limb and hires chef bad boy Nick Avalon, and the two [...]

    Out of all the women in all the world, he had to go and slather chocolate on this one Holy hotness, Batman Deliciously Sinful almost started a five alarm fire in my living room Wowzers I ve become a bit of a romance junkie since starting my blog, but erotic romance isn t something I ve read much of After experiencing Lilli Feisty s, Deliciously Sinful, I have to ask myself why that is I totally loved this story Nick is a badass chef from L.A After getting wrapped up in a scandal, he takes a job [...]

    Cocktails and Books
    Reviewed by Carin for Cocktails and BooksPhoebe Mayle was content with her life as an owner of an organic farm, she enjoyed living in the small Northern California town of Redbolt Things started to get overwhelming when her aunt and uncle passed away and left her the family owned, award winning, vegan cafe She struggles with the idea of bringing in a non family member to be the chef but Phoebe can t cook After a phone interview with one of the hottest in ways than one chef s in LA she hires Nic [...]

    Nick Avalon has pissed off one person too many and now the bad boy of the culinary world is cooling his heels in Redbolt, California Phoebe is trying to continue her Aunt and Uncle s legacy at their vegan cafe but is having problems juggling her own organic farm business and working at the cafe She realizes she needs help and hires Nick Phoebe knows all about Nicks reputation but hopes that his culinary expertise will outweigh his bad rep.Deliciously Sinful was a good read but did not live up to [...]

    Judy (Geeky Reading)
    4 5 Read at my blog, Geeky Reading I surprisingly enjoyed this book a lot I thought it would be good, but I was a little unsure by how much, and so I m glad I really liked it.I loved the attraction between Phoebe and Nick The progression was nicely paced, it was apparent and very believable They fought it a little too much at times, but they still fell into it really easily, and it was nice and intense at times They were really good together, Phoebe had a frustratingly hard time accepting it, a [...]

    Phoebe cannot cook for the life of her, so imagine her dismay when she inherits her aunt and uncle s small award winning caf after their deaths In lieu of her culinary shortcomings, she makes the executive decision to hire Nick Avalon to rescue the caf from failure Phoebe braces herself for arguing with the hotshot LA chef on menu offerings, but she fails to shield her heart against the absolute hotness of her latest employee Will Phoebe be able to endure the sizzle of Nick s eyes, or will she b [...]

    Arec Rain
    Wait s over Where are the amazing chapter long sex scenes that make even me blush Where is all the scenes detailed down what underwear she is wearing I love me some Lilli Feisty but this novel just lacked the fire and erotica that the other two did.One of the reasons Lilli Feisty is my favorite is because she writes erotica that s outside the norm considering they classify her novels as just romance instead of erotica Very rarely have I run across a book in the romance section and pull one out t [...]

    Angela Carr (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    3.5This review is also posted at Under The Covers Book BlogBad boy and hot chef, Nick Avalon was casted out of Los Angeles and forced to take a job in the hippie town of RedBolt but has plans to leave as soon as he is able Little did he know that this small hippie town has to offer in comparison to his old life under all the fame, women and booze.Phoebe Mayle, a Ms Know it all cafe manager, hires Nick and shows him just how much the town has to offer And little did she know, Nick would teach he [...]

    Since reading Louisa Edwards books about the sexy world of Chefs, I find myself HOOKED But DELICIOUSLY SINFUL fell short of the mark for me Nick Avalon is a conceited Chef who thinks he is all that and then some He arrives in ta small town in Northern California with a huge chip on his shoulder and a major attitude that I found somewhat annoying I will admit that I love falling for the bad boy in romance books, but I didn t find Nick appealing at all There was no charm, nothing that pulled me to [...]

    Reviewed for NetGalleyPhoebe Mayle has recently come inherited her family s business She is thrilled because it means a lot to her She knows all about organic foods and can even run the business side of things, but she does not know the first thing about cooking Phoebe has never been a good cook, and that is where hot chef, Nick Avalon, comes into the picture After she hears he has been fired from his job and is desperate for a new one, Phoebe seizes the opportunity to hire him Only problem is t [...]

    DELICIOUSLY SINFUL by Lilli Feisty it is an interesting contemporary romance set in present day Redbolt, California.It is well written with depth and details The characters will keep you turning pages It is the story of restaurant owner Phoebe Mayle and Nick Avalon,her new bad boy chef It has sizzling cooking,sizzling sex,a bad boy s image,hot and cold feelings This is a story that will have you heating up the pages.A hot,sinfully satisfying,with scorching hot characters read Deliciously Sinful [...]

    drey s thoughts Have you read Lilli Feisty s books If not, prepare yourself Her stories and her characters are so hot and sexy, they should come with a combustible warning And Deliciously Sinful totally fits that mold.The story took a while to unfold not counting the chocolate in the kitchen scene , and these two seem to come to blows just about every time they are on the same pages But the attraction sizzles, and the dialog is delicious.It took me a while to get used to Phoebe or, get a picture [...]

    Beverly Diehl
    It ain t Calgon that s whisking her away.Phoebe s something of a control freak, who s inherited a small town organic cafe She s an incredible organic farmer, but cooking the stuff No She can t even make the family brownies.She hires an edgey, bad boy chef from Los Angeles, and Nick CAN cook, not to mention use chocolate and oranges quite inventively Nick doesn t want to live along the bumpkins, BUT as time goes own, is scared witless by how much he s enjoying small town life and Phoebe.The B sto [...]

    3.5 5This was a pretty decent book Had some great moments and had some really bad moments For the most part, I did enjoy it Phoebe and Nick are completely different people She s a small town bumpkin and he s a hotshot, British chef I liked the interactions between the characters but found some of the banter quite juvenile It s like Phoebe, a mature woman of 32, was stuck in a high school mentality while Nick just played the part of an adolescent because he had to keep up his badass image.When we [...]

    I love Lilli Feisty I think of her as a local girl since I m from Northern California Her books the print ones at least always take place in Nor Cal and I love how she captures the landscape and the people with her words.This book offers complex though at times frustrating main characters who are likable and well thought out I also really liked all the secondary characters in this book The dialogue is quick and fun The sex is hot, but I think that there is a lot less of it than in her other book [...]

    I was really disappointed that this book was just ok for me I absolutely loved Bound to Please and Dare to Surrender so I am stunned that this one didn t do it for me I really didn t like either of the main characters, they got on my nerves Now, that said there were some very yummy sex scenes, I can definitely say I will never eat and orange or look at wisk the same ever again

    Deliciously Sinful is a fun contemporary romance We have Phoebe Mayle, a high strung entrepreneur who is trying to manage her family business She is surprised by how much her new chef rubs her the wrong way It turns out underneath all the antagonism is a deep attraction between the two The uncertainty, the arguing, their slow capitulation makes for fun reading If you re looking for a light, fun, and hot romance, I recommend Deliciously Sinful.

    Jill Wilson
    I am a big fan of Lilli Feisty I absolutely enjoyed Bound to Please and Dare to Surrender LOVED them But I didn t love this one Phoebe in all honesty got on my nerves It drives me a little crazy when the heroine is so controlling and fights everything and everyone It makes it hard for me to enjoy the story I am not hating on Lilli Feisty just my opinion I do look forward to anything she writes.

    I was disappointed in this book after reading Lilli Feisty s Dare to Surrender and Bound to Please This story is very different than the other two It felt as if a completely different author wrote this book The scorching scenes in her other wonderful books were both abbreviated and lacking this one This one was just awkward.

    This book was sadly a DNF I gave it a long run too I think that was over the top, she was just unbelievable to me Nick was also over the top They each had strong personalities but they justwere too much for me The sensual scenes in this book were SMOKING HOT I will say that VERY VERY VERY HOT

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