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  • Murdered (KindleSingle) By Paul Alexander LA Police Officer Stephanie Lazarus became the center of national attention in a sensational trial in Los Angeles in March 2012 as the accused murderer of Sherri Rasmussen, her ex lover s new wife of only three months What had once seemed unthinkable, had suddenly become a reality Nels Rasmussen, the victim s father, had, some twenty years prior, pleaded with LAPD to takLA Police Officer Stephanie Lazarus became the center of national attention in a sensational trial in Los Angeles in March 2012 as the accused murderer of Sherri Rasmussen, her ex lover s new wife of only three months What had once seemed unthinkable, had suddenly become a reality Nels Rasmussen, the victim s father, had, some twenty years prior, pleaded with LAPD to take a look at Lazarus as a possible suspect His daughter had said that Lazarus had been stalking her, but Rasmussen was summarily dismissed by police and told that he should Stop watching so much television After five years, he simply gave up.The story here begins on the night of February 24, 1986 and involves three people, certainly one of them innocent the victim Sherri Rae Rasmussen was bludgeoned, bitten, beaten, and then shot to death in what was made to look like a botched robbery Yet the only thing missing from the scene was a marriage certificate.In 2009, the Cold Case squad in the same building as Officer Lazarus re opened the Rasmussen case and examined the DNA swabbing from the bite marks on Rasmussen s arm They discovered that the saliva could only have come from a woman Then, they started to investigate Lazarus based on Rasmussen s suspicions on record in the file.This is a book that one wishes were fiction It is written point of fact, with all of the details of the case laid out neatly before the reader in police procedural style The reader becomes the jury The most shocking part of the story is the identity of the killer.ABOUT THE AUTHORIn true crime, Paul Alexander is the bestselling author of the Kindle Singles Murdered, Accused and Homicidal A leading journalist for many years, Alexander has published eight widely praised books among them Rough Magic, a biography of Sylvia Plath the bestseller Boulevard of Broken Dreams The Life, Times, and Legend of James Dean and Salinger A Life and over one hundred major articles for publications ranging from The New York Times to Rolling Stone.
    Paul Alexander
    Besides the bestselling Kindle Singles Murdered, Accused, and Homicidal, Paul Alexander has published eight previous books of nonfiction Ariel Ascending Writings About Sylvia Plath Rough Magic, a biography of Plath Boulevard of Broken Dreams The Life, Times, and Legend of James Dean, the bestseller that has been published in 10 countries Death and Disaster The Rise of the Warhol Empire and the Race For Andy s Millions Man of the People The Life of John McCain The Candidate, a chronicle of John Kerry s presidential campaign and Machiavelli s Shadow The Rise and Fall of Karl Rove.A former reporter for Time, Alexander has published journalism in The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, New York, The Nation, The Village Voice, Salon, Worth, The New York Observer, George, Cosmopolitan, More, Interview, ARTnews, Mirabella, Premiere, Out, The Advocate, Travel Leisure, The Los Angeles Times Book Review, Biography, Men s Journal, Best Life, The New York Review of Books, The Daily Beast, and Rolling Stone.Shane Salerno s forthcoming feature documentary Salinger is based on Alexander s biography of J.D Salinger Alexander is the author of the plays Strangers in the Land of Canaan and Edge, which he directed Developed at The Actors Studio, Edge, the critically acclaimed one woman play about Sylvia Plath, ran in New York, London, Los Angeles, among other cities Edge toured Australia and New Zealand and enjoyed a second run in New York In all, Torn performed Edge 400 times Alexander is also the director of Brothers in Arms, a documentary film about John Kerry and Vietnam First Run Features.A graduate of The University of Alabama and The Writers Workshop at The University of Iowa, Alexander is a member of the Authors Guild and PEN American Center In the fall of 2002, he was a Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University He lives in New York City.

    Murdered (KindleSingle) By Paul Alexander


    A good condensed form of a true crime story The lesson I learned though is not related to the story at all The next time I think of buying a Kindle Single, I should first check out the story in the web where I could read it for free.

    Mia Michalek
    Fast readthe story was short and to the point I enjoyed following the case and finally seeing justice prevailed I want to learn about the case now

    Wow Talk about a botched case And what a scum bag of a husband to even consider going back out with his ex and wife s stalker I enjoyed this free read Straight to the point.

    Bonnie Kernene
    This is a very short book about the murder of Sherri Rasmussen by Police Officer Stephanie Lazarus It was not very detailed, but very straight and to the point It talked about the main points of the case, the trial and the evidence It was very interesting and does make me want to know about the case It is short, therefore a quick read Very informative.

    Victoria Baker
    Well WrittenVery detailed Although I feel the husband had a huge part in this, weather he assisted or just plain stupidity when it came to his secret affair Anyways, it was a very interesting read.

    Rosalind H.
    Awesome book Riveting right from the start This is a book anyone could immensely enjoy even if not an avid reader Awesome book Riveting right from the start This is a book anyone could immensely enjoy, even if not an avid reader.

    Can t finish reading this I read this book to 98%and then it just stops Another one of my ten free books says it s just a sample My son got me this Kindle for Christmas, thinking it s not even worth it.

    Lorri Vilorio
    good bookif you like true crime stories this is a good one This intriguing story is about how justice was finally a family who s killer was a member of the big blue wall A very relevant story for today s society.

    Karla Goforth Abreu
    Shocking cover up in horrific murderThis book is concise, yet reasonably detailed concerning the murder of Sherri Rasmussen While glaring evidence pointed to premeditated murder, the police department went to great lengths to cover for one of their own.

    chasity ballard
    Good read Good read I highly suggest it It s Not super long but it is intense and easy to follow Shows how good faith can still withstand corruption.

    Elisha Eva
    Suspect I hate her husband, because of his lust, his wife got killed Why polices are mostly lacks on working.

    Great ReadEven though this was a quick read i enjoyed it a lot I Did not want to put this book down

    Denise Bodnar
    That s itThat was it Left wanting to know Started off great, then the drama stops Enjoyed reading Will read other books.

    Peggy L. Sartoris
    Great ReportingIt s refreshing to read of a case solved by such good people of the LAPD Alexander writes with clarity and precision.

    Short and to the point This details a murder that took place in LA in the 1980s It was brief, so I will be looking up information But, overall, an interesting true crime read.

    Short but interestingEngaging story of a truly shocking crime I enjoyed reading this little book I definitely recommend it to true crime fans.

    Madelon Connell
    Good, short readThis story exemplifies the statement insult to injury There s good and bad officer s, thankfully this case was finally given to one of the good ones so this family I hope found some peace.

    I d already heard the story from an episode of Snapped but this read gave a good amount of information I hadn t heard before Well written, easy read.

    Ethan R.
    MurderedPaul AlexanderNonfictionLoc 589 no pages In the book Murdered Sherri Rea Russeman is brutally murdered She is bitten in the forearm and is sot in the gut after 20 minutes of fighting she is finally hit in the head with a vase and then shot in the heart twice Her car is stolen but that is it It takes the police 12, 12 YEARS to find who did third horrible deed There was saliva, fingerprints, and blood from the murderer How did they not catch the horrible person I think when Sherri was murd [...]

    OMGoodness police corruption at it s finest This is a true crime story about a love affair that ends up in death of a beautiful young woman.The author does a fine job and condensing all of the details of this case into one fabulous short One thing I learned from reading this piece is that the BIG BLUE WALL is strong One can only wonder how many other cover ups there have been.May Sherrie R.I.P knowing justice has been served.

    Bettye McKee
    Paul Alexander has written a clear, concise, just the facts account of the brutal murder of Sherri Rae Rasmussen.The cold case was revived 23 years later It was discovered that Rasmussen s father had provided a vital lead during the initial investigation, but it was never followed The LAPD was now accused of a cover up.The writer presented the entire case, through the jury verdict, in a few pages I found the case interesting and plan to read by this author.

    This is a story about the deliberate, brutal murder of a young woman decades ago What s important about it is who the killer is and why the crime went unsolved and unavenged until the present day All citizens of a free society should know this story and question whether it could happen where they live The fact that it s a Kindle single, very short and very affordable, should make it easy for many to read and reflect on this horrific crime and the miscarriage of justice it represents.

    Short and BriefI chose this book quickly before a long road trip It was just okay The book only took about an hour to read and only went surface deep in its content The fact based writing style and descriptions of the same events multiple times was a tad boring and repetitive But if you re looking for short term entertainment I d recommend this book.

    Michelle Fields
    I actually saw this on 48hrs mystery or whatever that show is called and decided to read the short book I love true crimeI guess that s the voyeur in me It just amazes me sometimes as to how people truly believe they are above the laweven those that are employed to uphold the law It is a travesty how the LAPD covered this up to protect one of their own We are talking about murder.

    Alicia Delvaux steindam
    A quick, shallow read This is like an episode of a crime show, and while it adequately told the story of a murder and a murder s resolution, including conviction of the killer, and I enjoyed it, I still had a some questions I wanted to get deeper into the why of the whole thing, and this book basically laid out the how and then was over.

    I started this book today and finished it today an extremely fast interesting read All I can say is WOW 23 years after Sherrie was murdered, her case is finally solved by a fantastic GOOD cop This guy should get major props The events that take place, especially later in the book, is what causes you to say WOW out of disbelief.

    Sara Kennedy
    This was a sad but detailed telling of the murder of a young newly wed by her husband s former lover I honestly couldn t believe that the case took so long to close but that is explained in the book, and I don t want to give it all away It was a great single session audio book to listen to while I cleaned the house and I look forward to listening to Kindle Singles.

    Erika M
    I took a littel detour from the books I was reading when I ran across a Kindle single called Murdered by Paul Alexander It was a true crime story which I have never read before It read like a very long newspaper article approx 33 pages I found it interesting though It was about a murder that took 26 years to solve due to police corruption in LA I enjoyed it.

    Lynda Kelly
    I felt totally cheated as I paid for this and it was nothing than a long article It WAS interesting but I had assumed I was buying a book so that overrrode anything else for me.Amazing what a poor job the LAPD did with this case especially when the victim s father suggested the perpetrator the day following yet it took 24 years for justice to be finally served

    AndreaAndreagreat quick read.ch a sad injustice.lly put to rest after 26 long yearsI hope she is tortured with this memory till HER dying days.Bless the cold case detective who brought this family justice that was much too long time coming.

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