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  • Title: The Madness of Hallen
  • Author: Russell Meek
  • ISBN: 9780473182595
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Madness of Hallen By Russell Meek Battle raged on the desert sands of the Great Depression A land of tribal warriors, scattered and leaderless, was finally united under one mind, a man proclaimed as Husam al Din, the Sword of the Faith On the dark day of his death, al Din s priests tore his mind apart, preventing his treacherous wife, Maymunah, from taking control of the armies They disappeared beyond tBattle raged on the desert sands of the Great Depression A land of tribal warriors, scattered and leaderless, was finally united under one mind, a man proclaimed as Husam al Din, the Sword of the Faith On the dark day of his death, al Din s priests tore his mind apart, preventing his treacherous wife, Maymunah, from taking control of the armies They disappeared beyond the borders of the known lands, taking with them six harmonic stones containing the mind of al Din, leaving the tribes leaderless and united only by faith Revenge vowed, Maymunah set her descendants on a quest to recover the lost stones Centuries passed as nothing was found, until twenty generations later, in an ice cave deep in the Meil vohllen Mountains, Hallen made a discovery that would change the world forever Unable to contain the power of the stones, Hallen s mind was lost, and for three further generations the daughters of Maymunah have only heard whispers in the wind The Madness of Hallen is the first of four epic fantasy novels, following the lives of two brothers in their quest against the rightful heir to the mind of Husam al Din.
    Russell Meek
    I am a commercial photographer by trade, based in Auckland, New Zealand Always looking to fantasy as an escape, I created the Khalada Stone series after spending time in the Middle East, North Africa and Central America Not having the budgets to satisfy my ideas in a visual sense, I turned to writing, and in 2007 the series began to develop.

    The Madness of Hallen By Russell Meek


    Kristopher Mason
    I have the utmost respect for authors like Russell Meek I met him in Perth, Western Australia a few weeks back, and he told me how he has self published and self financed this book As someone who wishes they had the time and motivation to finish a novel I felt the need to support him because his dedication to his art was outstanding And I tell you what I m stoked I picked this book up.I never used to be a big reader of fantasy but I ve gotten into it a bit recently, and reading this book has so [...]

    Angela Oliver
    Whilst I have a lot of respsect for Russell Meek, and admire both his book layout and marketing strategies, I am finding this book something of a slog This is partly due to the sheer weight, which I admired at the start with the glossy pages, it has a fair heft to it , but proved to be something of a hassle to lug back and forth to work with me Also, it is quite a thick book and I seem to be favouring smaller, lighter, quicker reads at present The characters are interesting enough, although Meek [...]

    Donna Blaber
    Terrific I enjoyed this book and its characters and I look forward to reading the next in the series.

    Joshua Thoresen
    I was really impressed with this book and would recommend it to anyone The plot is kind of slow but as a set up for three books it is really good The only issue I had was something I have not really come across in any book before the story is told from almost every character s perspective at the same time the point of view kind of jumps around and can sometimes be confusing HOWEVER there is a reason for this which is alluded to around half way through the story.Without giving too much away the [...]

    Gareth Owen
    Congratulations Russell, a fantastic novel and an excellent way to start the series It was great to meet you at the Perth Comicon and I am very glad I purchased this book I can t wait to continue the story but I assume it will be a while From one Kiwi to another I wish you all the best, hoping it all works out as you wish.

    Loved this book let alone the in depth content, the glossy feel to the cover the thick white pages were enough to make it my read in bed only book.Can t wait for book 2.

    Alex Falkner
    One of the best fantasy novels I have read in many a year Maturely written, with vivid descriptive style I know I am going to be frustrated waiting for the second

    Ilya M
    This book is amazing Now normally I would speed read large books but this one forces you to take your time because if you don t, important things are skipped without notice I saw this book during Armageddon and purchased the first three books with autographs and now I m waiting for the forth one to come out This book is a fresh twist on fantasy books Keep it up Russell

    Douglas Smith
    It took too long to draw me in The first ten chapters were really slow, alot of world building and telling instead of showing except some scenes I wasn t convinced with the relationship and hardship with Ohrl and Keysa There were a lot of cringe worthy moments with grammar and unnecessary dialogue that could ve been deleted The reason I changed my review to 3 from 2 was some of the action scenes He shows them and it made me feel immersed in those particular moments, especially with the kaaldreer [...]

    This book was pretty awesome Took me a long while to get through it, as it is pretty slow with a lot of very intricate world building When I came to the end I was both disappointed and satisfied Disappointed because the story never really went anywhere I didn t feel like there was much of a climax and the ending was very much just setting up the sequel All that time was spent building up and introducing you to the world, but we never really got to get into the plot.Satisfied because I really lik [...]

    A really good first offering You could tell this was mostly self published The conversations were a bit too formal, and the book dragged in a couple of places That being said, I am really looking forward to the rest of the series The world created in the pages of this book is absolutely fascinating, and the story line ,which took a couple hundred pages to come into focus, is compelling I think a good editor could help this author refine his style, but I ll read whatever is on offer from this guy [...]

    Elizabeth Jane
    Only reached 43% I tried really hard to connect to this book and its characters No such luck The idea behind it is good hence why I started reading it in the first place , but the execution is mind numbingly tedious I just can t go any further Maybe it gets super amazing in just a few chapterswho knows I won t I ve gotten to the point where I m AVOIDING reading because of how much I don t want to be bored to sleep And the whole Orhl Keysia thing What It might be different further in the book, b [...]

    Trine Larsen
    All in all I really enjoyed this book, I love the premise of it and the world is interesting, I like the characters and how they interact Albeit I find some of their dialogue a little bit too formal for what it is my only big issue with this book is the pacing, this is why I only give it 3 stars The pacing is too slow, and then all of a sudden too fast it just doesn t quite work for me However that said I still read book 2 and will most likely read number 3 when it comes out I want to know what [...]

    Marie Smith
    An awesome tale Wonderful to meet you at Armageddon and am pleased that your book met up to, no, actually exceeded my expectations Gripping and well written with an unique ability to describe the scene in such vivid detail you could be excused for thinking your actually there The level of detail and depth within the character development builds a bond between reader and character Outstanding and would recommend to everyone and am looking forward to the second novel which has recently arrived.

    Adrienne Jensen
    This is by far the best book I have read in years Totally drawn into the story as if I was there Bought the book directly from the author at a market setting as I was drawn in by the photography Viewing the you tube videos of the photography journey was well worth it, adding realism to how I saw the story scape Can t wait for book 3

    David Miller
    I found this book interesting to read It had a very intruging storyline and some moments in the book where I was screaming at either Ohrl or Faerl how they coukdnt see the lies of aome characters and plot twists in the book.I didn t paticulary like parts of the book as it didn t appeal to my taste or language I respect.But overall this book was ok for me.

    This was a great start for a new authorand a fellow kiwi

    Chelsea Parlato
    This was an absolutely amazing book I cannot wait to start the second one

    Boring, hard to read book The premise was great, but unfortunately it s clumisly written with POVs jumping around all over the place and I couldn t be bothered to finish it.

    Toni-Maree Rowe
    A bit of a slow start but the pace picks up enough towards the end that I will read the next book I think perseverance is the key to this story.

    Nigel Barr
    If you are looking for a new fantasy author look no further Russell delivers a new and interesting take on magic and the struggle for power and love.

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