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  • Title: Rapture
  • Author: Renee Field
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  • Page: 363
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Rapture By Renee Field Mermen aren t real That s what biologist Jamie Winters thinks until a gorgeous Greek god enters her life and drowns her, forcing her to rapture into a Siren Used to logic, she can t quite come to terms with Seth Cutter s magical undersea realm or the fact that he s a macho Titan.Being a Siren causes Jamie s hormones to go into overdrive, which isn t good when she realizeMermen aren t real That s what biologist Jamie Winters thinks until a gorgeous Greek god enters her life and drowns her, forcing her to rapture into a Siren Used to logic, she can t quite come to terms with Seth Cutter s magical undersea realm or the fact that he s a macho Titan.Being a Siren causes Jamie s hormones to go into overdrive, which isn t good when she realizes that s exactly what Seth was hoping for Sure, the sex is out of this world, but she s not about to change her character.As Prince of the North Seas, Seth is used to having his commands followed A decade of exile on land was easier than having to deal with the sexy as sin Siren who tips the scales of his existence and doesn t listen to one word he says.They must overcome their prejudices to recover stolen relics that are key to the undersea kingdom, stop a deadly plague and destroy an underwater diva who wants to rule the roost Are they two souls destined for each other or will the Fates decide otherwise Seth knows firsthand, Fate can be a bitch.
    Renee Field
    When not writing, Renee is promoting other authors on StoryFinds, a site she founded in 2012 to help support Indie authors.Renee loves to write a variety of genres She writes erotic romance for Ellora s Cave, HQN Spice Briefs and sensual paranormal romance as an Indie author Her New Adult Romance novel debuts in July 2014 Field also writes nitty gritty young adult and paranormal young adult romance novels under the pen name Renee Pace reneepace.Renee calls Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada home and loves her view of the Atlantic Ocean She is a member of Romance Writers of America, and her local Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada She juggles work, four children and is a firm believer in soul mates and the power of the sea.Renee loves to hear from fans She can be reached by email at renee reneefield.Links Renee Field reneefieldFacebook facebook ReneeFieldRoTwitter pararomanceRenee Pace young adult reneepaceFacebook facebook ReneePaceYABTwitter ReneePaceYAStoryFindsFacebook storyfindsTwitter storyfindspinterest storyfinds

    Rapture By Renee Field


    As PNR UF lovin reader, I was thrilled to receive a free copy of this book through Read2Review I always enjoy a great story with elements of Greek Mythos, Sirens, and Merfolk in general What I discovered while reading Renee Field s labor of love, is that this book is a diamond in the rough In the beginning, the story moved a little slow, but that was due to the fact that the author was laying a foundation for the reader However, the story did not drag itself along, it sped along nicely telling y [...]

    Seth, a North Seas Titan Prince, has been banished to the mainland for not following a law of his mardom, is called home Also banished was his twin brother, Darius, who hasn t been called to return The boys meet Jamie, a marine biologist, who is working for the company that has captured their sister During the rescue, per his sister s request, they kidnap Jamie and bring her with them Unbeknownst to Seth, Darius, and Jamie herself, she is a Siren Of Royal lineage none the less.Jamie s boss, bent [...]

    Wow , a merman aquaman This was definitely a likeable and enjoyable read Although i found it to be really fast paced at times , i couldnt help but love the intensity of the story growing on you Rapture by Renee Field really surprised me The characters in the book were witty , funny , humourous , a tad believable and exciting to get to know to What i really enjoyed about it was that there were two plots running simultaneously and are connected to each other The connection was not predictable atle [...]

    I signed up for an ARC because I liked the premise, haven t read a good PNR in a while, and hoped it might be interesting While the story itself was not too bad, the whole thing just didn t quite live up to what I was looking for.I find one of the most irritating things in a book is when an author feels the need to spell everything out, and just doesn t have enough faith that the reader will see what they are getting at There are many examples in this book, add to that mutterings like her secret [...]

    SoI didn t like this book at all I would give it one star but it was very well written that it just didn t seem fair Maybe it was the premise getting in the way, or maybe it was the type of sexual content not the sex itself, mind you or maybe I wasn t in the right state of mind to read this book, but it s just not right I ll be happy to forget this story, and that s something I rarely say Hell, it took me forever to finish the damn thing Anywho, this story is about Titans and Sirens and celestia [...]

    Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    I received this book as a part of the Read 2 Review program.I ve never read a story about Titans and Sirens So, most of the story was a real treat The mythology and the main storyline of the story was really pretty good What troubled me about the story was the sex Don t get me wrong I m no prude believe me But in reading this story, I might have given it a five if not for the sex or reducing the amount of it I just felt like there were two different stories that were shuffled together The sex in [...]

    I have never read mermen siren novels before, so I was very excited about this book My oh my what a way to be introduced into this category I was captivated from the first page to the very last, I could not put this book down The two main characters, Jessie and Seth are so awesome They have so much freaking chemistry and they really don t disappoint at all I mean, my glasses were steaming up with the way these two were carrying on Jessie is very serious about her education and career and works s [...]

    Rapture R2R Review I am a paranormal diehard, but this was my first under the sea read I was excited about the mythology that was mixed in as well He a Mermen, she is human He is a prince, and she is a scientist He kidnaps her and she thinks he is crazy He needs to go home to under the sea, as a prince with his kind becoming extinct, he need to find a solution, and she wants to stay on dry land, even after she discovers that she is truly home During this there is good and evil lurking in the bac [...]

    So there is this girl that is being kidnapped all in good cause and on the same day trapped on the island guarded by dogs she gets hot and heavy on the beach before the house Logic None.On the same beautiful day the kidnapper of course unnaturally handsome and all insists on taking her with him and his twin brother to save a dolphin Sweet right He must be so righteus and kind hearted I must go with him, why not WRONG You have been kidnapped, yes It s night, yes It s two strange adult man on one [...]

    So I got this as a R2R and it s not my normal choice of book having never read anything with mermen That being said it was pretty good It did take me a little while to get into but I have to say that the story kept me interested Jaime and Seth had alot of chemistry and even tho it was instant I did enjoy seeing the constant push pull between them Darius was a far interesting character to me and I had hoped to learn a little about him,he also needs his Sokhan and HEA maybe in a second book Cros [...]

    Sid Taylor
    As I follow the changes in publishing, I m making of an effort discover and read independent hybrid authors I want to explore the freedom of independent publishing, look at the business of being an author publisher or self pubbed, though that phrase still carries an unsavory connotation to most writers Plus, I want new stuff to read.Normally, I prefer fantasy and sci fi, adult or YA But since I m venturing into the romance arena with my group series, Perfect Coven, I thought I d be adventurous [...]

    Howard Parsons
    A Good Story SpoiledI was looking to take a bit of a break from Young Adult Fiction yet still wanted to continue researching my never to be published novel and thought that Renee Field s Rapture was going to be just the thing Sadly, while it was a fairly good story, it could have been better Let me set the stage for you.We have two princes exiled from their undersea realm and forced to live with ugh humans for the past 10 years We also have an of a graduate student working on her master s thesis [...]

    Home. Love. Books.
    To see this review and like it check out my site, ufreviews I have to say that this subject matter is not the norm for me, I tend to roam freely in the land of magic, vampires, and werewolves So when a book comes along that wants to tackle a different group of paranormals, I tend to get pretty excited about it After all everyone wants fresh take on the genre they like to read, after all it keeps things from getting repetitive Generally speaking the book was an enjoyable read Especially as the b [...]

    Eva Millien
    The first book in the Titans series is a thrilling and action packed read Used to logic, biologist Jamie Winters is forced to come to terms with a world that defies all logic when a sexy as sin, honest to goodness Siren drowns her and forces her to rapture into a Siren Before she has time to adjust to those circumstances, she s finds out he s is the Prince of the North Seas, she s overwhelmingly attracted to him and oh wait let s not forget the underworld diva who wants to rule the roost This fa [...]

    R2R Book ReviewSo I was given the chance to read Rapture and when I read the synopsis, I was highly intrigued I have read lots of paranormal, but merpeople just aren t on the listSo, I thought I would give it a try.As I have finished this book I found that I really did like it, but what holds me back is the fact that the book should have ended yet there were added scenes that just really didn t have to be there Maybe it was the way they were brought in or introduced, because the scenes themselve [...]

    Alyssa Turner
    Titans and Sirens among us.Renee Field creates a fanciful, tactile world in her book rapture that is written in the tradition of fairytales, but with a modern twist Her damsel, Jamie has just the right amount of distress and determination to make her relatable I was drawn in by the rugged sensitivity of Seth, her hero who has than one desirable talent He has all the qualities you d expect from a prince a high sense of duty and honor with a dose of selfish arrogance that gives him an edge The ch [...]

    Thanks R2r for a chance to read this It was a refreshing change for my reading habits I found it be an enjoyable, easy read Nice blend of family conflicts, loyalties and enemies, love, self discovery and being open to change Kudos to Ms Field for her use of mythology in the story It was interesting but not overpowering I also enjoyed her descriptions of the undersea world and the transformations The main characters had great chemistry It was nice to see Jamie blossom into a stronger woman then s [...]

    Clare Marie
    Despite being a big Greek Myth fan, this is the first book I ve really read that touches on it this much, other than PJ it s not my usual genre, and I don t usually stray too far away from it I wouldn t class this as Parnormal This time, though, I m glad I did stray If I didn t, I d have probably never found this story It kept me interested, I loved it I had very few issues with some of the plot holes, and found that I could easily look around them if I tried hard enough For instance, one minute [...]

    Deb Smith
    Very interesting premise.Very interesting premise.While this story did not at first keep my attention, I kept reading and finally was captured The larger than life Titan hero and his love for a human while starting slow did peak my interest and the love scenes while unusual were also erotic While I might have wished for a bit smoother telling and not such jumps from one scene to another, in the end it had an ending that soothed any rough spots If you are looking for a change from the normal vamp [...]

    Mary L
    Finished it, but took me a while I was able to put it down and walk away several times When I am fully engaged in a book, I can read it in two days This one didn t do it for me It also didn t make me want to read any of her other works Maybe Mer folk just aren t my thing.

    The female protagonist is starting to come out as a real Mary Sue and it s painful to watch I m not sure about the plot, though It s kind of engaging, I might stick around to find out, but for now I m going to stop reading this.

    Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick)
    Apparently mermaid powers also include becoming a porn star Also, pseudo rape It s a no from me.

    Is a great book to read

    I was so looking forward to reading this book Unfortunetly it did not follow my expectaions The story just could not keep me interested.

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