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  • Title: Paradoxical Undressing
  • Author: Kristin Hersh
  • ISBN: 9781848872387
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Paradoxical Undressing By Kristin Hersh Paradoxical Undressing A powerfully original memoir of pregnancy and mental illness by the legendary founder of the seminal rock band Throwing Muses, a magnificently charged union of Sylvia Plath and Patti Smith Guardian Full description
    Kristin Hersh
    Kristin Hersh born August 7, 1966 is an American singer, songwriter and author from

    Paradoxical Undressing By Kristin Hersh


    I know a lot of bands who re candy Or beer Fun and bad for you in a way that makes you feel good For a minute My band isspinach, I guess We re ragged and bitter But I swear to god, we re good for you Throwing Muses and, in particular, Kristin Hersh primary songwriter and singer have been profoundly important, precious, dare I say it sacred, to me since I first discovered them at age 15 I had, for many years, been unable to sleep properly fear and panic would bubble up through me as soon as I pul [...]

    This is a book I picked up prepared to be disappointed Nearly 20 years ago, a schoolfriend lent me a green cassette by a band called Throwing Muses I d never heard of them, and given her long campaign to persuade me of the merits of Iron Maiden, I m not quite sure why I listened, but she was insistent that I should check them out It remains one of my all time favourite records.But do I really want to read about it s creator Sometimes I find knowing too much about an artist can spoil the enjoymen [...]

    In light of the new Throwing Muses album being released next week rapture I just thought I d write a couple of words on this autobiography I picked up a signed copy of this book by Kristin Hersh at the Throwing Muses gig at Shepherd s Bush in 2011 I devoured the book eagerly a couple of days later.Kristin Hersh has been my musical goddess since I was a teen and her novelistic approach to autobiography is exhilarating and quietly profound It s a travesty the Muses music is not widely known but I [...]

    Alex Johnston
    I read Paradoxical Undressing just before reading a book which is in some ways comparable, in that it s also a memoir by an American alternative rock icon See A Little Light The Trail of Rage and Melody by Bob Mould Over the years, Kristin Hersh s music mostly Throwing Muses early output, to be honest has meant a great deal to me, and so has Bob Mould s, especially his work with Husker Du and Sugar but also his first couple of solo albums Of the two books, Hersh s is about one year in her life, [...]

    Kristin Hersh s memoir is a poignant and moving read Always honest, sometimes startling, often funny, it takes the reader through her traumatic and redemptive eighteenth year The supporting cast of band and family members, friends and acquaintences furnish the memoir with a wealth of stories and anecdotes, but it is when Hersh describes the overwhelming nature of her own creativity that the writing really hits the high marks Hersh is compassionate, confused by life and always seeking This is a c [...]

    Katie Maguire
    As I was informed by my highly informed sister, this is the same memoir as Rat Girl, published in England as Paradoxical Undressing I just reiterate everything I said in my review of Rat Girl Kristin must be called out as one of the most talented and inspirational women of my generation I am so not so secretly impressed with myself that the first cd I purchased for my new and cutting edge cd player was Hunkpapa, right after I saw them in May of 89 at Mabel s in Champaign.

    I have adored reading this, and will again I felt that the ending just kinda floats off but does leave you wanting I ve been a fan of Kristin s work in its many guises, for many years, and listening to Muses again after reading this has put the work in a slightly different context You don t need to be a muses muso to get something from this Just being, or having been, a teenager is probably enough for you to find something that resonates Brilliant read

    Chloe Grice
    Funny, laugh out loud, good for you but definitely tastier and brighter than spinach, this is a slice of Kristin time like only Kristin can write shining dark, full of honest, clear hearted and tender hurt and laughter, bewilderingly sweet and tragic Read it Read it again Then give it to other people to read.

    Hannah Wingfield
    Paradoxical Undressing was originally published in the USA as Rat Girl A Memoir but has been given a new and I think better title and cover for its British release In case you didn t know, Kristin Hersh is a musician, best known for her work as vocalist and guitarist for the band Throwing Muses They are not an easy band to slip into a genre which, by the way, is a good thing but the book s jacket refers to them as art punk and Kristin says in its pages that they are labelled alternative which sh [...]

    Well, made a startling discovery with this book when it comes to falling in love with music autobiographers, I am bisexual Like Nicks Hornby and Coleman before her, Kristin Hersh swept me completely off my feet with her passion, her sweetness, her honesty, her humour I swear the Kindle became heart shaped in my hands as I read.If this had been fiction, I m pretty sure I would have loved it almost as much But the fact it was written by the creator of two of my favourite albums of all time Sunny B [...]

    In 1985 6, Throwing Muses were a critically adored unpopular pop band They were infeasibly young, and they made a beautiful racket that frequently involved surprising and complicated tempo changes, strange dynamic shifts mid song and lots of screaming Theirs was an intense noise that they never claimed fully to understand Hersh on audiences We are Throwing Muses We have to like Throwing Muses But what are these other people doing here Kristin Hersh kept a journal during that period and used it t [...]

    I m a Throwing Muses fan so you could say this was always going to appeal to me but the book certainly deserves a wider readership than music fans Paradoxical Undressing Rat Girl in the US charts a 12 month period between 1985 and 1986 an expanded version of a diary kept during this period It is a great insight into how a band and the music scene worked in that era and how four chaos people worked together as comrades with spirit and passion but no blueprint But the real focus is Hersh herself a [...]

    I liked this book, I really did, but I found it slightly lacking in detail On the plus side, the writing is beautiful and for a diary it is interesting I guess I was expecting of a biography I don t know why, really, being familiar with throwing muses and Kristin s solo work Yes, I am a fan This runs like small snippets of Kristin s life than a tell all book It took me a while to realise that Tea here was Tanya Donnelly And the unplanned pregnancy part, she never even mentions that she has bee [...]

    A little disjointed, Paradoxical Undressing veers from one thing to another every couple of chapters Tales of living the bohemian artist life, struggling with creativity and mental illness and the intersections between the two, loving both biological and found families, trying to navigate the music industry as artist rather than product, coming to terms with the idea of becoming a parent There s a certain symmetry in this why shouldn t a memoir of turbulent and chaotic times, drawn from a diary [...]

    You know when you go out to a restaurant and have an amazingly rich meal, you find yourself thinking about all of the flavors and textures, new experiences for your taste buds This book was like that for me Of course, I love indie and alternative music, the Throwing Muses were always one of my favorites They were instrumental in shaping my musical tastes But this book was such a rich experience, a memorable glimpse into a short period of time of a truly incredible artist I am not a writer myself [...]

    I wanted to absolutely fall in love with this book, the way I did with a few of KH s solo albums, but it just didn t happen for me I found it hard to connect with at times, whether that is because her life was so totally different from mine or some other reason I don t know I find it odd to read such deep contemplative writing from teenagers, I know I never thought that way or analysed life like that when I was a teenager.Anyway, it was an interesting book that left me wanting to know about som [...]

    Aubrey Caudill
    this is the same book as Rat Girl, it s just the UK version.

    The Book Loving Monkey
    The story of a young woman whose unusual lifestyle makes sense to her Sleeping in her car or a squat, shunning winter clothing to enjoy the cold weather, Kristin s bandmates are her family and creative partners Her band get signed, she attempts suicide, is diagnosed bipolar and discovers that she s pregnant She is 19 You don t need to be a fan of Kristin Hersh or the Throwing Muses to read Paradoxical Undressing this book is quirky, enlightening and funny It covers mental illness, creativity, fr [...]

    Bronwen Heathfield
    I ve been a fan of Throwing Muses for a long time and have to admit that I wasn t sure about reading a book by the lead singer but it was fabulous The music comes through the poetry amazing I rarely like music books but this one was different Kristen can write and her year was jam packed I have new found admiration for her.

    For a lover of the Muses but with little prior knowledge of the inner components that make up this legendary band, this book is just as stark, melancholy and raw as any Muses record, whilst at the same time both touching and truly compelling in the writers telling of the numerous battles with her own personal demons.

    Urizen Los
    Love this book I grew up on the Muses and Kristen s solo albums It is a fascinating story and most importantly for me, it is authentic Some books I d give away if I was moving house not this one.

    Excellent, intelligently written the reader doesn t have to be a fan to enjoy this honest story there s a lot of laughs as well

    Kristin Hersh s Paradoxical Undressing made me laugh out loud and cry in public In the same chapter I mean that in a good way I also love her music.

    leong kar nim
    Incredibly funny and sad.

    Richard Hare
    I bought this and Rat Girl and found they re the same book Glad I didn t buy a signed copy at a Throwing Muses gig a couple of weeks ago

    Something in the way it s written Fascinatingly genuine.

    I loved this book, and I loved Kristen Hersh after reading it I was never a Throwing Muses fan, but because super interested in Kristen after reading this.

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