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  • Title: The Pinhoe Egg
  • Author: Diana Wynne Jones
  • ISBN: 9780007228546
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Pinhoe Egg By Diana Wynne Jones Marianne Pinhoe gives Cat Chant a large egg from Gammer s attic, after the clan leader goes mad Bad luck and frogs plague the villages Nobody believes Marianne that Gammer is triggering Fairleigh tribe revenge Their patriarch Gaffer, castle gamekeeper, has strangely emptied the woods What will hatch What is behind the forest barrier
    Diana Wynne Jones
    Diana was born in London, the daughter of Marjorie n e Jackson and Richard Aneurin Jones, both of whom were teachers When war was announced, shortly after her fifth birthday, she was evacuated to Wales, and thereafter moved several times, including periods in Coniston Water, in York, and back in London In 1943 her family finally settled in Thaxted, Essex, where her parents worked running an educational conference centre There, Jones and her two younger sisters Isobel later Professor Isobel Armstrong, the literary critic and Ursula later an actress and a children s writer spent a childhood left chiefly to their own devices After attending the Friends School Saffron Walden, she studied English at St Anne s College in Oxford, where she attended lectures by both C S Lewis and J R R Tolkien before graduating in 1956 In the same year she married John Burrow, a scholar of medieval literature, with whom she had three sons, Richard, Michael and Colin After a brief period in London, in 1957 the couple returned to Oxford, where they stayed until moving to Bristol in 1976.According to her autobiography, Jones decided she was an atheist when she was a child.Jones started writing during the mid 1960s mostly to keep my sanity , when the youngest of her three children was about two years old and the family lived in a house owned by an Oxford college Beside the children, she felt harried by the crises of adults in the household a sick husband, a mother in law, a sister, and a friend with daughter Her first book was a novel for adults published by Macmillan in 1970, entitled Changeover It originated as the British Empire was divesting colonies she recalled in 2004 that it had seemed like every month, we would hear that yet another small island or tiny country had been granted independence Changeover is set in a fictional African colony during transition, and begins as a memo about the problem of how to mark changeover ceremonially is misunderstood to be about the threat of a terrorist named Mark Changeover It is a farce with a large cast of characters, featuring government, police, and army bureaucracies sex, politics, and news In 1965, when Rhodesia declared independence unilaterally one of the last colonies and not tiny , I felt as if the book were coming true as I wrote it Jones books range from amusing slapstick situations to sharp social observation Changeover is both , to witty parody of literary forms Foremost amongst the latter are The Tough Guide To Fantasyland, and its fictional companion pieces Dark Lord of Derkholm 1998 and Year of the Griffin 2000 , which provide a merciless though not unaffectionate critique of formulaic sword and sorcery epics.The Harry Potter books are frequently compared to the works of Diana Wynne Jones Many of her earlier children s books were out of print in recent years, but have now been re issued for the young audience whose interest in fantasy and reading was spurred by Harry Potter.Jones works are also compared to those of Robin McKinley and Neil Gaiman She was friends with both McKinley and Gaiman, and Jones and Gaiman are fans of each other s work she dedicated her 1993 novel Hexwood to him after something he said in conversation inspired a key part of the plot Gaiman had already dedicated his 1991 four part comic book mini series The Books of Magic to four witches , of whom Jones was one.For Charmed Life, the first Chrestomanci novel, Jones won the 1978 Guardian Children s Fiction Prize, a once in a lifetime award by The Guardian newspaper that is judged by a panel of children s writers Three times she was a commended runner up a for the Carnegie Medal from the Library Association, recognising the year s best children s book for Dogsbody 1975 , Charmed Life 1977 , and the fourth Chrestomanci book The Lives of Christopher Chant 1988 She won the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award, children s section, in 1996 for The Crown of Dalemark.

    The Pinhoe Egg By Diana Wynne Jones


    mark monday
    Diana Wynne Jones does so much with The Pinhoe Egg and makes it look so simple and easy I think that must be her special gift as a writer exploring dark themes and complex messages within the pages of children s fantasy novels that remain bright and fun despite the darkness and disorder lurking beneath the sparkling adventures This, the final book in the series, is about two children from very different cultures living side by side who somehow manage to be change agents despite everything includ [...]

    Deborah O"Carroll
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH I LOVE THIS BOOK SO SO MUCH It may be my absolute favorite Chrestomanci book ever 3 And one of my top DWJ books, period.Just so much is going on in this thing Not to mention all the fabulous characters, including several familiar ones.It s closer to an actual sequel type book than Diana Wynne Jones usually wrote A lot of her sequels follow entirely different characters, just in the same world, with cameos This was of a proper sequel to Charmed Life and some of the other Chrest [...]

    Saddened by the passing of Diana Wynne Jones, I thought it appropriate to commemorate her by dipping into her vast bibliography of books She can be a charming writer, with interesting characters, gentle humor, pointed social commentary, and creative plotting and world building An unplanned stop at an unfamiliar library turned up The Pinhoe Egg, described as Book 6 in the Chrestomanci Chronicles As I had read two or three of the Crestomanci books in the past, I thought I could get by in the world [...]

    Agatha Donkar
    So it works like this I think the Chrestomanci books that are about Chrestomanci Charmed Life, The Nine Lives of Christopher Chant are better books, but I think that the books that just feature Chrestomanci are often interesting Witch Week, Magicians of Caprona And I didn t care forConrad s Fate at all, which is odd considering that it s the only one I own in hardback.BUT ANYWAY My point being this Chrestomanci book is the best of all of them, because it s about Cat Chant and Janet and Roger an [...]

    This was kind of darker than any other DWJ I ve read, which was interesting Although there are hints of a adult world lurking in her books for older readers such as Fire and Hemlock and Hexwood, this book comes closer to describing overt violence than any of her others that I ve read Unlike in her other books, where the villains are rather tame and any actual brutality takes place off screen, the real villain in this book is human nature and the consequences of its existence play out before the [...]

    The newest Chrestomanci novel This is now one of my favorite Diana Wynne Jones books I love her so, so madly, she is just so creative and clever Which makes me sound like a prig, but seriously, her books are always totally original I always either ADORE her books, or find them just a little oddly flat and this one was just brilliant I loved all the children, especially Marianne, and her family was convincingly family like yet also sort of sinisterke, she really captured the betrayal that childre [...]

    Janelle Dazzlepants
    Awwh man, this was definitely my favourite of the Chrestomanci series such a shame it was the last one It s another one set in the castle during Christopher Chant s reign as Chrestomanci, with Cat as his apprentice I do love me some Chrestomanci in his dressing gowns XD Initially I didnt really know where the Pinhoe Farleigh storyline was going, and I spent many a page wanting to stab Gammer and all the Pinhoes But all tied up wonderfully in the end, especially with the stories of the hidden cre [...]

    Abbey Stellingwerff
    Now that I have finished them all, here are some of my thoughts about the Chrestomanci books My definitive ranking goes Conrad s Fate, The Magicians of Caprona, The Lives of Christopher Chant, Charmed Life, Witch Week, The Pinhoe Egg I loved the character of Chrestomanci himself The cats in The Magicians of Caprona are lovely Once again, Diana Wynne Jones imagination has impressed me Although I loved the characters in The Pinhoe Egg and that we got to see Cat again , I thought that the plot thou [...]

    I know the Chrestomanci books can be read in pretty much any order, but starting with A Charmed Life and finishing with The Pinhoe Egg feels very natural, and I really enjoyed seeing Cat and Janet again I felt like this book combines elements of my two favorite Chrestomanci books, which are A Charmed Life and The Magicians of Caprona , so naturally I really liked it I did think Janet and Julia were both a bit underused in this book, they showed up a little bit in the beginning but then didn t re [...]

    Oliver Brown
    10 10

    Prema Arasu
    The best part, as always, was Chrestomanci s dressing gowns

    I had read a couple of Chrestomanci books about a decade ago Charmed Life and The Nine Lives of Christopher Chant, I believe and enjoyed them, but remembered very little about them Fortunately, this book stands on its own, although it has backstory I know I m missing.Anyway, it is darling It starts a little less slowly than the other books of hers I ve read Howl s Moving Castle still my favorite , Castle in the Air, House of Many Ways, Fire and Hemlock, The Dark Lord of Derkholm , and it also do [...]

    I m meandering through the Chrestomanci books haven t reread them in ages and I d forgotten how entertaining they are This is Diana Wynne Jones at her most maddening brilliance she manages to make ordinary events so important and diverting, and then tightens the screws by making everything happen at once, in an almost slapdash way, and then suddenly everything comes together, and it becomes obvious that she s been telling a different story under the surface the entire time Here she manages to de [...]

    Brenda Clough
    As is usual for DWJ, this is an engaging book that will suck you enjoyably right in Only after, when as it were the spell is broken will you pick a few nits This is a late work in her oeuvre I do feel it would have benefited from one rethink and rewrite, to smooth out some of the odd plot bumps and make it hang together better How many totally new magical systems can there be Is it reasonable, to overlook an entire batch of fairly major stuff right in your own back yard Unreasoning malice as a [...]

    The last of the Chrestomanci books written by Diana Wynne Jones, The Pinhoe Egg was also the longest and, arguably, the most complicated in terms of plot Unlike some of the novels preceding it Chrestomanci doesn t just have a walk on part at the end but takes on the most integrated role in proceedings since Charmed Life, the very first Chrestomanci story of all The story actually centres on young Eric Cat Chant, who lives at Chrestomanci Castle near Helm St Mary, and his contemporary Marianne Pi [...]

    Ren (A Bookish Balance)
    the ending of this book deals with some extremely interesting topics, DWJ books are always than they appear to be


    Probably the weakest of the Chrestomanci books, though that s a bit like saying the driest ocean still enormous fun to read.

    Reading anything by DWJ is always a pleasure and this did not disappoint

    I m done with the series except for the short story collection 10 10 series would recommend if u want a happy story

    Diana Wynne Jones is a goddess amongst authors This is a scientific fact.Ahhhhhh I really don t know where to start with this review except to say that I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH _ I love Cat to pieces so getting a whole new book about him is a dream come true and even better, there s oodles of interaction between Janet and Julia and Roger The whole HORSE FEVER affair and Chrestomanci groaning and getting Roger a bicycle because he needs the exercise sldkfjdkl and the way Roger emerged from the b [...]

    I just finished the last book in the series and here I am.The first few pages of the book seemed like it was setting up a new world maybe one of the other worlds like in Conrad fate, only to be mashed in with the main storyline I liked the fact that this time, it was set in the present storyline Don t take me the wrong way Flashbacks of Christopher and Millie s life together would be just as good, if not better, but we have to make way for Cat, being the future Chrestomanci and all Spoilers Here [...]

    Wynne Jones tends to follow a formula in her writing And why not It s an immensely enjoyable formula, it works for a lot of the characters whose stories she wants to tell, and it makes even her newest works seem comforting and familiar This is why I don t recommend reading all of the Chrestomanci stories all at once.These books are geared toward a younger audience, but without ever talking down to children The young protagonists troubles aren t watered down they re frequently placed in very dang [...]

    Jones, like many of the best fantasy or sci fi writers, uses her medium to tell a social message But she does it with a really fun story and great characters This is one of the Chrestomancy books, and I need to check if there are I haven t read Social change happens through 2 kids mostly There are other kids and of course, good guys, around when Marianne gives an old egg to a student of Chrestomanci, Cat name of kid, not a feline student It turns out the egg is that of a griffen, who belongs to [...]

    The one where an entire culture of feuding country witches has grown up under Chrestomanci s nose, but the Castle gets wind of it through the adventures of siblings Marianne and Joe And Cat hatches a very strange egg.I always have some vague misgivings about these books there s something about the ethics of the Chrestomanci universe s that troubles me, but I ve never been able to put my finger on exactly what it is Still, I keep reading them because they re lively and funny and quick to read, an [...]

    Very Chrestomanci, and as a lot of others have noted quite a lot like The Magicians of Caprona mixed with Charmed Life I can never dislike her stories They will always speak volumes to me The magic of the land and its history, the woods, the small folk, the nature of things, these are her fort , and she makes them sing Much like Hexwood, which is my touchstone for such things these days The story about Englishmen getting lost in a strip of wood no wider than a road comes through in many of her s [...]

    Amy Neftzger
    Diana Wynne Jones is as imaginative as she is knowledgeable about human nature She infuses her creativity into stories that are magical while they also tell a story about human nature and I love this about her work This book is part of the Chronicles of Chrestomanci series and deals with two feuding magical clans sending plagues of frogs and lice at one another while attempting to stay unnoticed by the governing official Chrestomanci This is a young adult book and the main characters are people [...]

    I am quite sad now that I have finished the Chrestomanci series There will be no , and I found the entire series and all the characters within absolutely enchanting pun intended.I especially loved this book with all the magical creatures and the continuation of Cat Chant s story The addition of the Pinhoes, especially Marianne and Irene, made this story all the wonderful The evil as well as the good made it very exciting to read.I m sure I will read all the books over and over again when I want [...]

    I do enjoy Diana Wynne Jones This was such a fun read I actually snuck and finished it while on the desk at work I enjoyed almost all the characters the 2 boys who are machine mad, the wise old Gaffer, a cat who walks through walls, a horse with a weakness for peppermints, a young griffin, unicorns The main characters are Marianne a young enchantress Cat a nine lifer and future Big Man who try to end an illegal witches war and right some old wrongs Interesting portrayal of people who cannot acce [...]

    In the offkilter world of Chrestomanci, in which enchanters and early twentieth century technology exist side by side, Christopher Cat Chant is a young boy still training his magic While exploring the woods, he comes across mysterious magical barricades and a forest that seems oddly empty Meanwhile, the Pinhoes are doing everything in their power to keep him and the other denizens of the castle from making any further discoveries.Sweet, funny, lovely.

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      Diana Wynne Jones