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  • Title: Delete This At Your Peril: The Bob Servant Emails
  • Author: Bob Servant
  • ISBN: 9781841589190
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback

  • Delete This At Your Peril: The Bob Servant Emails By Bob Servant This is an hilarious collection of email exchanges starring the anti hero of spam, Bob Servant, now republished with previously unreleased material Spam is the plague of the electronic age, comprising 90% of all emails sent and conning over GBP150m a year from British victims Into this wave of corruption steps the brave figure of Bob Servant a former window cleaner andThis is an hilarious collection of email exchanges starring the anti hero of spam, Bob Servant, now republished with previously unreleased material Spam is the plague of the electronic age, comprising 90% of all emails sent and conning over GBP150m a year from British victims Into this wave of corruption steps the brave figure of Bob Servant a former window cleaner and cheeseburger magnate with a love of wine, women and song as well as a keen sense of fair play This wickedly funny and original book features the anarchic exchanges between Bob and the hapless spam merchants As they offer Bob lost African millions, Russian brides and get rich quick scams he responds by generously offering some outlandish schemes of his own The spammers may have breached his firewall, but they have met their match as Bob Servant rises heroically to the challenge, and sows confusion in his wake.
    Bob Servant
    A character created by journalist and author, Neil ForsythHello there,My name is Bob Servant and I am the author, and star, of two magnificent books Delete This At Your Peril is a book of emails that I sent to cowboys from around the world We ve just released a special expanded edition Bob Servant Hero of Dundee is my autobiography Have a little look around my website I know it s a bit rough and ready but I ve been left to do this myself and I don t really know what s going on to be perfectly honest with you I only got the computer after winning it in the bowling club raffle At the time everyone kept saying how I was a lucky bugger and so on but, to be honest, I d had my eye on the pedalo that Archie got for runners up Mind you, he took it up Monikie with a carry out and came back half drowned.You might want to have a read of my special diaryblog, subscribe to my newsletter, or read some of my emails, or find out a little bit about me here in Broughty Ferry Or you might just want to buy the books And I can t blame you if you do They re works of bloody art.Your Servant,Bob Servant

    Delete This At Your Peril: The Bob Servant Emails By Bob Servant


    En este libro, Bob Servant es un limpiaventanas escoc s retirado que responde a los spammers con una mezcla de delirio y retranca Aqu se seleccionan algunos intercambios de correo que van del surrealismo a la alt sima comedia No es ficci n, o al menos no lo es en la mitad de los casos la de los spammers En este libro Bob es contactado por spammers de varios continentes para ofrecerle 2 trabajos en multinacionales asi ticas, 150 millones de libras en herencias no reclamadas, 3 esposas rusas y una [...]

    I read Delete This at Your Peril after it being recommended by someone who has appreciated my own recommendations and in the past had recommended some very funny books So I was looking forward to the laughfest I was promised.Delete This at Your Peril is a collection of emails between Bob Servant and the scammer of the chapter They re either Millions, Russian Brides, Chinese Entrepreneur etc scams Each chapter is a new scammer getting his time wasted by Bob Servant Bob Servant ise the alter ego o [...]

    I picked this up at the library because I needed something light, and the humour reminded me of my dad a bit I can imagine him stringing along a scammer in this way, though I think he d be subtle and clever about it It s amusing enough at first, in this case, but after a couple of exchanges I was skimming them all and shaking my head at the reductio ad absurdum of some of it.I wouldn t buy this, but it might be worth a flick through if you re looking for something funny.

    I learned absolutely nothing from this book As a matter of fact, I actually feel dumber for having read it But, that s the pure joy of it.This guy who lives in Dundee, Scotland won a computer in a raffle He got online and quickly discovered all sorts of spammers and scammers running wild So, he replied to their emails and jerked their chains a little The results are hilarious, as are the wild stories he weaves for the spammers.This is the must read of the information age.

    Soz n all but I shall be deleting this one I had pretty high hopes for Delete This At Your Peril as the premise sounded hilarious But quite frankly, the imaginary narrator Bob was an imbecile and, while vaguely humorous for a few pages, he swiftly became very tedious If I had felt as though he was making these things up to mess with the recipients and did actually have a brain the book might not have seemed so poor But alas, no brain for Bob Very very low brow humour.

    This was such a funny premise which didn t entirely deliver unfortunately Some bits were really good a highlight an american using phrases like what is up my man but most of it felt repetitive and I got bored of Bob s constant references to his burger van days.It s a bit of a shame really because I did really want to like this .

    I m afraid I did delete it.Tedious and respective, and once I was about 1 3 through I found I didn t have the heart to continue.My husband enjoyed it though, so not all lost

    Laugh out loud and I don t throw this term around collection of the author s extended communication with internet spammers Less of a book than a booklike object, but hilarious regardless.

    I am doing the Popsugar reading challenge and when I saw this as a downloadable book from Overdrive, sorry , I figured that e mails count as letters these days The reader did a delightful accent and I think Bob Servant and my brother are related.

    Rather funny, but it used the same schtick with each story so the humour dried up after a few.

    Joanne Myers
    EntertainingBob has computer Bob has emails Bob is funny Frank ThePlank is my favourite character from this book Definitely check it out

    Mairi Ross Bauchop
    Jeez the eejits that think that Bob Servant is an actual person don t seem to get this book, but I did It s funny Reminded me of the Henry Root letters from 1980.

    Tomid Tomid
    You re going to be a bit disappointed in this book When you first find out about it you ll think it s going to be brilliant but very soon you realise there are only so many different email scams You ll think how did the author write a whole book on this subject without repeating every scam 2 or 3 times Then you might find out that he only went and wrote two Bob Servant books I don t know about them but I believe the third one is of a Bob Servant auto biography Maybe the second book is also dif [...]

    Robert Beveridge
    Bob Servant, Delete This at Your Peril One Man s Hilarious Exchanges with Internet Spammers Skyhorse Publishing, 2008 One of my rules of thumb is to take books whose subtitles contain value judgments with a grain of salt The hilarious is never as hilarious as one would expect from the book s flashy title I am happy to report that Delete This at Your Peril is that rara est of avis es an exception to the rule This slim book, which is composed almost completely of the promised email exchanges with [...]

    Tara van Beurden
    My Dad leant me this book after having read it himself Bob gets sent a spam email Rather than deleting it like everyone else, Bob decides to respond So begins the first of a series of exchanges with Nigerian princes, Russian brides, and various other internet con artists And Bob doesn t disappoint He drags these internet menaces through all sorts of pain fights with the postman and his best mate, disagreements at the pubs, delays getting to the postman, all sorts of elaborate stories made up to [...]

    I picked this up at random from our local library, and I wonder how it managed to get purchased a few years ago stamped as being put in collection in July, 2008 From the condition, I may be the first person to open the cover in the last four years This appears to be a self published volume from a vanity press It is obvious that Mr Servant enjoyed baiting several internet spammers and saving the resulting exchanges of e mail He may have derived some satisfaction in wasting some of their time, but [...]

    Colin Murtagh
    I was recommended this as a light funny book which should amuse me, and it almost hit the mark Bob Servant is a retired window cleaner hamburger salesman, who decides it may be fun to play with the internet scammers So all those Russian ladies looking for love or Nigerian businessmen looking for help get replied to, and strung along It s not badly done, and in some cases it is amusing, but to be honest, it really couldn t keep my attention It s all been done before, and in some cases a lot bette [...]

    I loved this book It made me laugh out loud so much that my husband got really annoyed last night when we were in bed and he couldn t share the joke.I too wish I had thought of this before, rather than deleting the mindless spam that arrives He must have spent a lot of time thinking up the imaginative responses to the requests for his bank account details, and he very cleverly leads the spammers into a two way exchange without actually providing what they wanted.I think he does confess that most [...]

    David Macpherson
    I want to give this five stars, but it went on a little too long The joke wore the slightest bit thin and became repetitive, but before that, it was awesome The thing is that someone is talking a fooling around with spammers enticing with get rich quick schemes The author created a character to write to the spammers with and it was funny as hell In many cases, the spammers agree to whatever the author said, agreeing to getting a talking lion for him as long as he sends his bank information Loved [...]

    Cherese Cobb
    Bob Servant s Delete This At Your Peril is deliciously demented Servant who s a little too obsessed with lions, gypsies, and jazz mags gives spammers a big ol doze of their own medicine Whether these cyber criminals are offering him talking lions, legal advice because he abducted the postie, or 37 pots, Bob takes it in stride, composing ridiculous, rambling messages and attaching even ludicrous images So, do yourself a favor grab a glass of red make sure your Mars bar doesn t have a real cigar [...]

    Mark Baker
    This book purports to be the completely true exchanges of one man who decided to play with spammers Taking on the identity of Bob Servant, a 62 year old semi retired window washer from Scotland, he sees how long he can string the spammers along, getting them to reply to his strange demands and stories without giving them the info they request The result is absolutely hilarious A bit slow at times, but definitely worth a read.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    This is hilarious read If you ever wanted to see someone get their own back on those loathsome individuals that like to scam money from the vulnerable, then this is the book for youBob strikes back My only suggestion would be, don t read this all in one go, read a chapter , put it down and then read something else and then come back to it It would be a good book to keep in the loo

    Parts of this book were better than others The very best bit, which was utterly hilarious, was the extensive first chapter, in which the author is contacted by a scammer posing as an African prince who promises him a great deal of money The laughs mount as the author leads the scammer on, never quite divulging his bank details, and in the meantime making greater and weirder demands in return for his cooperation, such as asking for a lion to be shipped to his home.

    Hysterical first but faded towards the end as I thought he repeated himself or covered the same ground For the first few sections i laughed out loud repeatedly and for that alone I recommended this book to everyone I know I fear though itsmaybe a one joke concept that is being stretched beyond its merit I hope I m wrong and am able cherish future releases All that said the first half of this book is the funniest thing I ve read in years.

    There are two jokes going on here One is the way in which the author responds to the ridiculous claim s of the spammers The other is the creation of a comic character, Bob Servant The BBC has made a TV series chronicling Bob s attempts to go into politics and perhaps Bob will become a major comic character Interesting to see how this very Scottish humour will connect with distant audiences.

    Anti hero of spam Bob Servant takes on internet fraudsters at their own game in this hilarious compendium of genuine e mail exchanges As they entice him with lost African millions, Russian brides and get rich quick scams, Bob responds by generously offering some outlandish schemes of his own The spammers may have breached his firewall, but they have met their match as the former window cleaner and cheeseburger mandate rises heroically to the challenge and sows confusion in his wake.

    A really novel idea though it repeats itself and the joke wears thin You actually begin to believe that there is a Bob in the Ferry who does all these mad things but of course it is all in the author s mind clever too I missed the radio version but really looked forward to the TV follow up what a disaster and we live in the area so the issues and locations are known to us.

    Anne Stewart
    Bob Servant is a character who lives in Broughty Ferry, Dundee He is the brainchild of Neil Forsyth We all seen this type of man who stands at the bar and puts the world to rights The book is a lighthearted take on how one man deals with email scammers The stories maybe a wee bit repetitive but they are good fun I enjoyed them all especially the zoo

    Having seen Bob Servant Independent on TV I picked up this book to read I found myself laughing away to myself at the start, although towards the second half I felt some of the jokes had worn thin But overall, an enjoyable easy read I would be interested to read Bob s biography Bob Servant Hero of Dundee , but am not sure if I would go out of my way to read the other email book.

    Hilarious light hearted book Not one story as such but each chapter details the comical correspondence between the main character and those sending him spam e mails Not a serious read but something that can be read in separate chunks, such as on the bus or train to work, to make you laugh Really cheered me up

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