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  • Title: Gerontius
  • Author: James Hamilton-Paterson
  • ISBN: 9780939149483
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Gerontius By James Hamilton-Paterson Gerontius is the story of a real voyage in the life of Sir Edward Elgar, the celebrated composer of the quintessentially English tune Land of Hope and Glory The cruise up the is a holiday for the disillusioned music maker In telling the story of his journey, Hamilton Paterson explores the waning of creative genius, post war disenchantment and the effects of theGerontius is the story of a real voyage in the life of Sir Edward Elgar, the celebrated composer of the quintessentially English tune Land of Hope and Glory The cruise up the is a holiday for the disillusioned music maker In telling the story of his journey, Hamilton Paterson explores the waning of creative genius, post war disenchantment and the effects of the changing times on an artist imprisoned in his own immense reputation.
    James Hamilton-Paterson
    James Hamilton Paterson s work has been translated into many languages He is a highly acclaimed author of non fiction books, including Seven Tenths, Three Miles Down and Playing with Water, as well as America s Boy, a study of Ferdinand Marcos and the Philippines Gerontius, his first novel, won the Whitbread Award, while his most recent, Loving Monsters 2001 , was praised by the Sunday Telegraph as tantalising, erudite and ingenious He lives in Italy.

    Gerontius By James Hamilton-Paterson The Dream of Gerontius gerontius choirs, concerts and choral music resources uk Welcome to gerontius, the d r e a m site for choirs and lovers of choral music On the gerontius site you will find searchable directories of uk choirs and choral concerts, and other choral music resources Site Quick Guide recommended if this is your first visit. Gerontius Article about Gerontius by The Free Dictionary Gerontius j r n sh s , d , Roman general, b He at first supported the usurper Constantine Constantine, Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or Meaning, origin and history of the name Gerontius Behind From a Late Latin name that was derived from Greek geron old man. Poem of the week The Soul of Gerontius by John Henry Oct , The Dream of Gerontius is a different matter, an ambitious work whose central dialogue, between a dreamer s soul and his guardian angel, includes choral The Dream of Gerontius by Cardinal Newman Gerontius, for it the Son of God redeemed Gerontius, and for it the Holy Spirit sanctified him It is the core of everlasting happiness, and the lasting joy of the human heart. GERONTIUS Hymnary As a young child John Bacchus Dykes b Kingston upon Hull England, d Ticehurst, Sussex, England, took violin and piano lessons At the age of ten he became the organist of St John s The Dream of Gerontius Christian Classics Ethereal Library Newman Reader Dream of Gerontius The Dream of Gerontius poem


    view spoiler Bettie s BooksThe rating, any status updates, and those bookshelves, indicate my feelings for this book hide spoiler

    I loved this book I am not sure how interesting it would be for someone with no interest in so called classical music, with its references to Elgar s music and that of other composers But as a study of a man who has almost lost his musical creativity, and has lived through the Great War and seen it shatter his world, it is very moving indeed.Hamilton Paterson s writing is beautiful Here is a description of night falling on the It is the moment between dusk and dark when the forest stops breathin [...]

    Patrick Gibson
    I went on an Elgar jag in college While my friends were toking and poking to Iron Maiden or Simon Garfunkel for the less adventurous , I chose the higher musical road of Elgar s Cello Concerto And the adagio from Bruckers 8th one of the most sensual sexual pieces ever written For some reason probably because the Cello Concerto is so amazing I got it into my head to collect every Elgar opus number on CD That would be impossible in the States, but since I was a hop away from Toronto in the days yo [...]

    What a wonderful book this is, generous, thoughtful, unsentimental in its attitude towards creativity and value It tells the story of a trip to the made by Elgar when he was 63, and if that puts you off, you ll miss an exceptionally stimulating read The only reason I haven t give it five stars is that it s not quite as good as the same author s Loving Monsters

    I m reading this now after enjoying the Fernet Branca trilogy so much Completely different voice in this superb novel of 1923 journey by composer Elgar to River Brazil The descriptions reminded me of Ann Patchett s STATE OF WONDER, but GERONTIUS is masterful.

    James Hamilton Paterson has used Sir Edward Elgar s trip to South America in 1923 as an opportunity to explore the character of the composer as he reflects on his life and contemplates the future.Elgar s six week trip to South America and the is a little known episode in the composer s later life and this has allowed the author to create a biographical fictional account of the journey Elgar is portrayed as a grumpy, disillusioned man suffering in the aftermath of his wife s death and feeling tha [...]

    Historical fiction based on the life of Sir Edward Elgar, an English composer born in 1857 his Pomp and Circumstance is played every year as part of the British Proms Edward is 66 years old out of the blue, he decides to take a trip to the about this trip, very little is known, a blank slate for Hamilton Paterson The time is November, 1923 Edward had imagined an adventure, an escape from his life, as he boarded the Hildebrand At his prime, married and settled, Sir Elgar was famous and respected [...]

    Rather wonderful Elgar s mysterious and largely undocumented cruise is a gift for an imaginative writer like Mr Hamilton Paterson and he doesn t mess up the opportunity There are rich and colourful descriptions of cruise life in the early 1920s and of life in Manaos and Cape Verde There are also lengthy reflections of a successful composer nearing the end of his life and rather resenting his celebrity status.It s an absorbing read and recommended for any fans of Mr H P and for lovers of evocativ [...]

    Impressive, in many ways The level of knowledge of Elgar is excellent the journal entries in particular are so characteristic of the way he wrote his letters as is the understanding of Elgar s particular creative process and generally there s a depth of characterization that s really most convincing The fleshing out of a plot from a vague and almost unrecorded episode I d never heard of this trip to Brazil before coming across this novel is well conceived Finally the sheer poetry of the writing [...]

    this great fantasy bit at the start about a tiki dwelling at the top of a cliff standing in gumboots with wings of steel feathers neck of tangerine whatever its fantastic then splutters into the and discovery travel vicarious living travelogue

    Tim Atkinson
    Interesting concept certainly hits the prickly Elgar nail on the head, but inevitably much conjecture Would an elderly Elgar really travel down a mountain on a sled

    A fictionalized account of a real cruise to the taken by Sir Edward Elgar when he was 65 Well written and an interesting commentary on genius.

    Marvelous story about the ageing Edward Elgar who s trying to recapture his muse in composing his elusive Third Symphony The opening chapters of the book are unforgettable.

    Keith Miller
    Gerontius by James Hamilton Paterson 1992

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