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  • Title: The Crimson Spell
  • Author: F. Goldsborough Constance M. Burge
  • ISBN: 9780671041649
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Crimson Spell By F. Goldsborough Constance M. Burge Evil thoughts and dark desiresBoil and burn in a wicked brew Throw hate and fear into the fireMay friends and lovers both be true Prue, Piper, and Phoebe don t know that a coven of warlocks is hunting them They don t know that one of the warlocks has entered their lives disguised as a friend And they don t know the coven s missionto drain them of their magical powers, eEvil thoughts and dark desiresBoil and burn in a wicked brew Throw hate and fear into the fireMay friends and lovers both be truePrue, Piper, and Phoebe don t know that a coven of warlocks is hunting them They don t know that one of the warlocks has entered their lives disguised as a friend And they don t know the coven s mission to drain them of their magical powers, even if it means destroying them to do it Now the Charmed Ones must figure out which of their friends is really their enemy Because sometimes what you don t know can kill you.
    F. Goldsborough Constance M. Burge
    F. Goldsborough Constance M. Burge Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Crimson Spell book, this is one of the most wanted F. Goldsborough Constance M. Burge author readers around the world.

    The Crimson Spell By F. Goldsborough Constance M. Burge


    When it comes to the book in the world of Charmed I am looking for fun, easy reads Usually I find myself reading them on vacations mostly beach vacations I have been a fan of Charmed since I was in middle school, it continues to this day to be one of my favorite shows This book was a great addition to the world of Charmed It was a unique story but still stayed true to the ways and themes of Charmed I love visiting Piper, Phoebe, and Prue in books and this was a great story

    I enjoyed this book in the same fashion I enjoy the series as a light hearted guilty pleasure The writing veers to the slightly cheesy Fear not The witches must be destroyed but then again so does the dialogue and on the show Fortunately the author also pokes fun of the cheesier aspects of the series with gems such as Bad guy You may address me as Master Piper Master of what Hokey Halloween costumes It s a fun read and very true to the series.

    Rachel Gunter
    The Crimson Spell is the second book I ve read in the Charmed series, and I really enjoyed it It had the feel of the Charmed TV show but a story not featured on the show It s a short book, only around 180 pages, which makes it a quick easy read I think the characters are portrayed well, especially Prue and Piper, and the storyline with The Master was interesting view spoiler although we never really found out much about him as a demon Or who the other members of the coven were except for Adrienn [...]

    Rose Heartfilia
    Alright so what to do if you want to rewatch your favourite series Charmed but you are already watching so much and also time is an issue here Correct, you are going to try and read the entire bookseries this year Since you haven t done that before.I myself own a couple of the Charmed novels but my father has them all so it s a nice way to see him from time to time Steal I mean borrow his books and read them all Currently eleven extra on my shelf Let s see how fast I can finish them, especially [...]

    I love Prue, I just do I know lots of people don t like her but I do and it is one of the reasons why I love the Charmed Classics books I love Piper a lot in this book, she is awesome and on one of her best moments I think The story is enjoyable and exciting and one of my favorites of all the Charmed stories I have read up until now.

    I m loving reading the Charmed series This was another great installment in the series I love the sisters and thought the author captured them great Looking forward to reading of these books.

    Michelle Farrelly
    Pure, Piper Phoebe are in danger A secret coven are trying to destroy them by befriending them destroy them from the inside without them knowing Little did they know that the people betraying them would mean so much to them.

    Nice, easy, quick read Strange it took them while to figure out about red ribbons though

    The Crimson spell is the third book in the line of Charmed books based on the show It was slow at first, but it got better before the ending F Goldsborough wrote this book and I did enjoy it I read it between 2004 and 2006, but not sure which year to be exact I had forgotten how the book went so I took another stab at it The Charmed ones haven t been in the witch craft long in this book However, Piper does have her night club P3 and Prue is still at Bucklands That is a timeline reference for the [...]

    A good short entertaining read that played out much like an episode of the show wound The story being written as a book had time to develop the characters for the story and the story itself I enjoyed reading, it was light quick and easy As I read the book I imaged it out as an episode in my head I would ve liked to see some of these books being used as the script for episodes It could work really well The ending of the book was just bittersweet, but it not being cannon doesn t really matter, bu [...]

    rating 3.5 5 starsOnce again I loved this quick read I love the adventures of Prue, Piper Phoebe Every book I love them and Connection with the characters is easy and you really get drawn into the story The pace of the story was fast and the story line was fun I felt like I was watching the series while reading this book, you know exactly what you are going to get Prue yearns for friendship, Phoebe yearns for love while Piper tries to be a mentor at a shelter Final Thoughts This was a great re [...]

    Sharon Maatje
    Charmed, one of my favorite books to read when I have nothing to do for a couple of hours Example We used to go on holiday with the car, the drive would take mostly up to four or five hours I would read a Charmed pocket, probably finished it and had a few others with me Or in the train, this is an easy read guilty pleasure I used to read mostly when being on transport Train or Bus but now I even read them before going to bed.

    Melissa T
    This one was from the very beginning of the series when they first got their powers It would have made an excellent tv episode They were a little heavy on the romance part of it for Phoebe, but I was glad that the author didn t make the guy she was interested in a demon like they usually did in the show Overall a nice story with elements of Wicca than some of the other Charmed novels which I enjoyed.

    3 starsAnother adventure and trouble for Charmed Ones I disliked Prue here Piper s so nice, so cool love her And, Phoebe Poor Phoebe.I picked this book when I was at university s library I just wanted to enjoy Charmed ones again This time in pocket book.Read on your own peril.

    I thought this book was really good, and it had an amazing twist at the end However, I didn t like the overall ending And I m still not really sure why it is called The Crimson Spell The title needs to be looked over and changed, if possible.

    This is a little guilty pleasure of mine The Three Sisters are in trouble again, this time from another coven who wants to steal their powers and take control of the city Add in a little romance for Phoebe and you have a couple hours of escapist reading.

    Not great but a refreshingly different book about the Charmed sisters The warlocks actions are maybe a bit graphically disturbing than in the tv series I did question why Piper didn t tell her sisters sooner about her first encounter with a warlock, that didn t ring true to her character.

    Die deutsche Fassung wirkt etwas lieblos bersetzt Es h ufen sich Zeitfehler, die Namen der Schwestern wurden mehr als ein Mal verwechselt, damit der Salbei begann zu rauchen Am allerschlimmsten fand ich jedoch, dass Dojo sowie Athame einfach kleingeschrieben und kursiv belassen wurden

    David Harton
    I absolutely love the Charmed books They re around 150 190 pages long so they are a wonderful, little treat

    Good plot

    Sarah Sammis
    Predictable fun.

    Very much like the show, I could totally see the characters in this book and the actors on the show doing this, very nicely written

    when Charmed books are done well they feel just like an episode this is one of them Piper P3, Phoebe at school, its all perfect.

    Whitney Johnson
    Loved it My favorite of all the charmed novels

    Ariana Jouzdani
    great book

    A little weird The ending is a little unbelievable to me The book was okay.

    The Third Place A Teen Library
    F CHA Fantasy

    Another good Charmed book, Prue, Piper, and Pheobe are betrayed by those they thought were friends, members of the black magic coven, The New Light of the Sun.

    It was pretty clear the author wasn t fully familiar with the show Certain things were inaccurate, but the story, overall, was pretty good A little predictable, but good.

    i think it was a good book but i would rather that we don t find out who the baddies are until near the end of the book

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