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  • Title: The Old Boys
  • Author: William Trevor
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    William Trevor
    William Trevor, KBE grew up in various provincial towns and attended a number of schools, graduating from Trinity College, in Dublin, with a degree in history He first exercised his artistry as a sculptor, working as a teacher in Northern Ireland and then emigrated to England in search of work when the school went bankrupt He could have returned to Ireland once he became a successful writer, he said, but by then I had become a wanderer, and one way and another, I just stayed in England I hated leaving Ireland I was very bitter at the time But, had it not happened, I think I might never have written at all In 1958 Trevor published his first novel, A Standard of Behaviour, to little critical success Two years later, he abandoned sculpting completely, feeling his work had become too abstract, and found a job writing copy for a London advertising agency This was absurd, he said They would give me four lines or so to write and four or five days to write it in It was so boring But they had given me this typewriter to work on, so I just started writing stories I sometimes think all the people who were missing in my sculpture gushed out into the stories He published several short stories, then his second and third novels, which both won the Hawthornden Prize established in 1919 by Alice Warrender and named after William Drummond of Hawthornden, the Hawthornden Prize is one of the UK s oldest literary awards A number of other prizes followed, and Trevor began working full time as a writer in 1965.Since then, Trevor has published nearly 40 novels, short story collections, plays, and collections of nonfiction He has won three Whitbread Awards, a PEN Macmillan Silver Pen Award, and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize In 1977 Trevor was appointed an honorary he holds Irish, not British, citizenship Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire CBE for his services to literature and in 2002 he was elevated to honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire KBE Since he began writing, William Trevor regularly spends half the year in Italy or Switzerland, often visiting Ireland in the other half His home is in Devon, in South West England, on an old mill surrounded by 40 acres of land.

    The Old Boys By William Trevor


    One of the best.This is Trevor in High Comedy Mode It would be unjust to knock off a star for making me laugh so much at a time when laughter was painful.

    This is my first William Trevor novel and, having finished it, I have mixed feelings The novel revolves around the upcoming election for President of the Old Boys Association of a public school, which remains unnamed throughout the novel We do know that Mr Jaraby, now in his Seventies as are most of the characters in this book has been proposed as the new President and, unless he is opposed, he should automatically replace the previous Old Boy Jaraby is a man whose successes are all built around [...]

    Got this in a omnibus of 3 early novels of Trevor Never read him before, and to be honest, never heard of him before.Loved this book Wow, very funny, great dialogue Pretty basic plotting, but this is his first novel, and all reports seem to indicate ideas and plotting get complicated and complex as his career goes on Characters here are funny and as well fleshed out as an ensemble cast can be in 165 pages.Highly recommended to people who like English authors with a decided Pickwickian feel.

    Claire Fuller
    I m still having a bit of a William Trevor binge both his novels and his short stories And this, his second novel his first he disowned and wouldn t have republished is definitely his weakest of those I ve read All the characters are dislikeable, although that didn t worry me, but they often read like caricatures written for jokes which went on a bit too long It wasn t a chore to get to the end, but I wouldn t recommend it.

    Typical early Trevor, which means it s very very different from his mature and late work which is probably better known and better loved It s full of the contrived, stagey and unrealistic dialogue, in a Beckettian or Pinterian vein, that you also see in some of the early stories e.g in The Day We Got Drunk on Cake It s entertaining, and it does work well in some of those short stories, but it can t hold my interest for an entire novel.It was interesting to read this immediately after a failed at [...]

    Chris Gager
    Will probably get into this a bit tonight, though I m still reading Ready Player One This I gladly do in honor of the death of Mr Trevor last fall , one of the late 20th and early 21st centuries finest writers I ve read quite a few of his books and have never been disappointed This little hardbound looks to be an original from 1964 Doesn t look like it s ever been checked out from the Bowdoin Library an interlibrary loan from the library I was just using a public computer in earlier this afterno [...]

    I enjoyed this book while I was reading it, but now that the dust has settled, I remember it as grim and grotesque It s a very black comedy indeed, and it seems rather excessive that those of the characters who weren t warped and destroyed by the brutality and hypocrisy of the public school system should have been damaged by the process of aging The principals are Jaraby and Nox Once upon a time Nox was Jaraby s fag Aided and abetted by Headmaster Dowse, your stereotypical old pervert, Jaraby vi [...]

    Danny Daley
    55 years after its publication, it took the recent death of Irish author William Trevor to motivate me to finally read his debut, which is as well written, witty, and insightful as one might expect The description of the book, as one dealing with never forgotten old school days is a bit misleading truthfully if that were the point of the book it would have required double the length Ultimately the book is about the fading glory and mental state of a single man, and the struggles to keep his dign [...]

    Once again, I m surprised by how different an early Trevor novel this was his first is from his later works like The Story of Lucy Gault and Felicia s Journey The later books are usually single perspective narratives, often of sad, isolated women But The Old Boys like The Boarding House, which I also enjoyed covers a broad range of characters and is often very funny, perhaps in the vein of Wodehouse whom I haven t read or Kingsley Amis Eight old men, graduates of the same boarding school and des [...]

    Linda Howe
    Trevor s debut novel from the sixties Social satire about a group of slightly demented old boys ancient 70 alumni from a British prep school Mostly from the perspective of callow youth, however Mostly nothing happens of course as the old boys are involved in inconsequential business Too bad Trevor didn t do a reprise once he had reached that certain age himself might have been better book Fortunately Trevor gets a lot better

    William Trevor s second published and first successful novel concerns the election of a new president of The Old Boys Association of a public school The committee members are all in their seventies and all retired Only one of them has had much success after leaving school and several of them look back on their schooldays as the most important part of their lives, for good or ill.Evelyn Waugh reviewed this novel as uncommonly well written, gruesome, funny and original , which it is, as Trevor ske [...]

    George Ilsley
    William Trevor is a new author for me, and his short fiction is considered excellent This short novel is layered and nuanced, and although there are satirical elements it stops short of outright satire The feeling is one of the ironies of life, which can be true and farcical at the same time Ultimately, this novel explores the programming drilled into boys at public schools and how that affects the old boys for the rest of their lives.However, I was confused by the discussions between Mr and Mrs [...]

    Robert Hyman
    When I heard the hubbub when William Trevor died as one of the best modern Irish writer I became curious I d never heard of him before The Old Boys is considered his first major work and I enjoyed it thoroughly It is about old boys from an English public school living out their grudges some 60 years after leaving that school While that may sound odd, the book is very witty I plan to read Trevor in the future.

    Disappointing I ve always enjoyed William Trevor s short stories and other novels This seems dated.

    Jo Marchant
    What a bizarre book about being older and wishing to continue with your own identity from your younger and happier years A good read, if a little dated now, or is it

    George K.
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    This was my first William Trevor book and it is his first book.It is the story of old boys in advance of the election of their chairman and their various lives as well as reflecting back on their schooldays It is also the story of the main characters marraige In essence I believe that the book is about people at the end of their days and indeed there are several discussions specifically on this topic interspersed throughout the book.Most of the book is dialogue, which is excellent I particularly [...]

    I d never heard of William Trevor until I listened to his obituary on BBC Radio4 last month where he was lauded.I opted for this book because he was in advertising, as I was, and the story is about old boys which I am who went to an English boarding school, as I did The idea is promising, but over all I found the book clunky Most of it is dialogue, which is not a problem in itself, but very mannered throughout Strangely, he gives all the characters the same voice Presumably his own The most inte [...]

    A very sensitive book about growing up and getting old A group of 80 year old graduates, former students of the school, are trying to elect a president for the alumni association of the year As this procedure unfolds, the writer presents the life of each alumni and the relation between them with a lot of flash backs with such a sensitivity, severity and clarity, without hiding their obsessions and vanities There is a great balance between humour and melancholy throughout the whole novel A page t [...]

    Penguin have done a great job in reissuing the early novels of one of our greatest contemporary novelists in handsome new editions The Old Boys was Trevor s first novel, published in 1964 and it bears many of the hallmarks of his mature work the forensic unpicking of human relationships, the secrets we keep from each other and a remarkable ability to portray the seamy underbelly of civilised life His prose style is almost fully formed at this early stage and you just know that you are reading a [...]

    Fifty years old, this early novel by William Trevor has a tightness and a tension lacking in so much modern fiction In fewer than two hundred pages he deals with the obsessions of old age, the impressions of youth, the banality of long term relationships and the complexities of parenthood while still delivering a plot and finishing with one of the finest final lines that I have ever read, Come now, how shall we prove we are not dead.

    This was, I believe, Trevor s first novel and it shows It s the story of the alumni association of a boy s school and the petty mean spirited ways in which these men act, even years after leaving school behind At times it is hilarious, but it falls apart at the end and the reader is left without a satisfying resolution.

    This was probably a 3.5 star book It was amusing in that dry, British isles sort of way while being a little sad at the same time Reading stories like this makes me glad I never went to a English public school

    The only work of William Trevor s to which I ll ever give a rating of less than five starsbut I still adored it and would read again.

    Funny in places Found it hard to read in places Laughed when Turtle died in The Mikado escaping a fate worse than death Will give some of his other books a read.

    Randall Jones
    This was a good read well written, well paced, held my interest to the end What did I learn I m so glad I wasn t at an English public school in the early 20th Century Maybe ever.

    not in the same league as his later work

    European Douglas
    Very funny and very tragic at the same time Great characters, drawn excellently

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