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  • Title: Under My Skin: Volume One Of My Autobiography, To 1949
  • Author: Doris Lessing
  • ISBN: 9780006548256
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback

  • Under My Skin: Volume One Of My Autobiography, To 1949 By Doris Lessing This is the first volume of Doris Lessing s autobigraphy, beginning with her childhood in Africa, taking us through her marriages, the birth of her children, involvement in communist politics, and ending on her arrival in London in 1949 with the typescript of her first novel, The Grass is Singing, in her suitcase.
    Doris Lessing
    Both of her parents were British her father, who had been crippled in World War I, was a clerk in the Imperial Bank of Persia her mother had been a nurse In 1925, lured by the promise of getting rich through maize farming, the family moved to the British colony in Southern Rhodesia now Zimbabwe Like other women writers from southern African who did not graduate from high school such as Olive Schreiner and Nadine Gordimer , Lessing made herself into a self educated intellectual In 1937 she moved to Salisbury, where she worked as a telephone operator for a year At nineteen, she married Frank Wisdom, and had two children A few years later, feeling trapped in a persona that she feared would destroy her, she left her family, remaining in Salisbury Soon she was drawn to the like minded members of the Left Book Club, a group of Communists who read everything, and who did not think it remarkable to read Gottfried Lessing was a central member of the group shortly after she joined, they married and had a son.During the postwar years, Lessing became increasingly disillusioned with the Communist movement, which she left altogether in 1954 By 1949, Lessing had moved to London with her young son That year, she also published her first novel, The Grass Is Singing, and began her career as a professional writer.In June 1995 she received an Honorary Degree from Harvard University Also in 1995, she visited South Africa to see her daughter and grandchildren, and to promote her autobiography It was her first visit since being forcibly removed in 1956 for her political views Ironically, she is welcomed now as a writer acclaimed for the very topics for which she was banished 40 years ago.In 2001 she was awarded the Prince of Asturias Prize in Literature, one of Spain s most important distinctions, for her brilliant literary works in defense of freedom and Third World causes She also received the David Cohen British Literature Prize She was on the shortlist for the first Man Booker International Prize in 2005 In 2007 she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature Extracted from the pamphlet A Reader s Guide to The Golden Notebook Under My Skin, HarperPerennial, 1995 Full text available on dorislessing.

    Under My Skin: Volume One Of My Autobiography, To 1949 By Doris Lessing


    Reading this 21 chapter autobiography, Under My Skin, by Doris Lessing was inspiringly and interestingly enjoyable to me One of the reasons is that she s been destined to be a literary titan since around 64 65 years ago when she arrived in London with the typescript of her first novel, The Grass is Singing, in her suitcase back cover over, she won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2007 Therefore, I found it formidable to write on her memoir since I ve been one of her readers living in another co [...]

    She sees herself and others so clearly and is so honest about herself, that it is hard to see much point in someone writing her biography Early in the book she discusses the problems of telling the truth about other people in her life I have known not a few of the famous, and even one or two of the great, but I do not believe it is the duty of friends, lovers, comrades, to tell all The older I get the secrets I have, never to be revealed and this, I know, is a common condition of people my age [...]

    Doris Lessing erscheint als selbstbewusste und sich ihrer Reize stets bewusste , kluge, selbstst ndige Frau, die gleichzeitig ein unglaubliches Bed rfnis nach Babys hat was manche Konstellationen in den Romanen, die ich gelesen habe Das F nfte Kind, Und wieder die Liebe erkl rt Manchmal hat es mich ver rgert, dass sie auf ihre fr hen Romane verweist, wenn man N heres ber eine bestimmte Lebensphase erfahren will Hatte dann immer das Gef hl jetzt enth lt sie mir innerhalb der Autobiographie etwas [...]

    I dreamed every night about the sea, washing in and out of my sleep in sad slow tides of nostalgia, of longing.

    It s indicative of how over stuffed and self indulgent this book is that chapter nine, page 155, begins My fourteenth was a make or break year My fourteenth And yet Doris Lessing is always interesting, never boring, though she certainly takes her time remembering everything she ever did or said over her entire childhood.

    After Lessing won her Nobel, I began reading her work, as well as whatever interviews and videos were available I loved the straightforward way she told her stories, I liked the intelligence she put into them, and I appreciated the scope and breadth of her oeuvre When I learned that she had a two volume autobiography published I pick it up immediately It is as frank and enjoyable as you would ever hope it to be It was fascinating for me to read the story of a proper young girl who would later gr [...]

    One of the best biographies I ve ever read Lessing is not only one of the great writers in English of the 20th century, she is certainly also one of the most vivid Highly recommended, and especially if you don t usually read autobiographies.

    Rachel Hirstwood
    This autobiography feels very honest by the Nobel Laureate author, Doris Lessing I have only read one book by Lessing before the Golden Notebook which I absolutely loved And I remember as I read that, I thought, I bet this woman has had a life that is really interesting It seems my prediction was right.I am amazed how often I read something that made me think that s just how I felt as a child, as a teenager and as a young adult While my life is in no way especially similar to Lessing s, I really [...]

    Bryan Murphy
    It was a happy chance that this came into my hands, thanks again to the splendid municipal libraries of Turin, Italy , for I am rarely tempted by autobiographies or biographies Usually, the single subject gets boring Lessing is different there is not a dull moment in this book She breathes life not only into her former self selves but into everyone and every place she encountered For anybody who has lived in post colonial Africa, her portrayal of colonial Africa is a revelation an evocation of a [...]

    O.R. Melling
    Brilliant, as to be expected from such a writer I was enthralled by her childhood, her battles with her mother, her tragic memories of her father and WWI, her general statements on life et al Like others who have commented here, I found the least interesting part to be her political activities with the Communist Party in south Africa What a basically useless group of intellectuals, doing so little to protest apartheid itself and thinking they were of importance And no mention of black radicalism [...]

    Sometimes I have to read everything by a writer everything before I can be satisfied Laura Ingalls Wilder, L.M Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, Alice Munro I ve been in a Doris Lessing state of mind since fall 2007, and thankfully I have plenty of work still ahead of me Now that I no longer have my law school mentor to guide inspire me on a daily basis, I find myself increasingly dependent on Doris Lessing s wisdom, anger and common sense I read her out loud to Andy And I wrestle with the decision [...]

    Dierdre Milin
    Doris Lessing is brutally honest and tells her story with anger, pride, and great wit I have loved her writtings for so long and was taken aback at the decisions she has made in her life I was almost disappointed in her but years after reading the book can look back and think wow what a couragous woman for telling her tale.

    a very long book, but knowing nothing of colonial southern Africa, i found it pretty interesting also, the portrait of a woman who so easily shrugged off her own children was a little odd but if men can do it, why not women.

    La parte de la infancia es interesante por las cuestiones geogr ficas.Pero mejor es cuando se va de su casa y se hace comunista, se casa, y tiene hijos mientras termina la guerra y empieza la posguerra.Cuenta y trata de entender las razones y sinrazones, las suyas y las de los dem s.


    I like Doris Lessing s novels but this memoir was disappointing.

    Uli Vogel
    I recommend any woman should read this It s amazing how Doris Lessing steps into the mind and motivations of her younger self at any stage of her life.

    Maeve ♕ Maevereads
    Doris Lessing is a good writer, but I don t think I would have liked her very much Some parts of this were super boring, and others interesting This was required reading in one of my classes.

    Found the first three quarters fascinating The profound effects of WWI on multiple generations The build up to WWII resonates with present political and cultural events Got a bit bored during her communist phase towards the end.

    My interest was piqued when a writer mentioned that Doris Lessing was one of the authors she read when she was young This book was interesting from the start But shit got real when she became a Communist I have never read about non asian people becoming communist, the process and the reasoning behind it all Needless to say I was fascinated from there on Definitely going to check out of her work, and also about the experience of communism etc.She also writes beautifully, her stories poetic and [...]

    Doris Lessing is one of my favorite writers Tippy top of my list So of course her autobiography did not disappoint She is quite simply a heavyweight she writes candidly about her fraught relationship with her mother, her somewhat casual marriages, her affairs I loved her writing about Communism So fascinating Why she joined the Communist party, why she became disaffected She is always forthright, never pulls any punches and is also able to look outside herself and be fair to those she encounters [...]

    Although I felt the narrative of this autobiography was a little dry thus the 4 stars rather an 5 , it is an engrossing history a life spent in Southern Rhodesia Lessing had the awareness many of us certainly me lack of the many contradictions of British white life in black Africa At an early age, she understood the wrongness of the white occupation, the injustice of the treatment of the native Africans, the blind prejudice of her society and family I think many of us, in our early years anyway, [...]

    Cynthia Davidson
    I appreciated Lessings searing honesty in this accounting of her life from birth to 1949, when she left Africa for England at age 30 after two marriages giving birth to three children Ahead of her time is an understatement, in terms of the choices she made why she made them Others may quibble with her independence of mind but at least she is able to articulate her reasons, rather than blindly following the society of lemmings which took her father over the cliff in WWI, then engulfed the globe a [...]

    James F
    The first volume of Lessing s autobiography The early childhood portions are interesting enough, but the most interesting thing to me was matching her real life after about sixteen with the Children of Violence series, which has always been one of my favorites The outlines are the same, although she modifies somewhat to make the novels generally applicable, and combines figures, etc It seems that the closest to her actual life is the third volume, A Ripple From the Storm, at least in terms of f [...]

    I wish I were familiar with Lessing s many other works She won the Nobel Prize in 2007 It would be useful to see how the raw material of one s life is crafted into art In this autobiography, she frequently notes which stories or novels are based on certain episodes or people she knew growing up in Rhodesia She is writing this as an older woman, so either she kept a good journal of her early years as a writer, Communist, mother, and free thinker, part of a white minority in the country that woul [...]

    Annie Rachele
    Brilliant This first volume of Lessing s autobiography takes on the big questions like TIME I was holding my breath with concentration It never ends, never brain seemed to rock, my head was full of slowed time, time that has no end For seconds, for a flash, I seemed to reach it yes, that s it, I got it thenI was suddenly exhausted Surely it must be time to get up The watch said only ten minutes had gone past Without meaning to, I let out a great yell of outrage, then slapped both palms over my m [...]

    Only about twenty pages from the end did I get to almost like this author as a person All through the book I felt I should, but could not One has to admire a mind on such a quest throughout life and from such an early age but this author is gripped in constraining influences her miserable relationship with her deluded insensitive mother, and frustration with her father s inability to see a world beyond the influence of WW1 trenches There s a pattern here, and perhaps my judgement is harsh Doris [...]

    An amazing memoir that chronicles Lessing s childhood in Southern Rhodesia, two failed marriages and three pregnancies Overall, it demonstrates how she refused to be trapped by circumstances you get a glimpse of where the themes from her novels come from, like the political disillusionment and embracing of insanity It feels very honest and reflective It s the same period of her life covered in the first three books of The Children of Violence series, and this is just as good.

    I don t agree with Lessing about everything, nor do I like everything she has written With that disclaimer, I feel free to say that this is a great memoir From her early life as a child of white immigrants to Northern Rhodesia to her life in South Africa first as a fairly conventional wife and mother and later as a divorced, remarried communist activist, Lessing is honest, witty and thoughtful Interesting insights into the time period and also into the life of an extraordinary woman.

    amanda eve
    This was like 4.5 stars, but ultimately, I really did love this book It s the type of book you want to revisit every few years, finding new wisdom every time Lessing has lived a fascinating life and is an incredible writer Lessing is incredibly shrewd, and while her wry tone can occasionally shift into arrogance and disdain, especially when critiquing other, it did not really keep me from enjoying the book.

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