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  • Title: Filth
  • Author: Irvine Welsh
  • ISBN: 9780224041188
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback

  • Filth By Irvine Welsh With the festive season almost upon him, Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson is winding down at work and gearing up socially kicking off Christmas with a week os sex and drugs in Amsterdam There are irritating flies in the ointment though, including a missing wife and the resulting domestic squalor , a nagging cocaine habit a dramatic deterioration in his genital health,With the festive season almost upon him, Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson is winding down at work and gearing up socially kicking off Christmas with a week os sex and drugs in Amsterdam There are irritating flies in the ointment though, including a missing wife and the resulting domestic squalor , a nagging cocaine habit a dramatic deterioration in his genital health, and a string if increasingly demanding extra marital affairs The last thing he needs, on top of all these, is a messy murder to solve Still, it will mean plenty of over time, a chance to stitch up colleagues and finally clinch the promo tion he craves But as this single minded career cop spirals through the lower reaches of degredation and evil, he encounters opposition in the form of truth and ethical conscience from the most unexpected quarter of all his anus With such an adversary you can run, but you just can t hide Things are beginning to go badly for D S but in an Irvine Welsh book nothing is ever so bad that it can t gat worse In Bruce Robertson, Welsh has created on eof the most corrupt, misanth ropic characters in contemporary fiction, and has written a dark, disturbing and very funny novel about sleaze, power and the abuse of everything At last a novel that lives up to its name.
    Irvine Welsh
    Probably most famous for his gritty depiction of a gang of Scottish Heroin addicts, Trainspotting 1993 , Welsh focuses on the darker side of human nature and drug use All of his novels are set in his native Scotland and filled with anti heroes, small time crooks and hooligans Welsh manages, however to imbue these characters with a sad humanity that makes them likable despite their obvious scumbaggerry Irvine Welsh is also known for writing in his native Edinburgh Scots dialect, making his prose challenging for the average reader unfamiliar with this style.

    Filth By Irvine Welsh


    Carlos Lavín
    The ending, the damn ending to the book.It s been like five years since I last cried with a book, I actually had to step out of the office I started reading the book on the bus ride to work, I had 20 pages to go when I arrived and I sure as hell wasn t going to stop reading and to the bathroom to try and cool myself down view spoiler when I read the last two pages hide spoiler.The book is disgusting in every imaginable way, but it somehow keeps you going Even though the situations he puts himsel [...]

    Loved this Read it when i was in 4th year so I was maybe 15 or 16.Film was amazing too.

    Shamus McCarty
    Use quotation marks you limey bastard

    3.5 stars One of my mottoes aboot the job is better you wasting some cunt else s time than some cunt wasting your time D.S Bruce Robertson In a sense we are together because nothing, space, time, distance whatever, can break the delicious communion between us Carole

    I m so glad I listen to my friend s book recommendations sometimes FILTH is the story of Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson, and the first thing you should know about him is that he s a complete and utter Bastard.During the build up to Christmas the race is on for the much desired Detective Inspector position and Bruce is adamant that he is going to be the one Now if that means he s got to lie, cheat, steal, manipulate and back stab his way there, then you can safely bet that he will The media s [...]

    Virginia M.
    Io non ho parole Questo romanzo stato veramente un trauma Si sa che Welsh affronta dei temi particolarmente delicati droga, problemi psichici , e che dalla sua penna escono personaggi discutibili, ma il Sergente Bruce Robertson un personaggio MOLTO particolare, per non dire estremo In lui si racchiude la pi completa immoralit e crudelt Il suo essere cos lercio in tutti i sensi , cos disgustoso cos impressionante che ti repelle.Tuttavia io non l ho odiato Sembra strano, ma dalle prime pagine sono [...]

    Lily S.
    Same rules apply I needed a book I could finally rate 5 stars As many said before me the book perfectly corresponds to the title filth There is nothing I ve read before that so perfectly illustrates utter and complete burn out Our protagonist, Bruce is a cop whose life is in ruins, his wife left him, he drinks, takes drugs and fucks whores, on top of that there is eczema all over his privates and a tapeworm in his guts.Reading this is like fast forwarding on a nightmare where the same elements k [...]

    Absolutely my favorite Welsh read.I loved the humor and Bruce was so relateable to me and my type of humor but sort of over the top in his slurs towards many controvercial subjects which only made me giggle,tsk and shake my head.He thought many of the things people would never admit to thinking in their own heads so they just right off the book as its namesake and dont read any further But I loved the shocking twist and its completely original narrative style And how Bruce and the tapeworm slowl [...]

    youtube watch v IrtniIt s my first Irvine Welsh read and I m sure it s the last This is a novel about Bruce Robertson, an officer who embodies everything that s bad, he mistreats and uses everyone around him in the worst ways Put that on the side, he s got a worm growing inside him, and we see him changing and interacting with that worm Both the beginning and the ending were great, which I thoroughly enjoyed despite the accent which was extremely hard for me to read and get through.This is an in [...]

    Steven Stennett
    I have never been so glad to finish a book Great writer, and I found bits of it funny, but my overriding impression of the whole experience of reading it, was one of deep depression I am glad to say that I will never have to do that again

    There are several reasons why I will never forget this book The main reason is Bruce Robertson, the main character of Filth.Bruce Robertson is a Police Investigator in Edinburgh He s also, in every sense of the word, the WORST human being you can imagine He s depraved, completely void of morality, racist, and worst of all, believes in what he does Reading this book actually makes you fearful that there are people out there like this in positions of power His actions are awe inducing in their mal [...]

    A few years back I was watching some pissed off religious zealot going all loony on TV because gays were having their little pride parade oh, the horror and proposing they should all be sent to the desert or be given a country Australia, he suggested to inhabit Maybe I should have been outraged, but I couldn t stop laughing to tears at the poor ignorant fool and his unbelievable stupidity Some people are so deranged, you just can t take them seriously.My reaction to Bruce Robertson was not much [...]

    A good book, following the exploits of the world s second worst police officer through the things he does.Unfortunately the main character is so difficult to relate to he does the most awful things for no reason other than he can wants to, and I can t understand that that by the time of his trip to Amsterdam you re left numb The constant series of horrors which are entertaining and shocking to begin with become something that you are accustomed to, the horror you were feeling at his physical men [...]

    Leo Robertson
    Welsh farts are stinky tee heeSOMEONE GIVE THAT MAN A CAREER For a misogynist you can root for, try The Book of Dave Self doesn t consider compassion something you can switch on and off when it s convenient to your plot Point Also his books have than one plot point.

    This is a review I wrote for the stage version of Filth, starring Tam Dean Burn, at the time he was the only man ever to play the role It says almost everything I want to say about the book, so I thought it was worth reproducing here Enjoy Imagine the best thing you ve ever done imagine the most energy you ve ever expended imagine the ultimate expression of your greatest skill now multiply that by a one hundred and it s a good bet you still won t even come close to the level of Tam Dean Burn s p [...]

    Edit I haven t been able to get this book out of my head, which is something that not a lot of books can claim to do to me, so I m changing my rating to Five Stars, but keeping the review as is 4.75 5 if you can finish it This novel took two attempts to read it and several years, plus the release of the movie, to successfully restart and complete it.Filth was the most roller coaster like novel I have ever read It is written with two perspectives, though Bruce Robertson s is the dominant one The [...]

    I love Irvine Welsh I loved this novel, but I can see why some people might not like it so much It is very, very ugly The main character reminds me a great deal of my Dad Well my Dad wasn t a corrupt cop, he was a lawyer, but he always struggled with his working class background and wanting to leave it behind Telling you the most brilliant thing about this novel would spoil the whole thing So I will only say this Welsh presents the main character in a very complex way, and he is not a likable gu [...]

    Sara Zovko
    Mislim da je ovo najbolja stvar koju sam do sad pro itala od Welsha.Glavni lik je sve to jedan policajac ne bi trebao biti rasist, seksist, alkoholi ar, ovisan o kokainu , udnih seksualnih sklonosti i op enito osoba u kojoj ima jako malo morala Iako je radnja pomalo usporena i razvu ena, ne smeta, jer sa svakom novom stranicom Bruce pada sve ni e i sve se vi e otkriva koji je njegov glavni problem zapravo a to otkriva trakavica, glista koja se nalazi u njegovim crijevima I onda taj kraj Malo je [...]

    Pan Radek
    actually it s 4,5 stars but 4 would be a disservice anyways very vulgar obscene clever fascinating and pure gross not a treat for everyone but I don t know why I really liked the anti hero laughed at his pathetic schemes and jokes and couldn t put the book down it s not 5 stars since the tapeworm trick was kinda below the expectations and the plot itself was quite simple and not that originalill, it was so much fun

    Can you say Gimmick This book was all about gimmicks, and shock value for shock value s sake Which frankly isn t all that interesting to me, especially for three hundred odd pages The main character that Welsh creates is, as the title suggests, utter filth Racist, sexist, coke addled, perverted, etc etc etc The etc s just keep going Alright already, you don t have to beat us over the head with it Oh, I guess you do The gimmick of having part of the story narrated by Main Character s tapeworm mig [...]

    Irvine Welsh is a freak.If I have to sum up the experience of reading this book in a word, it would be Whirlpool Like an object swirling into its abyss, the characters in this novel are sucked into a whirlpool named Bruce Robertson and delve deeper into its grip with each page turn If you are indifferent about this book, you might find a lot of its content repetitive but Irvine Welsh cuts right through a lot of pages with the ferociousness of Edgar Wright montages while unwrapping a new layer of [...]

    So delicously revolting Welsh is at his best, here The metaphor is spot on The dynamic narrative device is shocking and perfect Bruce Robertson is a nasty, nasty piece of work, making Francis Begbie look positively choirboy like in comparison The twist, when it comes and that s not a spoiler it s Welsh, so you knew there would be one is shocking and yet fits so perfectly all at the same time that it seems to have been crystal clear from the beginning Not for the faint of heart, but if you want t [...]

    Iulia Nicolaie
    Mi a pl cut la nebunie cartea asta, iar finalul m a z p cit complet Cred c tocmai am descoperit un nou autor preferat Jeg are de toate Sex, suferin , droguri, parvenitism, vise spulberate Ai crede c nu po i empatiza cu a a un personaj, dar te n eli amarnic Cu to ii avem un pic de Bruce n noi.Din p cate, am v zut i filmul imediat dup ce am terminat lectura i m a dezam git teribil Dac l vede i nainte de a citi cartea, nu l l sa i s v inluen eze E doar o pojghi sub ire a ceea ce a vrut s transmit s [...]

    Those of us that can understand the language and Scottish dialect and actually finished this book know that is is superb It is dark and not everyone s cup of tea, but I am glad that I read it and it will stay with me.

    Gisela Morales
    El retrato de la decadencia de un hombre consumido por sus propios demonios, con el hilarante humor negro que caracteriza a Welsh, definitivamente no recomendable para p blico sensible.

    Thomas Potts
    Filth sucks you deep into the disturbed, poetic, perverted, brilliant and fevered brain of Detective Sargent Bruce Robbo Robertson Bruce is in line for a big promotion to DI, and will stop at nothing to get it Eliminating the competition with psychopathic precision, whilst indulging in his own sordid urges booze, sex, cocaine and a bit of the old ultraviolence , it seems hard to make this character relatable or even that likeable However, through Welsh s horrific but poignant stream of conscious [...]

    Kevin Rubin
    Filth, by Irivine Welsh certainly lived up to its name Pretty filthy, in several ways the word can be used, from beginning to end.It s told in first person by the main character, Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson of the Leith Police, who s approaching middle age and is one of the detectives competing for the single available promotion to Detective Inspector He feels he s entitled to it because he gave up a few years of rank by working in Australia when his wife Carole wanted to live near her Mu [...]

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    This has echoes of Martin Amis s Money in it s presentation of a truly vile lead character Bruce Robertson, is a scheming,racist, sexist and bigoted Detective Sergeant, investigating the murder of a black man outside a nightclub Not that he has much time for solving crime the constant bouts of heavy drinking, porn, cocaine abuse, skiving work and his serial philandering occupy most of this But, this is Welsh and you wouldn t expect deities and social heirs and graces.There s plenty of twists in [...]

    Brett Starr
    Wow, the book definitely lives up to it s title Filth Detective Sgt Bruce Robertson is one despicable bastard He takes drugs, abuses his police power, is addicted to pornography, takes bribes, masterbates compulsively, is a sex fiend, has a nasty bit of eczema below the belt has a tapeworm in his gut D.S Robertson is a filthy human being, he back stabs his friends co workers, tells extremely harmful and deceitful lies to women to sleep with them and he stinks literally Once you get used to the S [...]

    • [E-Book] ð Free Read é Filth : by Irvine Welsh Å
      Irvine Welsh