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  • Title: Against All Odds
  • Author: Thomas DePrima
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  • Page: 369
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  • Against All Odds By Thomas DePrima War has kept Admiral Jenetta Carver from home for twelve years With the advent of peace, she takes a well deserved vacation and returns to Earth for a visit before her duties as Military Governor and Supreme Military Commandeer of Region Two keep her away for years She picks up her two sisters on the trip and the three women surprise their mom with the unannounced vWar has kept Admiral Jenetta Carver from home for twelve years With the advent of peace, she takes a well deserved vacation and returns to Earth for a visit before her duties as Military Governor and Supreme Military Commandeer of Region Two keep her away for years She picks up her two sisters on the trip and the three women surprise their mom with the unannounced visit.Just a week after arriving home, Jenetta receives word that Region Two has been invaded No war has been declared, and details are sketchy, but Tsgardi Warriors have landed on at least one planet a hundred light years inside the border and begun rounding up, harassing, and in some cases killing the citizenry Determined not to let the news interfere with her mother s joy of having her three daughters home, she doesn t tell them about the invasion, but she s called to appear at Space Command Supreme HQ to discuss the situation.As Jenetta begins the trip back to her base, she begins formulating plans and sending orders so that all will be in readiness when she arrives She s determined to deal with the Tsgardi situation once and for all, and in a manner consistent with the way she dealt with the Milori situation When an enemy absolutely refuses to let you live in peace, there s only one action you can take remove their ability to ever wage war against you again Jenetta doesn t yet know that the Tsgardi thrust into Region Two is just the tip of the lance Three other interstellar powers have joined the effort to evict the Galactic Alliance from Region Two and divide the territory among themselves Jenetta s meager forces will face an armada a thousand warships strong It s not just another day at the office.
    Thomas DePrima
    Thomas DePrima Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Against All Odds book, this is one of the most wanted Thomas DePrima author readers around the world.

    Against All Odds By Thomas DePrima


    I like this series It was my first scifi series, so it will always have a special place in my heart and all Yet, I m getting tired of the giant build up, just to have there be no danger in the end, the so called great tactics are really elementary, and the characters are bland Also, the series seems to HEAVILY derive from Honor Harrington Theres a strong female protagonist who is going to live a long time, commands fleets, becomes well known, becomes a member of royalty of another planet, and D [...]

    This is one of the action oriented book in the series It takes the events of the end of the last book and puts them to play in this one It shows that while the direct threat of being attacked in their old systems is gone the new region 2 area is under threat and not everyone is happy with the changes there This is a great book and this series is a worthy read.

    Jen Carver Is Unstoppable , I strongly recommend you read the previous books in the series A Galaxy Unknown, Valor At Vauzlee, The Clones of Mawcett, Trader Vyx, Milor And Castle Vroman prior to reading this installment.This author never fails to pack a whopping outstanding story into each installment Most authors start getting stale in any series by book 7, however the Galaxy Unknown series just keeps getting better and better with and thrills, mysteries and excitement in each installment.Thi [...]

    DePrima has maintained the high standard set in his previous novels, in Against All Odds, the seventh novel in his Galaxy Unknown series Jenetta Carver continues to upset her colleages and enrage her enemies with her unique style of leadership and warfare, all the while growing comfortable with both her responsibilities and with Arneu s legacy of near immortality Nearly all the key characters those still living from the 6 previous novels make an appearance somewhere in this newest novel, a sign [...]

    The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon)
    Still a declining series, but this time we get to see flashes of what we liked about Janetta Carver in the first book Her almost child like joy of speed, an unorthodox approach to combat, devious plots by Admiral Carver when dealing with the GAC Same complaints no wonder the GAC conqured space All other alien races encountered are complete idiots The Pirates are spineless, unenthusiastic and no where to be scene This reads like a summary of Jenneta Carver s life and less like the story of it Th [...]

    i loved this book it tells of the galactics alliances expansion into the galaxythough i must agree with the late admiral hubera on this point it seems like she is trying to conquer the galaxy like shes starting to become a monster i Believe that is the overall point in the last admirelaty board metting were hubera has a heart attack though i do not agree with his way of dismissing admiral carters achevments it is my belef that in the last few books she will become an enemy of the galactic allian [...]

    John P Wood
    A very good read.A very good read.I ve blasted through this series and expect the next book s to be just as awesome One thing that I ve noticed is you seem to write about space being in 2 dimensions Not all star systems or planets are in a line A ship can also enter an area from the star s polar regions Otherwise, I ve been totally thrilled with this series.

    Leo Laursen
    I like the story, but not the writing style.The author likes to let characters explain in length, and since different characters or the narrator have explained the same in a previous book in almost the same way, their personalities become unclear to me Sometimes I feel that all the characters in the book are clones of the author.

    Jonathan Lupa
    So, it s book 7 in a never ending hornblower in space series If that isn t appealing you wouldn t be here.Overall, I think DePrima is getting better at writing his catch up summary stuff, which was always his weakest point The space battles in this one lacked some of the drama of earlier books, but I m not complaining On to book 8

    Much better than the last couple of books have been Not as boring and it felt like the first book More excitement and a better story I m bummed the Trader Vyx wasn t in this one as much I hope it won t be a really long time before he writes the next one

    I ve read the 10 first books so obviosly this is a good enough series.Not as good as David Weber s Honnor Harington, but if you liked that one you ll like this one.Don t expect very mulidimensional caracters, but a fun exciting read.

    AnticlimaticAgain, the first 2 3 of the book is heat The finish is a fizzle No action, no heart brake, no emotion Unfortunate The last two books were the same in that Not sure it s worth continuing.

    Brilliant I want I want

    Great Series

    Oddly compelling if entirely predictable.

    Nothing to say, like always the book is awesome

    Another great book to add to the series Keep them coming

    Coyora Dokusho
    Pointlessly reminiscent of Honor Harrington pointlessly will continue to read but steadily having less and less funAlso, I sleep now Work tomorrow.

    Right, what s next Great, easy to read series.

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