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  • Title: An O'Brien Family Christmas
  • Author: Sherryl Woods
  • ISBN: 9780778312703
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover

  • An O'Brien Family Christmas By Sherryl Woods Dating Matthew O Brien a playboy and a younger man cost Laila Riley her career and her parents respect A high price, even for love and when Laila decides it was just a fling, she breaks it off, despite Matthew s objections.But the O Brien family has other ideas, and they conspire to get Laila to join them on a Dublin holiday It s a great time to get away from it all, buDating Matthew O Brien a playboy and a younger man cost Laila Riley her career and her parents respect A high price, even for love and when Laila decides it was just a fling, she breaks it off, despite Matthew s objections.But the O Brien family has other ideas, and they conspire to get Laila to join them on a Dublin holiday It s a great time to get away from it all, but Laila has reservations about the trip Matthew s bound to be there, and she s far from immune What if she can t resist temptation Meanwhile, the O Briens are in an uproar over matriarch Nell s unexpected romance with an old flame Will she follow her heart despite the risks And will Laila discover that some risks are actually once in a lifetime opportunities
    Sherryl Woods
    With two other careers to her credit before becoming a novelist and four states in which she s lived for extended periods of time, Sherryl Woods has collected friends and memories, along with way too much unnecessary junk The friends are the only things I ve brought with me through the years that really matter, she says I could probably live without one chintz teacup, another tin litho sandpail or another snowglobe, but I need those friends The theme of enduring friendships and families is always central to Sherryl s books, including her latest Chesapeake Shores series THE INN AT EAGLE POINT, FLOWERS ON MAIN and HARBOR LIGHTS.Author of than 100 romance and mystery novels, Sherryl Woods grew up in Virginia Over the years she had lived in Ohio and Florida, as well as California Currently she divides her time between Key Biscayne, Florida and Colonial Beach, Virginia, the small, river front town where she spent her childhood summers.A graduate of Ohio State University School of Journalism, Sherryl spent than ten years as a journalist, most of them as a television critic for newspapers in Ohio and Florida For several years she also coordinated a motivational program for the than 8,000 employees at the University of Miami Jackson Memorial Medical Center.Her first book, RESTORING LOVE, was published in 1982 by Dell Candlelight Ecstasy under the pseudonym of Suzanne Sherrill Her second book, SAND CASTLES, under the pseudonym of Alexandra Kirk, was published later that same year by Bantam She began using her own name when she moved to the Second Chance at Love line at Berkley Publishing In 1986, she began writing full time and also began her long career at Silhouette Books with the Desire title NOT AT EIGHT, DARLING, set in the world of television which she covered for so many years.In addition to her than 75 romances for Silhouette Desire and Special Edition, she has written thirteen mysteries nine in the Amanda Roberts series and four in the Molly DeWitt series When she s not writing or reading, Sherryl loves to garden, though she s not at her best on a riding lawn mower She also loves tennis, theater, and ballet, even though her top spin has long since vanished, she s never set foot on a stage, and she s way too uncoordinated to dance She also loves baseball and claims anyone who s ever seen Kevin Costner in Bull Durham can understand why.

    An O'Brien Family Christmas By Sherryl Woods


    Shelley Vanbrunt
    Nothing like a trip to Ireland to inspire love I am not sure I would ever be able to accept a surprise wedding but this worked for this couple Age is just a number and Love wins every time It was nice to see it the other way around after Connie and Thomas story.

    I liked it than I thought I would Not much to say.

    A sweet addition to this series with lots going on and not just for the starring couple Laila and Matthew s love story was very sweet and lovely, with Matthew going all guns to romance Laila with an old fashioned courtship Her disgruntled reaction to his refusal to sleep with her was very funny.The only disappointments, for me, were the ridiculous reaction from Mick O Brien, to his mother s romance and Laila s father s behaviour in general Neither of these men offered sufficient apology to the r [...]

    Willow Brook
    2 1 2 stars This was my first book by Sherryl Woods and probably a poor choice with lots of characters from what I assume are other books Nice to catch up on old friends in a series, but if you don t know them it s like listening to endless gossip about people you never met After a while you lose interest I do anyway and the O Brien Clan started to get on my nerves The main characters in this story, Matthew and Laila didn t grab me all that much and the big conflict in the story was he is younge [...]

    Two haiku review Christmas in IrelandHe s younger but sex is greatCan she accept him She has many fearsFamily expectationsNice Christmas romance

    Je sais plus lequel choisir Will, Mack ou Matthew on va voir ce que donne Luke Bon Laila tait une emmerdeuse d un niveau plus supportable

    Matriarch Nell O Brien wants to spend Christmas in her beloved Dublin, she hasn t been since she was a girl and her entire family want to make sure it happens, she also wants to put her matchmaking to work for her grandson Matthew and Laila Riley Laila Riley gave up her dream job of working in her father s bank after the explosion that was her announcement of being involved with Matthew O Brien, her father was not happy not just because he s younger but because he s a known rake and rascal and d [...]

    Another great book in her Chesapeake Shores Series

    Andrea Guy
    The Chesapeake Shores series is one of my very favorites Sherryl Woods introduces you to the fabulous O Brien clan Each book is fine as a stand alone novel, but it is nice to have read some of the others, so that the family history is in your mind If you haven t read any of them, that won t make much difference, after a few pages, the O Brien s will feel like your family.This story focuses on Laila and Matthew O Brien as well as grandma Nell and Dillon O Malley There are always a few stories goi [...]

    This book really was different from the usual back and forth girl and guy get together fall apart etc In this book, which left off of Beach Lane in which Susie promises Gram that they will all go to Ireland for Christmas to celebrate Susie and Mack getting married.Well we all knew that Matthew and Laila would be the ones in the majority of the book but in her usual style, Sherryl Woods doesn t disappoint us with a peek of maybe who we might see in the next book, either Gram and her beau from Ire [...]

    I love books set in Ireland but the fact this book was set there was useless It could have been set in any hotel anywhere since the only significance Dublin got was the mention of pubs, Guinness, and Irish coffee No mention of Dillon s accent No description of the area other than the dreary weather and pretty seaside And absolutely no reference to how anyone looked You have no description of any character so there is no way to build what I refer to as the movie in my head And not once did they s [...]

    Laila began a love affair with Matthew O Brien in her small hometown of Chesapeake Shores Since Matthew was a known playboy and she was a respected account in her father s bank she decided to keep their love affair a secret When her parents discover Laila s secret it costs her not only her parents respect but her job In turmoil from her parent s reaction she breaks her relationship with Matthew The entire O Brien family has other ideas for Laila and they begin to work on her to ensure that she w [...]

    Horrible times horrible First of all I think this author is ridiculous The main reason these two terrible characters don t get together is because of age Hello The whole book I was waiting for their age difference to be talked about somewhere What is she 35 and he s 23 It made the story super annoying to be always wondering I m not sure if the author thought that was making the point that age doesn t matter by not telling us Because all it did was annoy the crap out of me Second,why are there no [...]

    I love reading Sherryl s Woods Cheasapeke series This is a heartwarming story of adventures with the O Brien family it will make you laugh and cry Can t wait for Feb when the next book in the series comes out.

    Cute Cute Cute Good little escape book Loved waking up early to fall into the O Brien s world of happiness and love Very much enjoyed for a Holiday novel.

    Although I m not a big romance fan I really enjoy Sherryl Woods novels and of course I saved this one for the Christmas season and it was a lot of fun.

    Kim Smiley
    Another wonderful story of the O Brien clan, this time going to Ireland, just as Suzie promised Gram she would take her as soon as she was cancer free Well, Suzie is cancer free and she and her husband are taking the entire family with them on their honeymoon to Ireland.So Gram, Nell meets up with an old flame at his tobacco shop She always had a thing for Dillon O Malley, but then she went to the states and married Now as she is a widow, he is a widower and they intend to spend as much time tog [...]

    Anne Keller
    Christmas Magic at it s best The setting alone for this story, Dublin, Ireland at Christianity time, makes you wish you were there Will she or won t she seems to be the question Will Laila go to Ireland with the rest of the O Brien family Will she get back together with Matthew Will she go back to her job at the bank Will she say yes Will Nell rekindle her love for Dillon Will she stay in Ireland Will Moira give in to Luke s advances Will Jenny accept Connie s news The ending leaves you wanting [...]

    Courtney Lyman
    I don t read a lot of Sherryl Woods books and this was one with a lot of family members whose stories you almost already need to know to really follow A genealogy in the front would have been helpful as I tried to keep track of how they were all related especially with four generations especially since there was a Mick, a Mack, and a little Mick It was a nice story though even with the confusion.

    Tough going on this one I found Laila to be very unappealing since her mindset and actions seemed somewhat incomprehensible Nell s charm romance and Thomas Connie s unfolding story saved this from a one star review.

    Absolutely love the Chesapeake Shores series Must read for Sherryl Woods reading fans I have become addicted to the books characters Jess and her sisters and mom Megan Let s not forget grandma Love and read on

    Karen seng
    it was good a trip to ireland with the whole family

    Rhonda Nash
    I read it because it was Christmas and it was Irelandn t know this series and I don t know that I ll read any of themybe

    Carol Stanley-Snow
    The O Briens are at it again This time in Ireland for Christmas.Love, hate, despair.a relationship that seemed doomed is.well, read the book and you ll see

    The whole O Brien clan goes to Dublin, Ireland to the home of matriarch Nell O Brian for the Christmas holidays Nell s son and father of the whole group of O Brian offspring, Mick, is not happy when his mother appears to be connecting with an old suitor from years past In fact, the entire family is not sure about what is going on with Nell and her friend No one wants for Nell to decide to move back to Ireland What are the Irishman s intentions On the other hand, family friend Laila Riley is talk [...]

    It was ok I did understand the angst of an older woman dealing with a younger man who happens to be related to her best friend This was a fun read.

    THIS SUMMARY REVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLYA sweet addition to this series with lots going on and not just for the starring couple Laila and Matthew s love story was very sweet and lovely, with Matthew going all guns to romance Laila with an old fashioned courtship Her disgruntled reaction to his refusal to sleep with her was very funny.The only disappointm [...]

    Nicole Michele
    Good, quick read I love learning about Nell s past And the set up for Luke s book What I really like is Ms Woods didn t drag Matthew and Laila s story than it had to be Just right.

    Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    Originally posted at longandshortreviews.cA torrid love affair with a younger man cost banker Leila Riley her job and her father s respect Was it just a fling In retrospect Leila thinks sod she breaks it off with Matthew O Brien.All her life Leila has felt she never measured up to her father s expectations Her affair with the much younger Matthew, regarded as a player by many including her father, cost her the career she wanted so badly Resenting her loss, she breaks up with Matthew and takes an [...]

    Remember Nora Roberts MacGregor series of romances The first ones came out in 1985, and they featured a large family, the patriarch who was a matchmaker for his family, and all the romances of various grandchildren and cousins Sherryl Woods Chesapeake Shores series reminds me of Roberts books And, An O Brien Family Christmas, Woods latest celebration of love, meddling and family, brings all those common elements together.This year, the entire family plans to go to Ireland for Christmas They all [...]

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