[E-Book] Ü Unlimited Æ No Picnic on Mount Kenya: A Daring Escape, A Perilous Climb : by Felice Benuzzi Ñ #2020

  • Title: No Picnic on Mount Kenya: A Daring Escape, A Perilous Climb
  • Author: Felice Benuzzi
  • ISBN: 9781558218765
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback

  • No Picnic on Mount Kenya: A Daring Escape, A Perilous Climb By Felice Benuzzi An Italian prisoner of war in equatorial East Africa recounts his escape from a British POW camp so that he might climb the 17,000 foot peak of Mount Kenya.
    Felice Benuzzi
    Felice Benuzzi Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the No Picnic on Mount Kenya: A Daring Escape, A Perilous Climb book, this is one of the most wanted Felice Benuzzi author readers around the world.

    No Picnic on Mount Kenya: A Daring Escape, A Perilous Climb By Felice Benuzzi


    Let me begin by stating that I am a climber and have a desire for adventure sure, those might seem to go hand in hand, but how many climbers are willing to suffer in their thirst for adventure My suffering has been hardly that, but the limited hardship I ve endured has brought an appreciation for those who have set their sets higher, further afield or took on a challenge thought foolhardy by many Which brings us to this book, this author, this audacious undertaking Any climber or traveler who ha [...]

    There s no way I could recommend this book highly enough Let me first disclose that memoirs about war or books about climbing don t interest me at all, but I flicked through the pages and noticed the clear and precise writing which is something I always enjoy I was soon hooked and knew I had to take it home since it was unlike anything I had expected Not only is it written amazingly well, the story is also great bored out of their minds in a camp, three prisoners of war escape to climb mount Ken [...]

    When I described this book to a friend, he was upset that the POWs break back into the camp after climbing Mt Kenya That s not how an escape story is supposed to end But it s not an escape story it s a story about taking enormous risk in answer to one s inner freedom Benuzzi would be a better reader than writer of poetry the descriptive and narrative skill are not award winning But spirit of this journey comes through vividly for me, especially once the party is above the tree line As the vista [...]

    What a magnificent little book I won t dwell on the feat itself, on which plenty of other reviewers have commented, other than to say that it is quite astounding I only wish to comment on the writing even without crediting his command of a foreign language, Benuzzi is incredibly gifted with words and has a wonderful eye for the humorous and sublime in life Take, for example, this theatrical passage describing an elephant,Renouncing his drink when only a few yards from the water he stopped and ga [...]

    Tyson Titensor
    The author was a P.O.W in Kenya during WWII He stages an escape so that he can climb the second highest peak in Africa He knows that there is no chance he will make a permanent escape, so his plan is to just return back to the camp after his climb and deal with the repercussions It is an awesome story and I loved it.One of my favorite passages Never, I imagine, have mountaineers approached the mountain of their dreams a colossus of 17,000 feet at that under such conditions at least not in this c [...]

    Damiano Cassese
    This is truly an amazing book That s because it isn t only a brilliantly written novel, with many breathtaking images vividly depicted in its pages It isn t either because the story is actually true, and three italians really did such a incredibly stupid and beautiful thing as escaping only for the sake of climbing the beautiful mountain they saw from their camp This is instead a book where the love for nature and mountain emerges as pure and sincere as few others Really, you should read it.

    Great adventure book about 3 Italian POW s in East Africa who escaped from their camp to attempt to summit Mt Kenya The book is extremely well written and one feels that you are there with them on their journey.

    Far from detailed, this book just or less goes through what happened The writer has good humor every now and then.

    Oles Berezhny
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    Pj Anderer
    A rather fantastic story of prison escape, to a freedom of a different sort Felice Benuzzi, imprisioned in a POW camp in Nanyuki, Kenya during the Second World War, breaks out to attempt to climb Mt Kenya The 17,000 extinct volcano looms about town and the camp and proved to be irrrestible to the Austrian born Italian who spent time in the Alps and Dolomites before the war A thorough description of the preparations as well as the many days spent on the mountain attempting to summit the peak and [...]

    While browsing a book store in Dublin I came across this book and was intrigued.Three Italians prisoners of war of the British in Kenya during the Second World War are tired of their confinement but do not believe they could escape to a neutral or friendly country Instead, they decide to escape and climb Mount Kenya, which beckons from above their camp And, there plan is to return to camp when finished Just an excursion to spend some time in freedom and to accomplish something.So, this is a wond [...]

    Niall Sclater
    This is an engaging tale of three Italian POWs in Kenya during WW2 who gaze out of their camp longingly at Mount Kenya and decide to break out to climb it and sneak back into the camp again several weeks later It takes many months to prepare for the trip and they even somehow manage to make themselves crampons and ice axes within the camp Benuzzi s youthful excitement at the enterprise comes across throughout the book he s entranced by the wildlife and the extraordinary environment of the mounta [...]

    The true story of an Italian WW2 POW who, interned in a camp in East Africa, decided to break out so he could go climb Mount Kenya His plan was to climb the mountain then return and break back into the camp, accepting that he had no realistic expectation of being able to escape, given their location and the surroundings A mad cap idea, which he describes very matter of factly, with a dry sense of humour At times I thought he dwelled too long on the journey to and from the mountain, but overall i [...]

    If a good book should leave you wanting , this is a good book, I wanted to know about what happened to them after returning to the prisoner of war camp.The rest of the book did not leave me wanting , the descriptions are vivid and you feel for Felice as he tries to organise things And for the whole party as they struggle with hunger, the weather, flora and fauna on their bid to climb Mount Kenya.

    An epic story of an escape and climb The book is well narrated and paced I m amazed by the motivation and perseverance of the author the lengths he would go to just for the sake of a few days of climbing.

    Ninette Fernandes
    Fascinating story a true story of an amazing adventure Brilliant

    A very interesting story about two POWs and their journey to Mount Kenya A really interesting history of what happened, alongside some other details about expeditions to Mount Kenya.

    I grabbed it on a whim because of the artwork Read it Loved it Bought it for a friend.

    What a story Super inspirational start to finish.

    Mike Pinter
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book A great adventure story about an unusual plan to beat the tedium of a prisoner of war camp in Kenya.

    Daniel Tinnion
    Cool story Didn t entirely enjoy the writing style Still really good fun.

    Sam Hinmers
    Certainly well written, but a sense of over encouragement from the author to read unnecessary on such a tale

    An uplifting book about the human spirit and how it cannot be constrained even as a prisoner of war It makes us think that the impossible is possible Something we need to believe right now.

    Three Italian soldiers in a British POW camp in Kenya during WWII decide to escape from the camp, climb Mount Kenya, and then return True story and a great story.

    Theresa Feeser
    Perseverance and determination can get you through the most difficult times If you are not moving you die Powerful and true story that proves this indisputable fact of life.

    Was thinking it ll just be a good book for break but actually super interesting More than you would expect.

    I don t think it is a spoiler for me to quote the author, when he says near the very end of this book, the purely spiritual side.ers to a mountaineer This quote summarizes for me the biggest take away from the book The authors physical imprisonment as prisoners of war was not the direct source of any suffering rather, they suffered because physical imprisonment led to a kind of spiritual imprisonment Spiritual here does not mean faith based, but rather, emotional and psychological As mountainee [...]

    Linda Nelson
    A winner WWII prisoners see Mt Kenya daily some are Italians who have enjoyed climbing the Alps They decide to escape from the camp, climb Mt Kenya, and then return to the camp Just because it is SOOO boring in camp.

    This book is inspiring.

    Slow going as I picked it up and put it down again, but this book is magnificent The courage and scale of the achievement described here is breathtaking and the language beautifully measured and self deprecating, translated from the Italian I am in awe of the physical effort required to climb a mountain equivalent to the Alps with a prisoner s diet and physique and hardly any food But above all it s the will to do it the sheer existential will to push forward and to truly live that really speaks [...]

    • [E-Book] Ü Unlimited Æ No Picnic on Mount Kenya: A Daring Escape, A Perilous Climb : by Felice Benuzzi Ñ
      333 Felice Benuzzi
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