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  • Title: Dawn of Fear
  • Author: Susan Cooper
  • ISBN: 9780152227104
  • Page: 110
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  • Dawn of Fear By Susan Cooper Derek and his friends, living outside of London during World War II, find plenty of opportunities to explore bomb craters, collect shrapnel, and identify the fighter planes that fly overhead When a bomb hits close to school, causing classes to be canceled, the boys are overjoyed They can spend the day building their secret camp But when their work on the camp is sabotagDerek and his friends, living outside of London during World War II, find plenty of opportunities to explore bomb craters, collect shrapnel, and identify the fighter planes that fly overhead When a bomb hits close to school, causing classes to be canceled, the boys are overjoyed They can spend the day building their secret camp But when their work on the camp is sabotaged, a tough neighboring gang is to blame A violent clash with the rival gang followed by a long night of bombing close at hand change forever Derek s feelings about the war.
    Susan Cooper
    Susan Cooper s latest book is the YA novel Ghost Hawk 2013 Susan Cooper was born in 1935, and grew up in England s Buckinghamshire, an area that was green countryside then but has since become part of Greater London As a child, she loved to read, as did her younger brother, who also became a writer After attending Oxford, where she became the first woman to ever edit that university s newspaper, Cooper worked as a reporter and feature writer for London s Sunday Times her first boss was James Bond creator Ian Fleming.Cooper wrote her first book for young readers in response to a publishing house competition Over Sea, Under Stone would later form the basis for her critically acclaimed five book fantasy sequence, The Dark Is Rising The fourth book in the series, The Grey King, won the Newbery Medal in 1976 By that time, Susan Cooper had been living in America for 13 years, having moved to marry her first husband, an American professor, and was stepmother to three children and the mother of two.Cooper went on to write other well received novels, including The Boggart and its sequel The Boggart and the Monster , King of Shadows , and Victory, as well as several picture books for young readers with illustrators such as Ashley Bryan and Warwick Hutton She has also written books for adults, as well as plays and Emmy nominated screenplays, many in collaboration with the actor Hume Cronyn, whom she married in 1996 Hume Cronyn died in 2003 and Ms Cooper now lives in Marshfield MA When Cooper is not working, she enjoys playing piano, gardening, and traveling.Recent books include the collaborative project The Exquisite Corpse Adventure and her biography of Jack Langstaff titled The Magic Maker Her newest book is Ghost Hawk Visit her Facebook pages facebook SusanCooperFanPagefacebook GhostHawkBySusanCooper

    Dawn of Fear By Susan Cooper


    James Lark
    Not as sensational as The Machine Gunners , less ostentatiously sophisticated than Fireweed , but of all the blitz stories I read as a child, this is the one that stuck with me most It doesn t seem to have made it onto the popular lists of great WW2 children s literature, and unable to remember the title I hadn t tracked it down until stumbling across it in a library a couple of weeks ago What an experience to find on every page images and events that have remained with me with incredible clarit [...]

    It has been a long time since I picked up a Susan Cooper book, the last being Over Sea, Under Stone I thought Dawn of Fear was a wonderful story, partly autobiographical, in which Cooper follows the story of three friends who live under the constant threat of Nazi invasion The story is set within the streets, homes and wilderness around the town within which they live and follows the boys exploits as they go about creating their own shelter to protect themselves from the bombing What struck me w [...]

    I read Susan Cooper s fantasy series, The Dark is Rising sequence, as a teenager, but don t remember if I ever read Dawn of Fear At any rate, for some reason I kept this very slim volume when the Dark is Rising novels went to the charity shop Having read it again now, I rather regret giving away the other books.Dawn of Fear is the story of three fairly ordinary schoolboys who happen to be growing up at a very extraordinary time Cooper draws on her own experiences of the 1939 1945 war and is very [...]

    P.D.R. Lindsay
    Susan Cooper always writes well This is one of her deceptively simple books On the face of it the story is an uncomplicated children s story, but it is, as the title suggests, about learning what fear really is For Derek and his friends, Peter and Geoffrey, think the war is, as Derek s father said of their attitude Just a great game They continue to build their den, go to school, fight off the neighbouring street s children who destroy their den, and wonder, for there are undercurrents they sens [...]

    Deborah O"Carroll
    DNF did not finish I started reading this AGES ago I was pretty young at the time but I couldn t get into it and it was dark and depressing It s a fictionalized semi autobiography of the author s experiences as a child during the bombing of London in WWII, so, obviously horrific, the so because it s largely true For those interested in such things they might find it interesting But it doesn t seem like it s for children, to me anyway, and I don t know, it just wasn t for me I guess I glanced at [...]

    Young Derek is trying to grow up during the bombing of London He learns lessons about sacrifice and fear in a world we can t control Overall, I was disapointed in this book I never fell in love with the characters because they just never revealed themselves to me The author tries to throw in some deepness at the end of the book, but it s too little too late An extra thing, the artwork on the cover does not happen in the book, which I found interesting since I found the book to be a let down when [...]

    I found this book interesting for a few chapters and the middle boring with a touching ending.

    Sam Pope
    I read this as part of research for an essay I am planning for my MA on representation of war in children s literature particularly WW1 and WW2 as a possible contrast book against Robert Westall s work There are elements in this that are similar to Westall s The Machine Gunners mainly how children often create their own sense of war during times of conflict In both books, children gather into groups and plan their own kind of Home Guard In both, there is tragedy that affects the children directl [...]

    this was a kick in the head week in the life of a half dozen 10 12 year olds near London during ww2 not a nice story made me thankful for not living during wartimes that affect me personally this goes in depth about what normal life was like in Britian then breakfast, play, radio programmes are natural part of the story the ending could have gone many ways, fortunately it didn t, it went true to the story.just read the bio of Susan Cooper on i assumed she wrote the book as an outsider, an americ [...]

    Cynthia Egbert
    I promised myself that I would read some books about WWII from the English citizen s perspective after I returned from my trip to the UK This is the first in the line up of books that I have chosen It is a young adult book but it is well written as most youth literature is these days and it is painful to read and yet beautiful Susan Cooper has never yet disappointed me and I would recommend this book just as I have all of her others But read it too, don t just give it to your children It is one [...]

    Rather different from usual war stories, Dawn of Fear presents us with a very civilian, almost humdrum take on World War II Three boys, Derek, Peter and Geoffrey, go to school, build fortresses and fight with rival gangs against a backdrop of near daily air raids and bombings I thought the boys childishness and emotions were very realistic, though as another reviewer has commented, the opportunity to inject depth into the story comes too little, too late in this book.

    This book takes a bit to get up to speed but ultimately it does a good job of dealing with a very difficult topic The book is about young boys during World War 2 Originally they are fascinated by the war but over the course of the book they learn to feel differently It s a pretty gut wrenching read as an adult but I couldn t say how it would go over with a younger crowd.It s not my favorite Susan Cooper book but it was quite good.

    For adults, this book about three boys in England during WWII will be pretty predictable for the young adult readers for whom it is intended, however, the ending may come as a surprise The book is an ordinary story about ordinary boys, who find the war unremarkable because it has been their backdrop for so long The shattering event at the end therefore comes as a shock, but the choice to structure the book this way seems an appropriate testament to the randomness of tragedy in war.

    During WW2, Daerek and his friends fearless unconcern with enemy planes that fly over their neighborhood on their way to bomb London, undergoes a change as the raids become severe When a rival group of boys destroys their secret camp they come face to face with grown up hatred A bomb directly hits one boys house killing the entire family and things will never be the same Grades 4

    This is a classic coming of age story, told in matter of fact, emotionally raw terms I think this book should be far better known than it is it s almost 100 percent autobiographical and is a harrowing insight into a childhood during the Blitz.

    I almost cried when I finished reading this I felt sad and blue all evening about the ending Susan Cooper is great

    This is a well written story and valuable perspective on civilian life during World War II, but definitely not one to read when you re already feeling down Sheesh.

    Really captured the day to day experiences of war from a childs perspective, and brought home the reality of it as well.

    David Boren
    would highly recommend

    Joshua Figueroa
    so far the books kind of good i just started it a few minuts ago im on like page 10 of 159 confused

    Sweet story about friendship during WWII A traditional coming of age book, with a different backdrop.

    Alex Gammon
    This book is good so far and It seems interesting If you enjoy world war 2 and history in that era then you will enjoy this book.

    This book is nice.

    Austin Blair
    it ended on page 158 not 176 it was a good bookand if you like war books i would read this.

    Bob Rust
    Dawn of Fear 1970 is a effective though nonfantastic Young Adult novel set during World War Two.

    It s funny how I didn t really like this that much when we read it in year 7, however over time and multiple re reads it s become one of my absolute favourites.

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      Susan Cooper