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  • Title: Suspense
  • Author: Jason Letts
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  • Page: 440
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  • Suspense By Jason Letts Spencer Nye can t control the rage bubbling under her skin over the world around her The trouble is, by the year 2102, the world has solved most of its great problems Without hunger, war, greed, or even money, people obsess over the glamour of the Culture Industry and its mega celebrity Idols, who vie for followers over the social networks of Connect.But Spencer discoverSpencer Nye can t control the rage bubbling under her skin over the world around her The trouble is, by the year 2102, the world has solved most of its great problems Without hunger, war, greed, or even money, people obsess over the glamour of the Culture Industry and its mega celebrity Idols, who vie for followers over the social networks of Connect.But Spencer discovers there is plenty to fix within the Idols competition for popularity She becomes a diehard and promises to do anything to help her Idol, a dreamy movie star named Cleary Mintz, bring his vision of hope and purpose to the world When she stumbles onto a threat against his life, she ll have to fight harder than she ever thought possible or lose the man who means to her than any other.
    Jason Letts
    Sometimes I think writing makes me crazy, but then again I d probably be even crazy without it There are a lot of things I do to balance out though traveling, distance running, hiking, reading, orange juice, tennis, food fights, walking out of movie theaters telling the people in line that Harry Potter dies, cooking ethnic food, and competitive napping.Find My Books On On BNOn iTunesOn Smashwords

    Suspense By Jason Letts


    Suspense takes us in a future where everything is at our fingertips Anything you have ever wanted can be easily gotten without having to lift a finger And, not a far stretch from today, everyone is connected through a social network that is constantly connected by nodes in your eyesight When I first started Suspense I was really intrigued by the world this book was set in It started with sudden action and mystery However, I found myself getting very confused I didn t understand the bit about Ido [...]

    Robert Duperre
    Rating 4.7 out of 5In certain ways, Facebook has become an integral part of my life I spend way too much time on it, conversing with friends, making connections, sometimes simply passing the time It s become a useful tool, but also a slightly frightening one If you were to think about how connected everyone is through these bits of data flowing invisibly all around us, it would be very easy to come up with a nightmare scenario where we not only use programs like this as a tool, but they become n [...]

    Universe Idol It is year 2102, and the world as we know it is now a digital paradise 10.1 billion people are united through a marvel simply called Connect a super enhanced version of today s Internet only this program is built into every single person on the planet Through a small metal disc, a node , on the right side on a person s temple, people can access Connect with little than a thought There are even greater wonders of technology Complex machines known as Molecular Synthesizers can produ [...]

    This review originally appeared on my blog, Feeding My Book Addiction feedingmybookaddictionspoProlific self published author Jason Letts steps away from young adult fantasy and paranormal romance to try his hand at writing a young adult dystopian trilogy The first book, entitled Suspense, introduces readers to a world without problems Hunger, poverty, and even war are no longer plague humanity Everyone lives in prosperity and a comfortable peace as all of their needs are met by a molecular synt [...]

    First, let me just say that I haven t read a great deal of dystopian YA lit, but after reading Suspense I m hooked on the genre In Suspense, author Jason Letts has taken the idea of a dystopian future, and by adding his own brand of humor, action, twists and turns, he s created one of the most original stories I ve ever read This book is truly a page turner seriously, I read it in one sitting and every time I told myself Just one chapter , I d get to the end of that chapter and something exciti [...]

    Catriona (LittleBookOwl)
    Original review from Little Book OwlSuspense was an entertaining, and very unique story There is so much action, and this picks up almost immediately and the fast pace helped in making this book a quick and easy read The world in which the story is set, is digitally advanced, full of intriguing technologies and devices including Connect , which is pretty much the ultimate social networking internet database, the ability to defy gravity and walk on walls and molecular synthesisers which can produ [...]

    Suspense is based in an interesting dystopian world that doesn t seem too far stretched from where we are nowadays Everyone adores idols living in a big mansion and the people of this society even identify themselves by the idol they support which includes amongst others a movie starlet, an older woman who is a teacher to the younger children and a tech geek Other major differences from the world as we know it includes Connect a device all people have implanted in them that serves as a communica [...]

    Grace Krispy
    I love the world created in this story, it draws you in from the first page As soon as I started the book I realized we were in a different world than I know, with the personal nodes, the connect system, and the idols I love how this world was implied rather than explained, and I gradually figured out what made this world tick The idea of Connect, sending messages simply by thinking and finding the information you needed in front of your eyes in a split second, was really easy to visualize yet u [...]

    I made a discovery about myself while reading Suspense I takes me a while to get into dystopian novels It has nothing to do with the writing or the characters It just takes me a while to wrap my mind around these unique, futuristic worlds That being said, once I got into Suspense, I really liked it.The book centers around Spencer Nye and her friends The world Letts created for Suspense is perfect at first glance It doesn t take long to discover though that nothing is perfect Spencer lives in a w [...]

    Maya Lantz
    Suspense was enthralling from the minute I started reading It is aptly named as it is full of suspense at every turn In the futuristic world Jason Letts has created there is no need for money or even working as everything is provided for you The main thing that matters is your status and that of the Idol you follow over a social networking site called Connect Spencer Nye is willing to fight for what she believes in her Idol Cleary Mintz This fight takes her to the brink and back, fighting not ju [...]

    My Rating 2.5 5First thoughts While I m completely in love with the idea of a story involving this kind of dystopian society and even though I read really positive reviews about Suspense, it wasn t the right story for me in the end I would have preferred a little romance and a little less action, but at the same time I m interested in finding out what will happen in this world.More detailed The idea of Suspense sounds really special and is a wonderful basis for a great novel It s already visibl [...]

    John Mann
    This was an odd book to me It dealt with a future Earth in which everyone was perpetually connected to each other with wireless internet implanted in their temples This is a cool concept for me, but there were these pins which others could basically eject from your temple to delete stored data, for example This is a ridiculous security risk, and I think that in a future with tech at that level, we could at least prevent the ease of that happeningThis future world had these matter fabricators whi [...]

    Originally posted to Pawing Through Books on 12 29 11When reading the description for this book I thought it sounded like a good and new take on a dystopian society While reading I found myself thinking that some of this did sound feasible in the future.Lets face it our society is obsessed with celebrities, so why couldn t a future where we have a few Idols happen These are the people that everyone follows and looks up to and in some ways obsesses over Also, we are a bit addicted to technology a [...]

    Jackie Miller
    I had never heard of this author and wasn t sure what to expect I seriously loved this book The title, Suspense, really has a double meaning It s the nickname of the heroine, Spencer Nye, plus the story is full of suspense from beginning to the end The plot is amazing The world the characters live in is one where everyone is constantly connected to their social network by nodes implanted in their heads It dominates most every part of how they exist There are machines that create everything from [...]

    Melissa Robles
    Interesting Exciting Suspenseful.Suspense is a wonderful book created by Jason Letts It s original, action packed and with excellent characters.The story takes place in the year of 2102, where Idols are followed for entertainment, food and objects are obtained without breaking a sweat Oh, and you can t forget about the immediate access to Connect , the internet facebook twitter, right from inside their human heads.Spencer Nye finds herself trying to make a difference, by thinking and being diffe [...]

    Jenny(hades2) (Chocolate Chunky Munkie)
    I was given a copy of this book to review from the author.Suspense is a fast paced and edgy thriller It does border on the weird and wacky at times, but then again this is a dystopian book so anything goes really It really brings home how a society depends on social networking I liked the futuristic feel of this book, you kind of think it s possible that this world could happen.I will say that it did take me a few good chapters to get into this book, at times I felt it pretty hard going But I am [...]

    Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    This was such a fun read.It was different and fun and super unique It is a great start to what I think will be a very promising series.If you love kick butt heroines, a little mystery and even a sci fi edge then this is a book you really should try And for the next week you can even get a free ebook copy of this wonderful book free from the author and enter in to win some other spectacular prizes.Check out my blog to find out how myguiltyobsession

    The protagonist of this book was so incredibly hard to relate to that I almost put it down within the first few chapters Luckily the action started and caught my interest However, this book s true accomplishment was its unique social structure Suspense takes Facebook and Twitter to dizzyingly terrifying levels.Will I read its sequel I have yet to decide.

    I don t really want to read this, I added it just so I could express my outrage at the sudden spate of YA books trying to jump on the Hunger Games bandwagon Even the cover of this one looks similar Get your own ideas, JASON LETTS.

    Some weird combo of Hunger Games, Uglies, and Aliens It was not as good as it could have been But it was free, so I wasn t expecting much.

    Just couldn t get into this book I couldn t really see the whole premise as at all plausible I really tried to finish it, but decided it was just wasting my time.

    A little weird even for a science fiction book Still enjoyed reading it though.

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