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  • Title: Shatner Rules: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large
  • Author: William Shatner Chris Regan
  • ISBN: 9781101547984
  • Page: 265
  • Format: ebook

  • Shatner Rules: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large By William Shatner Chris Regan You love William Shatner You admire his many and varied talents You appreciate his creativity and willingness to take risks You want to learn his master negotiation techniques You wish you could hang out with him Admit it You want to BE William Shatner And nowyou can almost To be Shatner, you must follow the rules included in this lively, entertaining, and thoYou love William Shatner You admire his many and varied talents You appreciate his creativity and willingness to take risks You want to learn his master negotiation techniques You wish you could hang out with him Admit it You want to BE William Shatner And nowyou can almost To be Shatner, you must follow the rules included in this lively, entertaining, and thought provoking volume This collection of rules and fun factners, illustrated with stories from Bill s illustrious life and career, will show you how Bill became WILLIAM SHATNER, larger than life and bigger than any role he ever played Shatner Rules is your guide to becoming William Shatner Or accurately, beautifully Shatneresque Because let s face itShatner does rule, doesn t he
    William Shatner Chris Regan
    William Shatner is the author of nine Star Trek novels, including the New York Times bestsellers The Ashes of Eden and The Return He is also the author of several nonfiction books, including Get a Life and I m Working on That In addition to his role as Captain James T Kirk, he stars as Denny Crane in the hit television series from David E Kelley, Boston Legal a role for which he has won two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe.

    Shatner Rules: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large By William Shatner Chris Regan


    OK, I admit it, I have quite the girl boner for Shatnerso when I saw this in the library I just HAD to read it face it, that cover is frigging adorable.There are quite a few laughs in this book it was co written with a Daily Show writer and Shatner seems to simultaneously milk and address the issue of his ginormous egoThe early tangent down the pathway of the bitterness and acrimony between him and the supporting cast of Star Trek was a little on the downer side, and he focuses on George Takei w [...]

    The main point of this seems to have been to tell Shatners former co workers, what he thought of them and also let the wider world in on his thoughts.I listened this as part of a challenge I would not otherwise have continued it, nor would I have chosen to listen to it I like Shatner less than I did before hearing the book.

    Er hat sogar mal ein Raumschiff geflogen Bill Shatner ist ein Faszinosum Er hat es geschaftt, von einem, seien wir mal ehrlich, eher mittelm igen Schauspieler zu einer Kunstfigur zu werden SF Fans lieben ihn f r seinen verschmitzten, bodenst ndigen und charaktervollen Kirk Freunde kluger Fernsehunterhaltung k nnen kaum eine verr cktere Figur erinnern als Danny Crane Doch seine wahre Berufung fand er als William Shatner selbst.In dieser da geht es schon los Was ist dieses Buch Eine Autoteilbiogra [...]

    I enjoyed this book I love Shatner, He is the funniest narcissist I did the audio and loved that he did his own narration He has had a long and distinguished career He has managed to reinvent himself I can t believe he is in his eighties I liked that he talked about his family For some reason, that always makes these larger than life people normal I also loved how he talked about about his role as Captain James Tiberius Kirk That was my favorite role that he played.

    Lisa (Harmonybites)
    ON THINGS THAT SHATNER SAYS1 This fifty thousand word rulebook memoir is a surprisingly fun and funny book Not for me laugh out loud funny, but often smile worthy No doubt Shatner s co author Chris Regan in the small type , a writer for The Daily Show, had a lot to do with that By the way, you may not want to read this book while balancing a cup of hot tea on your stomach Well, while getting over a cold If you don t laugh, the coughing fit can still get you.2 It s a good thing given frequent sna [...]

    This book is by far William Shatner s best It s very light hearted and upbeat, at least for most of it I feel there is an underlying feeling that he is disdained with growing old, as with most of us on the upper scale of life How and why does time go so fast for us and for the common teenager go so slow Unfair Bill as he says we should call him in his book has had the right idea all along, living his life in fast speed to do everything he possibly can in the time he has here on earth He has a he [...]

    I am gulping this down with great delight Bought it for Michael for Christmas and he read it in an afternoon The greatest lesson Say Yes Bill grabs life by the throat and always says yes Even to being the Chairman of Iron Chef America He lives life with such verve and exhorts us to do likewise.

    Rose Ann
    Loved it Laughed my head off all through it I absolutely love him He reached out to George Takei and slapped him upside the head Yes, Captain Kirk 7 14 2013 Just read this through for the 2nd time and I luaghed just as hard as I did the 1st time Love him

    Robert Frost
    I wonder if William Shatner holds the record for the number of autobiographies I ve read and enjoyed them all This latest is a tongue in cheek and yet earnest look at the Shatnerverse The book is structured as a list of rules to live by to live life to the fullest, as Mr Shatner has.That narrative jumps around the chronology of Shatner s life, from the perspective of a man that, having reached 80 years old, knows that end is much closer than the beginning, and isn t going to waste a minute of it [...]

    Toby Brennen
    Grandiose Egocentric Satirical Humorous Shatner Rules by William Shatner has gone where nothing I have ever read has gone before and I m not entirely sure where I went or where I ended up Shatner Rules is an unforgiving self promotion a rambling collection of musings and experiential accounts from William Shatner aka Captain James T Kirk and most recently aka Denny Crane If you are looking for an autobiography, this isn t it, although there are interesting tidbits about Mr Shatner strewn through [...]

    Two things prevent this from being a 5 star read The first one is William Shatner s ego, which brings to mind the line from Hitch Hiker s Guide to the Galaxy If there s anything important than my ego around here, I want it caught and shot now The second one is the repeated attacks on George Takei Yes, I know the two men don t get on Yes, I know that in the opinions of many, George started it That is beside the point The repeated snarking just comes across as petty and pathetic and detracts from [...]

    Ann Keller
    If I learned anything from this book, it is to say Yes to life a lot often Avoiding saying Yes is safe, conservative and typically very dull Conversely, taking risks opens one up to new opportunities, amazingly wonderful experiences one never would have enjoyed if he hadn t given himself the chance It s time to be a little bold and outrageous This is an autobiography intertwined with humorous anecdotes and William Shatner s own blend of rare philosophy Learn about Shatner s salons, in which att [...]

    I was never particularly a fan of William Shatner I chose this book to read specifically because he seems to never be dissuaded by the ridicule he endured for being egotistical I admire that It was when I got 1 4 of the way through his book that I realized I genuinely admire him and am now a huge fan He is genuine He is a character Bill is someone I would like to meet and be friends with not in a crazy fan way just meaning that he s cool and I totally want to hang out with him This is a funny ma [...]

    Review first posted at BookLikes brokentuneoklikes post This will be brief.I have no idea what to make of this book.It is not the book was bad, it just wasn t great, or consistently funny Nor did it feel like an honest commentary on, well, anything apart from the incident with the underwear thief, maybe No, I won t elaborate There seems to be a lack of direction in this book some parts are rants about former co stars or anything else really, some parts are memoirs, some parts aim at explaining S [...]

    I enjoyed this book a lot than I thought I would Shatner has a reputation as having a larger than life sense of self, and through this book I ve learned there are many reasons why he should But he s also willing to admit to his failures, because he s willing to take risks Shatner knows how to get the most out of life, and makes you think you want to be like him, or as he says, Shatneresque He uses examples from his life to illustrate his rules, which are really good advice One of the biggest i [...]

    Mary Anne
    I can t say a whole lot about this book, but I will say that a I got it as an audio book, and b that I have my own copy I found this book to be poignant and, obviously, hilarious It s not his autobiography, but he touches on so much of his life in this book, and I thought that was pretty fantastic I m so glad he read his own book, though there were times when he mumbled a little.I really had no expectations, though I at least hoped it would be funny, and I had my hope in the right place.And I ca [...]

    First and foremost I had to give this book 5 stars because quite simply ITS FREAKIN SHATNER I mean come on people Actually this book is hysterical though I rarely laugh out loud reading a book but Mr Shatner has a way of weaving a good story, and his sense of humor is legendary His take on George Takei was killer and its nice to finally see Shatner s side of things when it comes to the old Star Trek days I recommend this book to EVERYONE because it is Shatner and quite frankly you and I am not I [...]

    Shatner rules Yes, he does And he s really very sure that George Takei really dislikes him, though he claims to not know why You can hear the somehow lovable pomposity in every story.In amongst the stories, the Shat gives out some advice always have a glass of water on hand, always say yes, and realize that you won t live forever It s good to make money Also, if you are the star, you get lines.He also gives some behind the scenes dirt on the Vancouver Olympics.I can t believe he just turned 81. [...]

    I have to start out by saying i m a HUGE Shatner fan I have enjoyed many of his books, and this one is no different It was a quick read and a fun read I like that he has never really taken himself too seriously And while this is a light hearted book, there is some good advice in it This is one book that I will keep on my bookshelf to be read again something in the future.

    I wrote a lovely review of this book, but froze on me and I lost it Here s the discount version I love Shatner He makes me laugh, and this book made me laugh than I thought it would I m going to try to follow Rule 1 better Say Yes Who knows where a stupid idea can lead you Shatner is 80 now and has no intention of stopping anytime soon Life is an adventure live it.

    I listened to him read his book in the car He is hilarious He always cracks me up with his sense of humor Selling his kidney stones to build a Habitat House Negotiating hockey tickets What a trip to be his daughter or grandchild OMG Live long and prosper Bill Love ya

    I was reading this while on my swing in the back yard I m sure the neighbors are wondering why I was laughing so much So funny

    Bookworm Smith
    Make sure you do not ever yell, beam me up Scotty to Shatner, if for some reason you see him in real life Why Because, he will tell you to F off Yes, just one of the many interesting tidbits of info Shatner reveals in his book Shatner Rules.Somehow, Shatner s arrogant, crass, egotistical writing comes across as endearing Why Because, he reveals just enough of his real personality to let you know it s all an act He has created this William Shatner persona that he plays while doing interviews, att [...]

    This book starts out very weak and disorganized, as though Shatner were having trouble deciding what format to use and how much self parody to throw into the mix After a few chapters, however, it became apparent that this was yet another Shatner autobiography of which there are several , only this time with a comedic twist If you re not a Shatner fan, SHATNER RULES probably contains information about the man than you really want to know Plus, if you don t get him well enough to understand his [...]

    Michelle Cristiani
    Like a lot of people, I know that William Shatner is a better actor than he s given credit for But I don t really know that much else about him Though this book has a lot of goofy jokes that scream written by a celebrity with help also, impressively, gives insight into the person that is William Shatner His voice or at least a voice other than what you d expect really comes through I learned a lot about the man in this book, and I was surprised because I thought it would be just a bluster, brag [...]

    Marion Marchetto
    As a person who is a mere generation removed from that of William Shatner, I was thrilled that this book spoke to me From the wonderful cover photo to the very last sentence, I could not put this book down In fact, I read it over the short span of two evenings A funny yet simultaneously serious look at life, Shatner Rules has me at last understanding the concept behind self promotion NOTE As a writer myself, I ve never been comfortable with promoting my work Thanks to Bill Shatner, that has chan [...]

    Another unexpected surprise see Human.4, which I read over the same weekend , this was much funnier than I expected But considering co author Chris Regan is one of the Daily Show writers who worked on Jon Stewart s hilarious EARTH THE BOOK , I guess I shouldn t be that surprised after all Shatner s always had a pretty good sense of humor about himself, and when he s not too busy dwelling on his former Enterprise mates enmity towards him, he comes off as a very lovable and amusing curmudgeon, aga [...]

    I have known who William Shatner was my entire life, he s magnanimous, he s seemingly everywhere now a days, and my dad happened to be a Star Trek fan Shatner doesn t seem to mind being the joke, but maybe he does This book has many rules on how to be like Shatner, mostly they re jokes, some aren t He trys to give us some insight on the character that he see s as WILLIAM SHATNER He describes how he couldn t be that character all the time because it would wear him out, and he gives us some fun a [...]

    This was a great romp through Shatner s brain If you re familiar with The Shat at all from the last 10 years or so, you know he s not above self caricature see the drama behind the Priceline Negotiator Here, though, you find out some of the drive behind that, namely, that he s a performer His job, as he sees it, is to entertain, and he takes self jibes see the subtitle of this book quite seriously, as long as there s entertainment value in them Full of Fun Factners and rules for living, this boo [...]

    Jean Oram
    I enjoyed this one I honestly can t believe Shatner is 80 Is he pulling our leg Anyway, my husband was reading it and shared it with me sorry, Bill, we didn t buy the audiobook, just one copy of the ebook not even hardcover and shared it.Shatner is funny, ahead of his time, and real Oh, and Canadian While he plays the egotistical TV star from time to time, he does so in a way that is very funny We are laughing with not at These are his rules for living, one of which is Yes If you always say yes [...]

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      265 William Shatner Chris Regan
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