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  • Title: The Other Side of You
  • Author: Salley Vickers
  • ISBN: 9780374221904
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Other Side of You By Salley Vickers For psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr David McBride, death exerts an unusual draw Despite his profession, he has never come to terms with the violent accident that took his brother s life, a trauma that has shaped his personality and subsequent choice of career But when a failed suicide, Elizabeth Cruikshank, comes into his care, he finds the deepest reaches of his suppFor psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr David McBride, death exerts an unusual draw Despite his profession, he has never come to terms with the violent accident that took his brother s life, a trauma that has shaped his personality and subsequent choice of career But when a failed suicide, Elizabeth Cruikshank, comes into his care, he finds the deepest reaches of his suppressed history being reactivated Elizabeth is mysteriously reticent about her own past and it is not until David recalls a painting by the Italian artist Caravaggio that she finally yields her story As she recounts the chance encounter which took her to Rome, and her tragic tale of passion and betrayal, David begins to find a strange and disturbing reflection of his own loss in the haunted other side of this elusive woman Through one long night s dialogue they journey together into a past which brings painful new insight and uncertain resolution to each of them The Other Side of You is a powerful meditation on art, and on love in all its manifestations In distinctive, graceful prose, Salley Vickers explores the ways both love and art can penetrate the complexities of the human heart, to invade and change our being, and the possibilities of regeneration through another s vision and understanding.
    Salley Vickers
    Salley Vickers was born in Liverpool, the home of her mother, and grew up as the child of parents in the British Communist Party She won a state scholarship to St Paul s Girl s School and went on to read English at Newnham College Cambridge She has worked, variously, as a cleaner, a dancer, an artist s model, a teacher of children with special needs, a university teacher of literature, and a psychoanalyst Her first novel, Miss Garnet s Angel , became an international word of mouth bestseller She now writes full time and lectures widely on many subjects, particularly the connections between, art, literature, psychology and religion.Her principal interests are opera, bird watching, dancing, and poetry One of her father s favourite poets, W.B.Yeats, was responsible for her name Salley, the Irish for willow which comes from Yeats s poem set to music by Benjamin Britten Down by the salley gardens.

    The Other Side of You By Salley Vickers


    Yvonne (Fiction Books)
    Engaging and Poignant Without giving away too many spoilers, as this book has quite a narrow narrative and storyline, so it would be easy to do so, I would just say that if you like a book where the characters truly engage with one another, then this is a must read for you.The patient and her psychologist, through their sharing of experiences, create a powerful and frighteningly honest reality about life, that left me questioning my own thoughts and actions Much as it did David McBride, the psch [...]

    What a good book It was one you could really sink your teeth into with references to poetry, art, biblical stories, and psychology to think about and learn about I really enjoyed it The author is SO insightful I loved the words that Elizabeth wrote to Thomas at the end, Were not our hearts burning inside us What a great use of the words from the end of the Emmaus biblical story That made me sob Just like the disciples, a story that began in gloom and despair ends in new life and hope for all inv [...]

    Tortuous, which is a shame because the relationship between psychiatrist and patient had the capacity to explore their respective losses Unfortunately the author failed to grasp the opportunity presented and set off on a meandering story that left this reader caring little for the outcome or the principle characers A missed opportunity.

    Vickers style and empathy engage me, please me, to the point that I want to set other things aside and just keep reading Even than usual with me As in another novel by her that I ve read, Miss Garnet s Angel, she brings me deep into the world of people who are lonely, apart, in some way and who search for, sometimes achieving, some community and love Her details are telling, and real summary description is so good I don t need to give info re content, I think Do you, my friends, agree

    Somehow I didn t quite connect with this one In part the tone of the narrator, in part the emphasis on Caravaggio I didn t hate it, but I didn t love it either and was quite relieved to reach the end.

    Infelizmente n o consegui gostar deste livro, nada me cativou nem a hist ria, nem as personagens, na verdade achei a estrutura do livro desmotivante para a leitura.

    Kathleen Dixon
    David is a psychiatrist working in two psychiatric hospitals and with a small private practice In the course of his work he meets Elizabeth Cruikshank, a failed suicide, whose silence he eventually breaks through unconventional means Standard practice is to keep one s self out of the therapy, but when David had to miss an appointment with her and he attempted to draw her out by apologising for letting her down, he had a moment of clarity and his subsequent words to her hit the mark She finally b [...]

    Rose jackson
    May be unfortunate that I came to this novel just after reading John Banville s Ancient Light I fully agreed with the few reviews that did not rave e.g It is not easy to empathise with Elizabeth Having loved and lost Thomas Carrington, and having saddled herself with an empty marriage, ungrateful children and a mother in law from hell, she is given a second chance Does she abandon dreary domesticity for a life of fun, frolic and Caravaggio with Thomas Wishy washy woman that she is she dilly dall [...]

    I read this book with pleasure It s neatly plotted and written with skill and a certain buttoned up elegance But I was left with doubts about its final success First, did anyone else find the narrator unconvincing I would have found the book believable if the narrative voice had been female, because David never fully persuaded me that he was male I didn t expect Rambo, but there was something oddly neutered about the character that goes beyond the psychological damage he d no doubt suffered I a [...]

    I really am getting through a lot of these books that have been abandoned for a while This is yet another book, I think I ve had it since sixth form, so about 5 years now I always was interested in the premise I don t know why I never picked it up until now To be honest, it is probably because I hadn t heard any buzz about the novel and I can sort of see why I don t know why this book was written.The story is told from the perspective of a therapist and it is about a particular patient who reson [...]

    Ruth Brumby
    Generally I ve enjoyed reading books by Salley Vickers, but this one left me with many questions and lack of empathy with what i think was her message I was puzzled by the narrator what is the aim of apparently seeking for us to identify with or accept the wisdom of someone who is so unpleasantly sexist I kept expecting part of the story to be written in another voice to point up the characteristics of this narrators not those of the author I was unsure about the extent of the evangelism I didn [...]

    When I embarked upon this summer s project to find and read books about therapy and therapists, this well written, well constructed novel is exactly what I was hoping to discover The characters are literate, articulate and smart, and the psychiatrist main character is likeable and has complex and nuanced views on therapy and psychological processes Nothing is ultimately tied up in sugary little bows, and all predictable cliches are avoided, yet the ending points to integration, hope, and maybe e [...]

    Anne Goodwin
    The Other Side of You is about an encounter between two people an encounter that, in different ways, saves both their lives A serious suicide attempt has brought Elizabeth Cruikshank to the hospital where David McBride works as a psychoanalytically orientated psychiatrist Shrouded in her despair, David is unable to make any progress with his patient until, recalling a painting by Caravaggio, he acknowledges their mutual stumbling humanity In the course of a mammoth therapy session, Elizabeth sha [...]

    Well, Salley Vickers is a good writer but I don t really enjoy her style of writing this book is really different from the books that i usually read such as chick lit, teens, relationships, family, friends and so forth Sally Vickers writing is somewhat between the classical writing and the modern writing the reason i bought this book is because i read many praises for the book in the beginning of the book thus i thought it was really good, so i was a bit disappointed when i find this book kinda [...]

    I m not sure what I feel about this book Sometimes it s romantic, sometimes it s glib, sometimes it s unbelievable in the neat way the characters needs and insights fit together There are a lot of elements swirling together Sometimes it s profound, sometimes platitudinous Nothing would ever happen this way But nothing in fiction ever would But are the characters round Is this a world Perhaps it s too didactic Too much a clinical psychiatrist trying to abstract the things learned from all the pat [...]

    Sharon Hollis
    Members of my book group loved this book What I loved about it was the power the author gives to the role of a person s story being heard to contribute to healing, and the value of listening I also enjoyed the way art played an important role in the healing of Elizabeth David the psychiatrist learns to listen to his own story and review his own life This is at times a painful process but one the ultimately makes him a whole human being The writing in this novel is spare and beautiful and tells [...]

    This book took some time to get off the ground, but once it got there I enjoyed it MINOR SPOILERI really enjoyed Elizabeth s story, which or less occupied the middle of the book Once she started telling her story, I was hooked David, the narrator, tended to bog the story down His commenting on things, his philosophizing, etc made it difficult for me to get through the first 100 pages, as well as much of the final 50.

    This could have been a very indulgent piece of psychoanalysis but cleverly saves itself from that fate by managing to be simply touching Good commentary on the nature of love mixed with a parallel storyline about Caravaggio Intellectually satisfying.

    I had misgivings over this book when I started, and I was right Why are all the characters so smug They all seem to spend their time dispensing pithy sound bites to each other all day long I hated them all.

    Sometimes we have to break the rules of polite society and risk losing everything for Big Love This is a book for those that have loved boldly, those that have loved timidly and especially those that have loved and lost.

    It s very different from Housekeeping, but resonates with MarilynneRobinson s novel in the way it explores the life of loss and how it impactsthe lived experience of those who have undergone it.

    Engaging but annoying, and somehow phoney, pandering to sad middle aged women, sorry.

    Kate Sidley
    The author is a pyschoanalyst, and this book is very interesting about that field Quite profound insights into love, the human psyche and art.

    The author could have done so much with this I really wanted to love this The themes and idea was great but i was disappointed.

    The Other Side of YouSalley Vickers is an author who seldom fails to deliver The Other Side of You is a lovely, lyrical book As with most of Vicker s books, it is neither quick nor easy to read but oh, so satisfying Vickers crafts the story eloquently I was moved to tears by the way she captures the honesty and love of the main characters I imagine that writing about a psychiatrist is not easy, especially one as conflicted as David McBride His relationship with Elizabeth Cruikshank and the other [...]

    Ricardo Cruz De Carvalho
    Gostei muito como a autora me envolveu na narrativa E a redescobrir o meu gosto por Caravaggio.

    Charlotte Latham
    I loved this book Beautifully written and the characters were fully rounded The mournfulness and restraint of the story made it completely believable A wonderful novel.

    Helen King
    Just a beautiful love story.

    Love comes like a thief in the night and like a painted hand pointing toward the human heart This is a mature novel based in our perennial questions and our constant toil for love and realization Gorgeous thinking and prose throughout I ve made a terrible mess of my copy with all the underlining and scribbles of YES Author Sally Vickers has worked in the psychotherapy field depth analysis and her understanding of the human condition is immense I m glad that I read this book at my present age hea [...]

    Katherine Read
    From my blog readsreadingSalley Vickers 2006 novel The Other Side of You explores the many dimensions of love and loss and celebrates the healing power of being heard and understood After the love of her life dies, Elizabeth Cruikshank, a divorced mother of two, attempts suicide and lands in a mental hospital She becomes the patient of David McBride, a psychiatrist who is haunted by an older brother who died when David was five years old Cruikshank initially sits in silence and will not speak to [...]

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