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  • Title: The Ocean Alphabet Book
  • Author: Jerry Pallotta
  • ISBN: 9780881064582
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Ocean Alphabet Book By Jerry Pallotta Do you know which deep sea creature scares away its enemies by spraying ink at them, or which fish has lights inside its mouth to attract food Learn the answer to these questions and other fascinating details about ocean life in this engaging and informative book.Young readers will delight in Jerry Pallotta s words and Frank Mazzola, Jr s illustrations on this alphabeticalDo you know which deep sea creature scares away its enemies by spraying ink at them, or which fish has lights inside its mouth to attract food Learn the answer to these questions and other fascinating details about ocean life in this engaging and informative book.Young readers will delight in Jerry Pallotta s words and Frank Mazzola, Jr s illustrations on this alphabetical journey through the North Atlantic Ocean.
    Jerry Pallotta
    My full name is Gerard Larry Pallotta but my mom always called me Jerry I was born on March 26, 1953 in Boston, Massachusetts My mom s name is Mary, and she came from a family of ten children My dad s name is Joe, and he came from a family of five children My grandparents were immigrants of Italian descent I have the nicest parents in the world They have always been unselfish and ready to help me, even today I have four brothers and two sisters Joey, David, Andrew, Danny, Cindy and Mickey I have seventy two first cousins When I was growing up, there wereKIDS EVERYWHERE My family moved to Medford, Massachusetts when I was young I went to elementary school at Mt Trinity Academy, not far from where my publisher is located in Watertown, Massachusetts I never wrote a book in elementary school, and we never kept journals In the neighborhood where I grew up, almost every family had seven to nine children I guess that you could say that there wereKIDS EVERYWHERE I went to high school at Boston College High School, a Jesuit all boys school in downtown Boston The priests and other teachers were really wonderful I played football and ran track I had a great high school experience and I think later it made my studies in college much easier My sons Neil and Eric graduated from Boston College High School in 2001 and 2003 Neil was named after a teacher I had, Fr Neil Callahan, S.J I never wrote a book in high school, and I never wrote for the school newspaper I was too shy and was afraid of what other kids would think.After high school I went to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C I majored in business, a subject that would help me later in life when I decided to publish my first book At Georgetown, I met my wife, Linda In college I was an average student and was captain of the Georgetown University Rugby Team I never wrote for the college newspaper, and I never imaged writing books A couple of years later, Linda and I got married and I started to work at an insurance company in Boston During the first six years of being married, we had four kids It seemed like there wereKIDS EVERYWHERE Today, we spend a lot of time with my 31 nieces and nephews.nKIDS EVERYWHERE I learned valuable skills while talking to people, selling insurance and collecting money When I came home from work, Linda would ask me to read to the kids I loved reading to my kids and I learned to appreciate children s books The first few books that we bought were alphabet books and counting books A was always for Apple and Z was always for Zebra One day I decided, Hey, I can do this I had an idea I would write an alphabet book about the Atlantic Ocean I spent every summer at Peggotty Beach in Scituate, Massachusetts I have great memories of lobstering, fishing, mossing, clamming and rowing in my dory.My first book was written in 1985 when I was 32 years old I came up with the idea, wrote it, designed it, researched it, edited it and my cousin, Frank Mazzola, Jr illustrated it I published it myself under the name of Peggotty Beach Books What fun It was first printed on July 7, 1986 I ll never forget that day The book eventually became the 1 best selling book at the New England Aquarium I was afraid that only my mother would like it Teachers and kids told me they really liked my book.While speaking in schools, teachers also told me they were looking for simple non fiction nature books It gave me the confidence to write My next book, The Icky Bug Alphabet Book , has sold than 1 million copies My third book, The Bird Alphabet Book was voted one of the best books of the year by Birders World Magazine I now have over twenty alphabet books My goal has always been to write interesting, fact filled, fun to read, beautifully illustrated color children s books Thank you to all my illustrators Ralph Masiello, Frank Mazzola, Jr Rob Bolster, Edgar Stewart, Leslie

    The Ocean Alphabet Book By Jerry Pallotta


    Hana Sm.
    This excellent book has 27 pages The pictures are very well drawn The book shows animals found in the Atlantic Ocean from A to Z view spoiler A is for Alphabet Book A is also for Atlantic Ocean The fish and other creatures in this book live in the North Atlantic Ocean.B is for BluefishC is for CodD is for DogfishE is for Eel Eels are slimy Eels are long and thin like snakes If you do not like to hold snakes, you probably would not like to hold Eels.F is for Fiddler CrabG is for Goosefish A Goose [...]

    ReactionI was surprised I guess I thought the book would be much centered around the alphabet It wasn t a disappointed surprise it was of a pleasant surprise Usually all the alphabets are much focused just on the alphabet when this book went into depth on the ocean creatures I especially like what they did for letter X I thought it brought a nice twist to the book Also, it created a little discussion and interaction between the audience and the book Also, I liked how there re wasn t just the [...]

    This author writes great books to use to introduce ABCs and words that start with each letter This particular book is on ocean creatures, and each letter represents a different aspect of the ocean This can easily double as a language arts and science lesson The students can go through this book, and practice their letters They can then create an ocean creature as an arts and crafts project.

    We recently discovered Jerry Pallotta and have really enjoyed the few books we ve read We now head right over to the P section of every library to see if we can find books by him.The illustrations are very realistic The text is informative and funny A couple times the kids broke out laughing I like these alphabet books because it helps the little ones learn their ABCs and it has a wealth of information about all sorts of animals It s fun to see how the author has to stretch things to find anima [...]

    Jennifer Heise
    Where Jerry Pallota s alphabet books shine is in the choice of subjects not the same old same old alphabet names So the Goosefish ugh and the Hogfish, and even an X Xiphias gladius, the swordfish.Ok, so the somewhat jocular and mostly informative text isn t inspired, and the pictures aren t breathtaking but if you have a science fact junkie who likes picture books, as I do, this is a good quick read, even for a first grader long beyond the classic alphabet book stage.

    Sergio Hernandez
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    Tim Schraad
    I think this story can catch the attention of a class room of children quickly Everyone knows their ABCs and have hard the usual A is for Apple and such, but not to many people have heard of typed of fish paired with letters Maybe it is just me but this is a new look at it if you ask me

    Good text to accompany.

    Fun, little book We liked learning a smidge about a lot of different ocean animals We also liked the illustrations.

    Brittany Jacobson
    I really enjoyed this book because it informed me about marine life I didn t know anything about It opened up my eyes to the kind of life that lives in the ocean

    Catherine Woodman
    I love the alphabet books that teach me something I don t know and this one did that

    Very informative it may be a baby book but I still learned things i didn t know

    Having lived on a New England island during the summer when I was younger, I am always drawn to ocean animals and this alphabet is really great.

    Deborah Harris
    AR Quiz No 41674 EN NonfictionAccelerated Reader Quiz Information IL LG BL 2.8 AR Pts 0.5Accelerated Reader Quiz Type Information AR Quiz Types RP

    For his first book I liked it because the pictures and the information in it.

    My kids love all of Jerry Pallotta s books.

    Savanna Grace
    I like how this nonfiction book is illustrated by hand rather than supplied with photos I was not the biggest nonfiction fan when I was young, but I would have been open to reading this book because the illustrations wouldn t feel so overwhelming Good information about different sea creatures.

    Another great scientific alphabet book by Jerry Pallotta I am a big fan of these books.

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