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  • Projects Gods and Brainchips By Stephen P. Naghdi Dr Stephen Naghdi, MD, MA s Projects Gods and Brainchips godandreligions shows and tells, uniquely and originally, about extremely much White House administration crimes throughout 1955 2013, God, religions, science, spirituality, spirit, spirits, soul, faith, mystics, spiritual interaction, prayer, heaven, afterlife, Christianity, Jesus Christ, Islam, Mohammed,Dr Stephen Naghdi, MD, MA s Projects Gods and Brainchips godandreligions shows and tells, uniquely and originally, about extremely much White House administration crimes throughout 1955 2013, God, religions, science, spirituality, spirit, spirits, soul, faith, mystics, spiritual interaction, prayer, heaven, afterlife, Christianity, Jesus Christ, Islam, Mohammed, Buddhism, Buddha, Hinduism, every other world religion, every spirituality in the world, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, certain Hollywood stars, Conan O Brien, the Nobel prize, DNA, biochemistry, world history from 1949 2013, August 19 as a day that changed civilization, complete resolution of the Bay of Pigs, remote viewing, consciousness, military, intelligence, philosophy, America as a great country, and American democracy and political issues Projects Gods and Brainchips tells, uniquely and originally, about many well known Russian names Josef Stalin, Mikhail Gorbachev, Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medeved These include many well known American political names Dwight Eisenhower, Allen Dulles, John Foster Dulles, Richard Helms, John F Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Gerald R Ford, Ronald Reagan, Casper Weinberger, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, Albert Gore, Jr Barack Obama, Warren Christopher The book tells, originally and uniquely, about William Randolph Hearst, Jr and Melvin Belli This tells about well known names in science, Linus Pauling, Craig Venter, Melvin Calvin, Francis Crick, Andrei Sakarhov, Jose Delgado and Sigmund Freud Others told include well known names in science and religion include Francis S Collins, Sharon Begley, John Horgan, Richard Dawkins, and John Polkinghouse I add as original family members Professor Paul M and Patricia Naghdi, Suzanne Naghdi Pfaffenberger and Sondra Naghdi Welden Dr Naghdi does one upsmanship towards many in his book and about many subjects The book is revolutionary, ageless, and proves, logically and intuitively, the final new answer to life s most fundamental question This has been the most fundamental question of life throughout world history Dr Naghdi starts a new subject of science with fields.The world in 2013 and the 21st century needs and is ready for this The book is educational than Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul and any one of the many other Chicken Noodle Soup books These are largely about spirituality or the soul and spiritual interaction These books, self published, sold well over 100 million copies, some translated into over 40 languages The books and their merchandise sold over 2 billion dollars total.The nonfiction Introduction is 200 pages, followed by a novel, making the book nonfiction fiction The Introduction is the foundation, even proof, logically and intuitively, of the unmatched novel following next The Introduction is brand new, original, well written, entirely shocking, and unbelieveable.Dr Naghdi s Projects Gods and Brainchips largely supplements Darwin, the evolutionary record and Nietzche s Thus Spake Zarathustra Dr Naghdi starts a brand new subject of science with fields, never published before anywhere in any form Dr Naghdi s book is as good as Nietzche applying Darwin for Thus Spake Zarathustra or Marx applying Darwin The book is easily understood by anyone Technical language is limited The book gives people a healthy debate between creationism and evolution The book gives people a healthy debate to decide about a body of law with or without God in that This includes, for example, the United States of America s Constitution that has God stated in it The book gives people a healthy debate to decide about spirituality, if that exists or not, and if existing, where this exists The book is very intriguing, thoroughly enjoyable, and much food for thought and discussion Readers worldwide should be influenced for life Reviews are great at Google.The main character in the novel progresses, evoking deep emotions and meeting normal goals The goals include needing to know truths about family, life, and doing some about those playing God Having good health, physically and mentally, in New York city, the character lives a very exciting page turner Some playing God are learning top secret information of her former Head of State father who has good health, never ill The main character and her mother are also in good health The unbelievable is believable What it amounts to, the novel is factual and not science fiction Affected as a normal person would be, physically, mentally, and emotionally, the main character s achievements and losses occur by some playing God Carol Mackey, former senior editor, Doubleday Books Inc read the entire novel, recommending This novel is good for the Oprah Winfrey show and Jerry Springer show Does a God exist or at most some people play God Dr Naghdi answers originally Do God, spirituality, spiritual interaction, spirit, spirits, the soul, and an afterlife exist Do people pray for specfic others and get their prayers answered Do people pray about specifics for themselves and get these prayers answered Or, do people have a life with a body only and no spirit anywhere, a biological system with the environment including, for example, other people Does God exist is the ultimate question of life having brand new answers, never published before in any form anywhere Buyers have to read the book, can t guess at the content Either way, God or no God, people in America and worldwide should have good, moral conduct and need good, moral laws for a greater world Religion, for example, Christianity emphasizes good, moral conduct for life.Buy and review Dr Naghdi s book This book is a great read, 492 pages, good buy, 15.13 paperback, hardback, and ebook This sells at , DeeperShopping, Google, Google play, a Million, Barnes and Noble, Kobe, Indigo, Abebooks, Half, Alibris, iBookstore, Sony, Better World Books, Target, Powell Books, and IndieBound godandreligions author snaghdi Pinterest pinterest stephennaghdi book show 12Author House bookstorethorhouse prodI am April, a licensed professional counselor, LPC, and a voracious reader I recommend Dr Stephen Naghdi, MD, MA s Projects Gods and Brainchips as one of the few greatest books I read before in my life I read every night before going to sleep, excited much looking forward to each nightly read Every read was great The 200 page Introduction was filled with emotionally charged, thought provoking text about God, religions and spirituality never published before in any form worldwide The entire book lit up my life I learned much new and good for my life from the book I am going to recall the book if I need to or like to for life The book helps me consider the healthy debate between creationism vs evolution The book helps me decide from the healthy debate if the United States of America s Constitution should have God in it This helps me consider the healthy debate of whether spirituality exists I give the book the greatest bravo I love the novel after the great Introduction, the foundation for the novel The main character, her mother and father each have good health, physically and mentally The book taught me much about Dr Naghdi s new subject of science, direct science of religions Hopefully, many will release much new in governments worldwide even if sources are undisclosed about this new subject of science and microwave influence of people I recommend maximally Projects Gods and Brainchips for a great honor, well deserved, book of the year worldwide for 2013 April, MA, licensed professional counselor, LPC, South Dakota.Projects Gods and Brainchips, in some respects, is much greater than 1984 Orwell published this with a new language in 1949 Orwell believed science in 1949 and, much later, in 1984 would include cameras outside recording people not Stalin and the Soviet Union starting in 1949 had the first electronic brain implant, the year Orwell published The science and technology in 1949 was to today extremely greater than in Orwell s 1984, a great technological feat How people are affected by the real technology is much different in 1949 and to the present, 2013, much different than in Orwell s 1984 A motive of those having the real technology was the end of traditional war with brainchips in the enemy Orwell didn t mention these because he wasn t a scientist This is the first book in world history with a lengthy nonfiction Introduction as maximally convincing evidence about these subjects for the fiction On June 1, 1951, top military and intelligence officials of the United States, Canada and Great Britain, alarmed by frightening reports of communist success at intervention in the individual mind and they seemed to be able tontrol the thoughts of entire populations The Cold War Experiments, cover story, U.S News and World Report, Stephen Budiansky, Erica E Goode and Ted Gest, 2 24 94 the Eastern Bloc, for example This led to the worst mistake in defense and intelligence in world history, only guessing with no verification Stalin implanted or had other technology controlling the Soviet population and perhaps the Eastern Bloc even their conscious thoughts Defense and intelligence are often done by guessing Eventually, the U.S military intelligence complex released much The subject is the most significant issue facing the world because nuclear weapons, the second most significant issue, have never been used Japanese scientist s germ warfare was covered up by every White House, 1946 95 Stalin knew, 1949, in advance, remote control would be duplicated by the U.S military intelligence complex Others outside the Soviet Union first learned anything starting June 1, 1951 007 type espionage, also a literary genre, largely went out a decade or ago amongst some leading industrial countries because of remote control This isn t science fiction.Dr Naghdi published a 138 page website, March 12, 2000 fall, 2002 hosted by 50megs, 4,000 visitors including almost entirely original, brand new writing about nonlethal electromagnetic weapons for influencing people He believes this was the single key reason unknown Russian research about these weapons was sent for publication to America during 2001 mindjustice on Internet This was sent roughly a year after Dr Naghdi s website started The belief about Russian research is that this was and continues as the single greatest evidence any influence was and is directly done severely in America mindjustice This is Dr Naghdi s large contribution to America and the world, indirectly affecting the U.N ban He believes the Russians have done far than any other country that affects the good of the world from Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev s statements to BBC in 1986, right before the Cold War ended, and President Vladimir Putin s law, 2001, mindjustice banning nonlethal electromagnetic weapons in writing on Russian property a Million, October 1, 2010 a Million selected what to publish themselves about this and obviously maximally implied Dr Naghdi indirectly affected the United Nations law, the ban starting 2002 for disarmament of nonlethal electromagnetic weapons with only nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.
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    Stephen P. Naghdi Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Projects Gods and Brainchips book, this is one of the most wanted Stephen P. Naghdi author readers around the world.

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    Stephen Naghdi is a very good writer Projects Gods and Brainchips is a great book Dr Allen Brevik, licensed medical doctor, in charge of a large clinic, USA, 2013.

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