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  • Title: O Último Rei da Escócia
  • Author: Giles Foden Vasco Gato
  • ISBN: 9789899520738
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback

  • O Último Rei da Escócia By Giles Foden Vasco Gato Como seria tornarmo nos m dicos pessoais de Idi Amin Este romance de suspense, um bestseller de Giles Foden, conta nos a hist ria de um jovem m dico escoc s que se v arrastado para o cora o do regime brutal e surreal do ditador do Uganda Ao privar com os pensamentos e ambi es de Amin, ele sente se ao mesmo tempo fascinado e horrorizado medida que o Uganda se precipiComo seria tornarmo nos m dicos pessoais de Idi Amin Este romance de suspense, um bestseller de Giles Foden, conta nos a hist ria de um jovem m dico escoc s que se v arrastado para o cora o do regime brutal e surreal do ditador do Uganda Ao privar com os pensamentos e ambi es de Amin, ele sente se ao mesmo tempo fascinado e horrorizado medida que o Uganda se precipita no caos civil, ele apercebe se que se torna imperativo agir mas em que direc o dever ele avan ar O ltimo Rei da Esc cia de Giles FodenCr ticas de imprensa Num primeiro romance desde logo emocionante, Foden conta nos a hist ria desafortunada e ensanguentada de um jovem m dico escoc s no mato do Uganda Ele v se arrancado do anonimato por Amin, inicialmente para se tornar seu m dico pessoal, depois seu c nico admirador, e por fim a testemunha involunt ria e muitas vezes posta em perigo da carnificina do ditador Com uma fidelidade documental e dram tica, Foden reproduz os factos hist ricos o ataque israelita a Entebbe reencenado na ntegra mas o seu afecto por frica e uma imagina o amadurecida que d o for a a este romance que consegue um casamento feliz entre conte do e estilo Daily Mail Um relato brilhantemente conseguido da vida n o terminada e carreira de Amin Um sucesso retumbante, e a prova de que o novo romance ingl s pode lidar com os grandes temas da pol tica e da hist ria Peter Bradshaw, Modern Review Um retrato convincente da frica moderna a qual, tal como Amin, cativante, por m brutal Foden vai ainda mais longe sobre a natureza do poder carism tico, ao descrever a forma como Garrigan se v arrastado pela argumenta o sofista, a sua l ngua milagrosa de Amin Edward Smith, Sunday Telegraph A caracteriza o de Amin altamente convincente, a sua brutalidade infantil e o seu encanto retorcido est o muito pr ximos da realidade Ele uma personalidade claramente actual, fraca quando tentada, impetuosa quando frustrada, imensamente ignorante mas com um brilho fatal de intelig ncia Uma estreia imponente Hugo Barnacle, Sunday Times Compara se, embora superando, evoca o de Haile Selassie feita por Ryszard Kapucinski no seu romance The Emperor Transportar a fic o para um territ rio como este deve ser aplaudido O ltimo Rei da Esc cia uma estreia auspiciosa para o futuro trabalho de Foden Russel Celyn Jones, The Times A figura central, e em muitos sentidos o her i, deste poderoso primeiro romance Idi Amin Foden ofereceu nos um retrato sombrio, muitas vezes c mico, de um pa s e de um lugar dos homens onde Deus n o est a conduzir , num primeiro romance soberbo a demonstrar que um escritor tremendamente convidativo e promissor Paul Pickering, Independent A mat ria prima chocantemente surreal do car cter de Idi Amin posta ao servi o de uma complexa fic o O Amin de Foden n o apenas um monstro, ele misteriosamente comovedor e quase apelativo, mesmo quando nos apresenta a cabe a cortada de um Arcebispo Conseguir isto uma realiza o genu na e imaginativa Maggie Gee, Daily Telegraph O Idi de Foden uma cria o aterradoramente interessante Possui aquela por o de brilhantismo mal volo de todos os d spotas Paul Bailey, Observer Um primeiro romance excelente A cuidadosa descri o da habitua o ao mal, por parte de um homem mentalmente s o, transcende o seu cen rio africano Este , afinal, o grande tema do nosso s culo John Morrish, Independent on Sunday
    Giles Foden Vasco Gato
    Giles Foden was born in Warwickshire in 1967 His family moved to Malawi in 1971 where he was brought up He was educated at Yarlet Hall and Malvern College boarding schools, then at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, where he read English He worked as a journalist for Media Week magazine, then became an assistant editor on the Times Literary Supplement He was deputy literary editor of The Guardian between 1995 and 2006 and is currently Fellow in Creative and Performing Arts at Royal Holloway, University of London He is a Professor of Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, and still contributes regularly to The Guardian and other journals.

    O Último Rei da Escócia By Giles Foden Vasco Gato


    This was a fascinating work of historical fiction that takes the reader right into the terrifying and often times comically surreal actions of a brutal African dictator The entire novel is a first person account told through the eyes of Nick Garrigan, Idi Amin s fictional personal physician Amin is the most terrifying type of monster the type that doens t play by rational rules and can become unhinged at a heartbeat s notice Several absurd comical terrifying scenes come to mind 1 The fact that h [...]

    BAM The Bibliomaniac
    Well, if I didn t already think Amin was a whacko, this book would certainly serve to cement that perception The fictional doctor becomes a confidante of the dictator, which seems like a precarious position But not only does his cruelty come through, but also many humorous situations ensue I can t really say I know what to believe about this plot I m sure it was well researched And we all know about Amin s arrogance and violence, but hypochondria Interesting

    Janet Hecht
    The Last King of Scotland is a fictional novel about Uganda and the rise and fall of Idi Amin as told through the eyes of the protagonist, Dr Nicholas Garrison Dr Garrison comes from Scotland to Uganda to serve as a doctor in a medical clinic Through happenstance, he works on Idi Amin after Amin was in a car accident Idi Amin decided to have Dr Garrison become his personal physician During that time, Dr Garrison also became a confidant of Amin s.I was looking forward to reading this book and lea [...]

    Missy J
    Well written and well researched This novel is about the life of the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin 1923 8 2003 and written from the perspective of a fictional Scottish doctor Nicholas Garrigan I watched the movie The Last King of Scotland many years ago and thought it was excellent As is the case with many book to movie adaptations, the movie didn t include everything that was written in the book and some scenes even deviate quite a lot in the movie Dr Garrigan has an affair with one of Amin s wife, [...]

    Dagmar Belesova
    This book was most of all a big disappointment I have seen and loved the movie, and it deals with a part of history that many people, uh including myself, know little about but is characterised by excess that should make for an emotionally engaging story.However, instead of focusing on the broader events, the book chooses to recount very limited experiences of one character This wouldn t be so bad if the protagonist in question wasn t one of the most spineless, passive and self absorbed twits I [...]

    Fascinating book This book is a novel written as a memoir It is ruthless, adventurous and contains many historical facts, mainly when Idi Amin was in charge of the Ugandan government 1971 1979 and how the things he did affected the citizens The novel centres on a Scottish man who travels to Uganda in order to work in a clinic and ends up being Amin s personal physician and friend This doctor is both fascinated and terrified of Idi Amin Then, he founds himself in the middle of a war in which he d [...]

    This is a difficult book I went into this book knowing its basic premise a British doctor moves to Uganda to work in a clinic and becomes the personal physican for Idi Amin , and so I knew that gruesome scenes would occur in its pages On the other hand is the narrator of the book the main character one could argue the main character is Amin, the man that moves the action forward , a man so dislikable that I had trouble finishing the final chapters It is not that Garrigan actively participates in [...]

    Nancy Oakes
    From what I ve seen in the reviews of this book, either people really really liked it or they really really disliked it Personally, I liked it not really really and created opportunities to be in my car to continue the story this edition is the unabridged audiobook Let me note here that I did see the movie prior to reading the book a definite plus in this case since the screenplay of the movie was changed quite a bit from the book The narrator is one Dr Nicholas Garrigan, a Scottish doctor who i [...]

    My life storyIt is very exciting Because, as you know, I am the hero of all Africa , July 26, 2014This review is from The Last King of Scotland Kindle Edition As a female reader who doesn t do war politics espionage, I wasn t sure I d like this, but I really enjoyed it, especially the earlier part which others have criticized as slow When a young Scottish doctor goes out to work in a clinic in 1970s Uganda, he little imagines that a chance meeting will cause the new dictator, Idi Amin, to select [...]

    I wasn t expecting much from this book because I know so little about Africa and Uganda But, I was pleasantly surprised how well written and enjoyable this book was.Dr Nicholas Garrigan is a Scottish doctor working for the Foreign Office and assigned to Mbarare, Uganda He embraces the ex pat life and his work at a small clinic One day, he is asked to minister to Idi Amin who was in a car accident Amin takes to the doctor immediately and requests how can you turn him down Garrigan becomes his pri [...]

    Margo Tanenbaum
    This was a fascinating look at Idi Amin and what it must have been like to live in Uganda at that time Having seen the film many years ago, I thought it was based on a true story However, it turns out that the character of the Scottish doctor who becomes the personal doctor to Amin is fictional It reads, however, like a real memoir.

    Tamara Straetemans
    Enerzijds was ik gefascineerd door het verhaal dat het fictioneel personage vertelt over zijn ervaringen in Oeganda en meer specifiek in de omgeving van dictator Amin, anderzijds irriteerde datzelfde personage me vaak Dat zorgt dan wel voor een heel menselijk personage, maar zorgde er ook voor dat ik het soms echt niet prettig lezen vond Al bij al interessant om te lezen, maar toch ook blij dat ik weer een ander boek kan beginnen.

    Reza Amiri Praramadhan
    First, I would like to state my regret for seeing its film adaptation before reading this novel, although the film itself was a good one, especially Whittaker s portrayal of Idi Amin In this book we follow Nicholas Garrigan, a young doctor from Scotland who became entangled with Idi Amin, the Dictator of Uganda At first merely a buffoonish clown with broken english grammar, throughout the book we can see as he become a murderous man, even implied to be a cannibal The fascinating thing to mentio [...]

    I didn t much care for this one, but I don t think it s a bad book Maybe it s because I don t much like historical fiction in general, or because the protagonist is hard to feel much sympathy for, but I had to make a concentrated effort to get to the end.Nicholas Garrigan, the fictional Scottish physician, isn t a bad guy he s just extremely passive He watched as things went on around him that he didn t agree with and didn t bother getting out of the situation In all fairness, he didn t have muc [...]

    sayed azam
    The Last King of Scotland ldi Amin , , , , , , 1971 1979 1946 1971 100.000 500.000 1977 1979

    Frederick Bingham
    This book is the basis for the Oscar winning movie of the same name starring Forrest Whitaker The book has a somewhat different story line than the movie however The story is of a Scottish doctor, Nicholas Garrigan, in the 1970 s who goes to Uganda to practice medicine in an idealistic way He goes and lives in a smaller town for a while and practices in a rural health clinic, doing people much good, and becoming the lover of an Israeli doctor at the same clinic.When he first arrives, Idi Amin ha [...]

    Jim Bowen
    This book sees a young Scotish doctor, Nicholas Garrigan, go to Uganda after Idi Amin s rise to power He starts off as a somewhat naive do gooder type, but is slowly guided away from his principles by the system after he accidentally becomes Amin s personal doctor Amin belives that the Scots feel as supressed by the English as the Ugandans did pre independence.As the book progress, we see Garrigan changed by Amin, whose character is as overwhelming as it is in the film Where the book differs fro [...]

    Moses Kilolo
    It is interesting how much I struggled to decide whether Nicholas was a character born of Foden s imagination or somebody who actually lived and witnessed the horror in Uganda during Idi Amin s days I don t want the answer He s too real to doubt I was born many years after Amin had come and gone But I was nonetheless told many stories about this ruthless dictator from my neighboring country At the time it sounded like some horror designed to scare us as children Now, I have come across many simi [...]

    While this is not 100% successful as a thriller, it works splendidly as a portrait of two men Nicholas Garrigan, a young Scottish doctor whose wanderlust is cured by his falling into becoming Idi Amin s personal physician He is weak, but to accuse him of cowardice is not to understand the terror of living in a deteriorating society where the only safety is under the wing of a capricious dictator The other portrait is Amin himself and Foden does a masterful job of finding the balance in this over [...]

    I was lucky enough to read this novel as part of a University module, on which Giles Foden lectured He compared this book to The Private Confessions of a Justified Sinner by James Hogg Although I found this slow to get into, I absolutely loved it It was really interesting and having Foden talk about it was even so I think it was the only lecture all term that EVERYONE turned up to It opened my eyes to a period of very recent history that I know far too little about The duality of Amin s charact [...]

    This one took me quite a while to finish because it wasn t something that I could speed through without stopping and thinking what did I just read I definitely had to take my time in order to understand what was going on The writing was great and I really liked the main character, Dr Garrigan and his unusual and frightening relationship with Amin I felt that I was rooting for him the whole time to get out of Africa and I didn t hate him for the decisions he made during his time there There were [...]

    The story is about Nicholas Gregian, a young Scottish doctor working in Uganda Having lived the ex pat life, I really enjoyed reading the beginning with his sense of discovery and challenges of living in a foreign country Also, fully understand how confused and open to any companionship you can become in a foreign country It was very interesting to watch the loss of objectivity in the lead character When would you have left in disgust Not sure I would have been any stronger than Nicholas Also, a [...]

    Ultimately, this story just doesn t ring true although it has its moments Garrigan s self flagellating tone becomes repetitive and monotonous The main character lacks a sense of self preservation or a decent moral compass, and his continuing presence in Uganda passively enables Idi Amin Garrigan is adrift and unmoored and perhaps the author was trying to capture his state of mind Unfortunately, there is just too much digression, verbiage, lack of perspective and the nagging question of why Garri [...]

    Ármin Scipiades
    There s something disturbing about this Maybe because it s historical fiction written in first person about an era great many living people actually remember With the protagonist thrust in important historical situations.Generally, it s a bit crap There s little knowledge to be gained here and it s hidden under the layers of obfuscation , the portrayals are lacking The story is, huh, sort of nonexistent The protagonist is absolutely unlikable, and also not very interesting.Some values do shine t [...]

    The Last King of Scotland follows a British doctor wrapped up in the inner circle of Idi Amin in 1970 s Uganda The reader knows from the outset that the author s narrative is purportedly written not for the purpose of exonerating myself, as some will no doubt believe, but to provide a genuine eyewitness account of a murder spree that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands.Moral complicity in the face of over whelming evil it s an ambitious theme to tackle, addressed very well in this novel.

    I haven t seen the movie, which is probably better than this book It wasn t well written The author used a simile in nearly every sentence very annoying The book is from the vantage point of a naive young Scottish doctor who goes to Uganda and ends up being Idi Amin s personal physician Unfortunately this character is so self involved that we hear every picayune detail of his life, which is pretty boring I don t recommend this.

    Interesting premise for a novel getting a foreigner into Idi Amin s inner circle I found it strange that the protagonist didn t seem to have much contact with any of Amin s other friends I expected intrigue.

    Mark Danenhauer
    I enjoyed reading this book by Giles Foden It felt like it had three main parts The first part I enjoyed a lot, which involved the author s moving to and living in a small community in rural Uganda This reminded me a lot of my day s of living as a young, white person in Africa while I was with the Peace Corps I thought he did a nice job of explaining what life was like there for a white person in this different world.The second part began OK, but then got a bit confusing At this point in his tim [...]

    I m not sure if I m being unfair with this review I very rarely dislike a book but I have to be honest and say i didn t love this one This is mostly because I didn t find any redeemable characters in it I struggle when I can t connect with a character and while I expected to be repulsed by Idi I also found the main character, Nicholas, spineless, self absorbed and just all round mediocre He went along with events without any self reflection or learning As for the writing itself I found it lackin [...]

    Dana Jennings
    James Tait Black Memorial Prize Nominee for Fiction 1998 , Whitbread Award for First Novel 1998 , Somerset Maugham Award 1999 , Winifred Holtby Memorial Prize 1998 , Betty Trask Award 1999

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