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  • Title: The Soldier's Wife
  • Author: Joanna Trollope
  • ISBN: 9780385618038
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Soldier's Wife By Joanna Trollope After six months away in Afghanistan, the soldiers come home to their girlfriends, wives, parents, and children After six months of hell, being home will surely be heaven Except that it isn t When Dan returns home to Alexa and their children, it s still the army that comes first.
    Joanna Trollope
    Joanna Trollope Potter Curteis aka Caroline Harvey Joanna Trollope was born on 9 December 1943 in her grandfather s rectory in Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, England, daughter of Rosemary Hodson and Arthur George Cecil Trollope She is the eldest of three siblings She is a fifth generation niece of the Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope and is a cousin of the writer and broadcaster James Trollope She was educated at Reigate County School for Girls followed by St Hugh s College, Oxford On 14 May 1966, she married the banker David Roger William Potter, they had two daughters, Antonia and Louise, and on 1983 they divorced In 1985, she remarried to the television dramatist Ian Curteis, and became the stepmother of two stepsons they divorced in 2001 Today, she is a grandmother and lives on her own in London.From 1965 to 1967, she worked at the Foreign Office From 1967 to 1979, she was employed in a number of teaching posts before she became a writer full time in 1980 Her novel Parson Harding s Daughter won in 1980 the Romantic Novel of the Year Award by the Romantic Novelists Association.

    The Soldier's Wife By Joanna Trollope


    I will start this review by saying I am a Navy wife so I understand the issues faced by Military families.I found this book to be very true from my own experiences The homecoming after a deployment is always difficult, the excitement at seeing your loved one again is often plagued with doubts about what will they be like, have I changed, have they changed The kids adjust quickly to having their parent back but the adults often find it harder to adjust The serving parent doesn t know how quickly [...]

    It is difficult to be the family member of someone in the military whether they are deployed or not The military always seems to come first and non military family doesn t understand what their loved one is going through My brother was in the Army and was deployed overseas two or three times I know it was difficult for our parents and even so for his wife It was hard for him adjusting when he returned to the States and at times I did not recognize the man my brother had become Many relationship [...]

    Joanne D'Arcy
    Dan is husband to Alexa, father to twin girls, Flora and Tassy, stepfather to Isabel, son, grandson, son in law, friend and soldier On return from a six month deployment in Afghanistan Dan cannot seem to find what he is any Being a soldier is the easiest for him than returning to family life, the army life gives him structure, purpose and plenty of knowns Families bring plenty of unknowns and no orders on how to deal with them Alexa adores her husband and knew exactly what she was getting into [...]

    Sheena Wilkins
    I have a thing about finishing every book I start, otherwise I would have closed this and sent it to the charity shop I have read a couple of her books and quite enjoyed them but I was totally BORED by the storyline which I found extremely laboured and I did not warm to one single character Not one I get the message my bother in law was an officer in the Royal Navy for over twenty five years, served in Korea and the Falklands and the family moved around 16 times My niece eventually boarded I rec [...]

    Steve lovell
    A writer such as Trollope can take a reader and place her likely him considerably less likely into a groove from page one and transport seamlessly through a three hundred or so pages to, invariably, a neat, satisfying resolution When on song, as she is in this novel, the reader will lose all track of time as this skilled practitioner inveigles the reader to care about her protagonists to the degree that there is always an unsatisfactory sigh emanating as the book is placed to one side to deal w [...]

    Ah, finally I think 3 stars are fairly enough I like The Soldier s Wife for many reasons It employs creativity It sends you into the world of soldiers and the army You get to know many stuff you thought were totally the opposite The main theme is captivating, Couples have got to TALK Taciturn, long life between couples is rather dangerous It uses marriage as the relationship between all characters, not the date then marry one.However, this book has given me a hard time while I was reading it Ove [...]

    When Joanna Trollope is good, she can actually be great But when she s not it s a bit of a slog And unfortunately that was the case with this one I m sympathetic to the themes here how do modern military families cope with the fact that soldiers wives have ambitions and careers of their own in the face of an overly traditional military that assumes they will drop everything for their husbands careers but it all felt a bit didactic and heavy handed I also did not quite understand the obsessive in [...]

    Andrea Galbusieri
    I could personally only relate to some of the struggles Alexa goes through as the wife of a British Army officer, but I think Joanna Trollope did an excellent job describing the conflicting emotions military wives go through continuously and the different ways they cope with those emotional challenges Although I often wanted to throttle Alexa for her indecisiveness, I like how Trollope eventually makes her characters and her readers remember what we all know to be the main factor in any working [...]

    I love Joanna Trollope s novels for their insightful examination of human relationships and human frailties The Soldier s Wife is set mostly on a military base in the UK, and focuses on the challenges facing personnel in the modern Army What sacrifices must a woman make when she commits to the life of an army wife What compromises are necessary How does a long deployment impact on the emotional health of both partners Through central couple Dan Riley, a major in the British Army who is just home [...]

    Tia Bach
    From the first page, I wanted the Rileys to make it through as a unit Dan Riley knows all about protecting the unit as part of his British army training and experience, so why can t he keep his family unit together and happy Alexa Riley has lost one husband already and can t bear to lose another one.It s amazing how two people so in love can stop talking, stop listening But that s exactly what happens to them Thanks to wonderful friends and family, help is never far away But in the end, it s up [...]

    Another excellent novel by Joanna Trollope In this novel she examines the difficulties faced by soldiers returning from a dangerous tour of duty in Afghanistan One would imagine that reunions with wives and families at home would be joyous for everyone concerned, but in this novel, this is not the case Joanna Trollope explores the difficulties faced by soldiers and the families who have waited to welcome them at home In this day and age it is not enough for many soldiers wives to be home makers, [...]

    Reading Fool
    The story of Alexa Riley and her husband Dan, who is a major in the British army Dan has just returned from a 6 month stint in Afghanistan, and the Rileys are trying to adjust to life after his return Alexa is considering the offer of a teaching job but is torn between the desire for a career and her loyalty to her husband and the Army Dan is struggling with life back on base while trying to help his fellow soldiers The entire family is on the verge of breaking down.This was my first Joanna Trol [...]

    I won this book from First Reads in May of 2012 Two Three almost four months later and it has still not arrived HmmI ve contacted the publisher and support and still have not received the book I think we can consider this my negative review.Final Edit Not only have I contacted the publisher but contacted support 3 additional times and they ensured me they would get back to me about it It s been just shy of 7 months now and there s been no responses or book I give up on it and this has definitely [...]

    A great insight into military families and the difficulties they face when a loved one returns from a war zone But, most importantly, a story of family in all its variations nuclear and extended, friends, military family, and the many kinds of support each can offer This is my first Joanna Trollope novel, but it won t be my last.

    The usual Joanna Trollope thing people make bad choices then endlessly discuss those choices or inadvisably refuse to Well written, easy read.

    Lynne - The Book Squirrel
    Can really relate to this book as an army wife I like how the name of the camp was a mixture of Larkhill and Bulford Larkford as I knew exactly where the setting is.

    Apeksha Bhateja
    A random pick, The Soldier s Wife was actually interesting I was cheering for Alexa throughout the book Too hard not to empathise with her.

    I hadn t read any Joanna Trollope for a while and I was really pleased with her return to form with this book.

    As usual Joanna Trollope gets to the very crux of the story very fast Dan is in the Army He has served a very troublesome six months period in Afghanistan and is now home with his mates Life should be happy His wife, he has twin daughters and an older step daughter all look forward to his return but why cant they all settle down Alexa is a very loyal dutiful wife She has battled on alone, never complaining but she now begins to feel that his batch mates and the Army is his top priority and that [...]

    I lived this book as I was reading it It seemed real The main characters were trying to make things work, it was just that their reality was so tough In a way army families struggle in similar ways to most, jobs clashing, housing difficulties, schooling problems with kids, lack of money, one party resenting carrying a bigger load of child care when they used to have a good job and one in a fly in fly out position It is just magnified by the fact that the husband in this case has a job where he f [...]

    Michele Grant
    How do you reconcile career satisfaction with maritial happiness when both are opposing factors Joanna has been waiting for her Army major husband to come home from Afghanistan for six months She has repressed her needs in order to be a good Army wife Dan comes home, physically but not mentally He is wrapped up in the lives of his men that he fails to see how unhappy his wife is.This story is a look at military life and the compromises everyone must make in order to achieve both personal happine [...]

    Jackie O'sullivan
    as an ex army child I felt so sad for Issy I also understood the distance between husbands and wives in dealing with the return to normality While for my parents it was Northern Ireland and a post conflict Falkland Islands the return to a life less pressure cookered was recognised as something that needed dealing with carefully Going to pass this to my sister and mum to read next.

    As always, an entertaining read and offered an insight into life for military families Some of the characters were a little unbelievable they seemed very passive and not in control of their lives at all But enjoyable.

    Lynn Angell
    I had low expectations for this book as I had finished the books I brought with me and it was the only book left in a remote house we rented for the week The glimpse into a British military wife s life after her husband returned from Afghanistan was interesting Somehow as civilians, I think we assume the only difficult part is when loved ones are deployed This story says otherwise and acknowledges how the military needs to make changes to accommodate women s and men s changing roles as mothers, [...]

    a bit tedious reading, but good depiction of the characters, satisfying ending

    Very interesting novel dealing with a man s return from war and his difficulties dealing with family etc.

    Jean St.Amand
    Definitely not her best book Not many likable characters A bit boring A bit too neatly wrapped up at the end Glad to move on to a hopefully better book.

    Jan Laney
    An enjoyable read which throws up some of the fundamental problems of being married to a soldier It also explores the problems of communication within marriage However, the ending tries to draw too many neat conclusions.

    The Soldier s Wife by Joanna Trollope is a slow burn read Almost so slow burning that the story failed to catch alight But slowly, slowly the characters and their problems drew me in and I found myself reading avidly.The soldier in this story is Dan Riley a major in the British Army He has just returned home after a six month tour of duty in Afghanistan His wife, Alexa, has been left caring for twin toddler daughters and Isabel, her twelve year old daughter from her first marriage The story is t [...]

    I listened to this book on audio and three of the CDs in the middle of the book were misnumbered I ended up listening to a good portion of the book out of order before I realized the error I thought it was just really disjointed story Anyway, I listened to a review copy so I m assuming hoping that the CDs are labeled correctly on the final copy.Charlotte Anne Dore did a good job with the narration I m not familiar with the different regional accents in England but I did notice that some of the c [...]

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