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  • Title: Essays on Suicide and the Immortality of the Soul
  • Author: David Hume
  • ISBN: 9781855061675
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  • Essays on Suicide and the Immortality of the Soul By David Hume Early editions of Hume s Essays omitted these two brilliant but dangerous articles Even though Hume continued to write in his accustomed ironic mood, and to use the arguments of the theologians in an ad hominem manner against their own positions, he must have known he was on perilous ground.Added to these essays are Two Letters on Suicide from Rousseau s Eloisa.
    David Hume
    David Hume hju m 7 May 1711 NS 26 April 1711 OS 25 August 1776 was a Scottish historian, philosopher, economist, diplomat and essayist known today especially for his radical philosophical empiricism and scepticism.In light of Hume s central role in the Scottish Enlightenment, and in the history of Western philosophy, Bryan Magee judged him as a philosopher widely regarded as the greatest who has ever written in the English language While Hume failed in his attempts to start a university career, he took part in various diplomatic and military missions of the time He wrote The History of England which became a bestseller, and it became the standard history of England in its day.His empirical approach places him with John Locke, George Berkeley, and a handful of others at the time as a British Empiricist.Beginning with his A Treatise of Human Nature 1739 , Hume strove to create a total naturalistic science of man that examined the psychological basis of human nature In opposition to the rationalists who preceded him, most notably Ren Descartes, he concluded that desire rather than reason governed human behaviour He also argued against the existence of innate ideas, concluding that humans have knowledge only of things they directly experience He argued that inductive reasoning and therefore causality cannot be justified rationally Our assumptions in favour of these result from custom and constant conjunction rather than logic He concluded that humans have no actual conception of the self, only of a bundle of sensations associated with the self.Hume s compatibilist theory of free will proved extremely influential on subsequent moral philosophy He was also a sentimentalist who held that ethics are based on feelings rather than abstract moral principles, and expounded the is ought problem.Hume has proved extremely influential on subsequent western philosophy, especially on utilitarianism, logical positivism, William James, the philosophy of science, early analytic philosophy, cognitive philosophy, theology and other movements and thinkers In addition, according to philosopher Jerry Fodor, Hume s Treatise is the founding document of cognitive science Hume engaged with contemporary intellectual luminaries such as Jean Jacques Rousseau, James Boswell, and Adam Smith who acknowledged Hume s influence on his economics and political philosophy Immanuel Kant credited Hume with awakening him from dogmatic slumbers.

    Essays on Suicide and the Immortality of the Soul By David Hume


    Paul JB
    Only about 10 pages of this is on suicide and what it has is very out of date it doesn t even mention the best way to kill yourself, which is to attach one end of a rope around a lamppost, the other around your own neck, and then to get into your car and drive very quickly in whichever direction pick your favourite direction The rest of the book is about other stuff that I guess seemed important at the time like compasses or whatever, but I didn t really try and read it in detail.

    If you think suicide is always immoral this essay might change your mind The essay on the immortality of the soul is also brilliant.

    Cliff Watt
    Hume never lived to see the fullImpact this work had on society His paper caused an outrage at the time and Humes publishers had to print retracted versions, versions with preferences which totally distanced themselves from the author and so on And the moral outrage about the heresy that hume had committed, the the paper was in demand What Hume did, though neither his intention or desire, was to force society to separate suicide from theology enough to allow proper public discussion on suicide [...]

    He s such a brilliant debater, and his arguments against suicide being immoral are awesome until the very end when in a frenzy of Enlightenment rationalism he goes so far as to claim that no one who has ever committed suicide was mistaken in doing so Thatt so much Mental illness, Hume It existed even in the Age of Reason.

    Clearer in language than the Camus from this series that I recently attempted, and largely agreeable in content even if I have misgivings about his argument on suicide Hume comes across as a philosopher I wish I d read of at university, seeing as how he seems to have his head screwed on right, and have a sensible outlook on most things.

    But providence guided all these causes, and nothing happens in the universe without its consent and cooperation If so, then neither does my death, however voluntary, happen without its consent and whenever pain or sorrow so far overcome my patience, as to make me tired of life, I may conclude that I am recalled from my station in the clearest and most express terms.

    Evan Guerra
    Thick writing likely to give you a headache But powerful and worth the read The term commited suicide is now an outdated term Death by suicide Or simply killed themself is apt a description It s not a crime to kill yourself David Hume tries his hardest to scholarly dictate why you shouldn t Upon your ending, either by nature, accident or voluntarily the universe will continue on existing all the same Nature existed before you where here and will carry on all the same once your gone.

    Josh Taylor
    Very cryptic and with lots of waffle.

    Ana Rînceanu
    On Suicide Of the Dignity or Meanness of Human Nature Of Tragedy Of the Standard of Taste Of the Delicacy of Taste and PassionThe Epicurian The StoicThe Platonist The Sceptic

    Blai Felip
    Un libro que tiene el encanto de la brevedad y de la aparente sencillez con que Hume argumenta las cosas El op sculo agrupa un conjunto de art culos que destacan por la claridad de pensamiento y por la sencillez y precisi n con que utiliza el lenguaje Ya se advierte en la introducci n, y se puede apreciar en la lectura, que Hume era una persona especialmente dotada para la escritura.Sin duda alguna, el escrito que trata sobre el suicidio es el m s importante de todos y por ello no debe sorprende [...]

    The last essay the sceptic was the best which is eventually what he came to be known for On suicide was not all that impressive when he argues that all suicides are always okay though arguing the legitimacy of suicide in the 18th century must have been radical, and is even today quite radical Sure to be banished from social circles if you articulated such a view even today It did, I understand, however lead to charges of heresy against him but eventually led to a better understanding of suicide [...]

    Neil Johnstone
    Just finished this book and some interesting ideas but sadly there is a middle section of around 40 pages which i found hard going, but it might be a lack of intelligence on my part.But i got a few quotes from this book for example Art may makes a suit of clothes, but nature must produce a man, then it made me think that if nature produced the man then man produced the clothes is that not part of nature, who knows.I wasn t too keen on humes stlye of writing it seemed like he wrote for scholars n [...]

    Having accidentally read William Styron 19s brilliant Darkness Visible, I was curious to read a philosopher 19s point of view on the subject I must admit I was disappointed, however it is well written and indeed the book has than just the one subject in it including Hume 19s own impressions of other philosophers 19 ideas Indeed, if I were to quote Hume 19s first three sentences at the beginning of his essay 1CThe Sceptic 1D, it would sum up my own impression of his thoughts 1COn Suicide 1D 1C 2 [...]

    This was an entirely overwhelming essay during my first read through, as a person who has always considered suicide to be immoral except in extreme situations reading Hume s arguments was a bit of a shock That being said, his ideas and general emphasis on the power and importance of the individual and the value of our decisions were in some ways very empowering and was an overall interesting view on such a controversial topic.

    David Hume

    Andrew Donnachie
    I believe that no man ever threw away life while it was worth keeping The quotation sets the theme for one of Hume s provocative pens es concerning meaning derivatives within the milieu of human experience For a volatile subject about which few will speak with open clarity, this little gem makes for a close friend and confidant.

    Given my dislike for philosophy, it is no surprise that, one year on, I am still reading this book Crawling through the book on the train is a tricky business cos it attracts sideways glances and raised eyebrows And in the wake of the London train bombings, it is not a good choice for rush hour reading material.

    I have read a fair share of philosophical works but hit a block here It was really tough reading, and I guess it went against my positive grainbut I will definitely challenge again I don t think the cover helped put a good view on Hume from the start.

    Allison Boyer
    This tiny book had a few good sections of Hume s thoughts on life in general I like Penguin s Great Ideas mini books, they are all a nice tiny peek into a writers general ideas Although Hume specifically had a pretty boring and commonplace reason to continue a life hope for a better future.

    So far I ve read the essays that I m able to understand, although I m not educated in philosophy so I found some sections difficult to understand However, from what I could understand from it, I enjoyed Definitely worth picking up.

    John Yelverton
    There is no one who loves to spout off his self proclaimed intelligence than David Hume This book was an intellectual travesty as he gnarls the Bible, logic and even common sense to spout his support for suicide.

    محمد الهاشمي
    Struggled with understanding the point sometimes But this has to be the most influential book about suicide ever was.

    Read Hume s essays Didn t see any need to read much of the other stuff.

    مشاري الإبراهيم

    Kheyreddine Hadri
    Good old Hume.

    Incredible argument.

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