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  • Title: The Duke's Undoing
  • Author: G.G. Vandagriff
  • ISBN: 9780983953678
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Duke's Undoing By G.G. Vandagriff Meet the Duke of Ruisdell, the unlikely hero of my new Regency Romance.The duke has just returned from the Napoleonic wars on the Iberian Peninsula with a wound in his shin, where a musket ball was lodged He is weary, cynical, and very bored Known as the worst rake in England, he finds he has no interest in upholding that distinction, when his friend, the Marquis of SomeMeet the Duke of Ruisdell, the unlikely hero of my new Regency Romance.The duke has just returned from the Napoleonic wars on the Iberian Peninsula with a wound in his shin, where a musket ball was lodged He is weary, cynical, and very bored Known as the worst rake in England, he finds he has no interest in upholding that distinction, when his friend, the Marquis of Somerset, proposes a bet Five thousand guineas says that seducing Miss Elise Edwards will cure your ennui Because his friend has just lost a packet to him, he agrees that the bet be posted in White s famous Betting Book.The following day, he has a most unsettling experience Walking in Green Park, he spies a mysterious young woman, veiled, and obviously grieving A disembodied voice, sounding strangely like that of his late adjutant, informs him, The jig is up That is the girl you are going to marry He scoffs, but is nevertheless intrigued by something about the slight figure He even sketches her and asks if he can be of assistance to her She declines his offer kindly.At the opera that evening, he is again intrigued by a beauty across the Opera Hall He hears the same voice, saying the same thing The marquis informs him that the woman in question is Miss Elise Edwards When he meets her, he recognizes her voice as that of the woman in the park Now she is surrounded by a surfeit of ex fiance s, one of them dangerously unbalanced Ruisdell discovers an actual bond between them which makes him honor bound to protect her.Thus begins a train of unstoppable events dangerous, humorous, devilish, and amorous that carry his life along at such a pace that the duke soon knows not whether he is on his head or his heels And then there is that bet .
    G.G. Vandagriff
    G.G Vandagriff is the author of twenty four books and is an 1 Bestselling Author The Last Waltz, the first novel in her 20th Century Historical Romance Series won the Whitney Award for Best Historical Novel in 2009 There are now two books in that series Exile and Defiance Twelve of her novels are Regency romances, compared by critics to the witty novels of Georgette Heyer She has also written a lively genealogical mystery series featuring Briggie and Alex, two whacky widows, as sleuths Other genres she writes in include Contemporary Romance, Women s Fiction, and Suspense GG graduated from Stanford and received her master s degree from George Washington University She worked as an associate editor at Stanford s Hoover Institution, an assistant treasurer in the Harvard Treasurer s office, a bond analyst at Fidelity Investments, and an international banker for Continental Illinois National Bank later acquired by Bank of America.She and her husband David are the parents of three children and six grandchildren, her greatest joys in life Her favorite novel Jane Eyre She also loves Florence, Sundance Resort, The Voice, hot chocolate, lilacs, and dachshunds.Find out about her books, download a free novella, and sign up for her newsletter at ggvandagriff Also, be the first to know when Vandagriff s next book is available by following her at bookbub authors G.G.Vandag to receive new releases and discount alerts.

    The Duke's Undoing By G.G. Vandagriff


    If you love a good Rouge story with the amazing determination to never marry and continue for life in a bed um never wed um manner then this book is for you Until the moment that you realize he is such a great person He has seen things He has been affected by what he saw in the war and now just wants to be the man he was before he left for the continent Can it happen, can he go back to his carefree ways Let running into a beautiful sad veil covered woman not interfere with his life plan No, not [...]

    First of all let me say I love regency novels I have read quite a few of G.G Vandagriff s books, but was disappointed and shocked that this novel is not a clean read.

    Edwina " I LoveBooks" "Deb"
    The Duke s Undoing had a lot of potential but failed woefully short G.G Vandagriff the author needs to study history about Dukes before tempting to write one The Duke of Ruisdell was so badly written I felt like I was in some kind of joke Dukes would never have taken a Hackney, public transportation, No one would ever dare not challenge a Duke weather he was telling the truth or not No one arrested a Duke or attempted to arrest one no matter what they were accused of A lowly commoner had clot t [...]

    Miss Elise Edwards has just lost her third fianc Her first died in the Napoleonic wars, her second turned out to be mad and fled to Italy, and she suspects the most recent of being in love with her best friend who is most certainly in love with him Through a strange set of events and coincidences, she becomes engaged a fourth time to the Duke of Ruisdell, reputed to be a rake and a rogue For his part, the Duke used to be a rake but three years fighting in the Peninsula has left him a changed man [...]

    Sandi Layne
    Found this on this is my best source of new books to read and picked it up because I love a witty Regency era romance Things I liked about this story included a heroine who was engaged multiple times before she met Her Real Hero the Duke of the title and that struck a humorous chord in my psyche The Duke, Peter I ll call him Peter because I like him, now did not at first have much to recommend him, in my opinion, but he grew on me Reforming the Rake is a rather old clich among romances, but I th [...]

    The heroine of The Duke s Undoing, with her three ex fiances, her writing of novels under the pen name A Gentlewoman, and her unconventional personality, intrigued me from the start What sounded in the description like an unlikely scenario was presented quite believably by the author.I really liked both the hero and heroine The supporting characters were interesting, entertaining, and villainous where applicable I was pulled into the Regency time period, with descriptions and dialogue that felt [...]

    It has depth than the usual romance novel with lots of different characters and plot devices However, it s all too much The first half of the novel is excellent The hero and heroine get to know each other and develop a relationship Then after that the plot speeds up into sheer madness So many things happen that the plot is simply unbelievable Characters are dropped and never mentioned again and the story went on way too long Yet the conclusion was super rushed and unsatisfactory This would have [...]

    Apparently this is a wildly popular genre, and this book is diverting, although not anything but fluff and not meant to be This is the first Regency romance I ve read, so I m not familiar with the conventions of these books, but I like Vandagriff s other books and thought I would give it a try After a slow, or perhaps just a little scattered beginning, I became interested and enjoyed reading the ups and downs of the romance between the Duke of Ruisdell and Elise Edwards Toward the end, the book [...]

    Kathy * Bookworm Nation
    This one was just okay for me I actually started it and put it down a couple times and when I finally came back to it I was able to get into the story a little better I thought the story was enjoyable enough, but I wanted to like the characters than I did Elise was a likable heroine, I would have preferred if we could have gotten to know her personality instead of being told how great she is If that makes sense I also have a hard time relating to a character that is supposedly so perfect and on [...]

    Mandi Slack
    To be quite honest, I don t believe I ve read many Regency Romance novels, and I wasn t quite sure what to expect However, GG Vandagriff did not disappoint This novel is filled with intrique, turmoil, a bit of comedy, and a LOT heart fluttering romance I loved the characters, especially those of Elise Edwards and the complex duke of Ruisdell Elise is the perfect heroine She is intelligent, snarky yet sweet, and passionate about life In my mind, the duke is as handsome as ever, and exhibits just [...]

    Why is it that so many romance books start with a bet We know that it s going to come back to bite the hero later, but for some reason, he thinks he won t fall for said girl anyway If you like young adult books, I recommend Being Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram For the first time I can remember, the guy told the girl exactly what he was up to from the start Refreshing

    It was ok Nothing to fawn over.

    An utterly fabulous one day read Miss Edwards is precisely what I think a modern woman in a long past time would be like She is fiery and sensitive and caring and unfairly marked by her past Set in a time where women are expected to marry young and well or be branded as untouchable Miss Edwards had one engagement that ended in tragedy, one that ended in fear, and one she s fairly beating off with a stick And then there s the one she s counting on to rescue her It s the last one that ends up trul [...]

    I m quite confused over what I just read This book was a strange mix of old style Heyer like language and formality, but with complete and utter disregard for historical accuracy and social s in Regency times It s like the author read a few older Regencies, set out to mimic their formal writing style, but then did zero research and threw in plot points willy nilly Or, maybe this was meant to be a parody of old style Regencies The plot is so ridiculous that I thought that was a possibility and tr [...]

    Jane Mercer
    Parts of this book I liked others were too long winded the characters were good but our Heroine Elise incredibly gullible.Contains SPOILERSAfter dismissing too fiancees, one of them is mad and one of them Chessingden who molested her, she believes this one when he lies through his teeth to her about the man she loves, who at the time she believes dead Then she proceeds to put these lies into a book, it doesn t make sense to me our hero kills Chessingden and they have to flee to the continent I l [...]

    Heather Brinkerhoff Burdsal
    The plot is VERY thin This is the most boring and generic Regency Romance I ve ever had the misfortune of purchasing 2 was too much for this book The characters are flat, despite the author explaining HOW COMPLEX AND UNIQUE they are on every other page Plus, the author is very fond of a particular sentence construction that requires commas than she is willing to allot No, thank you Will not finish.

    Paula Bothwell
    PGI really, really like Georgette Heyer, and I m loving what I ve read so far by GG Vandagriff Heyer with the occasional smooch I loved Elise Edwards and how practical and unaffected she was about everything, and I loved how she turned Ruisdell on his head Cute, funny, fun, entertaining It s a 200 page pick me up I m going to continue the Six Rogues and Their Ladies.

    Maria Contreras
    Review I absolutely loved this story One of the best I ve ever read, I enjoyed all the characters in it and the intrigue and romance in it, there was so much going on in this woman s life I couldn t put book down, I honestly and truly recommend this book to everyone, you ll be glad you read it

    Enjoyably sillyThis is romp, pure and simple The characters bounce from situation to situation in gloriously melodramatic style All that s missing is a mysterious and dark monster in an attic.Read it if you want a fun, light, distracting read.

    Becky Tuley
    A book with many twists to the plotI really enjoyed this book The story line had a lot of twists and turns and you couldn t wait to see how the heroine handed the new twist Really a good book that is impossible to put down

    Cheryl Adamkiewicz
    Wonderful Really great writing, dialogue, characterization, and plot The storyline was fast moving and intriguing I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it.

    It had potential The ending felt incomplete some scenes felt short changed.

    Melanie Mason
    Fun rompThis story had so many twists and turns that you hardly knew what was going to happen The characters had a depth that made you love them even Well done

    Pat Babcock
    The Duke s undoingVery interesting story but it ended with too many loose ends Would like to know about length of exile Extended epilogue would have been great.

    Award winning historical novelist GG Vandagriff has turned her sights to the Regency era Since I ve enjoyed reading this genre over the past couple of years, I was excited to pick up Vandagriff s new offering.The Duke s Undoing is a sweet romance, instilled with plenty of adventure, humor, and even a bit of danger Like all classic regency novels, I always enjoy the over the top secondary characters who care nothing except for their reputation or perception of what is right and proper They add a [...]

    First let me say that I read very fast Abnormally so It s important to know that I read a variety of genres but I love a good Regency or Victorian romance the most McNaught, Coutler, Quinn, Enoch, Balogh, Quick, Beverley, Laurens, Heyerfast reads driven by witty repartee, interesting characters and engaging stories.This book, and others written by this author, have been recommended to me I took advantage of one of s free book offers and obtained one of the books in this series When I saw that it [...]

    I was a First Reads lucky winner I received a free copy of The Duke s Undoing A Regency Romance in the mail and I thoroughly enjoyed this book If you have read Heather Moore s review, she has already said everything that I want to say about the book I don t usually read romances except for regencies I love the rules that regency romances follow, the conventions of that time period and even the clothes and architecture I looked at some of the other reviews and someone mentioned that the author le [...]

    Jenn (Booksessed)
    The only thing I did not like about the book, was that with all their titles, it was sometimes hard to keep all of Elise s fianc es straight The girl had quite a few not only for that time, but than enough for anyone s lifetime Even though the book is somewhat short, there is a lot going on, so don t let the length fool you I was impressed by all the different twists and turns I was kept guessing from beginning to end It had all the things that I like in a Regency romance a dashing, man with a [...]

    Virginia Tican
    It felt like a nightmare ride First the return of Robert who should have been put in Bedlam after assaulting Elise the first time Then there s the duplicitous cheating at cards Viscount politician who plans to use Elise to further his career And with one thing or another these fiances keep inserting themselves into her life that at this point I have already become thoroughly annoyed by the alternate impositions The writing was so erratic that there was no complete character development The chara [...]

    There s just something about the regency period that speaks to me and not every regency book gets it, but, for me, this one does We meet Elise Edwards who has the misfortune of having had three engagements one to a soldier who was killed in battle, one to a madman, and one to a viscount whom she believes to be in love with her best friend Elise has an inner strength about her as she tries to deal with the ton, her charity work, and her nutty ex fiance recently returned from Italy and wanting her [...]

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