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  • Title: Piece of Work
  • Author: Laura Zigman
  • ISBN: 9780446578387
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Piece of Work By Laura Zigman Julia Einstein never wanted to return to her high stress job of celebrity publicist But when her husband loses his job, she has no choice but to reenter the world of monstrous egos, imperfect illusions, and 24 hour spin a world she thought she had left behind forever when she had a baby three years ago and moved to the suburbs Stranded now at a third rate publicity firmJulia Einstein never wanted to return to her high stress job of celebrity publicist But when her husband loses his job, she has no choice but to reenter the world of monstrous egos, imperfect illusions, and 24 hour spin a world she thought she had left behind forever when she had a baby three years ago and moved to the suburbs Stranded now at a third rate publicity firm in New York City that specializes in resuscitating the careers of Has Beens, Julia s first assignment is to promote the launch of a perfume a scent created to engineer the comeback of 73 year old former screen goddess Mary Ford In the unpredictable Mary, Julia gets much than she bargained for And when she is forced to go on the road with the former diva to promote her failing product, Julia finds herself tested to the very brink of human endurance by her mercurial, abusive charge her pompous and infinitely devious boss by keen bouts of homesickness by angry PETA activists and by PR disasters and a perfume that, well, stinks For every woman who has ever confronted the hard choices of work and family, and lived to tell the tale, and for every woman who has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds not to mention losing those last 10 pounds , this is a novel as touching and hilarious as they come Brimming with comic moments, sharply witty observations and unexpected poignancy, this is vintage Zigman at her very best.
    Laura Zigman
    Laura Zigman grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, and graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and the Radcliffe Publishing Procedures Course.She spent ten years working in New York in book publishing where she was a publicist for Times Books, Vintage Books, Turtle Bay Books, Atlantic Monthly Press, and Alfred A Knopf.After moving to Washington, D.C and working briefly as a project manager for The Smithsonian Associates and a consultant for Share Our Strength, an anti poverty non profit group, she finished her first novel Animal Husbandry was published in 1998 by The Dial Press and became a national bestseller It was published in fourteen countries and in 2001 the film based on the book, Someone Like You, starring Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman, was released by Fox 2000 Her second novel, Dating Big Bird, also published by The Dial Press, came out in 2000, and her third novel, Her, published by Knopf followed in 2002 Her latest novel, Piece of Work, to be published by Warner Books on September 25, 2006 , is based on her experiences as a publicist and has been optioned by Tom Hanks production company, Playtone Pictures, with My Big Fat Greek Wedding s Nia Vardalos set to write the screenplay and star in the movie.She currently lives outside Boston with her husband and young sonRetrieved from enpedia wiki Laura_Zi

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    Piece of Work Laura Zigman Julia Einstein is a typical stay at home mother of a three year old boy Her life is filled with preschool, play dates and cheese ball stains on her clothing Then one day her husband Peter comes home and tells her he lost his job.Julia finds herself back in the workforce as a Publicist for has been actresses actors Her boss is a jerk and her client, the aging Mary Ford is demanding, rude, and a big handful Obstacles along the way at work challenge her, yet she is determ [...]

    did not keep my interest very well so I only read about half the book.

    Daomi Strickland
    I loved this audio book Just what I needed and with a great narrator It was a light, fun chick lit with a happily married couple who were forced to change roles due to the husband losing his job Fun, and refreshing

    Maria (Ri)
    My review for Armchair Interviews Julia Einstein is gladly a stay at home mom to three year old Leo, than happy to have left behind her jet setting career as a celebrity publicist Life is great until her husband loses his job Julia stresses while watching the savings dwindle and her husband seem less and less interested in finding a job, any job With much reluctance, Julia throws herself back into the work world, but discovers in the fickle world of publicity, all she is able to get is a second [...]

    I think this is the second book I ve read by Zigman, and the same things that bothered me about the first one bothered me about this one She really needs to find a better editor The story itself was okay, but the writing style made it hard to follow what was going on in some places Zigman tends to write in long, rambling sentences that communicate a lot of information and detail, but sometimes need to be read 2 or 3 times to be fully understood If some of these sentences were split or rearranged [...]

    I was relating to the main character from page one with her own domestic un goddessness and her completely relatable love for her son, enjoying every moment with him I even found myself enheartened as Julia is relating the loneliness of being a stay at home mom and how hurt she is by the three bitches at the park who hate her even though she s never even spoken to them Sadly, her stay at home days are cut short when when her husband Peter, is laid off from his job and she is forced to switch rol [...]

    Confession time my low rating for this book has little to do with the writing quality that was quite good or Laura Zigman s ability to create a believable image of the world she is writing about I just disliked pretty much every character in the book Even the MC, whom it was the clear the reader me this book was clearly marketed as a book for moms should most relate to, irked me with her feelings toward her husband, her parents, her boss, etc Perhaps I saw too much of myself in her I just know I [...]

    Once in a while I feel the need to read something that affirms my current place in life Laura Zigman s Piece of Work lured me in on page one with Toddlers, she remembered hearing someone say, were like big tyrants of tiny countries, and judging from the way Leo had her running around most of the time, she couldn t have agreed .Demanding, insatiably needy, and all ego and id, he was still by far the best boss she d ever had Personally in the grips of raising the last of my own little tyrants abov [...]

    I really wanted to like this book because the premise was so promising It was too slow moving I felt like nothing had happened whatsoever in the first 100 pages though it is the kind of book that should have plenty of happenings Then everything advances and comes together in the last chapter and there is action there than the entire book Anyway, I tried to think of who I could recommend this book to but really it doesn t seem suited to stay at home moms or working moms Maybe it is good fantasy [...]

    This book was really disappointing It had such a great premise a stay at home mom is forced to return to her previous profession as a celebrity publicist when her husband loses his job, and she has to deal with the challenges of work re entry, becoming the sole breadwinner, and babysitting a grumpy has been.But the story soon peters out None of the various storylines ever is fully fleshed out The relationship with her husband who is doing a better job of being a stay at home mom than she ever di [...]

    Well, aside from the fact that the husband s relentless unemployment reminds me of my own, this was pretty good.Perfect description of mother love and longing Laurie Colwin esque happy mostly shiny couple And the ineffable Mary Ford She sticks with you Sort of reminds me of my crabby aunt who I won t name and she s dead now anyway Although I will admit to some confusion at first about whether this was Les Paul s Mary Ford I know, I know I can t help it Zigman makes it clear from the outset that [...]

    Very light Entertaining I found her perception of the life of a stay at home mom to be very unrealistic At first I thought the author must not be a mother but then I realized she has only one child And while the characters from her working life are dynamic and fleshed out, the other mothers are cardboard caricature stereotypes Further, her notion that parents who stay home just need someone to swoop in and teach them how to organize their lives is laughable, if not mildly offensive However, it s [...]

    I loved Animal Husbandry and so I was happy to see that Laura Zigman had written a new novel That being said, I think this wasn t her best effort The characters are somewhat interesting, at times, but she falls into that inevitable trap that most chick lit writers do of not being able to write men convincingly It s a puzzle, because she wrote her male characters fairly well in Animal Husbandry and in this one, she just seems to have lost her voice I won t say it s a bad novel, there are some cle [...]

    A mum goes back to work for a publicity company when her husband loses his job She misses the little moments at home and is torn when her husband gets the home running smoothly along with files for the members of the PTA with his time management skills She s given the job of helping a actress from the past get back into the limelight with the launch of a new perfume Unfortunately she faces some huge problems with the actress, the perfume and her boss attempts to sabotage the comeback for some re [...]

    Julia is forced to return to work as a celebrity publicist when her husband is laid off In truth she would like nothing than to stay at home with her beloved three year old son Instead she finds herself handling the dwindling career of a Hollywood has been diva hoping to stage a major come back This book was a roller coaster ride through the world of fame with plenty of name dropping and humor Terrific ending

    Fawn Butler
    A women goes back to work after being a stay at home mom for 3 years and her husband loses her job She works in PR and gets assigned a has been actress who requires work than her three year When she comes home after trying days at the office she learns that her husband is doing a better job than her It s a bit dry at times and I found the main character annoying, but it wasn t terrible to read while in a plane for 17 hours.

    Julia has left the world of celebrities behind to become a full time mom When her husband is laid off she has to try to pick up where she left off and begins working for a new agency whose major client is an old has been actress Joan Crawford type trying to make a comeback Missing her son, jealous of her husband who gets to stay at home and organize things, and trying to be successful all try to get her down But once again the powers of a woman win out Cute.

    I went with it at the beginning, when Julia s life started to change, but got increasingly fed up as the book went on Julia was supposed to be awesome at her job, but nothing we saw ever showed that She whined about her family situation and having to work, but her family was supportive in every way possible and I just didn t buy that she couldn t operate a cell phone or tell when her boss was swindling her All in all, just not worth the time.

    Among the many books my sister handed me over my Christmas break, this book was a quick, chick litty read about a woman who has to go back to work because her husband lost his job She hates leaving her Scooby her son blech but in the end realizes that she enjoys her job in publicity and her husband is pretty good at taking care of their son and the house I wanted to smack the main character a few times I don t have a kid, so maybe that s why.

    I really enjoyed this book My favorite part about it is that it s chick lit with a happily married husband and wife, and they stay happily married all throughout It made me laugh and could really feel for the main character I sort of chose this book on accident, but it ended up being well worth it

    I m not reading any books in this particular genre , the career woman New Yorker whatever genre I couldn t even finish the audio book And seriously if PR people let their washed up actors who actually need their help physically poke them without getting a big slap something is messed up here just a big MEH for this one and I really liked Animal Husbandry.

    This book just didn t click for me I read the first 50 pages because someone once told me you can t judge a book until you are at least 50 pages in but it just didn t take I thought the author tended to go off on tangents and when she came back to the point I would just be annoyed at all the extra stuff in between that was just not neccessary Just my opinion.

    This book wasn t exceptionally well written but it was what I expected enjoyable fluff Everything was tied up a little too neatly at the end and at times the main character was a PR pro but at other times she was a bit of an idiot when it came to client relations and dealing with her boss That being said, I didn t mind it Not one of the author s best books but I read it in a week.

    Heather B.
    The author is definitely a mother of a young child, because she perfectly captures many of the minutiae of stay at home motherhood I especially liked the reference to Gymboree and how every square inch had been coughed, spit, or vomited on Ain t that the truth I may not have liked the book as much before having kids.

    Laura Zigman, fellow alumna of Newton North High School and of the Radcliffe Publishing Course, is as warm and delightful in person as are her books Many of the situations the heroine experienced while taking this diva on the road rang true to my own publishing experiences.

    Ok, not to be mean, but this was a piece of crap I was so glad to be done with this book The author went off topic so many times that I would forget what was going on when she finally got back on track I am surprised though, since she wrote the book that the movie Someone Like You with Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman are in and i like that movie But basicly, don t waste your time.

    complete book candy a quick read two nights entertaining, but not a lot there were glimpses of some real stuff brief sections on the work motherhood balance that could have been really great, but they were just barely touched but, a good book to read in between books or on the airplane.

    Shannon Arehart
    I think, perhaps, that I am just not a Laura Zigman fan I actively hated Her another of her novels and this one was slow and contrived I ve been a SAHM myself but didn t feel any connection at all to the character Just blah.

    Clever story about a stay at home mom who returns to the professional working world Although it s supposed to be mostly comical, I think, it has some poignant truths about marriage and motherhood It actually tugged at my heart a lot.

    A mother goes from being a stay at home mom to being the only source of income for her family The woman s husband becomes a stay at home dad while his wife endures a horrible client A light and fun read.

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