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  • Title: Dating Big Bird
  • Author: Laura Zigman
  • ISBN: 9780385333412
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback

  • Dating Big Bird By Laura Zigman Ellen Franck isn t in love with Big Bird After all, he s a big yellow Sesame Street character and she s an intelligent single woman with a fabulous job On the other hand, Big Bird is looking like a better candidate for fatherhood every day he s tall, affectionate, and steadily employed And right now, for Ellen, thirty five years old and dying to have a baby, almostEllen Franck isn t in love with Big Bird After all, he s a big yellow Sesame Street character and she s an intelligent single woman with a fabulous job On the other hand, Big Bird is looking like a better candidate for fatherhood every day he s tall, affectionate, and steadily employed And right now, for Ellen, thirty five years old and dying to have a baby, almost any father will do.In her hilarious and heartbreaking new novel, Laura Zigman, bestselling author of Animal Husbandry, explores what happens when the life we ve chosen isn t that life we expected it to be And at this point Ellen Franck is rethinking all her choices Mired in a relationship with a man who is better at brooding than breeding, sister to a woman who can t seem to stop having babies, and working under a boss who is about to have the baby shower of the decade, Ellen knows the path to motherhood is clear All she has to do is leave her relationship, horrify her family, find an anonymous father, and become independently wealthy.Piece of cake.
    Laura Zigman
    Laura Zigman grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, and graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and the Radcliffe Publishing Procedures Course.She spent ten years working in New York in book publishing where she was a publicist for Times Books, Vintage Books, Turtle Bay Books, Atlantic Monthly Press, and Alfred A Knopf.After moving to Washington, D.C and working briefly as a project manager for The Smithsonian Associates and a consultant for Share Our Strength, an anti poverty non profit group, she finished her first novel Animal Husbandry was published in 1998 by The Dial Press and became a national bestseller It was published in fourteen countries and in 2001 the film based on the book, Someone Like You, starring Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman, was released by Fox 2000 Her second novel, Dating Big Bird, also published by The Dial Press, came out in 2000, and her third novel, Her, published by Knopf followed in 2002 Her latest novel, Piece of Work, to be published by Warner Books on September 25, 2006 , is based on her experiences as a publicist and has been optioned by Tom Hanks production company, Playtone Pictures, with My Big Fat Greek Wedding s Nia Vardalos set to write the screenplay and star in the movie.She currently lives outside Boston with her husband and young sonRetrieved from enpedia wiki Laura_Zi

    Dating Big Bird By Laura Zigman


    In a sweet nutshell, this book is horrible.The story focuses on Ellen, a flippy drippy bore with completely fucking warped perceptions of motherhood.Ellen is 35, lives in New York, works for a designer as a Marketing Exec and wants to have a baby That s it She seems to want NOTHING else out of her life She hates her job, her boyfriend is an impotent car wreck of a human being so head s up, if you re looking for sex in this book, it ain t happenin The only thing she seems to care about, is her 4 [...]

    Raina Tellado
    I think the reason that this book was so extremely disappointing was because I expected the story line to be about someone who actually dates Big Bird What I really read was an annoying story about a woman who just wants to get pregnant Not only was it cheesy and predictable and so far away from being my kind of a book, but I found some of the remarks to be offensive fag and retarded were used surprisingly often and I got pissed, not gonna lie This was just an annoying piece to read and I can t [...]

    Lauren Fidler
    2.5this is the sad story of a woman who apparently works in marketing for a famous fashion designer but hates her job because she not so secretly wants to be knocked up so desperate is this woman for her own bebe that she is willing to use her niece pickle as a cheap knock off just to get a fix she makes friends with a former acquaintance from high school who also uses her nephew to play mammo you can t make this shit up.well, apparently laura zigman can complicating the plot 1 the protagonist d [...]

    I didn t like this much as Zigman s novel Animal Husbandry, but that might be because the story is about a successful single woman who is desperate to have a child I could not really relate to the desire as my biological clock has never worked.

    Nina Draganova
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    Lynnette Dobberpuhl
    I liked this book It struck me as an honest look at the conflicts many modern women face with relationships or lack thereof, childbearing and career However, I had difficulty sympathizing with the main character and I am not sure if it is because my own reproductive situation was so completely different, or if it was because she struck me as somewhat self involved than the average young woman thinking about committing herself to a life as a parent Still, the world Zigman created and the charact [...]

    Wow this book was stupid The characters were shallow and impossible to relate with The ridiculously convenient ending just pissed me off.

    just ok the ending was all too convenient for me.

    Sure, Ellen Franck was excited when her sister became pregnant but she never counted on falling head over heels in love as a result The minute she held her newborn niece, Nicole known as Pickle her heart was stolen and she knew what it was that she was missing in her life Ellen, 35,hates the term of biological clock but she knows that her chances of having a child of her own are diminishing as each day passes She is in love with a gentle man and has been in a relationship with him for over a yea [...]

    This book wasok Not too deep About a modern woman, Ellen Franck, facing the age old insurmountable problem how do you find a marriageable husband in order to have a baby Ellen s biological clock ticks loudly away in her heart, and she takes cues from those around her her sister her boss, her new friendship with a fellow high school alum, among countless other on her quest to figure out her path She has a fabulous job which is wearing on her, and a frozen boyfriend, Malcolm, who cannot seem to li [...]

    Susan Bazzett-Griffith
    An interesting and less stereotypical than usual take on the chick lit mommy lit genre Zigman s Dating Big Bird is surprisingly mature for a book of it s ilk Her protagonist, a single career woman in her mid thirties, wants a child, dotes on her niece, and finds a friend in a similar situation She actually shows the character realizing and ruminating on her decision to have a child on her own throughout the entire book, rather than the normal go go go pace of these types of books She considers a [...]

    Having three kids, I can fully relate to Ellen s the main character who wants to be pregnant and have a child but has no way of getting pregnant desire to have children Those of us with kids will get a laugh out of the silly things she does while trying to decide whether to get pregnant and how to get pregnant Not to mention the who The whole working mother vs stay at home mother delimna is really into play, and although it doesn t go into depth about which is better although I don t see either [...]

    Adelaine Pek
    I loved this I enjoyed every page of it and it got me constantly laughing It has a realistic feel to it and I liked how Zigman covers both side of perspective opinions in matters eg becoming a mother The story is exactly like how the synopsis said it, and despite not being in my thirties or at the stage of wanting to be a mother yet, I can fully understand the main character Ellen s thought process.At first I picked this book up thinking, Oh Is the character going to date have a romance fling wi [...]

    I was really disappointed with this book It s about Ellen, a single woman who wants a child I thought I d be able to relate to wanting a child so much, but she wants one for all the wrong reasons Her boyfriend is a jerk, after she dumps him makes a fortune designing a stupid necklace for her boss she decided to go to a sperm bank It s disgusting how they screen the sperm donors so they mostly have blonde, blue eyed guys over 6 feet tall with above average IQ s perfect family histories to assure [...]

    I have no desire to have children and thus, was at a disadvantage with this book The main character is obsessed with having a child The fact that she is in a relationship with a man who wants no children, and shows no signs of changing that view, is one of the conundrums of the plot.I couldn t relate to the main character I found the story annoying I found the writing style in which the author repeatedly uses Many very short.Sentences like this.Over and over.Again be very distracting The plot po [...]

    Very satisfying read, a quick one too, and often hard to put down This story is a mixture of wry humor, psychological insight, and dreams of the best possible outcome ever Like others have said, the ending was a bit too dreamy, too perfect My only criticism is that it actually would have been much satisfying if the ending had been written differently I liked that this author opened up the door to accepting single motherhood by choice, but then regretted seeing her almost compulsively throw Elle [...]

    An uneven novel that doesn t compare to her previous effort, Animal Husbandry I still think Zigman is one of the intelligent chick lit writers around, but it seems she gets a bit lazy with this one The descriptions of the relationship the main character was in resonated with me than the whole I want a baby sooooo bad stuff, but even so, I was a bit annoyed at how unrealistic things became, particularly towards the end I will say I was surprised by the ending, but that s just me, once again, co [...]

    I d read Animal Husbandry, by this same author, and liked it, so I bought this one when it was on the bargain books aisle at Barnes Noble To the extent that I paid 4 for a hardback which I always love , I liked it okay The author has some funny, quirky ways she writes things, which I like, and I don t recall too many any other books about a woman wanting to get pregnant via articial insemination, so it gets points for a different topic The ending is a bit nauseating to me, but they gotta wrap it [...]

    Marie F
    More a 2.5 than a 3, but it was an amusingly awkward book I am not much on romance books but the humor made it quite a bit bearable than typical or expected though I doubt all the humor was intentional I doubt I would read anything else by this author, this main character just tickled my sense of humor We needed a romance book for a reading challenge in my group a few years back and this had a curious title Occasionally it is fun to read things other people I know enjoy, to be able to discuss t [...]

    This book offers insight into a very real conflict among modern women, who struggle to balance finding a man, building a successful career, and raising a child or children While there were parts of this book that were humorous and relatable, I could not connect with the main character, who was desperate to have a child in order to become happy Interestingly enough, along the way she also falls in love and becomes rich famous, so it is impossible to say whether said baby actually improved her lif [...]

    This one was OK The concept wasn t bad a mid 30s singelish woman living in NYC really wants to be a mother Unfortunately, the way the story unfold wasn t that great, and the events didn t always flow smoothly I think this could have been a much better story if the writing had been cohesive, and perhaps if it wasn t the story of a woman working in the fashion industry That made me feel as if the story should have been funnier, since all books with the fashion industry as a character have some el [...]

    I picked this up the night I finished Zeitoun to try and give my brain a break It has or could have a serious side becuase it looks at an issue facing many of use to have kids or not, can you do it by yourself, etc but it is so glossed over by the lame character development that I think it is just a letdown This is a reread from back in grad school I had forgotten most of it, the section I thought was completely stupid when I first read it still came across just as stupid, and it led to the down [...]

    While this was an interesting look at the decisions some women face, I really didn t like it in the end It seemed too easy, too wrapped up in a nice neat ball And I can say as a sister and mother that I don t think I d ever give the advice to go it alone when having a child, but maybe that s just me That said, it s got humor and some interesting character types Setting up the conflicts was great, very believable, but the climax and resolution left something to be desired I guess reality maybe

    Sometimes, I like to buy secondhand books with ridiculous names Sometimes they turn out to be great, other times not so much This book definitely falls into the latter category It is a quite frankly bizarre story that ends as abruptly as the stories I used to write in primary school, as if even the author got tired of it by the end The main character comes across as desperate and pathetic, and than a little odd the kind of odd that makes you feel slightly uncomfortable as you read Totally a was [...]

    I am not, on the whole, a big fan of the chick lit genre Oftentimes, I feel like if you ve read one book of this ilk, you ve read them all.But this book was a pleasant surprise Ellen actually felt like a real person, and her relationships with Amy, with her sister and mother, with Karen actually felt believable I found myself getting very invested in the story and in Ellen s struggle with the idea of having a child on her own.And while I wish the epilogue had been developed into a much larger pa [...]

    I went through a phase reading about young women with glamorous NY jobs Death by Prada, etc when I was stuck in an very unglamorous job on Long Island I read this before I had kids, and remember thinking no one would be as crazy over it as she was, but if I read it now I d prbably be in tune with the story I can remember if that I did think parts were funny enough to read Animal Husbandry after it

    Rebecca McNutt
    I didn t really find this book very funny, just weird And It was really difficult for me to sympathize with the main character The guy she s married to isn t really a bad guy, but she doesn t like him because he s too occupied with his thoughts to get t on with her and she wants a baby And she isn t even concerned about why he s distant, she s just too busy dreaming about having a baby and I found the jokes to just be very strange and eventually boring.

    This is an interesting book, but the storyline isn t all that realistic If you re looking for a moderately entertaining beach read, this might be a good choice It s a cross between devil wears prada main character works in marketing for a designer and some other books like this Character s goal is to have a baby, no matter what.

    Feathery and funDespite my disappointment that Big Bird appears only briefly, I really liked this book Though I am years from childbearing age, with children and grandchildren, I identified with the narrator and her longing for a child But the breezy style keeps the subject from becoming too heavy, it rather

    A single ish woman she s in a relationship that hardly counts as one really wants a baby and she decides to pursue artificial insemination The title comes from the main character s realization that Big Bird would make a pretty good dad, he s tall, good with kids etc Funny and sad at the same time.

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      252 Laura Zigman
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