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  • Title: Missing Daughter, Shattered Family
  • Author: Liz Strange
  • ISBN: 9781608204137
  • Page: 331
  • Format: ebook

  • Missing Daughter, Shattered Family By Liz Strange 2011 Independent Literay Awards NomineeWhen a brutal homophobic attack ended David Lloyd s career as a police officer, his life was changed forever Five years later David is running his own private detective agency, where a missing person s case comes to his attention Digging into the circumstances of her disappearance forces David to realize he has not dealt with what h2011 Independent Literay Awards NomineeWhen a brutal homophobic attack ended David Lloyd s career as a police officer, his life was changed forever Five years later David is running his own private detective agency, where a missing person s case comes to his attention Digging into the circumstances of her disappearance forces David to realize he has not dealt with what happened to him, and that he can no loner deal with his long time partner s fear of being honest about their relationship.Solving the case might not only bring peace to a shattered family, but could finally put David s own demons to rest.
    Liz Strange
    An author of fantasy, horror and mystery fiction.

    Missing Daughter, Shattered Family By Liz Strange


    David Lloyd was a Toronto police detective until a brutal homophobic assault ended his career and changed his life It s been five years and he now owns a private detective agency Marjory Barrowman enlists his help to find her troubled daughter, Stella, who has been missing and not heard from for over two months.On the surface, discovering what has happened to Stella shouldn t be that difficult given her circumstances She has a serious drug habit and had a pretty small circle of acquaintances, in [...]

    Edina Rose
    GGood mystery with a romance sub plot.David is a former cop He left the police force after being severely beaten up and left disabled by a homophobic colleague and his crew He has been a private eye for 5 years when he is hired to find the missing daughter of a rich family The case that seemed relatively simple will prove to be of the most dangerous sort murders, sex abuse, drugs abuse, prostitution, assaults, and battery But he dangerous it gets, the determined Davis is to uncover the truth a [...]

    Mystery, will and always will be one of my favorite genres so anything combined with it romance, urban fantasy I m up for it I never read anything by Liz Strange before However, the title said David Lloyd Investigation , which means mystery, with a gay lead, so my first thought was, GOODY .For those looking for a dash of romance in this, I will say upfront that the romance is pretty much non existent Sure, there is a couple of kisses, and David tells his long time partner, I love you , but sex i [...]

    3.75 starsFirst, let me be clear this is not a romance and going into it expecting romance will only lead to disappointment While the protagonist is in an established, long term relationship which requires some work along the way, this is primarily a mystery and one competently written at that The book is not without problems though They are mainly connected to the protagonist, his background and private life, rather than the mystery itself, which is why I divided the review in two parts.David L [...]

    Good, solid mystery novel where the protagonist just happens to be gay When I was much younger, I often wished for normal books like mysteries or trashy romance novels where the main characters just were gay and nothing was thought about it All the gay themed books were all serious or tragic or stuff for academic readings Now there is a plethora to choose from Often there is the Pr0n which is good don t get me wrong see my reading list and the gay romance with a mystery stuck in, or the sci fi f [...]

    Very good m m mystery with a bit of romance about a cop turned PI who s hired to find a troubled young woman The case becomes increasingly complex, and he finds himself dealing with unresolved issues from his own past I m really looking forward to the next book in this series

    Lori K
    I was going to rate this a 5 star but something was missing Maybe the smut It was close though.

    Glenda Bixler
    When I first started to read this novel, I got the feeling of a routine Mike Hammer PI investigation But I was wrong not because David Lloyd did not have the looks and smart ass personality of Mike as he followed the same investigative procedures, which, for David, had been first learned in his police career No, it was all of the involved characters and what was revealed through that investigation I ll just say that potential readers might think Law and Order, Special Victims to get a better fee [...]

    I have not found a lot of great MM mystery novels these last few days, but this one turned out to be a nice surprise I am vacillating between giving it 3 and 4 stars, and will leave my rating at 3 for now, since I have read better books, that I have given 4 stars.One of the things, that makes me unsure of my rating is that I have not made ONE highlight in the 230 pages, and normally when I love a book I will cover that shit in colors, like I was the next Bob Ross And it s not that the writing wa [...]

    I m not sure why I didn t come across this series earlier, but I m glad I did at least Anyway here we have a great mysterious case, which circles around a missing girl on a surface but hides much than that The main protagonist here is David with his own PI I really liked David, he was sincere, really patient with his closeted long lasting boyfriend Jamie, and a real detective His case was well build and written I m positively impressed by this author mature writing style HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BOOK [...]

    Very good but definitely not for the faint of hearted Re read, still a creepy motherfucker

    3,5 STARSThis was a pleasant surprise The case David had to investigate was very interesting, and I found myself engaged with the story I also felt the relationship between him and Jamie was very real I appreciate the fact that they dealt with their issues by talking about them, instead of behaving like a couple of hormonal teenagers Thank you, dear author, for making grown men act like grown men Also, they sounded like a very cute couple and hope to read about them in the coming installments, [...]

    I went from the high octane action novel The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes into the laid back classic P.I novel, Missing Daughter, Shattered Family David Lloyd is a former police officer turned private investigator who is hired to find the missing daughter of a prominent Toronto family The young woman has not contacted her family in months, something highly unusual for her Her history of drug abuse and mental illness make it all too easy to assume she either took off or possibly overdosed As the c [...]

    Scott Whitmore
    Writing the first novel of a series can be an especially difficult proposition The author must not only tell a completely self contained and interesting story but also introduce the protagonist s and supporting cast in such a way that the reader will want to join them again later for another adventure In Missing Daughter, Shattered Family, author Liz Strange LizStrangeVamp has done both superbly, giving mystery fans a twisty, intricate plot as well as an interesting and complex protagonist in To [...]

    Derek Newman-Stille
    A Review of Liz Strange s Missing Daughter, Shattered Family MLR Press, 2011 Detective novels tend to be fairly heteronormative with a male protagonist who is protecting a female love interest Liz Strange sees the incredible opportunity for a gay male protagonist as a figure of mystery Mystery novels are about discoveries of the truth, uncovering what is hidden and suppressed, and a gay male protagonist, trapped in our society s homophobic context, provides a great opportunity for examining the [...]

    Michelle Leah Olson
    Our Review by Michelle L Olson LITERAL ADDICTION s Pack Alpha I m a big fan of Liz s work and was excited to read this as it s not her usual , or what I ve come to equate with her usual anyway.I was pleasantly surprised and am definitely looking forward to the next installment of this series the lady can write a killer mystery Missing Daughter, Shattered Family is not a super fast paced, majorly action packed read, but it s steady and gripping, holds your interest the entire way through It s per [...]

    I have never heard of Liz Strange, and after reading several 4 5 star reviews of this first novel in a brand new mystery series, I decided to take a chanceI m truly glad I did.David Lloyd, is a former police officer who is forced to take early retirement after the brutal attack on him possibly by fellow cops because he is gay.David still hares the physical and mental scars of this attack.Somehow, with the support of a loving family, a loving but deeply closeted lawyer boyfriend, he has managed t [...]

    Marianne Søiland
    I was pleasantly surprised This was my first novel by Liz Strange, and I read it in one go It was not fast paced action or heavy suspence that actually kept me turning pages, the authors captivating writing and the always new twist and turns of the story Strange manages to build a very stong set of characters in this book, without making it too complex David, the PI and main character, is a very convincing ex policeman working on a missing daughter case and there is, of course, much to the sto [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the main reason was that it was a true detective mystery story, with a well developed plot, characters and excellent pace Though some people will have guessed who the bad guy was quite early, unusually for me, even though I thought I knew, I wasn t sure, which I credit to the Author s excellent writing.The plot was excellently drawn out, there were no WTF moments where the character made a leap in logic that only a grasshopper should do The subject matter was h [...]

    Kit Daven
    Oh, there was quite a bit I liked about this book, some elements which are difficult to talk about because they would give away the plot Perhaps, my favourite quality to the book is how it twists and turns in the most unlikely ways Generally I find in most crime stories, the absence of the victim makes it difficult to connect to that character, but Liz did an amazing job at making me truly feel for the victim as we learn about her as the story goes along I also like the detail with which Liz ha [...]

    I went into this book not entirely sure what to expect I don t usually read m m books but I must admit that although there was very little romance in this book, I do believe their relationship enhanced the plot I felt quite sick with the way David was treated because of his sexuality, it s scary to think that people are still ostracized and beaten for it in this day and age I loved the development of their relationship, five years in and they still find each other worth fighting for.I really enj [...]

    This book was a gut wrenching to read As the mystery unfolded you was pulled into a deeply dark secret of a family How one member s actions could destroy the ties that bind a family together Not only did the mystery hold your attention but David Lloyd our investigator opened our eyes to the problems of a gay man being beaten because of who he is and his partner Jamie Brennen a closeted prosecutor This book was great on so many different layers You think you have discovered what the book is about [...]

    I usually don t read mysteries too often but I started this one and it was very good There are a lot of different characters so you really have to kind of pay good attention or you could forget who was who but overall it was very easy to follow David and his partner Jamie are very likeable and its very easy to want to read about them Definately a page turner and I will be looking forward to reading the next book in this series

    Missing Daughter, Shattered Family was an interesting mystery novel David was a likable guy and a good detective I liked that he really cared about people Though I often wished he had backup whenever his investigation led him into dangerous situationsI m looking forward to reading the second book in the series.

    Rating 4.5

    Tracy's Place
    3.75 out of 5

    Lillian Francis
    Currently free at MLR

    Looking forward to the sequel s.

    Very compelling story, the suspense was gripping and I look forward to reading about David and Jamie How nice that the next book in the series was just released.

    Kaje Harper
    This story started out very well, with ex cop turned PI David Lloyd hired to track down a missing young woman At the same time, David is getting very restless about his partner of 5 years still insisting on keeping separate homes and a tight closet at his workplace and family David s sick of being Jamie s dirty secret, but he loves Jamie deeply and they are very good together.As the case heats up and becomes complex, with prostitution, addiction, hints of abuse and exploitation of a vulnerable y [...]

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