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  • Title: The Thought Gang
  • Author: Tibor Fischer
  • ISBN: 9780099516927
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Thought Gang By Tibor Fischer France A skint, clapped out British philosopher meets an incompetent, freshly released, one armed, armed robber The Thought Gang is born as the duo blag their way from Montpellier to Toulon for the ultimate bank robbery Ferociously funny, Fischer combines an extravagant sense of humour with a flair for the grotesque in this heady follow up to the Booker shortlisted UndeFrance A skint, clapped out British philosopher meets an incompetent, freshly released, one armed, armed robber The Thought Gang is born as the duo blag their way from Montpellier to Toulon for the ultimate bank robbery Ferociously funny, Fischer combines an extravagant sense of humour with a flair for the grotesque in this heady follow up to the Booker shortlisted Under the Frog.
    Tibor Fischer
    Tibor Fischer is a British novelist and short story writer In 1993 he was selected by the influential literary magazine Granta as one of the 20 best young British writers.Fischer s parents were Hungarian basketball players, who fled Hungary in 1956 The bloody 1956 revolution, and his father s background, informed Fischer s debut novel Under the Frog, a Rabelaisian yarn about a Hungarian basketball player surviving Communism The title is derived from a Hungarian saying, that the worst possible place to be is under a frog s arse down a coal mine.In 2009 Fischer became the Royal Literary Fund writing fellow at City and Guilds of London Art School.

    The Thought Gang By Tibor Fischer


    Don t ever try to read this book on an airplane People will think you re crazy on accounts of your random bursts of hysterical laughter It s weird, it s hysterical, it s wrong on many levels and it uses the letter z than any other book in the history of novels In short, it s perfect.

    As an editor, how can I not like a novel in which an underachieving Oxford don is handcuffed to a radiator until he writes his manuscript And then produces something so bad that his editor has to write the book Extraordinarily funny Bank robbery on philosophical principles.

    Federico Sosa Machó
    Esperaba otra cosa, tal vez esa sea la causa de la desilusi nFischer construye una historia gil, liviana, que queda en un segundo plano ante el lenguaje ir nico acorde a los rasgos del c nico protagonista de la novela Pero encuentro dos importantes inconvenientes en primer lugar, el autor no tiene la brillantez de scar Wilde o Bernard Shaw para el empleo del sarcasmo Y en segundo, la historia se alarga demasiado, y no alcanza con alguna frase ingeniosa cada tanto para mantener el inter s de una [...]

    Marc Nash
    First book I ve opted for from my GR recommendations algorithm And algy me old mate, you did a helluva job.From page 1 Fisher s voice gets right inside you and carries you throughout its length This book joining my select pantheon of books with a laugh out loud moment on virtually every page, along with Karoo and A Fraction Of The Whole No mean feat.A middle aged loafer sybarite has conned his way from undergraduate to Cambridge philosophy Don Unfortunately his predilections for alcohol, sex and [...]

    Brent Legault
    Late in this novel, just a few thousand thankful words away from the end, the narrator has this to say The virtue of self discipline is a great one, and one of my cheif deficiencies, This could be the engine that runs The Thought Gang Not its plot so much but its style Fischer doesn t know when to let an outlandish metaphor lie fallow Or perhaps he does know but ignores good sense Either way, the result is cacaphony and my inner ear was hurting by page something teen I had a headache through mos [...]

    Jordan Halsey
    This still might be my favorite book The Lord of the Rings had impact and Infinite Jest was ground breaking but those are the only books that are even in the running, which should tell you how much I love the Thought Gang Granted, there s hardly a word Tibor Fischer has written that I don t love, but the Thought Gang stands apart even in that company.It s funny, and sad, and it s the story of everyone, although really it is about a broken down, middle aged Cambridge philosophy professor lectur [...]

    I bought this book in London I think used and read it on the plane It went from my eyes to some place lost Nevertheless I enjoyed it, but maybe for the idea of bank robbers who are philosphers I like the idea of it, which is fantastic But is the idea better than this book Perhaps so, but nevertheless I enjoyed the read which made the travel focused on the book then the plan delays, etc.

    I smell a nosebleed I m always a sucker for smart writers doing really elaborate lowbrow kick in the nuts cheap pun type humor And, TTG has adjectiveized verbs than any other book I own.

    Forget the book jacket netherworld, where darkly comic, sardonic, sly, witty, riotous, and uproarious all mean you won t laugh once End to end, only the opening of Todd McEwan s Arithmetic Town and Redmond O Hanlon s travelogues rival this novel for laughs per page Read this in public at your peril You ll laugh Out loud Repeatedly.The only caveats are 1 give it twenty pages, and 2 yes, there s one offputting, unfunny ten page stretch during the narrator s graduate school days.The rest is a paget [...]

    Tibor Fischer s novel Thought Gang presents, for me, a reader s paradox On one hand, it is incredibly well written, genuinely funny and the plot premise is incredible.Allow me a quick synopsis.A terminal slacker, drunkard, balding philosophy professor philosopher named Eddie our protagonist sets out to flee his native London in the face of professional doom and pending legal action as he is found naked and hung over in a room full of child porn no explanation on how or why he is there is ever pr [...]

    I was supposed to have read this book for school several weeks ago, but only got about halfway through and just bullshitted my way through the week, and I have a terrible excuse as to why I did not finish in time it s a dense, very complex read, and I was lazy and didn t want to lol But I ve let very few books unfinished, because it s just a compulsion that a lot of people have, including me Soooo I have reluctantly finished The high point of the book for me was the diction The phrases Fischer u [...]

    This is one of the most linguistically inventive and cleverly conceived books I ve read The real joy is in the language Every sentence is a work of art pop art, maybe Tibor s phrases blend philosophy with lechery with alcoholism, and not a small amount of gluttony The result is a supremely clever narrator who plays Twister with his words, but always in a forward moving way For a lingo centric novel, the plot is than approachable, the character deeply wrought I m impressed by the ease with which [...]

    Matthew L.
    I contemplate the possibility that I have an indestructible liver, one that will be a medical prodigy for centuries, and that long after the rest of me has melted me away, my liver will be transplanted from patient to patient, like a family heirloom This book was recommended to me by a formerly great friend Though I m not certain it stands up as a novel, it is an interesting stream of consciousness piece with some quotable quotes It s worth a read, but if you re not into it in the first third, I [...]

    Carol Lindsey
    Ahhhhhhh I am in love with Tibor Fischer s brain His parents were both professional Hungarian basketball players The guy has won literary awards, offended and delighted people with his book reviews he isn t afraid to loose a job over an opinion This book is such a freaking good tale, my sister and I read it aloud to oneanother on a 10 hour road trip to visit relatives in cajun country You will laugh until a hernia pops out I will not spoil it for you, find a copy and prepare to become a Fischer [...]

    Maria Beltrami
    L idea geniale Un filosofo cialtrone, truffatore e amante della bella vita incontra un rapinatore menomato ma affamato di conoscenza, e i due si uniscono per rapinare banche allo scopo di riempirsi le tasche e diffondere la zetetica onorata branca della filosofia.Il libro divertente, ma purtroppo spesso ripetitivo e i tentativi di risolvere alcune situazioni con un fraseggio mirabolante alla lunga stancano.Da leggere, ma difficilmente da rileggere.

    Chris Morton
    Took me a while to get into it because it keeps going off the subject but once a friend explained to me that the protagonist had a kind of ADD and that the use of so many z words is a running gag, I gave it of a chance and ended up loving it Just wish the dictionary at the back for all the z words had included all the z words used, not just a selection of the most obscure ones Anyway, a book about bank robberies has never been fun.

    A good and entertaining book with an interesting premise I thought the story execution could have been better though The end left something to be desired too, and I kept thinking that it would have been a better movie than book which for me is usually not the case.

    examiner review book r

    Outside of some humorous wordplay, there is absolutely nothing of interest or substance in this book.

    The Thought Gang has been on my shelf for a decade This is my third attempt reading it I succeeded this time but I wish I hadn t gone against my better judgement.One of the most pretentious novels I ve ever read I expected an action packed crash course in philosophy with gratuitous violence This novel is dreadfully dense.ough there s a lot of wit, wordplay and a few hilarious moments, it s basically just a story about a fat, alcoholic, lazy ex philosophy prof whose biggest accomplishment is goin [...]

    Angie Annetts
    Sigh.I LOVE this guy s writing He s probably a total roll and butter but who cares This is a delight Full of nuttiness Quirk And a shed load of Zzzzzzzzz I gave up trying to understand all the terribly grown up words when I read The Collector Collector if I wanted my mouth to be on the go that much, I d try sucking on a soap covered kipper But no matter This is a tale of nonsense on the largest scale Dazzling writing and snorts galore Yup it s a biscuit crumb sprayer I shall be seeking out of T [...]

    Arnout Brokking
    At times hilarious, witty and utterly bizarre in the best way possible At times vague, incoherent and utterly bizarre in the worst way possible Yet never a bore to read.I enjoyed the unique characters and their idiosyncrasies so much, that I really, really hope someone has the guts to turn this into a movie Think In Bruges whitout the depressing ending.

    Maurizio Manco
    Being a being is tiring enough for me p 187

    I actually translated this book to Turkish while translating it I loved and hated Tibor Fischer at the same time but love won the battle Big time.

    Fischer s sharp from the first sentence and never holds back A self proclaimed lay about who s doctorate in philosophy from Cambridge does nothing to protect him from mayhem for most of his life , Eddie Coffin begins his journey into midlife crisis with a bang he is found by one eyed sociopath Hubert who s prosthetic leg and hand don t stop him from being seriously violent, and driven to bump off French banks for an easy Franc published before the Euro Sound like a Guy Ritchie film yet Our fat, [...]

    Helen Wagner
    I found my copy of The Thought Gang at a used book fair in Cambridge rather fitting I soon discovered, as it chronicles the accidental bank robbing adventures of an ex Cambridge philosophy professor and his one armed, one legged, hemophiliac partner in crime.To be fair, I can easily see this book taking a lot of flack for its pretentious use of words not only those beginning with z which the narrator is quite delighted by , but also the numerous others which far surpass the vocabulary of the ave [...]

    kitapezgisiHuzurlu, esprili, t k r t k r i leyen bir kitap Felsefe ile ilgili ki ilerin isimlerini g r nce kitab direkt olarak ald m.Eddie kel, i man, tembel bir felsefecidir Bir g n lkesini terk edip farkl bir hayat ya amak i in yola kar Hubert tek kollu, tek bacakl , tek g zl bir soyguncu Sa l hi iyi olmayan bu adam n yolu bir g n Eddie ile birle ir.Joyclene seksi, vurdum duymaz, iki kere bo anm bir banka m d r yard mc s Onun da yolu Hubert ve Eddie ile kesi ir.Eddie nin a z ndan bu karakterin [...]

    Laura Anderson
    Wonderful A funny, refreshing, completely unique book.

    Original and funny with some bizarre moments which prevented it from being betterMuch better than his other books Would recommend

    There is no dictionary that can accommodate you reading this book you re just going to have to go with Fischer s context clues to deciper his stunning vocabulary He does love to get it out.I didn t like this as much as The Collector Collector, perhaps because I m not a student of philosophy There are a lot of in jokes in there Fischer is one of a very few authors I read that actually makes me laugh out loud, as opposed to going, Hm, very funny and moving along Let s cheer for him to have a long [...]

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