UNLIMITED PDF É Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree (Sesame Street) - by David Korr Joe Mathieu #2020

  • Title: Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree (Sesame Street)
  • Author: David Korr Joe Mathieu
  • ISBN: 9780307010308
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree (Sesame Street) By David Korr Joe Mathieu Cookie Monster finds a cookie tree, but a witch has put a spell on it Can Cookie Monster learn to share, or will the cookies forever be out of his reach
    David Korr Joe Mathieu
    David Korr was a writer for Sesame Street from 1974 2001, as well as an author of Sesame Street books.

    Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree (Sesame Street) By David Korr Joe Mathieu


    A ten star feedback scale would allow me to express my enjoyment justly It is not among my best books of all time and I take issue with bad grammar No matter that the Cookie Monster character has poor speech, I do not believe children s literature is the place to transfer it Children s books are always for learning, whether they are out and out lesson textbooks or not However, I prefer Cookie Monster And The Cookie Tree , 1977, by far to many other books that had to settle at three stars on thi [...]

    An enjoyable story with humour and the cookie monster

    My kids LOVED this book Now my grandson loves it, too Of course being Mr H he has tons of questions Does Cookie Monster like other cookies Why don t they want to share How does the broom fly Can we make Gran s broom fly After all Gran has gray hair, too.

    Did I add this book to the classics shelf You bet I did Is it highly recommended by me It sure is Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree is one of the great works of 20th Century literature and don t you even deny it.I first read it as a kid, probably a very small one I m taking a guess that I ve read it 10 times but who knows Could be 30 Could be 100 I read it out loud to my pitbull today and she gave it five stars too.

    Oh, how I loved this bookjust seeing the cover now gave me warm fuzzies.

    This is a great book to teach sharing It is also a great book for fans of Sesame Street You can also discuss the five senses even though it is only mentioned once in the book You can teach the importance of respect, being a good friend, or just you basic manners So overall, this story is funny and a great way to teach social skills.

    This book was one of my favorites as a small child It was probably the first book where I recognized sarcasm and tongue in cheek humor I dare say it probably influenced my own sense of humor as a teen and adult The jokes in the book became inside joke fodder for my family and part of the inner language between my sisters and me.

    I have been reading this book since I was a child and using it as a read aloud for all of my children since having them I believe I also used to read it aloud onto tapes to practice my characterisation skills I am sure my mother got very sick of hearing my voice and this book So, from a sentimental point of view, this book it right up there It is tattered, torn and abused from overuse but continues to hold a very fond place in my heart Admittedly, I am not nearly as good at reading it as I once [...]

    This is a favorite I our house I ve even read it to adult friends and to my martial arts students 6th grade and below It teaches a great lesson but you also can t help but help feel a wide range of emotions for poor old Cookie Monster which is an excellent teaching opportunity My all time favorite part of this story is that I ve read it with my daughter so many times I can recite it by heart and so can she She even mimics the voices I used for each character.

    I had completely forgotten about this book when it popped up on my recommendations so happy to have found it online to share I wasn t terribly happy about the fact that I had forgotten Cookie Monster s particular variety of the English language, but it was a short enough book that I m sure it didn t leave a lasting impression I ll definitely have to keep that in mind for future sesame street adventures.hpigs bookclubcook

    This was my FAVORITE book as a child My dad would read it to me always did the voices I believe we ended up having to tape up the book because we wore it out from reading it so much But my parents said they found another copy of it at a garage sale Oh the memories

    A favorite from my own childhood, it s been on my list for years I finally found a copy in a thrift store and gladly paid a buck My kids are as excited about it as I Cookie monster finds a cookie tree that won t let him eat unless he shares.

    Erica Speaks
    My absolute FAVORITE book from childhood I love reading it to my boys, and they love all the voices

    Another favorite.

    I read this book to ruins I would like to find a new copy.

    Tara Calaby
    I remember this amusing me quite a lot when I was young I m pretty sure it s one I bought with my own money because it appealed so much in the shop.

    This is an adorable book about sharing Parents will enjoy sharing fun characters from their childhood with their children My eight year old laughed as hard as my three year old.

    Sheila Read
    oh no cookie monster with a cookie tree so much for all my cookies Save me some cookie monster plz you have to learn how to share

    Love this book I ve read it at least twenty times to my grandbabies

    Reese Johnson Peabody

    Entertaining children s story

    Anna Colvin
    This was a favorite of mine when I was a child Still need to find a copy to read to my girls.

    Ash (It's a Word Vomit World)
    My daughter loves this book, and I love reading it Super fun, with a cute message about not being selfish though the cookie monster is still very much the cookie monster in the end There are also words like stupid , so if you re super strict about words like that in your children s books you may want to scan through this before reading it to your kids A big hit in our household though.

    This book was very challenging for me It proved to have too big and too many words for me and my 26 year old cousin This book must be a collage level book because it is just too hard to read with big words like cookie and tree This review is very truthful P.s I am 12 and I m in the 4th grade

    This Little Golden Book with Sesame Street characters still has some conversation bubbles that make the story move, but is mostly narrative It is a book about sharing, or, in Cookie Monster s case, the lack of.

    Catherine Limbsombe
    A friend gave me this book right before I read the myth of Tantalus Read the sesame street story and compare the plight of the characters with those of Tantalus in an ancient classic Though I prefer the island of the blessed.

    Cookie monster stumbles upon a magic cookie tree in the woods You can only have its cookies if you share them None of cookie monsters friends think that he will share Cookie monster ends up sharing with the witch who owns the magic cookie tree This book is good for teaching sharing.

    Great book about sharing with an old friend from Sesame Street a shunned friend from what I have been hearingally he is a cookie monster he is not supposed to promote good eating habits

    Benjamin Plume
    Silly, as most cookie monster related things are wont to be.

    That most selfish people cannot see beyond self victimization and cut off their noses to spite their faces.

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