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  • Title: Max
  • Author: D.M.Mitchell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Max By D.M.Mitchell There s been so much happen to me, so many strange things Terrible things My mind is in a whorl, confused as to what I should relate first Where to begin I must describe my cell After all, it has become my world Strange, that I who once had the entire globe to choose from, am now confined within a twelve feet by twelve feet boundary So writes Philip Calder He is There s been so much happen to me, so many strange things Terrible things My mind is in a whorl, confused as to what I should relate first Where to begin I must describe my cell After all, it has become my world Strange, that I who once had the entire globe to choose from, am now confined within a twelve feet by twelve feet boundary So writes Philip Calder He is being kept a prisoner, alone, on a remote Scottish island His life is shrunk to the stifling confines of his small room, a courtyard surrounded by high walls, and the sterile company of two uniformed guards whom he ironically names Morcambe and Wise He is only allowed a pen and paper to break the monotony So he writes He writes about how he came to be there, starting at the beginning, when Maxwell Stone first came into his world.He relates how his world was altered forever when Connie Stone and her ten year old son Max moved into the small mining town of Overthorpe It s the 1960s, and Connie causes a stir amongst the locals, for wearing bright lipstick, short skirts, and, the worst of all, being a single mother Calder is at once captivated by her Philip becomes friends with her son, but it is a strange, volatile relationship Max is unfathomable, unpredictable, often violent, and as they grow older both Philip and Max vie for one young woman s attention Ruby But it s Max s strange fascination with wanting to be Philip Calder, to have his life, his identity, that triggers a series of unpredictable events that will lead to Calder s imprisonment.Gavin Miller is a successful author He is in possession of Calder s manuscript, having been handed it by the manager of a nursing home called Overton Hall He knows he must destroy it, because in it is laid bare his own dark secret In it lies the seeds of his own ruin and why he is irrevocably tied emotionally and physically to the enigmatic Mrs Randolf.But who exactly is Gavin Miller Who is Mrs Randolf What is the truth behind Philip Calder s bizarre imprisonment on a remote Scottish island Max is a brooding novel that twists and turns through the decades to explore the dark workings of a troubled friendship, a diseased mind, and the jealousies and hatred that leads ultimately to madness, deceit and murder.
    D M Mitchell has been compared to Ruth Rendell, Martina Cole, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Linwood Barclay, Dickens and even the Bronte sisters This wide array of writing styles is appropriate though Mitchell is known for his psychological thrillers, he is determined that each of them will be different, so they might be set in different eras, may be straightforward thrillers or have a supernatural or horror twist, and he avoids like the plague the standard and unimaginative serial killer format You ll find he uses different styles of writing to suit different types of books it also keeps him from getting boredD M Mitchell was born into a small mining community in Yorkshire, England His career advisor said he had two options go down the mines or become a policeman Being scared of the dark and never having much meat on his bones, he declined both and in his early years bounced like a pinball from job to job warehouses, cinema projectionist, market trader, salesman you get the picture He sort of made a success of himself and now lives in a money pit of a cottage in a tiny village in the cream tea heart of the South West of England.His first remembered attempt at pushing the boundaries of creative writing was during a school lesson at the age of nine Titled simply Rain his proud masterpiece began with It started to rain then there followed eight pages of nothing but the words pitter patter , concluding with and then it stopped It was handed over and duly reviewed by his brick wall of a teacher, whose eyebrows flickered up and down ominously, his cheeks flushing bright red, before declaring it total rubbish He tore it up into ribbons, showered him with his first, and no doubt only tickertape ceremony, and gave him a meaty slap around the head they could do that sort of thing in 1967 He made him write I will not write stupid things for eight pages for eight pages Thus he learnt a number of valuable early lessons the meaning of irony, writing is very subjective, everyone s a critic, and no one likes a smart arse.He persevered, his first novel appearing in 1986 and disappearing into the attic the same year It s still up there Many manuscripts later he used to save the piles of rejection slips to paper his bare walls So the adage is, keep at it, in these times of economic depression you ll soon have the house fully redecorated Nowadays, writing is the one thing he feels totally comfortable with, except perhaps for a cup of Horlicks on a cold winter s night when the rain goes pitter patter against the window panes there it is again.Characterisation is an important and noticeable aspect of all Mitchell s novels It allows him to be whoever he wants to be when he gets fed up of being himself, which is quite often So too is a sense of mystery and the exploration of the darker side to humanity There are always strong elements of a complex puzzle to be solved in a D M Mitchell novel, many disparate parts ultimately coming together, tragedy and comedy sitting side by side As in life, nothing is as it first seems He takes a keen interest in history, a thread which runs through his writing, whether it s the 1960s or 1970s, as in Max and Pressure Cooker , or the Victorian 1880s, as in The House of the Wicked.His favourite novelists include Barry Unsworth, Thomas Hardy, John Steinbeck and Graham Swift Top two favourite historical books Culloden, by John Prebble and The Face of Battle by John Keegan He also collects first edition novels and takes a keen interest in anything old, tatty and in need of love and restoration His wife says he needs to get out .He has three grown children and also enjoys photography, painting and walking the Blackdown Hills with his wife and an overly excitable Border Terrier or is that an overly excitable wife and a Border Terrier One of the two.He d like to thank his growing legion of fans for allowing him to practice being

    Max By D.M.Mitchell


    Similar to Pulp fiction in the way the story is told, Max is what it is described as, a psychological thriller With all the twists and turns I had no problem keeping up, I knew who a person was even if they had not been mentioned for several chapters There was no time that I had to stop and think I know that name, Who was that again the characters were memorial and fleshed out enough that you couldn t forget even the least of them Max was an excellent book that I would have rated higher if I had [...]

    This is not a book to be rushed or else you will get lost in this book full of twists which will rattle your brain What appears to start out as a man retelling his youth and his friendship with an young boy Max, slowly starts turning dark The author then throws in other characters from the 1st person and you wonder how it all slots in Well it does Bit by bit You grow up reading about Collies life and how this mysterious Max affects him so deeply And then the mysteries of Mr Miller and co puzzle [...]

    This book had me hooked Well written, the characters had depth and felt real although there were too many of them , I cared what happened to them and couldn t wait to find out what would come next I loved the fact that all the way through I was in a state of confusion as to where the plot was headed jumping to all sorts of wild assumptions and guesses but never managing to tie up all the ends, it really did play games with my mind.BUT I had to drop a star because view spoiler of the ending In th [...]

    Focus you re mind Wow This is an epic and complicated tale I must admit to having moments were I was utterly lost and had to read back a little before thinking I knew what was going on This state of confusion may be down to the constant interruptions I encountered whilst I was reading and nothing to do with the story I m glad that I didn t give up on the book and instead, with my mind focused and concentrating on nothing but the story, I began to enjoy it That being said, every time I believed [...]

    Gary Gauthier
    MAX, by DM Mitchell, is the memoir of a very special asylum inmate Interspersed in the story is the occasional commentary of an omniscient narrator who anchors the reader It is an imaginative, dark, and psychological tale that remains mysterious until the very end I highly recommend it The author does a fabulous job of allowing the story to come to life on its own The story arc rises slowly and evenly throughout The characters are well developed, seem real and are tightly woven into the story Th [...]

    The blurb interested me greatly.The beginning interested me greatly.The end was damn amazing.It s just the middle I found a bith It s not that the book was bad, I found myself interested in each little snippets of a characters life, it s just that I didn t really feel compelled to read on I thought that I would be drawn in by finding out why this man is locked in a room on an island but instead I was drawn in by the story of his life before being locked up The problem came then by the broken tel [...]

    Neil Campbell
    All hail to D M Mitchell for his powerful, beautifully written, contemporary Gothic novel a portrait of a psychopath, ingeniously told against a richly woven and meticulously detailed northern England background.The author employs layered points of view superbly controlled to unfold this authentic, intensely literary, brooding, study of claustrophobic obsession, drawing one into a fully imagined universe In which each character lives and interacts white hot on pages chock full of insight into, a [...]

    Rebecca Heap
    I enjoyed this book and it is written exceptionally well with realistic characters You feel drawn in to the lives and emotions of the two very different main protagonists Philip and Max I thought the strange dynamics of their relationship and the formulative events of their childhood were very well portrayed I was hooked to the plot all the way through and I particularly liked the turmoil and fluctuating emotions experienced by Philip during his imprisonment However, I think the success of write [...]

    Brenda Roberson
    The very beginning of this book really confused me I was completely lost for quite some time It s not that the book was bad, I found myself getting interested every once in a while and in other spots being totally confused I kept hoping that I would be drawn in to this book by finding out why this man is locked in a room on an island The problem was that the story was so broken up that I felt I was reading two separate stories that keep pulling you out of one into the other and left me wondering [...]

    It took me some time to get interested in Max But then it became so interesting I had a hard time putting it down As I read I imagined the narrator in prison because of something Max had done The prison sounded like Alcatraz, a prison surrounded by seriously dangerous ocean.Of course, a lot of prisoners claim to be innocent so I read on with some skepticism of the narrator s motives But the story skipped into other points of view, too Each story was just as fascinating as the last But I couldn t [...]

    I picked this up gratis, and have no complaints re value for money The story twists and turns, using flashbacks, a seemingly stream of conciousness narrative flow, and a mysterious relationship.Certain elements of this work really well I thoroughly enjoyed the tale of two friends growing up and the way their paths diverge.Other elements just didn t gel for me, and I found myself becoming annoyed at the story jumping around and the narrative not flowing well.There are twists, some of which I saw [...]

    They weren t kidding when they called this a psychological thriller This was one of those free books on Kindle finds and it was really very good There were a few parts that were a little tedious, but I feel the other parts than made up for them It s a story of two boys who were friends in childhood and what happens as they grow up and go on with their lives when one of them is a little mentally disturbed, but no one sees it except the other until it is too late.

    Mr Mitchell took me for a real ride with this book You are told it is a psychological thriller, but that doesn t begin to describe the crazy journey through the book There were times I was so confused as to the characters that I was ready to quit, but I stuck with it and things finally made sense at the end Well done, D M Mitchell.

    Paula P
    I kept on reading this book, hoping it would get to some kind of conclusion, it was not to my taste at all, I just couldn t get to grips with it At the end I was left disappointed.I used it as part of my good reads reading challenge, so felt I had to finish it, what a waste of my time I like a book I dont want to put down, but this one I didnt want to pick up

    Julie Steele
    The reviews made me want to read it but the reality was the book meandered all over the place I kept reading and there is a good ending but felt like all the middle was just filling I ll try another from this author though.

    Very cleverly written book A bit confusing at first as to where the story is going but has that draw to it that makes you keep reading which is fully rewarded with a cracking plot If you have a kindle it s 99p very well spent

    Wasn t keen on this I have a rule of not continuing with a book if I am not enjoying it by the time I am 10% through, but stuck with this one til I was 20% through and then skim read through the rest of it I never really quite got into it.

    Barbara Duckett
    OK, I actually really liked this book At times it is very hard to follow but the end clears everything up It s amazing how D,M, Mitchell was able to tell the story the way he did This story is about two young boys and their relationship through adulthood.

    Judy Moss
    At first I did wonder what was going on as didn t really understand any of it but when I started to realise what was what I found I couldn t put it down, Great story, Highly recommend Another excellent read by D M Mitchell.

    The best part of this book was that it ended My primary reaction while reading it was depression secondary was sheer confusion If it weren t for the fact that I almost never give up on a book, I would never have finished it I m sorry I couldn t like it.

    Very good thriller , found some areas hard to follow but brilliantly enough the author brings it all together at the end Plenty of twists and turns with a fresh approach to two boys growing up and the demons which haunted them while growing up.

    Interesting, complex psychological thriller, but it did seem to take a long time to get from the beginning to the end.

    Well written.Excellent twists A real page turner.

    Lorrie Coutrney
    Good bookeps you guessing the entire time This is the first book by this author that I have read,but will try for sure.

    Rosa Macpherson
    Maybe it was just me, but I couldn t hold the plot Had some good reviews too.

    Tanya Avines
    Excellent, as always Lots of twists and turns, great ending Well written My favorite D.M Mitchell book is still Mouse though.

    Really enjoy this book with all its twists and turns

    linda hewett
    Mad Max Good characterization Kept guessing until the endI liked the detail of setting, sound observation and contrast of characters A moral maze

    Lindy Duree
    This was hard to get through MaybenI am too old for that many twists and turns I did like the characters.

    Brilliant Disturbing Brilliantly disturbing, or disturbingly brilliant I don t know which probably both

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