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  • Title: The Truant Officer
  • Author: Derek Ciccone
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  • Page: 430
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Truant Officer By Derek Ciccone To have and to hold from this day forwardDarren McLaughlin thinks he s having a nightmare as he watches his wife, Lilly, being abducted from a gas station in Chandler, Arizona Things then go from bad to worse, when it s revealed that her captor is one of the students she taught at a local high school.For better or worseIn Manhattan, US Attorney Aaron Eicher cringesTo have and to hold from this day forwardDarren McLaughlin thinks he s having a nightmare as he watches his wife, Lilly, being abducted from a gas station in Chandler, Arizona Things then go from bad to worse, when it s revealed that her captor is one of the students she taught at a local high school.For better or worseIn Manhattan, US Attorney Aaron Eicher cringes upon learning the identity of the man who abducted Lilly McLaughlin Nick was the one thing holding his case together against the son of Russian crime boss, Viktor Sarvydas but now his star witness was on the run, and in mortal danger It is just the latest surprise in a case that went against everything he d learned in school when it came to the Russian Mafya 1 1 3.Seeking refuge in Israel, fleeing the fallout of his son s arrest, Viktor Sarvydas smiles when he learns the news about Nick He knows that it s now just a matter of time before he comes face to face with the man who was going to testify against his son.With the FBI, media, and dueling Russian assassins in a cross country race to get to Nick and Lilly, it becomes clear that the only one who can truly save them is Darren Will he get to them first, or willath do us part
    Derek Ciccone
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    The Truant Officer By Derek Ciccone


    I had some trouble getting into this book at the beginning I found it to be slightly confusing, and difficult to follow It did not grab my attention in the beginning I gave it another chance, and once I got into the book, I found it to be interesting as the story developed There were a lot of twists and turns, often surprising me I did not like the character of Lilly and felt that her husband was left twisting in the wind by her and her boyfriends I was continually wishing that Darren would be [...]

    Dee DenBleyker
    Mr Ciccone starts the reader off with the kidnapping of airline pilot Darren McLaughlin s wife Lilly There are many threads to followe main one being the Russian Mafia and that is where we are introduced to Nick Kellen Nick is in the witness protection program having witnessed the murder of his father who was a part of that world The writer takes us on a fast paced action packed adventure with many twists, turns, mystery and a surprise ending I will say that I do think that the ending was a bit [...]

    Bobbi Steadman
    When you download one of those thousands of free kindle books, you think that there might be a chance this is decent, but chances are, it s not It s probably boring, probably poorly written But, for me, that wasn t the case with this book The beginning was a bit slow, and somewhat boring, admittedly By the time I read it, I had forgotten what it was supposed to be about, so I was thrown through a loop several times as the story developed I was a bit disappointed in the ending as I had hoped that [...]

    Nick s wife is kidnapped, seemingly the latest in a string of gang initiation kidnappings where women were kidnapped, beaten and raped As the truth unfolds, he finds that a gang initiation would have been a merciful alternative, as a tangled web of lies and deceit unfolds before him, propelling him across the country and into another continent chasing her down, while he himself is hunted by an enemy nobody could predict A fabulous thriller, the second book I have read by Ciccone, both of which h [...]

    This is the first book I read by Derek Ciccone I really don t like mob books but this really surprised me I couldn t put it down once I started it It took me about a week to finish reading it I love that it is an action pack page turner All the characters was well written I love that it was full of surprises I agree with all the 5 star reviews I would definitly read books by this author.

    Initially I found this quite confusing, as I struggled to get my head around the backstory and to remember how all the characters related to each other This was a bit easier as the novel progressed, but all the double agents and people lying about their identities didn t help I felt that this was a good twist, but Ciccone took it too far and it got boring Overall, I found this laborious and was relieved when it ended.

    To my dismay, I read this book twice It seemed vaguely familiar as I read the second time, but I was already hooked by the story, as unlikely and changeable as it was, before I recognized that I had indeed read it before I have to say I didn t like it any better the second time It was disjointed and confusing, good guys became bad guys and vice versa every few pages By the time I had finished it, I was sure that there were no good guys at all.

    This book has short chapters and jumps from person to person by chapter 10 I was completely lost I couldn t keep up with who did what and how anyone was connected so I gave up according to the Kindle I was 11% into the book The book was an freebie tho so I can t complain I just deleted it and moved on.

    Julie Powell
    I found this an unusual read It s a crime thriller of sorts with a rather odd take on how things would be in reality However, I did think that, on the whole, it was well written I liked the beginning, the mystery of who and why, although the story did have its twists and turns, and, if you could keep up, it was quite well done.A story for those who like the unexpected.

    It was a little tedious in the beginning and hard to get into But as Darren s character started getting bold, I enjoyed it He was really the only good character so when he acting as a milquetoast husband, I was turned off by all the evil bolder players It was worth sticking with it to the end.

    Rick Mekemson
    This was one of those books that I couldn t help but think I was wasting my time I figured since none of the characters were worth caring about why should I keep on while I could be organizing my sock drawer or something else of equal value You can t expect to like everything you pick up to read.

    Margie Mcgee giltner
    I enjoyed the plot of this book There were a lot of characters to kept track of and sometimes that was difficult to achieve There were a few too many double crosses in this book for me, otherwise it would have been a five star book.

    Kim Rhoads
    Good readkept me guessing the whole way through I thought I had it figured out then something else would happen to make me change my mind if you like crime novels you will enjoy this book.

    Not interesting at all The only reference to the title came on the very last page A very disappointing read In fact I have read other books in between

    Karen Roe
    Great read Took a while to get into this book but when I did I loved the twist and turns it through at me Would highly recommend this book to any one

    story moved very fast and was hard to put down lots of characters in short, choppy chapters.

    SosoWeird read.m good characters some not so goodloads red herrings.ry tangled story worth reading but is in some place juvenile

    I struggled to keep all the characters roles clear in my mind, lots of twists and turns but I felt the end was rushed and was not believable for me.

    This book was full of twists and turns I really liked it.

    Katy Gaffney
    Fabulous read from start to finish

    Bettyjean Murphy
    I found it to be slightly confusing It jumped all over the place I did like the story in the end but was hard to keep tract of the which CHARACTER they were talking about.

    I enjoyed this book Didnt find it confusing at all and thought the twists were very well placed.


    Heidi Rothert
    started but didn t finish not really something I was interested in a little too dark and dirty for me.

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