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  • Title: The Meaning and Mode of Baptism
  • Author: Jay E. Adams
  • ISBN: 9780875520438
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Meaning and Mode of Baptism By Jay E. Adams Meaning and Mode of Baptism
    Jay E. Adams
    Also known as Jay Edward Adams

    The Meaning and Mode of Baptism By Jay E. Adams


    This is an excellent study tool Mr Adams is thorough not in an exhaustive sense, but in the sense that he covered all of the significant points supporting his position, as well as those opposing His writing is pointed, concise, and full of scripture passages.Mr Adam s chapter on the ceremonial significance of Christ s baptism was fascinating He discussed the relationship between Christ s baptism and the ceremonial requirements for his priestly ordination I had heard this discussed in the past, b [...]

    Tim Miller
    Without a doubt, this book has turned my world upside down in relation to Baptism But to say the words of this book were the true source of my change would be misleading It is Jay Adams laying out the WORD OF GOD that caused my heart and mind to change He mentions the limits of this study confined to the Scriptures themselves Here, alone will one discover the true meaning and mode of Christian baptism If you are tired of thousands of books each trying to use their own reasoning, check out Jay Ad [...]

    Eric Anderson
    In this little volume, Adams sets forth a compelling argument for sprinkling as the biblical means of baptism Infant baptism, however, is not part of the scope of this book Adams works through both Old and New Testament examples of baptism, with its roots in the ceremonial purifications and so forth One of his most convincing arguments, in my opinion, was his discussion of the Holy Spirit descending One is not immersed in the Spirit, and then raised from it rather the Spirit comes down and rests [...]

    Peter N.
    A good solid defense of pouring sprinkling as the Biblical mode of baptism I appreciated that he took the mode seriously So many Presbyterians argue that mode is irrelevant His exegesis of John s baptism, Jesus baptism,and Pentecost are excellent He also forces you to look to the Old Testament to provide some warrant for what John did I did not agree with him that Romans 6 3 and I Corinthians 12 12 13 could not refer to water baptism But this mistake has really no effect upon the immersionist vs [...]

    Shaun Marksbury
    Jay Adams is a gift to the church, so this book like all of them is worth a go He gives a good, short explanation and defense of non immersion, though I can t say that he convinced me to stop being a Baptist Even so, Adams s chapter on the baptism of Christ s and how it s functions in the Lord s priestly ministry was very good.

    Patrick McWilliams
    I must be the only Credobaptist who thinks affusion aspersion pouring sprinkling is a proper mode of water baptism than immersion.

    WHile wrestling with covenant theology, this book was helpful Adams writes very clearly and presents his ideas well.

    Douglas Wilson
    Good Also read in December of 1989 Thought differently of it then.

    Davey Ermold
    Blog post forthcoming.

    A helpful book giving the biblical argument for sprinkling.

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