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  • Title: Zodiac: The Eco-Thriller
  • Author: Neal Stephenson
  • ISBN: 9780802143150
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback

  • Zodiac: The Eco-Thriller By Neal Stephenson Believe it or not, some readers find Zodiac even fun than Neal Stephenson s defining 1990s cyberpunk novel, Snow Crash Zodiac is set in Boston, and hero Sangamon Taylor S T ironically describes his hilarious exploits in the first person S T is a modern superhero, a self proclaimed Toxic Spiderman With stealth, spunk, and the backing of GEE a non profit envirBelieve it or not, some readers find Zodiac even fun than Neal Stephenson s defining 1990s cyberpunk novel, Snow Crash Zodiac is set in Boston, and hero Sangamon Taylor S T ironically describes his hilarious exploits in the first person S T is a modern superhero, a self proclaimed Toxic Spiderman With stealth, spunk, and the backing of GEE a non profit environmental group as his weapons, S T chases down the bad guys with James Bond like Zen Cruising Boston Harbor with lab tests and scuba gear, S T rides in with the ecosystem cavalry on his 40 horsepower Zodiac raft His job of tracking down poisonous runoff and embarrassing the powerful corporations who caused them becomes sticky than usual run ins with a gang of satanic rock fans, a deranged geneticist, and a mysterious PCB contamination that may or may not be man made plus a falling out with his competent I adore stress girlfriend all complicate his mission Stephenson S T s irreverent, facetious, esprit filled voice make this near future tale a joy to read.
    Neal Stephenson
    Neal Stephenson is the author of Reamde, Anathem, and the three volume historical epic the Baroque Cycle Quicksilver, The Confusion, and The System of the World , as well as Cryptonomicon, The Diamond Age, Snow Crash, and Zodiac He lives in Seattle, Washington.

    Zodiac: The Eco-Thriller By Neal Stephenson


    This book revolves around toxic waste being illegally dumped into Boston Harbor While I was reading it, the water in the fish tank went mysteriously cloudy overnight despite being recently cleaned and our two goldfish who were like ten years old went belly up So that was kind of creepy.The first Neal Stephenson book I read was Cryptonomicon and I jumped from there right into The Baroque Cycle and then the brain busting brilliant behemoth that was Anathem I loved them all, but saw frequent compla [...]

    Sangamon Taylor just might be the love of my life and, as far as I m concerned, the fact that he s an emotionally unavailable, fictional character is kind of a win win By my metrics of greatness, billing ST that s what all the cool kids call him as the Granola James Bond undersells him by a long shot.Employed as a professional asshole his words by GEE, an environmental activist group in Boston, ST is a chemist by training, a fan of avoiding Boston traffic by taking to its waterways in his someti [...]

    If not for the voice of Sangamon Taylor, Neal Stephenson s Zodiac would have been a relatively okay eco thriller, but the book isn t just the voice of Sangamon Taylor, it IS Sangamon Taylor, and once again Stephenson s ability to create compelling leading men think Hiro Protagonist in Snow Crash makes one of his books superior to the pulp it was inspired by.Sangamon Taylor is Boston Harbor s very own Toxic Avenger Working for GEE a thinly veiled, fictional Greenpeace ST spends his days testing t [...]

    Duffy Pratt
    I m not sure what I would have thought about this book if it had been by another author, or an author I didn t already know It s a fun book, and decent in its own right Have you ever seen pictures of people you knew when they were babies, and tried to scope out the resemblance to their adult appearance That s sort of what I found myself doing in this book There are lots of hints and suggestions of the kind of writer Stephenson would become But standing on its own, this book seems just as much li [...]

    Zodiac is the first book I ve read by Neal Stephenson, an author I see mentioned fairly often, often with mixed reviews My own reaction to this particular book is a little mixed The title, Zodiac, refers to a type of motorized raft the characters used The story is set in Boston and is told from the first person perspective of a character who tries to catch, publicize, and prevent corporations from dumping toxic chemicals into the Boston Harbor Naturally the big, powerful corporation people aren [...]

    Abram Dorrough
    An extraordinarily fun book Stephenson meshes hardboiled crime with the pacing of a thriller, and he populates the book with his typical nerdy, witty humor It s not so much a sci fi book as it is a thriller with a lot of hard science behind it It is so delightful reading a Stephenson book narrated in the first person Zodiac was WAY ahead of its time upon publication in 1988 Computers, gadgets, pollutants and the corporations legally inculpable for complex reasons that dump them everywhere, you n [...]

    A quirky scientist Toxic James Bond for the environmental group G International cruises Boston harbor in his Zodiac boat, looking for chemical hot spots When he finds on that mysteriously disappears again, he is on a search that puts his career in danger, and then puts his life in danger.More science based adventure thriller than science fiction, it is still a fun little romp through the Hub of the Universe and my old stomping ground Fulfills several possibilities on my St Mary s County Library [...]

    Zodiac is described as an eco thriller, which about sums it up, actually It certainly is a thriller I read all 290 or so pages in one long night, gripped from the outset The hero of the story is a chemist working for GEE, a direct action environmental organisation, in its Boston branch He s out to get the companies dumping toxic waste into the harbour and the rivers and canals that feed into it He has three company logos on the bows of his inflatable raft with its over size outboard motor, capab [...]

    Andreea Daia
    Dear S.T I just finished reading your Zodiac adventures and how I loved them At first I was a bit confused since I was expecting a science fiction novel I know, I know, you did start your memoirs clearly stating that this is an eco thriller, but I was misled by the GoodReads shelving Have you seen it Oof Science Fiction, Horror, even Fantasy Although Cyberpunk has be the best one given that your colleagues refuse to work in an office with a computer and you use yours only for printing and text e [...]

    An early variant of Stephenson s Snow Crash writing style More down to earth plot, set in the present rather than the near future, but just as much fun It definitely feels rougher and less polished than either Snow Crash or The Diamond Age, but it s great fun And the description of trying to cross the street in Boston is worth the purchase price.

    Sarah Anne
    Omg, I need Is there a sequel Who knew an eco thriller could be so absolutely amazing

    This is a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas meets 1980 s thriller story I couldn t help comparing Sangamon Taylor to Hunter S Thompson, they both used whatever substance was at hand to fuel the madness Sangamon Taylor s madness was fighting uncaring, corporate polluters and who wouldn t want to cheer for that His methods and plans were equally ridiculous, inspired and undecypherable.The story itself is loosely held together and mostly a vehicle for Sangamon s character who, although very entertaini [...]

    Allan Dyen-Shapiro
    Early Neal Stephenson The reason to read this book is the voice of the protagonist Sangamon Taylor is a chemist and an environmental activist I ve read he is based around a person Stephenson knew in college the rich characterization seems very authentic to me.This is also an interesting time period for that sort of person the book came out in 1988 This is a time at which the dinosaur chemical companies were moving toward greener chemistries and were stuck with numerous lawsuits and other actions [...]

    Max Nemtsov
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    This early Stephenson book originally published in 1988 was an action packed eco thriller Sanjamon Taylor, aka ST, works for GEE, an environmental activist group He s the expert on toxic waste that s contaminating Boston Harbor and other places He knows how to track down polluters and how to out them in dynamic fashion But something squirrelly is going on that he just can t figure out, until he does after finding himself the target of hitmen There s a real bad big corporation that wants ST off t [...]

    Zodiac was a bit muddled at points, with a large, mixed cast of eco terrorists, corporate drones, scientists, and blue collar Bostonians dropping in and out of the story, but overall it was a fast, exhilarating thrill ride not too dissimilar from riding an actual zodiac It was reminiscent in a way to the cable television show Leverage, and if it were the show, it would have broken up nicely into three episodes the Swiss Bastards Job in Blue Kills, New Jersey the Boner Chemicals Job in Buffalo, N [...]

    I couldn t find what I was looking for on my first visit to the library, so I settled for this because the author had penned one of the other books I was looking for Glad I picked it up Written in the first person, this yarn follows the self proclaimed Toxic Spider man on his crusade against giant companies who love to pollute the Northeast A fast read with a sarcastic voice, and some decent science to back it up Guns, germs and mayhem.

    Fast paced, humorous and info dumpy, this is a through and through Neal Stephenson novel The only reason for its lesser circulation is that the author was still obscure at the time It merits its place on the shelf of any Stephenson fan, especially if they enjoyed Snow Crash and Reamde.

    Ben Babcock
    Every once in a while when I open a box from Subterranean Press, I discover a surprise tucked inside Such was the case with Zodiac I received a free surplus ARC of their special edition of this novel I seldom refuse free books, and of course, it s Neal Stephenson So off we go.Even when attached to a name such as Stephenson s, a novel that bills itself as an eco thriller does not earn eager anticipation from me My opinion of thrillers is low in general, and when combined with ecological motifs, t [...]

    Bryan Glosemeyer
    Well, I m an unabashed Neal Stephenson fan, there s no getting around that And for anyone else who s a big fan I d definitely recommend the book, if nothing else to see the basics of his style in a still very formative period.The is the earliest book of his that I ve read And since the last book I read by him was his most recent REAMDE, it was even of an obvious chance to observe how his style has developed.but yada yada yada right So ok, let s get past the fandom for a moment.This is a pretty [...]

    Matthew Ciarvella
    Although this is one of Stephenson s earliest works, it remains an excellent and enjoyable book and if I say it s one of his best, it s only to demonstrate the strength of this work as opposed to criticizing later ones.All the traits that Stephenson would earn his bones on are present here the whip smart discussions about interesting scientific topics, an incredibly intelligent and skilled protagonist who, despite his smarts, isn t above getting things wrong and making mistakes True, the Stephen [...]

    The main character and narrator of this book is one awesome dude He s an ecological activist who fights big corporations that pollute the environment with chemical waste The bad guys are unbelievably bad, which is sometimes a good thing, and other times, not so much For example, they have a diabolical way of trying to save their own asses, which end up getting them into worse trouble, only after some clever detective work on the protagonist s part This was cool But the shoot out with paint ball [...]

    Holy Moly, a Stephenson book with a satisfactory ending Well knock me over with a feather Seriously, though this is about the environment, and activism, than technology speaking in the context of this book as a Neal Stephenson novel So it s a little bit less appealing Though still sciencey, and also really gross and completely terrifying We are all going to die of cancer or something else even horrible I m glad I don t live in Boston.Really seriously, though Zodiac is about a really brilliant [...]

    Really, 2 1 2 stars.If you have never read Neal Stephenson, then you will probably rate this book higher But having read a good cross section of his other work, it was hard not to be a tiny bit disappointed.This is not like his other books If you can get past that or are happily ignorant , and take it for what it is, then this is indeed an entertaining eco thriller.Everybody needs to cut loose and have some fun once in a while, right Even authors.Character development is somewhat lacking, but th [...]

    Jennifer Seyfried
    This is billed as an eco thriller and that is an apt description There is science y stuff here, but it is alternated with car chases, boat chases, explosions, murders, all of your standard suspense thriller building blocks I would say it was easily 60 40 or better in favor of action over science, and I might have given it stars for science I was just expecting science, and I don t read a lot of thrillers But it s an excellent way to sneak in some science and hopefully get people alarmed abou [...]

    Damien Sulla-Menashe
    I really enjoy reading Stephenson because of how he writes exciting stories with lots of nerdy technobabble This book, as one of his earlier novels, lacks some of the polish and plausibility of many of his later ones but is still a fun quick read Zodiac seems almost autobiographical with his focus on the city of Boston s toxic legacy, following a character Sangamon Taylor who is just out of BU like NS was at the time ST acts as a nuisance to big corporate polluters until he discovers a web of cr [...]

    I was a little worried this would feel dated, but luckily it was pretty much set in the present of when it was written and felt like a period piece for late 80s eco terrorism Not the best Stephenson, but all the elements are there, tons of science, complicated plots with interesting twists and convergences It just jumped around a bit too quickly A fight might be over before you even realized it had started It was hard to gauge character feelings and motivations.

    Richard Buro
    The short version first My love of reading was clear to my parents and, eventually, to me as a youngster Of course, I loved the comic books graphical serials, in common parlance but I learned to love reading quite early on My parents read to me all the time before I went to formal school to learn how to read, along with math, and writing, traditional 3 R s and all that The printed page though was always something with an almost mystical quality I learned that it could transfer me from my room [...]

    I read this as part of a bookclub challenge but I am so glad I picked it up I wasn t sure what to expect from a self proclaimed eco thriller but this was a ride from start to finish I found ST to be a delightful narrator despite his tendency to be an asshole and really felt like I wanted him to win I liked that he wasn t the perfect detective figuring it all out on his own I liked that he was forced to work with his allies and that the solution wasn t just magically there.

    Not sure where the story is going.

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