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  • Title: The Billionaire's Desire
  • Author: AshleyBlake
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  • Page: 122
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Billionaire's Desire By AshleyBlake DETERMINED TO SUCCEEDSarah Vaughn put her life on hold to raise her brothers after their parents died, and now it was her turn to live her life After graduating from college at 32, she landed a dream internship with an international investment firm Sarah wants to make partner there one day and she is willing to do whatever it takes.She commutes in to downtown on the traiDETERMINED TO SUCCEEDSarah Vaughn put her life on hold to raise her brothers after their parents died, and now it was her turn to live her life After graduating from college at 32, she landed a dream internship with an international investment firm Sarah wants to make partner there one day and she is willing to do whatever it takes.She commutes in to downtown on the train every morning and her special treat is seeing him every day He fuels her fantasies and for a few minutes each day she allows herself to dream.DREAMS BECOME REALITYSarah s life changes the day he seduces her on the train His sensual power over her is like none she has ever experienced But that morning on the train is just the beginning of a chain of events that will change Sarah s life forever She doesn t know that the gorgeous stranger is Joshua Hunter, billionaire CEO of Hunter International, and he has a voracious appetite for smart, sexy women.When she discovers who he is, he gives her an offer she is not sure she can refuse
    Ashley Blake likes to combine a good romance with steamy love scenes She has been reading erotic romance for years and believes a good story should have a perfect blend of both Her goal is to write stories that stimulate your heart and your senses.

    The Billionaire's Desire By AshleyBlake


    Lady Raven RAVE!
    Story GOODIntimacy Level VERY SPICYEnjoyment GOODLength 473 Kindle 30pagesTHOUGHTSI actually prejudged this book before I read it I thought it would have been an eight minutes read of them meeting on a train wam bam thank you ma am, and then shock, to know who the stranger was However, the author was leading to a build up between the main characters which will lead to a part 2, and I would like to read that like yesterday When the story starts out, your thinking, cute and sweet but it later beco [...]

    Gah The things I read in a bid to make my target I hang my head in shame

    This book was surprisingly an ok read, very short but still ok After reading the other reviews, I guess I need to read the other two books This first book gets right to the point, 20% into it you get a steamy train scene If you re looking for a quick steamy read then this is the book for you Definitely need the rest of the books in the series.

    For a very short story I guess it was good It was just totally written in the land of fantasy Nothing, nothing at all about this short story was based anywhere in the realm of reality So if you like a really quick totally unbelievable read This books for you If you want a tiny, ever so slight, bit of some reality, skip this book.

    Susan Bray
    Great story Brilliant story cannot wait to read some very exciting it s got t o be very interesting bring it on

    Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews
    In the past you wouldn t catch me reading a sort story I just felt they were a waste of money But the past year with so many independent authors and shots are surfacing and most are surprisingly decent I find now they are a great distraction while waiting for appointments or something quick before bed.The Billionaire s Desire was no different I enjoyed it very much but it was off.I just didn t feel pull of attraction between Sarah and Joshua When they had their naughty freak moment in the trai [...]

    Divalish Smile
    This was a complete miss for me I did not believe or feel the chemistry between these two characters I thought their first encounter in the bathroom was awkward and I found myself rolling my eyes I was also a bit bored constantly hearing about her desire to be successful at this job and how awesome she is at this job, blah, blah, blah I don t care I found myself skimming thru this story and I shouldn t want to do that with a short story like this I also didn t believe him as a Dom Typically with [...]

    I loved this book, faults and all.Having read Jealous Billionaire by this author I looked around for of her work, now I make so secret of the fact that I hate short serial novellas books, I ve no patience for the wait in between, they usually end on a cliffhanger and work out expensive by the time you ve got them all, box sets however I like since there s no wait and they generally work out cheaper Anyway that s how I came to read this series.The synopsis covers the book well so I ll just say t [...]

    What can I say that I haven t said before about controlling men pathetic, weak women Sarah is just way to eager to make partner at the firm that she s willing to be someone s lap dog take orders no matter what.I didn t like her at all In a nutshell, she s not much different than a prostitute And Joshua is a controlling, arrogant ass How about the fact that when they had sex in his office, there was protection used Who just does that They re both complete strangers to eachother they just get down [...]

    Christina Lyn
    Good thing by the time I came across to this books all the series is already out Its going to be pretty much a big cliff hanger in every series I enjoyed reading this so much that I finish this in one day the moment they met is totally hot and to think she has all the ability every man wants beauty, intelligent and sexy I thought their love story is flawless but then when I reach the last series things between them are getting serious and the situation is far different from the first one.

    I didn t like the story split up in 3 different books but once I finished reading all 3 and I wanted I loved with this book that was so different with the other books I ve read is that Joshua was very honest and straight forward with his feelings toward her I would have like to read about what happened in the 9 years but all in all great book I read Jake s story My Forever in You immediately I can t wait for the next one

    Tiffany Callan
    This book does exactly what it says on the tin, it s a short story filled with lust, sex and a hot billionaire, the story starts off mysterious, exciting and a little bit lusty, the middle is full of desire, wishful thinking and some awkward moments for the main character and the end leaves you anxious to read , excited for what s to come and googling the author to find of her work Story 5Characters 5Cover 5Great short read, will be sure to follow this oneTJ

    Weird.The ending.What Why That s the real question It had potential and it was going well, the whole stranger encounter went off well and it was even endearing how she didn t put it together that he was the owner of the company until later The ending and the whole 30 day setup was a terrible way to end it I was unconvinced and it didn t make any sense, plus the proposition was ludicrous Dubai Why Most importantly what is this business

    This one HOTT start to a series I am even excited because there was a reference to The Blackstone Affair in the front matter of the book The Blackstone Affair is in my top 20 so I can t wait to finish the series.For just 30 pages the author did a great job of pulling you in and developing a great start to a series that I think will be one HOTT affair.

    Clair McKane
    The story was good enough, I did find the way she let a random on the train touch her intimately a little hard to imagine but the rest of the story line followed the pattern of this type of book I wanted to go on to read the second book but thought the price was too much for just a 70 odd page story.

    I think I m officially over the poor girl meets control freak zillionaire plot This book falls into that category whole heartedly I didn t like Sarah, she seemed a little eager beaver to me and joshua, well, I really didn t like him one bit There was not one thing that endeared me to him at all I m glad it was a novella short story because at least it was over quick.

    Mel Bedford
    I read all of The Billionaire s Desire and started the sequel My Forever is You and I really liked this series and the author s writing, but I have stopped reading the series because I refuse to pay 2.99 for unfinished stories Stop stringing me along and write a full book and charge me one decent price Keep that in mind if you start with this book

    I would give this of a 3.5 4.0 it was a great start to a short story, I just hope the rest of this series holds up with the way this one started If it keeps with how this one started then it will be a great short story.I really like Joshua Hunters characterhe s just enough cocky, and smartass.

    At first I wasn t sure if I was going to like this book The whole meeting a stranger on the train that she lets seduce her without a second thought Then having him show up at her work But once it s explaineda littleen you really just wanna rip the guys clothes off

    Skye Burling-Briggs
    When a book starts at 8% you know it s going to be short I wish that all 5 were in ONE BOOK Why is it that they are broken down into 5 50 page novellas at 2.99 EACH This one was a freebie on , but now to decide if its worth buying the rest

    Angel **Book Junkie**
    Not for me definitely not a good read The first 2 pages were great but the rest the fantasy part were pretty awful Not erotic at all and very boring read I read a lot of billionaire books and this one did not do it for me.

    Really good free book from Very sexy short story only 30 pages Unfortunately is part one of a series which the other books are 1.99 For me story s not compelling enough to pay for next lot.

    Laura Clark
    This is a strange one for me Strictly speaking I enjoyed it but I m nature why firstly it is very short and the speed it far too much, but also its quite harsh in the way it has been written Theres no real emotion in it But if you want a little bit of fun, I say go for it xoxo

    It was alright but not great I do want to read the next book though, because I liked the characters.

    Milena's Book Corner
    Quite predictable however I actually enjoyed it Way outside the realm of possibility however a girl can still have her fantasy

    Sarah ❤️ Literary Obsessive
    Review to come.

    Rosa C.

    D. Onna
    Short, a bit spicy but too short to get the fun exciting chemistry between the two stranger Curious about the next book Dubai version

    The background information on Sarah s life was real informative but this novel seemed way too rushed for my liking.

    Amber Escalera
    I lived this book hard to put down

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