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  • Title: Journeyman
  • Author: Sean Pronger
  • ISBN: 9780670065912
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Journeyman By Sean Pronger Every young hockey player dreams of one day playing in the NHL, of skating on a line with his hero and drinking champagne in the dressing room after winning the Stanley Cup But kids should watch what they wish for.They may make it to the pros, like Sean Pronger, only to end up playing for sixteen teams over eleven seasons They may end up on a team with a guy like the GreEvery young hockey player dreams of one day playing in the NHL, of skating on a line with his hero and drinking champagne in the dressing room after winning the Stanley Cup But kids should watch what they wish for.They may make it to the pros, like Sean Pronger, only to end up playing for sixteen teams over eleven seasons They may end up on a team with a guy like the Great One, but skate on his line only in practice when the bona fide first line centre has the flu And they may end up drinking champagne only because their little brother wins the Stanley Cup.Anyone who s gotten to the NHL the hard way has a story to tell.No one knows the game better than the guys on the fourth line who fight for their jobs every night They know all too well what it s like to watch from the press box or, worse, to be sent to the minors or traded Sean Pronger has seen it all He s played for legendary coaches like Pat Burns and gone head to head with guys such as Doug Gilmour and Steve Yzerman in the faceoff circle He was on the ice for perhaps the most notorious violent attack in recent hockey history While playing in the minors in Winnipeg, he guzzled beer in an ice fishing hut with grizzled veterans like John MacLean, and while playing in Europe, he caused international incidents with guys such as Doug Weight.Full of hilarious stories and self deprecating jokes, Journeyman is a story not only about achieving a dream, but about realizing you ve achieved it.Sean Pronger grew up in Dryden, Ontario, and was drafted fifty first overall by Vancouver in 1991 From 1995 to 2004 he played in the NHL for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the New York Rangers, the Los Angeles Kings, the Boston Bruins, the Columbus Blue Jackets, and the Vancouver Canucks He played in 260 regular season games, earning 23 goals and 36 assists for 59 points, picking up 159 penalty minutes His brother is NHL defenceman Chris Pronger.Like JRNYMN wear on Facebook.
    Sean Pronger
    Sean Pronger Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Journeyman book, this is one of the most wanted Sean Pronger author readers around the world.

    Journeyman By Sean Pronger


    Avon Gale
    This book is inspirational, laugh out loud funny, and thoroughly enjoyable I read it all in one sitting, and I wish I could find a Sean Pronger jersey because I would totally get one from one of his many and various teams Just a guy who loved hockey and wanted to play no matter what, and my favorite kind of player, too Highly recommended, and instrumental for me in researching for the Scoring Chances series.

    What did I know about Sean Pronger Pretty much only that he is the older brother of Chris Pronger, who made the list of 100 Greatest NHL Players in History and also was kind of a dick on the ice but not Avery levels, at least Chris is also one of the examples of the bad shit that can happen to professional hockey players post concussion syndrome symptoms forced him into early retirement.But Sean He may have lacked a little bit of his brother s je ne sais quoi in the ice, but seems like he got th [...]

    My husband and I are huge hockey fans, so you can imagine how thrilled we were, when we found out that we had won a copy of Sean Pronger s book from The book is a fascinating account of the life of a hockey player striving to play the sport he loves at its highest level, in the NHL It s not easy getting to the NHL, and just when he thought he had finally had made it, he gets sent back to the farm team Sean tells tales of the difficulties adjusting to the constant changes, being traded when you l [...]

    Geremy Mcfadden
    Must read for all hockey fans Sean Pronger writes a book that keeps you interested in everything he does from playing hockey to living in a farm house to going to Germany His humor keeps things light hearted and he seems like a great guy Did not regret reading this book one bit.

    This book provides a glimpse into the life of a professional fourth liner, which makes it both unique and refreshing Why should all star hall of famers be the only ones with book deals I enjoyed reading about the many ups and downs literally that a fringe player like Pronger must endure to piece together a career on the ice Truly interesting stuff However, I feel like there are a few details that have been left out For example, Pronger mentions that, for players like him, a post retirement caree [...]

    Trent Bell
    Flying from city to city, getting paid millions of dollars to play in front of thousands of people Every young athlete s dream right Well, maybe not Journeyman by Sean Pronger demonstrates how tough it is to truly make it in professional hockey This comedy follows the life of college hockey all star, Sean Pronger as he unsuccessfully tries to make it to the big league Journeyman shows what it is really like for most pro hockey players jumping from city to city Along the way Sean Pronger is not a [...]

    Brent Venton
    I read this book while reading Ken Dryden s The Game at the same time and while Pronger is certainly not as cerebral an author or player as Dryden this book is infinitely entertaining Forever labelled as Chris Pronger s brother and the older one at that the lesser known Prongs details the occasional highs and many many lows of his career as a marginal NHL er and minor League er He throws in a good mix of on ice and locker room anecdotes, references to longstanding hockey rumours and balancing h [...]

    I found the perspective of Sean Pronger interesting With the lock out currently forcing NHLers to go overseas, I found Sean s views interesting Sean has obviously been through many glorifying and heartbreaking moments in his career The cup win with Chris to the cuts from different teams I found that his chapter about going overseas heart wrenching I felt his pain when reading the book I know how difficult it can be to move but I could not imagine trying to play hockey on a team that no one could [...]

    As a first reads winner of this book and grandmother of a boy who loves hockey, I was eager to read about the life of a professional hockey player who wasn t one of the top players in the league Too often they are the only ones we hear about Sean Pronger does an excellent job of sharing his life as a journeyman hockey player with us Using his personal stories and experiences he relates the ups and downs of hockey life when in this position He gave me a much better understanding of how the hockey [...]

    Floy Campbell
    If you re looking to read a story about the superstar hockey player who makes it the NHL and gets the multi million dollar contracts, this is not that story Journeyman is instead a front row seat to the life of the hockey player who has just enough talent to make it into the pros, but has to claw his way back to the NHL time and again Sean Pronger gives an eye opening, first person account that underlines the fact that just because you make it to the big times, doesn t mean you get to stay there [...]

    Benjamin Kahn
    I find the stories of career minor leaguers usually interesting than that of superstars A player striving to keep battling against all odds, with little encouragement in terms of success or pay is fascinating to me Pronger s book delivers this, although he did have moments where he got to play on the big stage Unfortunately, writing this two years after I read this book, the impressions that I am most left with were that Pronger was a bit of a prick The whole excursion to Germany really seemed [...]

    Charles L Harris Jr
    This is what it s like to be a Journeyman in Pro Hockeywhat do you say when all you wanna do play hockey eat sleep breathe hockey and you get drafted then no offer from you re draft team spend time in the ECHL then IHL and then AHL get finally called up then get traded demoted waived ride the bench for the Love of the game it was all there and if I was Sean Pronger I wouldn t change a thing except going overseas but was everything I thought and so much thanks for the guided tour of how to be a [...]

    I won this book through First Reads I was looking forward to reading this book until I actually started reading it and remembered I actually don t enjoy Hockey, even to read about it It was interesting to read it from the point of a player, because when you watch Hockey on TV you don t think about the rookie s who are so eager to get on the ice and play It was a good book, just not my kind of book.

    Seah Pronger tells it like he sees it, and that is what I like to hear There was a lot of humor, some heartbreaks, and it was extremely entertaining, which is what I like to read He sounds like a REAL person I enjoy knowing someone s mind and or heart as they write, and this books seems to do exactly that.

    First Row
    A fantastic read A glimpse into the day to day life of a pro hockey player Pronger sheds light on the less glamorous side of being a professional hockey player A definite must read for all hockey fans

    Good read for a sports fan Not an easy life as it sounds but like Sean I would have done the same thing to fulfill my dream I love his respect for the game and people in the game I think I would have loved him as a teammate.

    Marcel Fortin
    A Northern Ontario boy lives his dream of playing professional hockey And he gets to do it on sixteen teams over the course of an eleven year career Great stories, good fun, and amazing insight into the world of professional hockey.

    Sean has a great sense of humour about his bumpy road to the NHL and back down and back up and back down again An often overlooked side of the game is illuminated here A really fun read for any fan of sports.

    The very last page where he lists what he ll miss and not miss about hockey gets right into your heart Loved it from start to finish A humble, funny and honest look at his career the type of career that doesn t get a lot of airplay.

    Mark Borland
    If you re a hockey fan, this is an entertaining read.

    Shannon Davison
    Won my copy on and thoroughly enjoyed it Wonderful read about Sean s career in hockey Passed this on to other family members to read and they all loved it too.

    Cam Iverson
    A great story of striving for a dream and reaching it sort of Full of self deprecating humour and terrific stories from life in the hockey trenches.

    Tatiana Vyrvich
    A great read for all hockey fans.

    Christal Lee
    Sean Pronger tells it like it is The ins and outs of life as a journeyman in the pro hockey leagues Having lived in Germany myself, I got a kick out of his DEL adventure

    Outstanding book

    A very interesting behind the scenes view of the working guys in hockey Like life a few great times and some major disappointments, but overall a career he was happy to have.

    Lyle Freimark
    Some good stories, self deprecating humour.

    I received this book free from I really enjoyed learning about some of the back story of a lesser known hockey player.

    David Yamada
    Changed the way I looked at the NHL and hockey Such a great book

    Nick Smith
    A great book that isn t about the glamor of playing in the NHL, and all the fun of that lifestyle This is a really funny book about the other pronger detailing his life as Minor leaguer that sometimes saw some action in the show The book is full of self deprecating humor, and a great book to read to get the other side of story of NHL Players.

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