• Author: Jak Holding Johnny Atomic Deanna Hoak
  • ISBN: 9780984847426
  • Page: 260
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  • SIMON VECTOR By Jak Holding Johnny Atomic Deanna Hoak Alpha Draconis Its name alone makes even the most law abiding citizens of the Empire uneasy Located in the farthest reaches of known space, it is the most remote and feared prison in the Imperial penal system To be consigned to this tunneled out, vacuum sealed planetoid is both a life sentence and a death sentence, for no prisoner entombed within its frozen walls ever lAlpha Draconis Its name alone makes even the most law abiding citizens of the Empire uneasy Located in the farthest reaches of known space, it is the most remote and feared prison in the Imperial penal system To be consigned to this tunneled out, vacuum sealed planetoid is both a life sentence and a death sentence, for no prisoner entombed within its frozen walls ever leaves the facility alive.When Zodiac Battle Systems sends an investigator to Alpha Draconis, Ana Bolo is no less a prisoner than the cannibals, serial rapists, and mass murderers this frozen hell confines Tasked to learn the fate of a secret project once concealed within the bowels of the prison, her corporate masters will kill her if she fails But as she hunts for clues left behind by the suicidal genius, Doctor Thaddeus Kong, she realizes that Kong s increasingly erratic logs point to a sinister truth Alpha Draconis lies vulnerable to a horror unlike any mankind has yet faced, a horror drawn to the planetoid by the very experiment Kong tried to hide.
    Jak Holding Johnny Atomic Deanna Hoak
    JAK HOLDING is the pen name for long time friends and collaborators, John Jackson and Ken Chapman John And Ken.They are the authors of the sci fi book series, SIMON VECTOR Current titles in the series include the novel SIMON VECTOR and the prequel novellas CORRECTION A GERALD RUHMING TALE OF TERROR, CORRUPTION A MARSHAL BOOTHE TALE OF JUSTICE, MISCALCULATION A NOIR TALE OF SKULL MORGAN and DECEPTION THE LAST BATTLE OF REX MASON The novellas can be read in any order and provide an uncensored look at some of the exciting characters that inhabit the dark world of SIMON VECTOR.In 2010, John and Ken teamed up with publisher Harper Voyager and author Adam Troy Castro to create Z Is for Zombie An Illustrated Guide to the End of the World and V Is for Vampire An Illustrated Alphabet of the Undead.Under the pen name, Dante Savelli, John and Ken created CHOOSE YOUR DOOM ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, which they co wrote with author DeAnna Knippling.In addition to their writing, John and Ken are the founders of the publishing house, League Entertainment, which publishes many of their titles John devotes his off time mentoring at risk youth in central Florida s juvenile detention facilities When Ken is not trying to take over the world with John, he s busy safe guarding it as a Commissioned Officer and UH 60 Blackhawk Pilot in the Army National Guard.View John s Profile.View Ken s Profile.

    SIMON VECTOR By Jak Holding Johnny Atomic Deanna Hoak


    I downloaded it to my Kindle and WOW I must tell you that this book is as good as it gets I did not put it down until I finished the entire book I felt like I was in the book with Simon Vector Good guys, bad guys, action lots of action , space I hope that there are books coming I am 13 years old and I recommend that you read Simon Vector BEST BOOK since the Maximum Ride series

    An Anti Hero for our Times.A lurid tour de force that compels the reader down dark paths of imagination and discovery.Simon Vector is a novel that harkens back to the best traditions of pulp science fiction of the past while exulting in the writing techniques of the current best sellers and promising to take the reader to new realms of excellence This is a book for those who crave a simpler time when men were men, women were women, and mysterious alien monsters bent on the destruction of all you [...]

    Hellish prisons in deep space holding the worst criminals around, augmented guards that ooze terror inducing pheromones A timid doctor and a woman who s too good at her job You meet all of these before you truly meet the title character, but it makes what is coming all the dramatic Only one person can save mankind from the impending invasion, and he s almost one of the invaders.

    Action packed, dark and very nearly brilliant, Simon Vector is a strong, fierce anti hero story set against the cold backdrop of space It s the gritty story of a man quite literally reborn and in search of answers and he s asking questions with his fistsd his Gravity Hammer.

    I discovered this universe through what Jak Holding calls Entrypoint novellas, which did just what they were meant to provide an intriguing on ramp to the main story Entrypoint is trademarked, and the about the author note sounds less like two guys who got together to write a book than two guys who are executing a business plan that includes a novel But that s beside the point I ve read two of these novellas, CORRECTION and CORRUPTION, which were very well done, and I expect I ll get others The [...]

    Nicholas King
    For those that have been fans of this genre for any serious length of time, you find that there are really two types of science fiction The first is sci fi or space fantasy, which can be best be exemplified by Star Wars The other is science fiction or talk and tech, which one sees when watching Star Trek Simon Vector tries to straddle the line between the two and is mostly successful in doing so The novel is economical in size and scope while hinting at a larger backdrop and history, using thirt [...]

    Blase Ciabaton
    In a dark future universe, new author, Jak Holding, introduces us to the mysterious Science Fiction character, Simon Vector.The scene of the action is an isolated maximum security prison Slight spoiler, these worst of the worst criminals are kept in check by infusing the prison guards with pheromones These pheromones subconsciously cause the prisoners to be irrationally afraid of the guards The fear increases as the prisoners get closer to the prison guards.While the imagination required to crea [...]

    Phil Elmore
    Mike Resnick, the five time Hugo award winner, hinted at Simon Vector s pulp roots when he wrote, Prison planets, evil geniuses, nameless horrors, and a plucky female protagonist what could any grown up boy ask for Ian Douglas, the popular military scifi writer, offered insight he called the book darker and violent than Aliens, as gritty and as noire as Bladerunner, and spiced with the blood and graphic gore of the zombie apocalypse Jonathan Mayberry said it was highly recommended, calling th [...]

    Julie Salinas
    Ah, sci fi I do love this genre in between my usual draw or reading The first several chapters are descritive You kind of need that as the world is so alien and needs good descriptors so as not to get lost The writers did a good job with this I find this book of a guys type of read, lots of action, and the creatures were really, really demonic I like the character of Simon Vector, a cyborg with determination, but he is also in part cause of the problem An interesting read for sci fi readers.

    Wow This is not a book that I would typically read but I wanted to try something a little different This novel is set in the future at a prison for the worst criminals I loved the setting and how it came alive The details about the cold and the prison were very unique I also loved the characters Dr Feen intrigued me I loved how strong Anna is Simon Vector is a must read for anyone who loves lots of action and science fiction

    Guilty pleasure book.80s Arnold Swazanegger movie meets Star Trek Borg with Alien and Escape from New York Just stero typed characters in an action packed story Lots of fun

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