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  • Title: Fall for Me
  • Author: Sydney Landon
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  • Page: 218
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Fall for Me By Sydney Landon Beth has always lived in her outgoing sister s shadow, plagued by her own insecurity about her body It s time for her to step out from the sidelines and experience what life has to offer then she s laid off from her teaching job, and has to rely on her sister to get her a job at Danvers International Nick Merimon is gorgeous, wealthy, and a well known playboy just the soBeth has always lived in her outgoing sister s shadow, plagued by her own insecurity about her body It s time for her to step out from the sidelines and experience what life has to offer then she s laid off from her teaching job, and has to rely on her sister to get her a job at Danvers International Nick Merimon is gorgeous, wealthy, and a well known playboy just the sort of man Beth has always avoided But even she can t deny the sparks that are flying between them He could be just the man to show her what she s been missing all these years And after they share one heart stopping night together, she is surprised when it leads to a relationship But as their connection grows, and the realities of their romance begin to show, Beth will have to overcome both her own insecurities and her doubts about Nick s intentions if she s ever going to find lasting happiness
    Sydney Landon
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    Fall for Me By Sydney Landon


    2 1 2 starsI love this series I love the characters, the writing, the humor, and most importantlye heroes I would highly recommend it, but unfortunately, book three did not live up to it s predecessors.Fall For Me tackles the difficult topic of eating disorders, and does so in the midst of a pregnancy Beth has struggled with her weight since she was a child and has recently undergone a big transformation Although she has lost a lot of weight, insecurity still plagues her She does not believe tha [...]

    JoJo - JJJ (Jo Anna) Janesko
    I am truly disappointed in this book I had such high hopes that it would be as good as the first two and for some reason it fell short for me I am a huge fan of Sydney Landon so I am not sure why I didn t feel the love for this book I do know Beth got on my nerves a bit but I just felt like something was missing I will say Nick was awesome and Suzy made me laugh I think if it weren t for Suzy and Nick I would have rated this book much lower I am sad to be giving this review because I do love the [...]

    Carla Krissinger
    I think this might have been my favorite of the series Beth Denton sister to Suzy and Nick Meriman brother to Gray have been keeping a secret They have been having a good time and no one knew But now Beth is pregnant and their world is about to change drastically She believes that Nick is a bad boy and will never hold true to his promise to be there for her and the baby He believes that Beth is the one woman who can resist his charm because she refuses to be than just a fling for him When frien [...]

    Rough Draft Book Blog
    Fall For Me A Danver s Novel by Sydney LandonNick BethLEARNING TO LOVE YOURSELF Ok, first and foremost, I won this book, but I want you to know I would have paid upwards of 10 for it it s that good This entire series has held a sacred part of my heart since I started it long ago The series is one of those that will stick with you for years to come You ll remember it for years to come and refer back to it fondly It does deal with some dark disturbing subjects, but nothing that can t be fixed with [...]

    Serinin 3tab n merakla bekliyordum asl nda Suzy ve Gray in karde leri aras ndaki ili ki nas l olacak neler ya ayacaklar ok merak ediyordum Beth in belirli sorunlar oldu unu zaten 2taptan biliyorduk ama inan n bu kadar sorunlu olabilece ini d nmemi tim Bencillikte kendini a t resmen Baz yerlerde kitab f rlatmak istedim elimden d n n o kadar irrite etti Beth in yapt baz eyler Ayr ca olaylar bir anda boyut de i tiriyor kitapta bir adapte etme durumu yok yani Bir de bu kad n paso k zlar n taraf ndan [...]

    Maree Repa
    I so enjoyed this most beautiful book I just loved the characters Beth and Nick Such a wonderful series I m so enjoying it I now can t wait to enjoy book 4 now

    After loving the second book in this series, I was really excited to read this one Although I loved Nick he made the book worth reading Beth was hard to take.Beth used to be an obese woman who was constantly criticized by her parents She became determined and lost the weight, but her self esteem was never at a level it needed to be and she constantly questioned why Nick, a gorgeous, rich man would be attracted to her.I get it Really But after awhile, her constant issues with her weight and image [...]

    4.25 stars In the beginning, this book really took me for the unexpected, but in a good way Usually I can tell where a book is going but the author surprises you after reading the first couple of paragraphs I was happily surprised that we had gotten to see how Beth and Nick s relationship got started instead of just skipping ahead to their relationship in the present In the present, their relationship is very hot I really feel like this book is the steamiest of the three I felt their connection [...]

    I really enjoyed Fall For Me Nick was a pretty awesome guy He was so sweet and patient with Beth even when most people myself included wanted to smack some sense into her I loved that the characters from the first two books were back and hand a lot of involvement throughout the book I REALLY hope Ella and Declan are the next book

    sliiightly better than the first, but I truly don t understand why the high ratings hero is too perfect, heroine is the definition of a irresponsible moron zero sympathy from me on the plus side, they have an unconventional start but all is wrapped around nicely with pregnancy meh boring and predictable.

    Beth bencillikte kendini a t vallahi.Nick ise ok tatl yd ya.Hi de yle apk n playboy de ilmi me er.

    Can t wait for its release in December hopefully

    Ok next I am ready for Ella s story I loved this one Oh love this series

    Debbie Hanson
    Im Starting to really love this series, and Fall For Me is without a doubt my favorite I loved the relationship between Beth and Nick that started as pure distaste from Beth s side at least I knew from their attraction that was evident in Not Planning on You that there was definitely to the apparent hate over playboy Nick Herimon When Metricom merged with Danvers international, both Gray and his brother Nick moved to Myrtle Beach to help with the company day to day runnings When Beth began as a [...]

    book provided by NightOwlReviewsBeth always had a problem with her self esteem It was mostly to blame on the way her parents raised her Then when she lost her teaching job she went to work with her sister as her secretary She then met the one man who would change her life She just did not know how much he would change it Nick has worked in the same company with his brother for years He always liked Beth but since his brother was marrying her sister, he thought he should stay away But she complet [...]

    Having so enjoyed the first two books in this fabulous Danver series, it was with high hopes that I started talented author, Sydney Landon s, Fall For Me Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed the story, her uncanny humor, and sensitive handling of difficult subjects Surprisingly, the handsome sex god Hero, Nick Merimon, didn t want to fall in love and leave his bachelor ways behind him This only surprised me because he came from such wonderful, loving parents, and had recently watched his brother s l [...]

    Aileen De Los Santos
    I m only 40 pages in, and I ve already deduced that Beth is an idiot Sure I can understand her insecurity after losing so much weight, but damn, she takes self loathing o a whole other level The fact that she had already decided that she was going to take care of the baby herself and Nick would just be involved whenever he liked was so stupid Like she never took his feelings or his thoughts into consideration, she just decided what kind of father he was going to be and that was it Ughhhhhhh okay [...]

    Wow.What a great addition to this series I truly enjoyed this book I laughed throughout the whole book Yes there were also serious issues but there some really funny scenes I absolutely adored Nick, he may have been a playboy in his past but he totally stepped up to the plate in this book Beth on the other hand was just okay for me in this book I understand she had some serious body image issues but the way she chose to handle that issue I didn t agree with She is probably the reason I gave this [...]

    Sydney Landon has delivered another book with loveable characters that is full of emotional, humorous and very hot steamy moments.Focussing on Suzy s sister Beth, Gray s brother Nick and their unexpected and unplanned surprise, both characters surprised me there was a bit of a reversal in personality going on which kept the book and the series fresh Beth frustrated me, yet I felt for her and Nick, well he literally had me swooning at his actions The lives of all the characters from the previous [...]

    I pre ordered this book and it ended up loading on my Kindle immediately, has posted a release date of Feb 26 So I made sure I immediately read the book in case in disappeared from my Kindlelol I loved the other two books in this series and I was thrilled that this one was just as good Suzy continues to be the comic relief and I love how we still get to keep tabs on Jason, Claire, Gray and Suzy s relationships What s great about this story is Nick and Beth are not only dealing with some unexpect [...]

    I have been eagerly awaiting this book for months Suzy s book is one of my favorite books ever so I couldn t wait for Beth and Nicks story I will start with why I only gave it 4 stars I guess I really expected to feel of a connection between Beth and Nick SPOILER I was mostly disappointed because it was like the las chapter before Nick told her he loved her and what was upsetting is throughout the book they both stated that they didn t love the other in their thought, not out loud I was happy [...]

    Maria Franco
    Beth s insecurity issues annoyed me to no end Starving herself while pregnant What kind of person does that Yes she may have been far at some point but gaining a few pounds while pregnant will not kill anyone It also pissed me off how she kept pushing nick away because she thought he would leave If the man was constantly with her for the past six months, why would he suddenly go away He hadn t even paid attention to anyone else and yet she was constantly questioning his motives and his ability t [...]

    This was a refreshing book to read and a great early surprise since it wasn t suppose to be out until 2 26 2013 I am so happy I pre ordered this book This is a book that will make you laugh The counter top really is the funniest thing The babysitting scene, omg that was too funny I enjoyed reading about all of the previuos characters from the other two books in the Danvers series You also get to read about the characters in the next book, Ella and Declan I cant wait to read about them He seems s [...]

    Kate"s Corner
    I really enjoyed the first two books of the series but with this book I was really disappointed from start to finish I do not like to diss books so therefore this is new for me and well I know that all authors put in a lot of effort when it comes to writing Beth annoyed me to know end and they all did Nick complete injustice He is a good guy and there are only so many former fat comments that I could take The others made the book bearable I will read the next in the series as I am interested in [...]

    not for meBeth I get had issues but she was a massive asshole.Nick has been sweet, devoted, affectionate and because of her past, Beth convinces herself with no real reason that they can never be So, however, instead of separating she s an asshole She dates other people, is cold, treats Nick like a booty call, and is in her head but not thoughtful.And that s just the start.No.F DNF

    I love this book in the Danver Series Beth and Nick story is my favorite of the Series The story talks about fears that I think some of us have in relationships I had a hard to putting the book down Beth is character a woman you can relate too Nick is sweet and such wonderful character.

    This was a sweet and quick read for me.Beth goes through some of her struggles in this one, and I was glad to see how attentive Nick was.He was as perfect as he could be He definitely won me over in this.

    Renee W. Tyler,Battery Operated Book Blog
    Well worth the wait I have read all three and cant wait for the rest of the series I was so excited to wake up and find it on my kindle early.

    This one was my favorite in the series so far I like how Nick isn t unmanned to drive a minivan So cute.

    H.J. Bellus
    This was a hard read I wanted to strangle Beth, but felt for her at the same time Nick is completely swoon worthy I did get tired of the nickname Princess

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      Sydney Landon