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  • Title: Act of Betrayal
  • Author: Edna Buchanan
  • ISBN: 9780786860982
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Act of Betrayal By Edna Buchanan As Miami journalist Britt Montero probes the bombing murder of a TV commentator, she meets Alex Reyes, an ex prisoner of Castro, and uncovers a series of mysteriously missing boys and the man responsible for her father s execution by a Cuban firing squad thirty years earlier.
    Edna Buchanan
    Edna Buchanan knew she wanted to be a writer since she was 4 years old She moved to Florida where she got a job at a small newspaper Ms Buchanan became a reporter for the Miami Beach Daily Sun in the late 1960s In 1970, she was hired as a general assignment and police beat reporter at the Miami Herald In 1973, Ms Buchanan became a police beat reporter, which coincided with the rise of Miami as a center of the international drug trade Winning a Pulitzer Prize, Ms Buchanan became one of the best known crime reporters in the U.S She discussed some of her assignments in the books, The Corpse Had a Familiar Face 1991 and Never Let Them See You Cry 1993 She has retired from journalism and writes mystery novels The main character in her crime mystery series is Britt Montero.

    Act of Betrayal By Edna Buchanan


    Anne(Booklady) Molinarolo
    3.5 StarsA gadfly to some in the Cuban Exile Community, Miami reporter Alex Aguirre is killed by a car bomb Police reporter, Britt Montero is the first one to scene As she files her report a blonde man walks in carrying a folder and Britt thinks oh oh here comes a crazy fanatic But MacDonald brings her a story that she can t walk away from his 13 year old son, Charles, has been missing for four years and the police may never have investigated Too old and not a pretty young girl for national expo [...]

    ACT OF BETRAYAL VGBuchanan, Edna 4th in Britt Montero seriesA fatal bomb blast propels Britt Montero into the story of her life, as deadly secrets and betrayals from the past sweep into Miami on the winds of a killer storm.More serious than some of the others in the series The hurricane adds good suspense.

    Beatrice Drury
    I ve read a number of the Britt Montero books I think this is one of the best Very exciting at the end.

    Miami Bold, sizzling and dangerous Police reporter Britt Montero is front and center when it comes to danger in this breathless slam bam thriller from author Edna Buchanan.It was no surprise when Alex Aguirre s life was extinguished in a car bombing outside his employer WTOP TV His outspoken commentaries put him in disfavor with Castro, Miami s high ranking politicians, The Miami News, the Mafia, CIA, even the U.S President Perhaps most menacing is Juan Carlos Reyes, a rich and powerful anti Cas [...]

    Kara Jorges
    Britt Montero is a half Cuban newspaper reporter living in Miami Britt claims to resent too much being made of her Cuban heritage, but focuses on little else, and the other half of her heritage doesn t even rate mention While Britt is onto a big story about missing boys who all look alike and tries to devote her time to gathering information for it, her personal life and Cuban roots keep getting in the way She finally decides to take the time to delve into the mysteries of her own past when a pr [...]

    This book is number 4 in the Britt Montero series set in Miami, Florida Britt is the crime beat reporter for the local newspaper When a man approaches her in desperation to research and write a story about his missing 12 year old son she discovers a pattern of similar disappearances through the years.Another theme in the book was about Cuba and Castro with Britt s father having been executed decades earlier by Castro The book seemed pretty outdated written in 1996 considering recent happenings w [...]

    This is the fourth book in the Britt Montero mysteries Britt is the heroine, who is an extremely dedicated reporter covering the police beat for her Miami newspaper This type she is involved in reporting a Cuban murder, mysteries surrounding her Cuban father, missing boys all about the same age, and a prominent Cuban Exile leader who dangles truths about her past just out of her reach The content and characters were inspiring light reading and kept interested enough to continue on with the serie [...]

    The best in an interesting series Note There is one small spoiler at the end Fans or newcomers will find the backstory of Britt s Cuban family fascinating and moving I have often wished that Edna Buchanan would bring in regarding Britt s colorful family Everything in this novel is Buchanan at her best Top off the story with the storm of the century, and well it just doesn t get any better.As usual, Miami dazzles, thrills and scares the pants off the reader.

    young teenage boys are missing for months and years involved with Miami Cuban revolution Way too tidy ending with young male serial killer also being influential Miami businessman that wants to take back Cuba young teenage boys are missing for months and years involved with Miami Cuban revolution Way too tidy ending with young male serial killer also being influential Miami businessman that wants to take back Cuba.

    LindaBranham Greenwell
    I really liked this book exactly what I was in the mood for But I can t say it was one of the best books I ve ever readIt is a mystery based in Miami with the heroine Britt Montero a newspaper reporter on the police beat The mystery is coupled with cuban politics and a hurricane Britt is half Cuban herself her father was killed in the beginnings of the Castro takeover, so there is a story of her past woven into the ongoing news stories of the dayVery nicely written

    4 in the Britt Montero series.Britt Montero, Miami newspaper reporter, is drawn into the Miami sub culture of Cuban intrigue and hopes to obtain the diary of her father, executed by Castro As she bounces between two opposing factions, she is also trying to trace the fate of missing look alike young teens over the last few years All this as a monster hurricane looms.

    Linda Munro
    Did you ever wonder why we sometimes don t see what lies right before our very eyes Yet another exploit in reporter Britt Montero s life has her missing the obvious, until it is nearly too late even for her Written by Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, Edna Buchanan, this book makes me wonder how often we blind ourselves to the obvious, or worse, ignore the facts rather than becoming involved.

    Larry A. Hovick
    Great read I enjoy the charactersReally enjoyed will continue reading the seriesI like her style passionate characters and the details she gives the reader of the culture of Miami

    Brenda Benoit
    I think this was my favorite book of the series so far Love the Britt Kendall MacDonald relationship even though it seems to be very off and on Really enjoyed the interaction Britt had with her landlord s grandson Great book

    Loved this book I totally got into it and was thrilled to realize that it s part of a series based on the same character, Britt Montero I ve already gotten the 1st book in the series from the library and will be tackling it right after Christmas I hope the rest of her books are as good.

    Joe O'Connor
    Very Good Continuing character Britt Montero reporter learns about her revolutionary father while tracking a story

    Mandy Huot
    great book I was way off on my thoughts of how it would end a sign of a great mystery writer

    Mike Calhoon
    Good story all the way through

    Carolyn (in SC) C234D
    I read quite a few in the Britt Montero series years ago, and liked them a lot Can t remember details of this one, too long ago and I didn t write notes.

    Jackie Simons
    Read 3 98

    Hurricane and exiled Cuban freedom fighters and 12 year old blond boys missing.Britt finds out near end about her father through his diary.

    Book Concierge
    WOW Although I suspected view spoiler the burial ground hide spoiler I didn t expect the ending A little too neatly wrapped up, but Buchanan is a first rate story teller.

    Katharine Ott
    Act of Betrayal written by Edna Buchana and published in 1996 by Hyperion A good mystery featuring reporter Britt Montero dealing with seedy Miami, Florida life.

    Yves Lefevre
    Great A very good double plot and several sub plots Always keeping the reader A little less convincing on character building.

    Karen Cowgill
    Very good book

    I love Floridian authors and stories as I live in Florida This author is always interesting.

    Richard Wahlstrom
    I read the audio book The story is good but the narrator is fabulous A terrific listening experience.

    All I can say is, If you like strong female characters, you will like this series about Miami newspaper reporter Britt Montero

    • UNLIMITED KINDLE ☆ Act of Betrayal - by Edna Buchanan
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