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  • Title: Viajero (A Filipino Novel)
  • Author: F. Sionil José
  • ISBN: 9789718845042
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback

  • Viajero (A Filipino Novel) By F. Sionil José Viajero is a novel of history of the Philippine Islands and their people long before the Spaniards came It is also the story of the Filipino diaspora as seen by an orphan who is brought by an American captain to the United States in 1945 Through the eyes of Salvador dela Raza unfolds the epic voyage of the Filipino, from the earliest contact with China through Magellan sViajero is a novel of history of the Philippine Islands and their people long before the Spaniards came It is also the story of the Filipino diaspora as seen by an orphan who is brought by an American captain to the United States in 1945 Through the eyes of Salvador dela Raza unfolds the epic voyage of the Filipino, from the earliest contact with China through Magellan s tragedy in Mactan, onto the heroic voyage of the galleons across the Pacific The VIAJERO story concludes with the movement of Filipino workers to the Middle East, and the travail of Filipino women in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo.
    F. Sionil José
    Francisco Sionil Jos was born in 1924 in Pangasinan province and attended the public school in his hometown He attended the University of Santo Tomas after World War II and in 1949, started his career in writing Since then, his fiction has been published internationally and translated into several languages including his native Ilokano He has been involved with the international cultural organizations, notably International P.E.N the world association of poets, playwrights, essayists and novelists whose Philippine Center he founded in 1958.F Sionil Jos , the Philippines most widely translated author, is known best for his epic work, the Rosales saga five novels encompassing a hundred years of Philippine history a vivid documentary of Filipino life.In 1980, Sionil Jos received the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts.In 2001, Sionil Jos was named National Artist for Literature.In 2004, Sionil Jos received the Pablo Neruda Centennial Award.

    Viajero (A Filipino Novel) By F. Sionil José


    I give it 3 stars, only because the story is so sincere about cultural perceptions and the actual experience of being a Filipino viajero Spanish for traveler that I felt ill at ease while reading it Also, 3 stars only because it is not for everyone Hard to follow through or to get interested if you know zilch about Philippine history.This book doesn t just bring the reader time traveling , it takes one across the US, Europe, Japan and the Philippines It is subtitled as A Filipino Novel It is not [...]

    The only thing needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing I have always had an interest in books with history in in, and it turns out Viajero is indeed a novel about history If you love history, then i will assure you that you will enjoy this book I had suspicions that this novel would be one of those didactic and boring books, preaching about nationalism and stuff, so i was reluctant at first to buy it But upon reading the first pages, I was immediately engrossed in the story [...]

    I then realize I have been on a voyage for so long, buoyed up even by the knowledge now that my real father had also fought like them The unexplored terrain beckons to me, compels me to go on I know it in my bones if I am one of them, then I should help them, suffer with them Ninoy had pointed out how you are a teacher Teach Show them themselves so they will be even stronger, their vision sharper, their future nearer.

    Gersie Santillana
    This is all about, from the title itself Viajero , a journey of Salvador dela Raza, a Filipino in World War II who s adopted and brought to US An orphan who was traveling in an unknown path But as he matures, it hit him, he came to realize that he wants to unearth the Filipino roots in him A must read novel beautifully written by a multi award winning Filipino, F Sionil Jose Pride of Pinoys

    The book I can read over and over again This book, similar to Ermita is visually captivating The type of book that makes me want to demand Sofia Coppola and her father to go back to my motherland and make a movie out of this book Consider it a book about learning about oneself and the country you think you belong to.

    Michael Gerald
    A historical novel with a time travelling feel to it, this ambitious undertaking takes a grand sweep of Philippine history through the eyes of fictional characters F Sionil Jose can be compared to Gabriel Garcia Marquez in his storytelling Marquez won the Nobel Prize for literature Sionil Jose deserves to win too.

    Megan Panapanaan
    Awesome A must read for all Filipinos.

    This book ranks up their with his Rosales series perhaps b c it is the continuation of Mass I am giving this book a 4.5I like the poem in the beginning by Jose Rizal and translated by Nick Joaquin of a man who is permanently a wanderer who others may envy b c he has experience that they have not experienced themselves but b c of the lack of a home base feels empty and unrooted inside In developing countries, notions of nationalism becomes intertwined with social justice issues for the poor Raza [...]

    Ariel Anunciacion
    Francisco Sionil Jose impressed me once again through this book His short stories opened my eyes to explore Filipino prose at its finest Another chance was given to me when this book touched my hands for the first time Viajero gave me an opportunity to wander the history of the Philippines through the man named Salvador dela Raza and made me realize that what grade school and high school textbooks were just an impression and the contents aren t just what they are Beyond that is our Filipinos ide [...]

    Edwin Del Rosario
    With a lost boy with fragmented identity trying to find himself juxtaposed to a country searching for and trying to build its sense of nationhood, F Sionil Jose s Viajero takes its readers to a magnanimous intricacy of history of these groups of island later to be called the Philippines Well written, insightful, and mentally perplexing, Viajero challenges our perception of nationalism and its many nuances, of history and how it is viewed and studied, and the role of education in bridging the man [...]

    Shweta Ganesh Kumar
    There is so much that is not in the books, documents, frayed or well preserved they may be Their lives are not described in this at all Vladmir, Anita, the helmsman of yore, and now, those thousands in the desert, those maids strewn wantonly all over the world it is they who have supported all these years the profligacy of the rich, the creaky functions of government I can see them so clearly, the dead soldiers in the trenches felled by American guns they are barefoot because they are farmers Wh [...]

    I would ve never known this book had it not been for my professor, who required us to read this for class It was required for our finals, and, most importantly, served as an example for Metafiction Further, it was an introduction to memory studies although we did not concentrate on this in class.Here I was, a reader, unaware of the existence of this novel and Metafiction in general But this book opened my eyes It is wonderful.Viajero is not only rich in prose, but also in symbolism, in history, [...]

    Historical fiction enhanced with vivid and dramatic storytelling Novel has comprehensive coverage of Philippine history from pre colonial times to Cory Aquino administration Tackles social injustice, racism, various cultures and a bit of romance.Plot is however unrealistic, but what matters is Sionil s socio political commentary, spoken through his characters Literature is for scholastic pursuit rather than for pure entertainment.

    Carla Mae Sumalinog
    I ve read jk rowling, stephen king and daniel steel, but this book, viajero, remains to be my favorite.

    Jonh Paul

    samantha Pancho
    i must read it

    A must read Deepened the meaning of heroism volving and captivates a Filipino heart on their pain with what really matters to you and nationalism itself.

    • [EPUB] â Viajero (A Filipino Novel) | by Ó F. Sionil José
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