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  • Title: Conan Indomitable
  • Author: Steve Perry
  • ISBN: 9780812508604
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback

  • Conan Indomitable By Steve Perry All Conan wants to do is make his way in peace, but the evil necromancer Katamy Rey has named him as his next victim.
    Steve Perry
    Librarians note There is than one author in the database with this name.Steven Carl Perry has written over fifty novels and numerous short stories, which have appeared in various magazines and anthologies Perry is perhaps best known for the Matador series He has written books in the Star Wars, Alien and Conan universes He was a collaborator on all of the Tom Clancy s Net Force series, seven of which have appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list Two of his novelizations, Star Wars Shadows of the Empire and Men in Black have also been bestsellers Other writing credits include articles, reviews, and essays, animated teleplays, and some unproduced movie scripts One of his scripts for Batman The Animated Series was an Emmy Award nominee for Outstanding Writing.Perry is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, The Animation Guild, and the Writers Guild of America, West

    Conan Indomitable By Steve Perry


    Not the best Steve Perry book I ve read, also not the worst Conan tale I ve read This novel was at times equally entertaining and frustrating The author s sense of time in the book was skewed, at times days became hours then minutes Half of the book Conan and his group were flailing around and it seemed like the supporting characters were stealing the show.It almost seemed to me like a Dungeons and Dragons game where the Dungeon Master had a definitive plan for the game, but the players just wan [...]

    Suprisingly awesome when you swallow the idea yes you fell inot an underworld and have to fight your way out and use your wits.All the characters deserve thier own novels.Could be made into movie and offshoots into 6 or moviesazing array of creatures.Magic users coulda bene flesh out uld bene twice as long felt a bit hurried, like written in one weekend.

    This is the third of the five novels that Steve Perry wrote in the fifty book Tor series In William Galen Gray s chronology it is the fifth Conan tale, following Sean Moore s Conan the Hunter and taking place before Perry s Conan the Free Lance Since events in Indomitable directly follow those in Defiant, and include his trollop of the moment, Elashi, it s odd that Gray inserted Conan the Hunter in between those two Perry books.So, a hermaphrodite, a nymphomaniac sorceress, a slutty desert babe, [...]

    Worst Conan book ever Perry displays a blatant disrespect for both the character and his readers.Pro Tip If you find yourself reading a fantasy novel where a Cyclops says Show me I would see this with my own eye close the book immediately and throw it in the garbage Don t worry about recycling it Paperbacks are biodegradable and the poor tree that gave up its life for this nonsense deserves a chance to become something useful aka compost.

    never never never be tempted to read this.

    Conan pastiche

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