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  • Title: Game Time!
  • Author: Stuart J. Murphy Cynthia Jabar
  • ISBN: 9780064467322
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback

  • Game Time! By Stuart J. Murphy Cynthia Jabar Game Time Keep an eye on the clock as the Huskies and the Falcons gear up for their championship soccer match Weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds it s all game time
    Stuart J. Murphy Cynthia Jabar
    PICTURES WORDS, STORIES BOOKSMathStart mathstartI See I Learn iseeilearnI was one of those kids who talked all the time in class I loved telling stories One day in the 4th Grade, my teacher said, You tell such good stories, maybe you should try writing some of them down Wow, I thought She thinks my stories are good That s when I started to really enjoy writing.I was also the class artist When I wasn t talking,I was drawing When I was older, I studied art at the Rhode Island Schoolof Design That s where I became interested in visual learning how we decode and acquire information from graphs, charts, diagrams, models, illustrations and other images.I became especially interested in educational publishing and have worked on the development of over a dozen major textbook programs, championing visual learning strategies from Pre K through high school in every major curriculum areaTHSTARTThe inspiration to write math stories for children was sparked by my work on a high school mathematics program Visual learning strategies helped teens who had been characterized as reluctant learners understand difficult math concepts Putting math in the context of stories based on their experiences made them feel comfortable with abstract concepts They actually became eager to apply math to real life problems.If this approach worked for older students, I began to wonder what might happen if younger children were introduced to math this way Even before children can read or speak many words they can interpret visual information with ease The MathStart books use simple stories coupled with diagrams, graphs and other visual models to teach everything from probability and pattern recognition to area, capacity and negative numbers.The Best Bug Parade, comparing sizes was my very first published book It was absolutely thrilling to see my name in print I never expected that one day there would 63 MathStart books, split over three levels for ages Pre K to Grade 4.Each book includes two pages of review and activities designed to help teachers and parents extend learning beyond the story, along with suggestions of related books by other authors After all, if a child enjoys learning math through stories, then let s have stories Pictures, Words Math An interview with Stuart J Murphy THE MAIN STREET KIDS CLUB A MATHSTART MUSICAL Now get out your dancing shoes there is a musical based on six of the MathStart books The Main Street Kids Club was workshopped at Northwestern University and adapted by Scott Ferguson, who also created the perennially popular production of Schoolhouse Rock Live The songs are terrific The math is spot on And the club motto makes my heart sing Math Skills are Life Skills STUART J MURPHY S I SEE I LEARN My latest series of books is focused on young children Preschool and Kindergarten age.I See I Learn books teach social, emotional, health and safety, and cognitive skills, such as how to make friends, build confidence, play safely, work together, manage emotions, and make plans These skills are important for school readiness and for living happy, healthy, productive lives The stories star a wonderful bunch of friends who live in See and Learn City and attend Ready Set Pre K The cast includes Freda, Percy, Emma, Ajay, Camille, and Carlos And, of course, Pickle, the green bull dog who happens to have a soft spot for butterflies and Miss Cathy, their teacher.I See I Learn stories are modeled on real life situations and, just as in real life, often involve than one skill For example, Freda Plans a Picnic is about sequencing, a cognitive skill, but the picnic itself is a social event Percy Plays It Safe focuses on playground safety skills, but playing successfully in a group also requires self regulation, an emotional skill.Each book is reviewed by a tea

    Game Time! By Stuart J. Murphy Cynthia Jabar


    Shannon Stinnette
    As a teacher of first graders I keep this book on my personal shelf to use when introducing the concept of time This book tells about a big soccer game coming up this Saturday The author cleverly adds in math terms throughout the story Examples include days of the week, months and days of the year, a day equals 24 hours, 60 minutes are between 9 o clock and 10 o clock, and so on The story captures student interest and can remain on your bookshelf for reference during the entire unit on time.

    Janice Redding
    This is a great book to elaborate on the concept of time I can use this book to create different math stories for problems of the day for second graders The students will be able to use mini clocks to complete the problem.

    Time, but no problem solving.

    I like this book because it is a fun and easy way to teach time and time management to kids in an early level.

    I used this book to engage the students before a lesson on time and they were certainly engaged I liked that it depicted girl soccer teams.

    Supposed to be about time, but rather hard to follow.

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      Stuart J. Murphy Cynthia Jabar