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  • Title: Shopaholic Ties the Knot
  • Author: Sophie Kinsella Emily Gray
  • ISBN: 9781402544446
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Audio CD

  • Shopaholic Ties the Knot By Sophie Kinsella Emily Gray Becky Bloomwood accepts the marriage proposal that her rich boyfriend has cunningly tucked into her best friend s bridal bouquet which Becky conveniently catches Transatlantic high jinks follow when the couple s mothers and a despotic wedding planner work at cross purposes arranging the nuptials.An unabridged production on 12 CDs approx 14.75 hrs.
    Sophie Kinsella Emily Gray
    Sophie Kinsella has sold over 40 million copies of her books in than 60 countries, and she has been translated into over 40 languages.Sophie Kinsella first hit the UK bestseller lists in September 2000 with her first novel in the Shopaholic series The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic also published as Confessions of a Shopaholic The book s heroine, Becky Bloomwood a fun and feisty financial journalist who loves shopping but is hopeless with money captured the hearts of readers worldwide Becky has since featured in seven further bestselling books, Shopaholic Abroad also published as Shopaholic Takes Manhattan , Shopaholic Ties the Knot, Shopaholic Sister, Shopaholic Baby, Mini Shopaholic, Shopaholic to the Stars and Shopaholic to the Rescue Becky Bloomwood came to the big screen in 2009 with the hit Disney movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, starring Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy.Sophie has also written seven standalone novels which have all been bestsellers in the UK, USA and other countries around the world Can You Keep A Secret , The Undomestic Goddess, Remember Me , Twenties Girl, I ve Got Your Number, Wedding Night, and My Not So Perfect Life, which was a Choice Awards finalist for Best Fiction in 2017 In 2014 she published a Young Adult novel Finding Audrey about a teenage girl with social anxiety and her madcap family, and in January 2018, Sophie published her first illustrated book for young readers about the charming adventures of a mother daughter fairy duo, Mummy Fairy and Me also published as Fairy Mom and Me.Sophie s latest novel, Surprise Me, published in February 2018, presents a humorous yet moving portrait of a marriage its intricacies, comforts, and complications Surprise Me reveals that hidden layers in a close relationship are often yet to be discovered.Sophie wrote her first novel under her real name, Madeleine Wickham, at the tender age of 24, whilst she was working as a financial journalist The Tennis Party was immediately hailed as a success by critics and the public alike and became a top ten bestseller She went on to publish six novels as Madeleine Wickham A Desirable Residence, Swimming Pool Sunday, The Gatecrasher, The Wedding Girl, Cocktails for Three and Sleeping Arrangements.Sophie was born in London She studied music at New College, Oxford, but after a year switched to Politics, Philosophy and Economics She now lives in London, UK, with her husband and family.Visit Sophie s Facebook page facebook SophieKinsellSeries Shopaholic

    Shopaholic Ties the Knot By Sophie Kinsella Emily Gray


    Only Becky Bloomwood could get herself in this much trouble But the best part is always seeing her struggle to get out of it Never change, Becky.

    I love Sophie Kinsella s writing style so much Her books are like candy and I can t get enough I love how Rebecca isn t a totally likable character she has her flaws but she always learns from her mistakes in the end and becomes stronger I was obsessed with the first half of the book as I m totally invested in Luke and Becky s relationship, but the wedding drama kind of dragged on a bit too long for me Still really liked this book, though, and I will be reading the fourth very soon

    I love Kinsella s books, and I loove Becky, but this one was my least favorite The way she had to drag on the wedding decision totally wore out my patience What sucked was that THAT was basically the main part of the story At some point, I was so irritated at her that I wasn t really concentrating on what I was reading because I wanted to hurry up and get to the conclusion And it s too silly how Luke was so unaware of the chaotic wedding planning, don t you think Almost pretentious I mean, my bo [...]

    Well, I m definitely glad Becky is off on her round the world honeymoon I was so stressed by the time this book was over, I thought it would never end Not as funny as the first two, there was just too much tension I can t say I enjoyed this one a whole lot.

    This third book in the series was just as funny and in some ways hilarious than the first book This book has Becky and Luke moving forward in their relationship The problems begin when Becky can t say no, to totally different plans for the same event The cast of characters is fun and full bodied They have their own personalities which fill this book with a lot of conflict and humor Well written and fun, I was glad I read this book.

    Shannon (Giraffe Days)
    I m continuously surprised at how much I enjoy these books For one, they re chick lit, which I don t read much of and generally find insipid and insulting They re about a woman who is obsessed with shopping, something we really don t have in common Whenever she buys something which is often, and usually something she really doesn t need , I cringe Her debts make me anxious Her silly lies and cover ups give me acid burn The situations she gets herself into, the many times she lets people steamrol [...]

    One of the best chick lit series I ve read Becky Bloomwood is a delight and adorable She has her issues, of course, but somehow you can t help loving her Part of what makes these books so funny and cute is the ability Becky has to justify every purchase she makes And her shopaholic problems aside, she s a sweet, kind and big hearted person.My sister and I were actually able to go to an author talk with Sophie Kinsella, and she s just as adorable as Becky So far there are 5 books in the series Co [...]

    Daphne Hartman
    Weer een leuk verhaal over Becky en Luke Hoewel ik het midden wat langdradig vond, zit het verhaal wel leuk in elkaar Grappig hoe alles uiteindelijk toch op z n pootjes terecht komt En wat ben ik benieuwd naar deel 4 in dit deel wordt onthuld waar deel 4 over gaat en dit heeft mij erg nieuwsgierig gemaakt

    Ashley (mac&chip)
    I really wanted to like this book I was planning my own wedding at the time and thought this would be an easy, relatable read nope This book was by far my least favorite in the series I thought Becky came off too strong and annoying in the Manhattan book, but apparently she had a lot character in her.In this book, Becky and Luke are planning their wedding Becky accepts Luke s icy mother s offer to throw them a top notch New York wedding and has all the glitz and glamour Becky dreams about Well, [...]

    Megs ♥
    These books are seriously addicting I know the main complaint people have about these books is how annoying Bex can be, but I don t mind her She has her moments where I would like to smack some sense into her, but overall I like her funny, awkward moments Bex is basically running around like a chicken with her head cut off throughout this whole book She has promised both her mother and her mother in law that they could plan her wedding, and nobody knowsNot even Luke Also, both weddings are in se [...]

    I ve decided that, since I m pretty preoccupied with wedding stuff as it is, what could be fun that going through the adventure with an old friend Hence, some of my joys and stresses will be meshed with Becky s and I m grateful for the companionship

    Attack Salmon
    My least favourable Shopoholic book so far Becky is stuck having 2 weddings and she have to decide which one she want the most and still manage to make everyone happy It is an ok read but the story wasn t as funny as the previous ones and throughout the whole book Becky just keep avoiding confrontation and whining Very little plot material for this one.I still can t get the chemistry between Luke and Brandon They are vastly different Yeah u can say opposite attract but I still can t see how they [...]

    3.5 starsBecky Bloomwood is about to get married Only there is one BIG dilemma Where is she going to have her wedding In her hometown Oxshott with family and friends, planned by her loving mother or in Manhattan at the extravagant Plaza Hotel organised by Luke s mother Elinor Becky s indecisiveness and lies return in this installment of the Shopaholic series I was quite frustrated by her actions throughout the book as she ran away from her problems and escaped by lying I didn t grow to hate her [...]

    Aleida Oskam
    Het heeft weer even geduurd voor ik dit boek uit had maar het was weer een ouderwets goede Weer heerlijk gelachen om de onhandigheid van Becky en de situaties waar ze zich in werkt Nu even een pauze in de shopaholic serie tijdens de resterende tijd van m n vakantie en daarna weer vrolijk verder Het blijft een leuke serie om te lezen.

    Rebecca Bloomwood is probably the only character I forgive being an absolute pain in the She makes me furious and eye rolling, I want to shout at her and still I find myself enjoying the books.I loved all the wedding talk Must the Disney princess inside me still waiting for her big day.

    Becky Bloomwood s life has been running fairly smoothly recently, she is a personal shopper at Barney s, she and boyfriend Luke are living together and they ve even opened a joint bank account At best friend Suze s wedding Luke proposes and suddenly Becky s life has been flung upside down Her mum wants her to get married in Oxshott whereas Luke s mother Elinor wants her to get married in New York at the Plaza no less As both women begin to plan their respective weddings Becky knows that eventual [...]

    I m not a big chick lit fan, but find Sophie Kinsella s work to be a real guilty pleasure slight but fun However, Shopaholic Ties the Knot is definitely not her best In the other Shopaholic books, protagonist Becky Bloomwood, is ditzy and self indulgent, but basically a fun and sweet girl that you can sort of identify with In this book, that mostly goes out the window Here, Becky gets engaged and is torn between having the simple English wedding her mother is planning and the big society wedding [...]

    Love Fool
    Life has been good for Becky Bloomwood She s become the best personal shopper at Barneys, she and her successful entrepreneurial boyfriend, Luke, are living happily in Manhattan s West Village, and her new next door neighbor is a fashion designer But with her best friend, Suze, engaged, how can Becky fail to notice that her own ring finger is bare Not that she s been thinking of marriage or diamonds or anything Then Luke proposes Ugh, why can t Becky and I be friends in real life And damn, life [...]

    Nina Draganova
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    Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm
    Becky is getting married and ready to get settled But where While she s enjoying life as a Personal Shopper at Barney s, which I swear is every shopaholic s dream, her family from England wanted her to stay in the countryside with her husband But she couldn t stay away from the glitz and glamour of Manhattan, could she If you re Becky Bloomwood, you would be at your wits end, and might just end up in a mental.While I enjoyed the first two books in the series, this one kinda made me back off a li [...]

    Nusrat Mahmood
    Becky seems less lying in this book she is just not telling full truth ummat s fun gosh I am so in love with this series.

    Cara and Ashley
    Oh no Oh no What happened to Sophie Kinsella when she wrote this book Needless to say I wasn t really pleased with the third novel The problem book series have, especially when the first two novels were really good, is that the reader is hungry for good story telling But unfortunately, with Shopaholic Ties the Knot, it seems like the author has lost her fire.OH NO Okay, what didn t I like about it Well, for starters, the plot seems really ridiculous Becky Bloomwood s character builds a certain [...]

    I had been reading a lot of heavy, emotional books lately, so I was in dire need of something simple and funny This book was strongly recommended to me by a friend because I asked for a light book.I had never read any of the shopaholic books but I was curious so I decided to give it a shot I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive because it is a Chick Lit However, since the Shopaholic books are so popular, I decided give it a shot with an open mind.When I first started the book, I was pleasentl [...]

    I forgot to even mark this as read I read it a few days ago, not anything that had an impact on me, just something fun Something about reading about weddings is just fun People are happy Although this one was much stressful that it needed to be Becky knows there is a problem and thinks if she ignores them the ll just go away She was pretty frustrating in this book view spoiler Suze and Tarquin s wedding was great I feel like I should mention the baby, but I don t have anything to say I was a li [...]

    Brooke ♥booklife4life♥
    At A GlanceGenre Chick LitLove Triangle Insta Love nope.Cliff Hanger nope.Rating 4.5 StarsScore SheetAll out of tenCover 8Plot 8Characters 7World Building 7Flow 8Series Congruity 9Writing 8Ending 8Total 9In DeptBest Part More focused on other issues other than her spending.Worst Part N AThoughts Had Baby Erinie How is she gonna get out of this Oh i see what you did there ConclusionContinuing the Series yes Recommending yes Short Review This was by far my favorite of this series This was less foc [...]

    I had to really think about whether I wanted to give this one a try I read the first book in the series about six years ago and, than anything, it stressed me out But I decided to give this one a try and it actually wasn t nearly as stressful as its predecessor Becky has a big heart and bad decision making skills In this book, Becky s live in boyfriend Luke proposes The trouble comes when Becky s mother begins planning a wedding in her hometown in England, then Luke s mother swiftly begins plan [...]

    I think this is my favourite of the series so far Still not that impressed with these books but it s a light easy read and sometimes you need that to escape the daily rutines.Becky and Luke are still living in Manhattan and after Luke proposes a very romantic way to propose, btw , Becky starts planning her wedding And as always, being incapable of saying no she ends up with two weddings, one back home in England and one in Manhattan Two different dreams that she is unable to choose from I liked [...]

    Ack, Becky mostly peed me off in this one Yes, the previous situations in the first two books have been rather fat fetched, but this was farcical Also, it represents Luke who is supposedly a real mover and shaker in PR seem like an idiot, if he wasn t able to spot something going on of this nature Slower to read.

    3.5 stars

    Bree T
    Yesterday, although clear and sunny, came with a chilly biting August wind that the south eastern part of Australia is known for I have in my new house, a designated reading room which is a little family room off the kitchen dining room that has big windows It has no TV access point so we put our second couch in there, along the windows and I made it my quiet room The sun pours in there in the afternoon and it s perfect for curling up and enjoying a book.I finished this book in one afternoon, th [...]

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      Sophie Kinsella Emily Gray