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  • Title: Second Nature
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373510306
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Second Nature By Nora Roberts For Celebrity magazine reporter Lee Radcliffe, tracking down the world famous, notoriously private, horror story writer Hunter Brown had become a personal quest.Her carefully planned ambush finally paid off at a small writer s conference in Flagstaff, Arizona But when the master of the supernatural turned out to be a dark eyed master of seduction, Lee knew that it would tFor Celebrity magazine reporter Lee Radcliffe, tracking down the world famous, notoriously private, horror story writer Hunter Brown had become a personal quest.Her carefully planned ambush finally paid off at a small writer s conference in Flagstaff, Arizona But when the master of the supernatural turned out to be a dark eyed master of seduction, Lee knew that it would take than just good interviewing skills to get her an exclusive Digging into private lives was her business, but now Hunter Brown had turned the tables With one smoldering kiss he had exacted his price.
    Nora Roberts
    Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.

    Second Nature By Nora Roberts


    Although this book is great I didn t like either of the main characters a whole lot He is controlling and lies to her a lot She keeps forgiving him Once again if I was the main character in a novel I d never get to the happy ending she gets to But, I d get ice cream.

    I loved Ms Roberts newer Sign of Seven trilogy, but this one left me rather cold It s fascinating how much Ms Roberts style changed in the past two decades.This book was just like its hero Frustrating.I didn t know what to think about the hero he was alternating between being a jerk, tenderness, creepiness, anger etc I never read about a mercurial personality.The heroine mostly got on my nerves, because she thought one thing and did the other Her actions around the hero are perfect examples.I j [...]

    This book shows so clearly the pleasures and hardships of writing and writers.

    I love Nora Roberts She is one of my go to authors for romance and chick lit I have been discovering her earlier work, as until recently I was just familiar with her trilogies Second Nature revolves around a reclusive horror author and the reporter determined to get him to talk They are both serious contenders in the game of cat and mouse Eventually, romance becomes the new name of the game Neither of the protagonists are particularly likable, to me at least But Roberts is skilled at her craft, [...]

    Older Nora Roberts book I really did not like either of the lead characters It was like a verbal battle with each of them trying to figure the other one out, with sex thrown in My least favorite Nora Roberts book to date.

    EhLike all of Roberts books, she really captures the essence of a person and makes the romance seem alive This book seemed like it was rushed and unrealistic in some parts though where the characters could ve used time to develop.

    Author Nora RobertsFirst published 1985Length 2628 locationsSetting Contemporary LA and Sedona.Sex Reasonably explicit Infrequent.Hero Writer.Heroine Reporter for gossip y magazine.A shorter, earlier Nora Roberts which was pretty much what I was looking for, but not what I expected.Strong, independent heroine who is still a strong, independent heroine at the end of the book.Stoic, dark hero with a gentle heart who knows who he is before the book starts, and finds a way to accept, respect and sup [...]

    Lee Radcliffe has found her niche, or so she believes, as a journalist for Celebrity magazine Her life in LA suits her, and all she really needs at this moment to boost her career is an interview with the elusive horror novelist Hunter Brown.When she discovers that he will be speaking at a writer s conference in Flagstaff, she signs on.From the very first moment she lands in Flagstaff, everything is slightly askew Nothing is quite the way it seems, and over the next two days, she discovers for t [...]

    Ik was meteen mee in het verhaal Ja, dat verwacht ik met een boek dat ik begin te lezen en geen moeite moet doen om door te gaan Dit boek zorgde ervoor Ik las hem heel vlot uit en was continue benieuwd en ge ntrigeerd door het verhaal Vooral de antagonist was heel erg boeiend Het samenspel tussen de protagonist en de antagonist kan mij boeien.Ik heb al veel boeken van Nora Roberts gelezen en deze zit bij mij redelijk hoog Ik kon zonder veel moeite in het verhaal zitten en de gevoelens overnemen [...]

    Aurelia Rowl
    I loved this story This one just clicked with me, though I accept that the main characters being a novelist and reluctant aspiring novelist could have something to do with it As fictional book boyfriends go though, Hunter certainly works for me.

    Written in 1986 so it is pretty dated, Marlboro man smoker which you almost never hear of in books now The old man is smarter than woman theme and she is cowed and quits her job in the end and comes to him The character of the woman is played as not very bright, it is just the tone of it.Nora s books of today have so much strength as a writer, realism of characters and lol times it is hard to go back to this type of writing.Read something recent, unless you enjoy the old way things were done.

    Pamela DeMine
    Nora Roberts has a great understAnd g of every human emotion she writes do well, you can smell what is around you and hear every little dog d no wonder her books are such big hits love is hard, but worth every sacrifice of you approach it with heart and soul.Kismet I never really believed in it, because when it happened for me, it fizzled out but for Lenore and Hunter, it was eberything.

    Alexandra Robertson
    Not a ton to say about this one It was pretty typical Hunter is a Steven King type writer and constantly described as dangerous or serious Lee is stubborn and catty most of the time but still ends up described about 8000 times as fragile or uncertain Overall this book was sweet but boring.

    Ashlee Marie
    Play hard to get or give in and follow your heart Overall, I enjoyed this book, but I do feel that too much of the plot of given to this tug of war love story In the end, I was glad that Lee and Hunter too a chance on their love and began a life together I would have liked to have known about what happened once this new chapter in their lives began.

    shirley boone
    Nora s NatureAs with all of Nora Roberts novels I have read, this one is fantastic Her works push and pull at the reader until emotions are going around and around, in and out, and through When getting to the end, it is there so quickly that the reader is amazed She always seems to leave something for the reader to imagine, though Beautiful

    Not the Nora Roberts I am used to ,one of her older books,However still just as good Lee is a workaholic striving for the unattainable,an interview with Hunter Brown.He is an award winning author who values his privacy Meeting at a seminar.Agreeing to his terms Lee a very pampered woman must spend 2 weeks with him camping to get the interview

    Catherine Larkin
    Old and it showsCigarettes and a man who is predator than is acceptable today Interesting because it shows how NR got to where she is today Not a keeper for me and very overpriced given its age.

    Chloe Hughes
    The lead protagonists Hunter and Lee are intriguing, complex and the story I didn t know where it was going At first I was reading from Lee going to Flagstaff to the writer s retreat to to interview the enigmatic horror writer Hunter Brown as she interviews him, he turns the tables.

    Sue Gaddam
    Read in one sittingThe expectation of terror was terrorizing than reality The book followed the character s style of writing So many possible endings all funneled down to one.

    Romantic EntanglementIntriguing characters artfully displayed as you dive into another world which grabbed me from the start Always fascinatingly real, complex and simple characters pull you into their lives making you care.

    Easy read Nice, simple and easy read Not her best and often I forgot it was an NR book because it is unlike most of her books I love But it was still entertaining to read something so light

    Sally L. Moran
    Second NatureAs always you are the greatest story teller You always make your people so real that you bring in your readers in also You are number 1 in my book Thanks for a great story.

    Theresa Waltermyer
    Second nature my reviewI enjoyed this book The instant I read the first page I was captured A great story, thank you Nora.

    Joan Mason
    Not her bestThis was not one of the Nora Roberts best I love reading her books but this one seemed kind of predictable.

    Wonderful story Enjoyed the story from beginning to end, with great interaction between characters NR always a wonderful story every time

    Classic romance, classic Nora Roberts, liked the characters and the story, and the descriptions of places were vivid felt like you were there.

    Cynthia Siermienski
    Second NatureWonderful as usual I loved the twists you made She was stalking him until he stalked her Their differences only added to the story.

    It started of slow was expecting from the author because it s Nora Roberts I had never read her books before It was ok

    Fast predictable book.

    Tania Infante bonilla
    I m love with Lenore and Hunter.

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